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The Purpose Of The Christian Ritual

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Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:52 am
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The Purpose Of The Christian Ritual

Sacrament in Sanskrit means Samkara.

"The Sanskrit word samskara means a groove in the mind, a deep impression made in consciousness. To Hindu sacraments also called samskaras are special rites in which a Hindu's connection with the pervading divinity is formally reaffirmed. A new groove formed in the soul orients it....."

There are three main bodies the physical, astral, casual in the ancient Greek its Soma, Psyche, Nous. In Sanskrit, Sthula, Sukshma Sharira, Atma Svarupa. The second body relates close to the chakra's the centers of consciousness and Chitta the mind substance and to the Samskara. This is were psychic imprints are strongly made into the soul. This also rules the temporal personality.

The purpose of the Christian Sacraments are to create the groove or imprint into the soul to close off the soul of the victim to the light and to simply plug them into the enemy god form on the soul, plugging them into the Jewtrix, and cause them to act as a conduit to bring this energetic entity [Jehova the Jewish god form which is built on the Torah] into the material from the astral and over time for the mind to form a personality that is built on deep imprints into the psyche which terra forms the soul deeper into a psychic shell that is simply a program stamped into the soul like a computer program, by the enemy. Causing derangement to the victim. Its simply a way to create nothing more then a Borg Hive mind which channels the "One" the enemy god form into the material. These imprints also stay on the soul for life times. This is why the Jews use their media to act as the ritual conduit, its using media as the ritual to imprint, reinforce and channel the Samskara's they place into the soul. To connect and channel their god form into reality and to connect with the energy they themselves raise and direct in their own Kabbalistic rituals to direct workings within this Jewtrix. Bringing this into the material world.

Also as Hindu Guru's warn right in their ancient texts, drugs and alcohol and lack of spiritual practice opens up soul up to negative entities and influence. This is why the enemy promotes such as spirituality and mainstream life style. Its a trap.


Note this sacrament is made to create a samskara into the soul to close off the spiritual eye, to shut the spiritual eye which allows one to see truth. They do this with using dead ash and the psychic intent behind it. Were in Hinduism they use a special paste that enlivens the nerve endings at this point and it acts as form of Shaktipat to help open this center where the Guru will place a samskara here with Shaktipat to open this center. This is how beeja mantra's also work to open the soul up. The Hindu ritual is about creating imprints that act as Shaktipat to open the soul and take one to spiritual liberation. The Christian ritual is about closing this off and creating a robotic, psychotic hive personality. This is why the enemy removed spiritual knowledge with their programs of Christianity, Islam and Marxism. To bottle up the soul into this Jewish prison.

Satan and the Gods give us spiritual knowledge to free the soul. They want a free humanity and world. The enemy wants this gone to create a robotic hive personality in the population that is the perfect victim, the perfect Goyim [Cattle] slave. For their one world plantation slave state. Were humans will be farmed like cattle. This is why the Jews also want the microchip just like chipping cattle.


The Idiot Guide To Hinduism, Linda Johnsen

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:20 am
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These people control the global power structure the one percent.


Yeah, there was this one guy who disagreed with that and led a world rebellion against it....Who was that guy again, hmmm..... Oh yeah it was........

This guy...


Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:21 am

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This is so true, don't forget that bread eating... It plays the same agenda, when Christianity stuck India, it infuenced the southern parts (said to be the very place, many Hindu gods actually used to live) Xians destroyed everything... Books, Temples ...peoples (forced or screwed to convert)
Those peoples wouldn't have realized they were killing their souls by eating that cheap bread, baptism, & all shits.

I'm so thankful that I'm not a born jew & am a Hindu with deep aryan bloodlines.

Hail the Aryanity!
Hail Satan!

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:37 am

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I am extremely interested in the Causal Body. I honestly had not heard of it before - I knew of a 3rd body but it was mostly speculation.

I wasn't able to find any info on Joy Of Satan regarding the Causal Body, but, after skimming through many sites with (((explanations))) of the aforementioned, I found this website which seems to have really interesting info that doesn't conflict with teachings of JOS:

Does this seem to be accurate info to go off of? The author seems to be completely anti-religion, although avoids talking about the Gods, most likely so as not to deter those spiritually unaware from the site.

In investigation of the author, here's a quote from the "About this Site" page:

People of religion often speak of their founder or special person as himself being, being the representative of, or having experienced that which is described as indescribable, ineffable, transcendent or immanent, often thinking of their person as either the only one, or the final one in the history of humanity with such experience. The path of Yoga is not one of mere belief, but rather is a systematic way for each person to realize in direct experience his or her own unity with that infinite essence which is spoken of with so many names.


