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The Not So Amazing Randi Challenge Is A Fraud

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The Not So Amazing Randi Challenge Is A Fraud


This challenge is set up so no matter what they will declare you a fraud, its not about science its about a social-political agenda to uphold the current (((scientism establishment))) which agenda is to promote Marxist Materialism. There was a lawyer who also covered this and noted its not actually even a legal contract that they can be held accountable to. ... nge-fraud/ ... -challenge

As stated before.

Back in the 19th century the president of the Royal Society in England the top ranking scientific society, Sir William Crookes and the co founder of the Theory of Evolution with Darwin, Alfred Russell Wallace. The Theory of Evolution was called the Darwin-Wallace Theory originally. Documented the existence of human siddhi's. From telekinesis and levitation under scientific conditions. In the case of Daniel Hume. Hume once levitated in front of the scientists up into the air out the open window on the third floor and came back through another open window this just one ability Hume demonstrated. There is also a book "The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries" published by two America researchers who went into the Soviet Union and documented numerous cases of people who have been tested by Scientist's under lab conditions and have the same abilities Hume did along with other powerful psychic abilities. Dr. Radin has also documented the fact humans have ESP in numerous lab tests. You have the numerous works of Rupert Sheldrake on the subject. The prominent Nobel Prize winner's in physic's Pierre and Marie Currie documented the same abilities of telekinesis and other psychic abilities in the psychology institute in Paris. After years of studying such individuals under lab conditions they wrote to their fellow colleagues in the physic's community and stated the Siddhi's are absolutely real and must be taken into accountability.

As Radin stated in his lecture on taboo on Physic abilities. The scientific community has a taboo against researching physic abilities you can lose your career. This is why Wallace's name was taken off the Theory of Evolution and Darwin's was left.

Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin:

The test by James Randi. This challenge is biased to the point its a purposeful fraud. This has lead to law suits against him and his fake challenge: ... challenge/

Seems Randi might not be as honest as he claims: ... -the-orcs/

So who is this nobody who has never been able to proved any evidence of the Siddhi's again....

Take a look at how Dawkins has tried to character assassinate Sheldrake even trying to set up a ambush interview under false claims to use as a hit piece. To trying to ban Sheldrake from talking at Tedx. Its funny how Dean Randin has been attacked by the Randi institute yet not one can refute any of his hundreds of lab results. They are just left with name calling. These are the people who are running this claimed non biased challenge.

The Jewish Media always promotes this creep Randi as some messiah of materialism who's every word is perfect and pure and to always be trusted. Cause its their agenda. Goyim are animals without a soul Oy Veh, didntcha know.....That knowledge is only for little gnome looking rabbi's in black hats cause the Torah said so.

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I interpret this as an invitation to eliminate those who have "abilities" with the money as the bait.
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Anne Flowers wrote:
I interpret this as an invitation to eliminate those who have "abilities" with the money as the bait.

This is what I was thinking. Either to terminate or to spy and harrass these guys. These kikes know full well of Siddhas, that's why they kept and hoarded knowledge that they stole from us originally so that they can use it on us, and for themselves.

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This is just the thing they do in the Torah. "Come Goyim we have a giant feast. In which we will ridicule you, keep you in a list, and if proved powerful, we will kill you." -Jews
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