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Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:47 pm
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What you need to realize, is what you probably knew since a very young age. You are not "them", these other people. Especially those of you that know the Truth or you have this innate tendency to go to it, akin to a butterfly that tries to seek the sun. You are not like the masses of the zombies that are walking outside, and you will never be. You may try to play along, but in the end of the day, you will never be them.

"These" people just aren't butterflies many of them are acting like worms, eventhough they have potential to become something better. They are convinced by the enemy that they are worms, and whatever they are, they lurk and exist as worms.

This is because you are in your Soul something Ancient no matter from where you are coming, and nowadays we recognize this and name it as a Satanic Spirit. It doesn't have to be individual or at the mercy of filling an ego, because its far greater than that and that's also because it is shared. The same exact spirit the world tries to crush wherever they see it, be it in little toddlers and children (They actually do sacraments to remove "Satan" from children) to actual teenagers with some real hopes and dreams, the dreamers and idealists. Its the spirit of Truth and Life.

The Satanic Spirit is though ageless, nameless, and eternal. It can be found everywhere, it can leave anywhere, and exist anywhere, but at the same time it also needs a correct person to carry and cultivate this spirit.

There is no higher or lower adage, or title, anymore than this: What is the adage is how much you let this spirit shine forth, or how much you let it shine less. That's the basis of who you are and also this is internal, and at your control.

Therefore, stop judging yourself and putting yourself on the same pot as so many people outside. You don't need their three cigs of weed to relax, and you don't need their ten pounds of 70% alcohol boose to have fun, or any other insanity that is passed down as normalcy while its just abnormality. You just need to ease up your mind, relax, and ease the heavy weights lingering at the Soul.

You sure as much don't need their slavers to guide you around, either. You are intelligent, and if you devote yourself to find it out, you will understand this. On the other hand, be attentive and listen to everything around you and learn, as we are always learners. Just keep it at learning, and don't assimilate who you are into their nothingness. There is no worth to do so. You will always be depressed and disappointed if you do this.

The correct and pleasant path may seem now hard, as our generation of Satanists is just laying a foundation for others that will follow. Therefore those who build the bricks on this golden road may have it very hard sometimes. However, what we do now will help many others to come. And we will also enjoy the road we are now building by our deeds.

In the end of the day it doesn't matter what the rest of the billions did in the planet. Which mostly consists of drinking, going to the bathroom, eating and sleeping. It matters what you do. This innate individuality and Satanic Spirit is what can create change in the world. And you are here to grasp and seize this opportunity. You don't need to waste it. Again, its "THEM" that they throw away decent and beautiful opportunities to return to ignorance, only to find its death and not bliss.

Outside beyond smiles and anything else society is largely a society of Truth deprived, Soul deprived, robotic machines. Who just display feeling and emotion here and there. And the rest of who they are is what others made them, akin to a living computer program. Individuality begins when you start to exert your own Will. Such is one of the reason Satanists are needed to dedicate to Satan. Whose name to us means Truth Eternal, as it did to humans thousands of years prior. You need to dedicate to affirm your living, conscious Will, and your conscious choice to go against the forces in this time and age that try to crush it. It really is nothing new than what people thousands of years did before. Its the same thing, with slightly altered names, times, and ways of affirming it.

Lastly, the enemy is the same enemy, but names and circumstances change. These are similar obstacles that tried to keep beings from ascending to the ladder of the light and becoming a clean Soul, like Osiris, or the Sun-Soul incarnate. Nothing has really ever changed in that essence. What has also not changed is that you are not like "THEM". While "THEY" will sit down and take it, accept non-existence, you won't. Resisting one's self is useless. If you found yourself down that block even by coincidence and you decide to heed the call, you will shortly lose all faith in coincidences.

When you live your life, just know and be happy. You are not "Them". This isn't to raise you or denigrate you, its just to show you that you are different. And to make you respect this, and follow through with the being that you are. No guilt, no vain promises, just following the path that "THEY" will never be able to even closely tread. You can change everything by changing your spirit and bringing it higher. Because YOU are not THEM. And as the Ancient allegory goes. The world is not saved when its saved. Its saved when YOU are saved.

