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Post Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:14 pm
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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

I notice a lot of people aren't aware that History can be re-written, or if they are, they never thought about to what EXTENT this can happen. In fact, they can imagine this, but they never understand how deep this can go. You can literally remove anyone and everything from history, especially if you are a globalist power like jews. Globalism = the death of all other opinions, differences, cultures and of course, knowledge and information. Globalism is something evil that only the enemy would want for the world.

This is important and people need to understand this. Imagine an alternative here.

You are who you are and everything, living your life. When you stop existing, or if the public were to 'reject' your existence, would you NOT exist? Let's say your ID and your name meant nothing one day. This is what the enemy does to people, only that they kill them too most of the time, and make them 'disappear' from society. This is the communist practice the enemy has followed to erase many people from existence, mostly after they were dead.

The other thing is that most people don't understand how DEEP this can go. In fact, history itself has been made to confront and fit in the 6000 torah lie as well. Making civilization seem far smaller than it is. You have to think outside of the (((Box))) in that case.

In a future that will come if we stop the spiritual warfare, one that the enemy will have total power, our memory may as well be erased. We will no longer exist in history, and nobody, unless they find a CD (and the means to use/decipher it), or some printed material, or anything else left by any of us, will ever, ever know. Does that mean we never existed?

In the above example, the 'rapid' advances of technology would have rendered CD's 'obsolete'. Nobody could read this. If they opened the CD because well, in a free society they could find some means anyway, they may not have been able to read it. If they read it, they may not have understood it well, or at all. The same thing happens with Spirituality, due to the exact fact the enemy has corrupted information deeply, same as the means of translation.

This is why the enemy on one hand owns all the physical publishing, and this gives almost total control. Everything can be re-written. But see now how in the digital age, everything can be re-written without any evidence, and claimed to be 'true'. For example take jewbook, twitter and anything else. When the enemy has full control, they do these things. They don't do these now, as it will result in their death. When 'paper' and 'ink' will be obsolete, they will do this.

Notice the Egyptians, didn't largely use oil, ink or paper. They used sturdy papyrus, and giant, immovable rocks to record history. Somehow the enemy calls them prelithic, but were they? We can still know what happened in their history, after thousands of years. Will people 10 or 20 thousands of years after, know of us, as we know of these great civilizations now?
The Gods also have advanced technology that stores information in Crystals and other materials, that cannot be destroyed, or diamonds. Therefore the Truth remains intact.

Memory erasing is very common in enemy diktat "civilizations". This is common in the USSR and in other states where nobody checks what is going on, because they may end up in the gulag. The same has been done to National Socialists in history, painting them as more xian than they are, then you have a thing called 'conflicting evidence'. Conflicting evidence results as a result of someone, lying.

For example, some people see Hitler as a hyper-xian, even-though it doesn't agree with any of his actions, his visions, or his undertaking, or anything at all. But well it was 'said' he was, and written in a few books. People assume, they do not know. Most of the time not even evidence is needed.

I mean, the enemy says things about us here, on a daily basis, that doesn't make any sense or agree to us in the slightest. This will improve. This is the mentality of the media. Presented things over evidence. People are living in a lie. Unless you think Photoshop is real life. And who owns all this lie-creating machine? The enemy.

Therefore people should understand what happened with Xianity. Xianity destroyed all information and knowledge on past civilization. Until the 1700's, evidence and knowledge of the past was scarce. Normal people didn't know one thing. The only way to know is through the enemy lenses, alliance with the enemy on a higher level (And knowledge was only given so it would be corrupted) and zero to no other ways. People in the bottom of society, were lucky if they knew how to write their own name.

Notice for example how every history book written today, 'paints' things. Hitler this, Hitler that. Hannibal the very bad guy. This or the other thing. Jewish 'acceptance' has platted everything. If its accepted, its promoted. Does it kiss jewish ass? True. Does it not? False. From the Ancient Greek Manuscripts, its estimated and its known that around less than 5% have survived, and also, all these that 'survived' were basically confronted to the demands of the church. That's why they were allowed to exist.