It is my sincere belief and experience that these principles and practices are universal, non-religious and non-sectarian. Admittedly, not all people agree with this. However, this is the stance from which I share, and say unequivocally that these principles and practices are applicable and useful to all people. This is not to say that all cultures and religions are one and the same. If anyone does want to convert to some other religion, they will have to go elsewhere. Not only do I not do this, I do not even know how to do this, as I do not know the conversion rituals, rites or vows of any of the religions.
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Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:18 am

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Thank you very much, HP Mageson, for your true and necessary reflections.

In these last days I am continuously suffering terrible attacks by catholic christians priesters and people who definitely have launched angrily against me their damned horrific exorcisms and cursed horrible prayers.

This happens usually at night (but now also during the days) while I sleep and when I wake up I feel horribly crossed, quite totally against all my will (although in fact I am dedicated to Satan from very short time), from filthy christian phrases and invocations glorifying rotten christian spirit to which I have completely given up in my dedication.

That is very horrible because as it is completely contrary to my own true will.

I feel that these cursed cristian catholic priesters and cursed cristian catolic people want to completely put that rotten spirit within me against my own true will and they want me to put in me a false " christian self" that I do not want and which I have always rejected and refused.

These horrible-Catholic Christian operations constantly haunt me during all these days because they want to prevent me from doing the satanic meditations.

But my soul is precious to Satan and to all Joy of Satan and I want completely devote me, in Joy of Satan, to Satan for ever and ever

Heil Satan!

Heil Hitler!!
"Jewish books are for the Jews,
and Jew Messiahs too.
But if you're not of Jewish blood, how can they be for you?
To make an Idol of a book,
is poison for the brain,
A dying God upon a cross
is reason gone insane"

"Satanists believe that we are already gods: but most people fail to understand this and continue to grovel: to others or to a 'god'"

Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:54 pm

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There are three main bodies the physical, astral, casual in the ancient Greek its Soma, Psyche, Nous. In Sanskrit, Sthula, Sukshma Sharira, Atma Svarupa. The second body relates close to the chakra's the centers of consciousness and Chitta the mind substance and to the Samskara. This is were psychic imprints are strongly made into the soul. This also rules the temporal personality. "

I stand with the other poster. I'd like to learn as much about these bodies as I can. It's very complex and confusing to me. I will continue to read what I find but mobile sucks for searching this out. I don't even have a search function that works on the forums. I have to Google it and hope JoS comes up.

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:55 am

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Crossing out the Third Eye chakra. I think I was "christened" when I was a baby, and I think the belief was if not then I wouldn't have a grave when I died. I am not sad about the possibility of not having one!

HeilOdin666 wrote:
I have to Google it and hope JoS comes up.

You could add "" or "" to your search, without the quote marks. Sometimes you might want to add the quote marks for, and around, a specific word that you want to find; e.g. if I wanted to find something related to Dedication Ritual on the Joy of Satan site, the search would be "dedicate" which would lead me to both of these below:

How to Dedicate You Soul to Satan - Angelfire

Joy of Satan - Angelfire
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Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:27 am

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Re the casual body...

I've not heard of this before either. So when doing research, sorting through the xion garbage, I found a site from the UK ... W4_WV2NVHw

It's pdf download. From what gather, the three bodies correspond to the three levels of consciousness. The physical body interacts with the physical plane and is concerned with this llfe time. The astral body interacts with the astral plane, our Gods and spiritual development. The astral is also a link between the physical and causal bodies. The causal body is the eternal soul. The party of you that exists with everything you learn throughout your lifetimes. When an action, like the religious ceremonies, puts a grove into your soul the lessons go here. When we go into trance to access our past lives we go to the causal body. Father Satan's lessons to heal the soul accesses the causal body.

Now remember much of the above is my translation of what I've discovered. Feedback?

Hail Satan
Hail Lilith


Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:46 pm

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Are there any RTRs for reversing the christian sacraments?

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:41 pm
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jbkbmz wrote:
Are there any RTRs for reversing the christian sacraments?

One of the reasons we do the Dedication Ritual is because its an anti-sacrament to this negative filth. It also banishes the enemy thoughforms for a reason of conscious affirmation. So that one can know they are finally free.

Post Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:27 pm

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Post Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:45 am

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I liked your explanation of how there religion affects those who are without. Semites or those with out emulate the power structure just as any one else or an animal would do due to a lack of knowledge. That in itself is proof that jews are the power structure.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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