Through trying to save the world, we are just trying to also save ourselves. Your own war to conquer yourself will also be a sign to those who want to befall humanity in that no matter what, they have lost and they are losing. Because you are NOT "THEM".

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:17 pm

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A good sermon Hp cobra666

When i do the RTR,s they say to me why are doing this it will not work at that point a get real mad at them
and the RTR becomes more powerful i will newer give in i stay on the RTR,s because they give me power and power over them. When
i am done the place become very quiet and i have a big smile. Because we are not one of them.
Hail Father Satan
Hail Lady Astaroth
Heil Hitler

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Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:27 pm

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A dedicated told me the more they talk to Christians, Muslims, (deluded) ect the more they realize Lord Satan doesn't want everyone and chose a select few of humanity to be His.

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:49 pm

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Those are the things that I seemed to have been thinking and repeating to myself most of my life. Only last year it feels like I've come to terms with the negative side of it and don't feel much negative anymore.

You just simply can't teach people to be you, you can try to explain them things but they will never understand because there is just something so fundamentally different. Thats why we can't understand why the rabbi's kill other than that is their nature or something.

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:30 pm

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This is so true. I newer fit in.

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:49 pm

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Excellent and uplifting sermon, a constant reminded for all
of our people struggling in their everyday life. I liked especially
the part of it telling that 'it is not meant to raise or denigrate you'.
We all have a long way to save our selves and it is a continuing
process really with always some more room upwards.

Problem is that ideas like national-socialism, 'satanism' etc.
also gather around them a lot of garbage, exactly because of their
grandiose status, they tend to gather along with meaningful and exceptional
people and along with 'average' but still with healthy mentality people
also a lot of trash and low lifes that do much of harm really to
such movements, and i do not mean harm in sense of 'imagery' but in
terms of ESSENCE.

Therefore individuals that they are in it for the 'heils'
and not working to uplift themselves and grow up healthy
and advanced spiritually, cooperating properly along with
their comrades and showing a spirit of defiance to the decaded
world but of modesty towards their comrades, should be discarded,
rather sooner than later.

Many movements have been infiltrated by enemies of these ideals
and burned out a lot of great people in there along with preventing healthy
people to join them.

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:29 pm

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Beautiful ! When i have questions i always take my answer through your sermons. We are so lucky to have you HP.

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:36 pm

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Hey Cobra. I just wanted to drop by and say that I used to think everyone here was crazy. Fortunately, I have been redpilled as of late.

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:47 pm

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"This is because you are in your Soul something Ancient no matter from where you are coming, and nowadays we recognize this and name it as a Satanic Spirit. It doesn't have to be individual or at the mercy of filling an ego, because its far greater than that and that's also because it is shared. The same exact spirit the world tries to crush wherever they see it, be it in little toddlers and children (They actually do sacraments to remove "Satan" from children) to actual teenagers with some real hopes and dreams, the dreamers and idealists. Its the spirit of Truth and Life."

This sermon is profound and insightful. I keep rereading it and picking up more bits, but that also describes most of them lol.

I always was different or an outsider, even at times when I wasn't alone. Even if I was with a group of people. It even did come through as times of legit loneliness though. It like I didn't fit in with the "cool kids", and many other were beneath me. That isn't to say I look down on them or am arrogant but it could be like their standard of conduct was poor or they had interests I found no interest in. That's what I mean. Maybe beneath is a bad term to use.

I later found out many of the cool kids were jews or hanging around them so naturally I never fit in there even when I didn't know what was up. The rest were mostly mindless zombies or going thru their own individual issues and not fit for social duty.

I've noticed what you describe and I've meditated on this. Ive since seen this tragedy a thousand times. At work, at school, at college, in sports etc.

There are people that are the most beautiful aryans. They are so pure in spirit and conduct. You can see a spark in their eyes. Often they are very aryan as in white, fair hair, blue eyes, red hair, facial structure etc.