The other thing the enemy does is when something is too big to destroy, they just bastardize its notion. You see in the bible for example, only the strongest Demons and deities are recognized, the leader of which is Satan. Now, the enemy could allow these to skip into memorial destruction. Other Gods have went almost in memorial destruction. Whats even better for the jews to do, is NOT let them skip into memorial destruction.

Its to taint their memory and direct the hatred of their own children to them. Do you see how it goes? From the position and power of Satan in the bible and the enemy manuscripts we can easily figure out, that even if people cannot find 'direct' evidence in the west (There is still extremely much if one does digging such as we did), Satan was probably worshiped everywhere on the planet or something. In India much of it has survived intact, because the Hindus did guard their culture.

People talk anything they have HEARD about Satan. If they one night prayed to him, and if their mind wasn't so strongly afraid and programmed, just allowing themselves to SEE, maybe what they saw would be drastically different. This is what WE have done. We just used our brain to think. I myself was very reluctant when I went to meet Satan in my first steps as a Satanist. Even-though of tens of years of drumming the false knowledge, however, the so called 'instinct' is more powerful and knows better. Obviously this doesn't overrule evidence, as many would like to think. Because if so then the instinct of the jews to kill everyone of you here is 'legit' and 'accepted'.

I am a Satanist because of knowledge and of instinct, and without instinct, I would never be. Without knowledge I may definitely have been again. Now, the gut instinct, or other higher types of instinct, have to deal with Soul memory, and the Serpent (on the high levels) or advanced reasoning in the lower spheres.

From Philo the jew who burned the library of Alexandria, to Zuckerberg that wants to turn all knowledge into 'digital', you can see the jews follow the same racial pattern. That of destroying evidence and leaving it to be easily malleable and changeable so in the future they can lie to people. Then we have what jews are doing into philosophy and science. They always cry that there is no "Truth" and that everything is "Relative", unless one of course questions the imagined jewish 'holocaust'. Then its TRUTH Goyim. Do you question it? You need to go to jail Goyim!

Imagine if you were an alien invader and you saw beings like humans here. Of course, you would be going after their culture, understanding, and things they have known as facts, especially if these beings get safety, power and protection from such.

After all, whom do they affirm they hate? Satan, in the anglicized version of the term. Satyan in Sanskrit means eternal Truth. Sat in most languages means light, positive, eternal, respected, and all sorts of other things. By all means that's what they hate.

In the future if Humanity advances enough and all individuals raise spiritually (the Devil, Satan's Serpent), the Truth then becomes known, and lying ceases from civilization. This is not only based on instinct, but grounded evidence. Evidence exists in general, and its a most important thing.

This is why until that time I go over and over again on how people need to print, plant some things, and other stuff. I don't say all these to everyone to tire you, or to make you waste a CD that costs 0.20$. Its just that this CD or USB drive may be discovered in generations to come, and save people, as we have been saved today, by others who chose be thrown into the fire, than succumb, and chose sacrifice, over their head.

Another reason why the enemy abolishes property is that they can storm every place so nothing can be 'hidden' nowhere. Forests and many other places make for excellent hiding places, for anything one wants to hide, same as mountains etc.

Our heads are worth nothing if nobody knows about it and cannot make use of our sacrifice, knowledge, warm or even victories, all of which we are doing today.

Respect civilization and seek to uphold it. Those who act like animals, beat them in line with the Spiritual means. We are sitting on a mine of gold that billions never had, so use your existence and time well.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:48 pm

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This has concerned me for a while all the going to digital and away from tangible. I believe everything important in a society needs to be physically backed up. I believe the NS policy should be to back up this Satanic information in the physical. Monuments, both hidden and Public that contain them.

This gives me ideas for projects in the future both big and small. I've been frustrated with current circumstances and my inability to back up everything with at least printed copies. I don't see it happening for 1-2 years considering funding time and space.

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