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Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:57 pm
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I notice most people have a hangup with understanding what Superiority is. This is because everyone lies to people, and this so called superiority they preach is actually on the basis of false entitlement and the lie that everyone is equal. Nothing and nobody is and neither should be equal.

People do not really hate superiority. Everyone affirms to it even if they do not accept it. Most people hate a false fake superiority complex. Created by jews to elevate them into a fake status. This is what makes people either mimic them (like we wuz kangz or muh KKK Muhstard Xianized white jewsus) do. Others just hate this so they neglect superiority all in all.

When someone claims for example, Whites are superior in civilization or something else, many people get crazy. I see this in Black fellows who are early on their education in this Satanic school. Very very few people get angry at facts. I am not going to go to Africa and pretend I am an African Plant expert now...Will I? Or go to China and tell them that I know better Chinese medicine while I know nothing about it?

Social superiority the enemy has made a reason of warfare, race hatred and strife. But before you grow angry bear with me before attempting to go crazy.

Here we have a millionaire in business. If he ever were to offer you help on how you can make enough to feed your family easily, what would you say? Fuck off, I am superior to you? Will this earn you money, or a good family, or knowledge?

Another example is how arts like Qi Gong have masters in China or elsewhere. Without these people, Qi gong might have been lost. They withstood a purge of one hundred million Chinese people by Communists and still managed to keep this art alive. Does some xian cucked pastor know better than them? Obviously, NOT.

A car engineer comes to you when you have a broken engine, and offers you help. You do tell them fuck off, and that you are superior? Then remain in Nevada desert.

Not only not accepting superiority and having no sense of it is deadly and a disaster, but it leads someone to being incapable and lonely. The jews force this down the throat of many people in order to keep them dumb and enslaved. This only goes for Gentile to Gentile, never kike-gentile relations. To the jews, they have programmed their Goyim to accept the worse and ugliest jew as master.

Do you see the pattern?

Do you see how this hampers potential? This is the same thing the jews do to instigate other Races against Whites or the West.

To examine this is quite easy. You have a surgeon here. This surgeoun has labored for 15 years in college and many other things, learning everyday about his craft. If you are to go to him for a very important surgery, would you rather trust yourself to do your surgery on yourself, or would rather they do the surgery? Are you equals when this Surgeon has saved hundreds or thousands in his life? While you cannot even self diagnose?

Wouldn't it be accepting his superiority a matter of a life saving thing? He can do you thousand times better than you can do to yourself. And that's lovely and glorious. Not a reason to feel "muh superioirty". In fact if you act superior for your stupid desires, you may die. And how superior will you be dead then?

The jews of course in regards to White hate, and hate as they do to China-Taiwan, Korea etc (dividing people) they are like "KILL THE FUCKING SURGEON! YOU WILL FEEL BETTER HAVING NOBODY SUPERIOR TO COMPARE TO!". This is exactly what will kill you first and foremost by your own admission. And many others. This is the largest mindset of the jews and how they rot civilization from within.

The jews prey on the superiority complex of the goyim, which is created because infact all goyim are made into unspiritual cattle that does not understand the value of superiority.

Of course there are negative aspcts of superiority. A drugged out, dwarf kike, joe shlomo, comes to you and demands you to be their Goyim slave, making nothing good for you and out of you. Here is where judgement is needed. Do you put this parasitic virus in their position? Or do you become a slave because the bible says so?

In closing, Satan and the Gods are our Superiors. This is great, and the fact they want to help us is an amazing opportunity. Those who do not seize this will be damned, because there is nothing higher to do than commune with these amazing beings.

Those who have 'negative superiority' issues, many times just have self problems and self awareness issues. Not really superiority issues. These like any other fear, or worry, or lack of will, must be brought into light and healed.

Everyone just heal, and chill. As Satanists you are already on the path. Just walk it on your own terms and eleveate as you go. If you fall raise again up, and continue. Its not that hard if you don't make it hard for yourself.

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Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:54 pm
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For most people when they hear the word superior used in context as someone else, they automatic think its a negation of themselves and so they get upset. They need to ask superior in what, the context is everything. As you mention the jews use a built in, inferiority complex to manipulate everyone for everything and into everything.

However enterz the realmz of Slothz'in and you detach from all this.......


Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:58 pm

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A+ sermons.
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Hail Satan.
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Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:58 pm

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People need to deprogram themselves:
Muh Equality
Muh freedum
Muh [insert jewish bullshit]

Click on close without saving.
INDRA, bring wealth that gives delight, the victor's ever-conquering wealth,
Most excellent, to be our aid;
By means of which we may repel the enemy in battle hand to hand,
By thee assisted with the chariot.
Aided by thee, the thunder-armed, Indra, may we lift up the bolt,
And conquer all our foes in battle.
With thee, O Indra, for ally with missile-darting heroes, may
We conquer our embattled foes.
Mighty is Indra, yea supreme; greatness be his, the Thunderer:
Wide as the heaven extends his power
Which aideth those to win them sons, who come as heroes to the fight.


Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:22 pm

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A very valuable trait indeed. Recognizing an enemies weaknesses is also something valuable.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:29 pm

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I think there is one main principle here that is causing problem, I don´t know if others will understand:

Christ says he died in the cross, then a free soul would say-bad for him; and the jew says: no he died in the Cross FOR YOU, because of YOUR sins, etc..

When someone says that he is superior a healthy soul would say: good for him; then the christians hear: He is superior FOR ME, for MY sin of being inferior.

Post Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:12 am
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All races for reasons of self esteem and development have to believe and know they are strong. Moreso the children of Satan.

Not in an idiotic make believe, but actual ways. And by also knowing one's weakness. "Muh superiority" is useless in many ways and on its own does nothing but infltate the flattened ego that resulted from thinking constantly in comparisson to other people all the time. I realize that joo society forces people to do it, but you're on your own trip still, Slothingz team.
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Post Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:23 am
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Lion wrote:
When someone says that he is superior a healthy soul would say: good for him; then the christians hear: He is superior FOR ME, for MY sin of being inferior.

Very true and when the "most high" being "god" is so good because you suck so bad, petty human. That he had to send a begotten kike to die for you...How much do you suck indeed?

This is here the result of meditation talking through the Comrade Lion. It just opens the mind in simple facts.

Aside of which one realizes the bible is a jewish psyop. Why do the jews talk of christians as if they were cattle? Because they are the deceived cattle, that's why.

And there is no christianity in itself, its just a code name, for those who fell into the jewish psyop program.

And therefore are in the enslaved category. The jews on their inmer circle just use goy. On public for promotion of this false frontier, they play enemies of xianity.
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Post Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:52 am

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Thanks HP HoodedCobra666 for this Sermon!
I immediately translated it in Italian as it fits perfectly to our 'local mind' unfortunately, the jewish progtamming has beyond average effects.

When you bring the example of the Surgeon, I agree and this is ok.
But if this surgeon, after healing you, in truth is a chabez goy serving the jews and acts to enslave you exploiting his superiority? What to do?
I experienced magick rebound in a similar case, when the offending person was a Gentile but completely at the jews service.
My perception of this being as superior, as he was in a superior position at work and had power on me, caused me to feel unconsciously not entitled to destroy him, thus probably this was the reason of a curse backfired. This happened why - while he was a filthy jew friend or maybe a crypto jew - he was making a (((good))) job .
I needed a Demon to help making justice but this Sermon reminded to me this old situation letting me think if this issue needs further fixing in my deep mind.
Miliardi di Gentili soffrono ogni giorno sotto l'ebreo. E' nostro dovere come Satanisti diffondere la Verità e recuperarli! Hail Satana!!!

Billions of Gentiles suffer daily under the jew. It is our duty as Satanists spread the Truth and recover them! Hail Satan!!!

Post Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:45 pm

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From my own understanding of superiority, the more superior and advanced you become, the less you will reveal about yourself, whereas what inferior lack of himself he tend to make up in his mind. Also, a superior human NEVER proclaim superiority openly, because the achievement and skills can speak for itself.

Humans are naturally hypocrites, yes i have said it, we say the other thing and we do exactly the same. Becoming envy, frustrated over being inferior is not necessary bad for you, if you can bend the emotions and apply them toward improving yourself and surpassing your competition, that's the satanist way, self belief combined with intelligence.

The naturally inferior, lack ability, self belief, intelligence to even think himself being capable of doing the same or surpassing his opponent, so he resort to destroy what you have build up. A simple mental prototype of JEW.
Imagine our beloved gods by our side, imagine our glorious planet earth spiritually alive, imagine our races proud and noble, imagine a world enlightened.

Post Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:32 pm

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Whats your thoughts on positivity? I find that if you look for the astrological qualities of the sun in people you will find that that person is a positive person in your life. Positivity in other words is advancement because the Sun has a large part in advancing or growing the soul/things.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:33 am

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Well thats really what Satanism is all about isn't it? The love and strive for Superiority.

Awesome thread

Post Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:13 pm

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Im actually seeing if relationships/experiences have Jupiter attributes and than one can know if it is something/one that can help you advance in life. This is why the jews are so obsessed with this planet (Read the HPSMaxine article on Jupiter/Jew connection)
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Sat Feb 11, 2017 1:41 am

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That's my ultimate goal in life - superior in all faces of life, In everlasting glory!


Post Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:39 am

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One thing I was taught was the concept of difference. Satan once told me, [paraphrased] it's not what you do that I love, it's who you are. Each and every thing you do is different from what and who you are. Though what you do is manifested partly from who you are. Then He said, *I love all of you.*[quote][/quote]

The joo programming pushes the goy to accept a blanket *all is one*. All of the goy is inferior. All of the joo on a stick is superior.

Part of the deprogramming needs to be that each trate, flaw, asset is of different quality. To the other abilities and to other people.

All of the Gods have one thing each does best. They can do everything but that's one thing they do best. And none have the jealousy trate to keep an SS from finding the best God for a problem. They have this confidence.

When we are deprogrammed enough to realize the surgeon is best to do an operation, then we look around for the best one to fit our needs. This is the first step at accepting superiority of others and of self.

It has nothing to do with * I'm/you're superior at everything* as you've said. It's acceptance of I'm better at this and you're better at that. And we're both working to improve.

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