These people are singled out and beaten down systematically. They are bullied and they go thru tragedy. People attack them and put them down for no reason at all. Society cuts the tallest flowers.

It saddens me, and in these people I see myself as well. I believe these are reincarnated Satanic spirits. More evolved souls. Ubermensch (spelling?).

Correct me if I am projecting some broken childhood onto this situation but that is how I see it.

Would you say that being left out you describe is indictive of a person being a reincarnated Satanic soul? As in this isn't our first go around and maybe there is a mission to complete?

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:11 am

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Great post comrade!
Sometimes, casually, I just start thinking about how lucky I am to have found Satyanism, of how I am one of the thousands compared to the billions here on earth that is not blind at all.

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:10 am

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So "them" would be the people that would need to be pushed then?
The people who couldn't care less or too caught up and already droned. In order to have these people assert themselves, they would need a large smack to wake them up to the present times. And then, it would only be naturally that some of "them" as well would not be able to cope and deal with the situations. But it's because of "them" the untrained, cattle train majority that we are still facing some of the easiest problems. The same problems that have people arrested for feeding the homeless. ?????????????????????????????

It's either or for alot of people as well, as our circumstances are the result from their and our actions. It's only nature. And From the MIGHT IS RIGHT, it shouldn't be any different. Why allow the week and feeble rule and destroy the principles that gave way to greater beings and things beside themselves. They will and have failed. And if we would ever stop, we would starve from a lack of fruit that they never produced. We all Die.

Inhale........ Exh-aahhhhhhhh...

JOS PROTECTION RITUAL: topic19246.html

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:24 am

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100 % true! Beautiful sermon again!
Thank you! <3

"Spiritual satanism is national socialism at its very pure core."


"Nazism IS Satan's New World Order."



Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:41 am

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Thank you for this sermon, HP.
This post speaks to what I am going through right now. After dedicating I lost a group of "friends", and although there are still hurt feelings about not being "included" anymore and missing out on some social gatherings I know that they weren't real friends to begin with and that our philosophies and principles in life are just too different.

Now, as I am finding myself with very few people in my life who think alike, I also see the benefit of having more time on my hands for meditation and working for Father Satan and thus advancing my soul.

And I understand now what some here meant in different threads how they won't associate with those "who are without"
any longer. I really see now how we are becoming very principled when on this path. Funny thing is that I already used to be quite different from others, and now the differences are becoming even stronger. But I like how i am changing... :D
Yes, it is spelled Uebermensch.

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:56 pm
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True most of society is just prole culture, full of Tamasic individuals. A lot of people attracted to this type of life are Sattvic types. I note something in college being around openly Marxist intellectuals is they are like Christian theologians robotic repeaters, there is really is no deeper philosophic culture in the academic sphere as well. As this would require a living spiritual culture to allow for consciousness to expand to the level of awareness such would be possible. That is the one thing I also noted of the left its just secular Christianity even the personality it creates in people. Look at how the worthless left just cheered on Hillary and Obama the two open servants of global judeo capitalism as they destroyed Libya for the evil crime of attempting to liberate the entire African continent from being a plantation of international bankers and corporations. And tried to help end the criminal monopoly of the world banks. Oh yeah the left is anti war and capitalism till they are not...... Same worthless sheep mentality of the church.

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:58 pm
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If you study Marxism long enough you are left with two possibilities, Marx was either a scheming jew or an autistic, fart sniffing, flake.

Post Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:17 am

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Mageson would you consider the USA National Socialist when George Washington was president?

Post Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:43 am
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HeilOdin666 wrote:
Mageson would you consider the USA National Socialist when George Washington was president?

Washington overthrew an existing social-political order of Aristocracy, Christian theocracy and jewish bankers, so did Hitler.

Washington created a new society based on classical Greek enlightenment ideals, so did Hitler.

Washington created by law a White Racial state, and was racialist so was Hitler.

Washington and the Founders created free hospitals, schools and libraries as socialist policies to help the People and improve the welfare of society. This ideal is the same as National Socialism, Hitler did the same with free universities and health care. Franklin's ideals on racialism was the same as Madison's later, who's book "The Passing of the Great Race" was Hitler's personal bible from the letter Hitler sent Madison.

The Founders also warned against the jews, Franklin wanted them excluded from citizenship. They also had to deal with the jewish banking elites trying to stop the revolution and then destroy America using the British Empire after in the war of 1812 when they kicked the Rothschild's bank out totally. Its the same struggle Hitler had to fight literally in Germany.

Washington was also a Satanist so was Hitler. The American Free Masonic system was not under the claw of the jewish illuminati at the time. So they kept the same system the Satanist Templar's had. It was the Templar information that was passed on from the original Masonic society in Germany that allowed the Thule Society to be created and the texts showed them how to get in contact with the Gods again. America was created to perfect the White Race spiritually so was National Socialist Germany.

NS was the continuation of the Western struggle against Zion that had already been going on for centuries.

Post Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:03 am
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I suspect the jews are behind the conspiracy tard lies about Franklin, they found bodies buried in the basement of the house Franklin rented to his friend who was a medical scientist, the same medical scientist that died from blood poisoning when he cut himself doing autopsies on the cadavers in the basement. The forensic results showed the bodies had been people who died of natural causes and then were given autopsies. This was normal in the day as it was illegal by the church to use cadavers to advance medical knowledge. Franklin was simply helping to advance medical knowledge to save lives. And yes he was naughty and broke the law to do it, the guy was a revolutionary after all. This knowledge has saved millions of lives and its standard practice to do the same with cadavers in med school.

The conspiracy tards then claim Franklin was ritually murdering people in the basement..... That is how fucking retarded these losers really are. Franklin was soooooo evil he risked his life to help build a new free society based on superior virtue and ethic's. He also allowed other people to steal his Franklin stove which he created to save lives of people in the winters from smoke inhalation. He allowed them to do such because he stated that just means more lives will be saved he lost a fortune in allowing such.

I suspect the jews are behind this because that Shitead who is on the pay roll in my opinion and many others of the jews. Freaked out over being corrected over this misinformation on her moronic video about the building of the State Capitol. This was what a lot of her mentally demented rant on her low quality radio show was over. We were getting in the way of her being paid by sholmo to push this misinformation. The jews to this day still hate the Founders of America, they had spent decades just attacking them as in their cultural Marxist centers and media.

Post Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:23 am

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Awesome info thank you. I will go reread about the founders with my Satanic spectacles on. Did George or any founder achieve magnum opus?

Post Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:57 am

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New video:

There will be uploads whenever there are Reverse Torah Ritual's. Hail Satan.
Centuries of Jewish Crimes against entiles and the Gods are over.

Satan - "Israel will get what she deserves."
Hail Satan.
Hail all the Gods of Duat!

Post Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:50 am

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While the satanic spirit is ageless, we are facing destruction of civilization if the jewish people have there way. What we are doing now is also unprecedented and we are as Satanists extremely lucky and important people. The amount of knowledge we possess today is unprecedented. We get rewarded for doing all of this. We are important because if we fail there will be no more future for Earth.
"If we divide the human race into three categories – founders, maintainers, and
destroyers of culture – the Aryan stock alone can be considered as representing
the first category." - Adolf Hitler

I am the one whose secret is venerated
To me are the thanks, praise to me, venerated is my being.

— So Saith Shaitan

Post Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:40 am
Marvelous post. I keep coming back to this one again and again. I am so lucky to have found Satanism and Father Satan. Then again, was it really luck? Or was it inevitable that we are drawn here by our innate yearning for the truth? Many days I have doubts, many times I've been disgusted with the way I acted. But realizing that I am one of the few, that there are only thousands of us among billions of souls, strangely, being the underdog gives me a certain sense of pride. It uplifts me, and sets me back on track. I will hold myself to a higher standard as a son of Satan.

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