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Trump Was Part of the Jew (((Act))...In Case You Didn't Know

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As we kept repeating over...and over...and over again, Trump was part of the jewish act. Just a plan B, and preferably better than the direct communization of America by Hillary Jewtington. The lesser of two kikes doesn't make the good however, and his position is still debatable. Do you think he is auntie-Semitic, while his auntie-is-semetic? Not even one inch of love from his jewish wife? Not one inch of emotion for his jewish wives of jewish daughters? Or the fellow jews who built his business etc? What about his jewish grandchildren?

So me playing the Devil's advocate. Maybe its a puppet show? Where do you stand in this yourself? Do you know or do you always wait for jews to do your thinking? Maybe Alex Jewcy the Shill deceived you just a bit?

I'm just questioning. Please act like decent human beings and wake up.

Does it matter in the end? What matters is what Drumpf represents: a bad paradigm that can be used to wake more people up to the Truth and as thus an inevitable revolt. Trumpf is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't: He betrays the Gentiles and sides with Pissrael? He is lifting a final veil on the psyops of Israel on the populace. Does he close his mouth and follows through with toning down the Israel support? His friends will be angry. Does he become neutral? Everyone will be pissed.

Trump is on a problematic position, but its not due to Judah. Its because of our RTR's and our people waking up, gradually and steadily, room after room exiting the jewtrix. However a full unplugging can only happen with Spiritual Satanism, and the world will get to understand this. Through instances like Drumpf.

Get real at last and stop being a 'Goyim' animal and slave. No, this is not Drumpf trying to play 'politics'. This is Drumpfy trying to save his own race from destruction and despair and promising help to his rabbinical cousins. Trump didn't ordain a cabinet with mostly jews without a reason. What's the difference from what was before in the White house and what is now. That one jew is black and other is white? Sorry guys its the same Cohen Gene in their genome anyways. And the same Torah worshipped as George Bush.

Why does Donnie Drumpf push </3 :mrgreen: Christianity :mrgreen: </3 so relentlessly? Because its a hoax with which the Jews always maintain control over the 'Goyim' Whites to boss them around, open their legs and borders to 3rd worlder immigrants, and to be as stupid as to believe 'promises' and 'jews' more than facts and reality. Donnie talked like Reagan in regards to the wall because why not? He bought the belief of the masses by this. Now, its just a fence. Soon, its going to be a wall of toothpicks. Also, what does it matter in the end? Why not win some time for his own now in their time of distress?

So long christianity, "goyim" mindset, and jews remain in power, a few years to be late in the Communist Agenda mean nothing. Just a step back, to take two steps in the front when they can. They need some time to get the heat off of mommy Israel anyway, and then full throttle again to the Jew World Order. Meanwhile Anglin and David Duke will be getting the jeboo freaks to bow and worship Rabbayenu Jewsus, under Drumpf's Eulogies.

Because you are not being White if you don't sucks a circumcised Rabbi, fellow White person. After all the prayers go to Rabbi Yehoshua Jewsus. The rabbis in Israel are happy when churches are full. Its full pocket money and soldiers to die in jewish wars. If the christianity shop closes, off goes Judaism, as its leeching from the deceived "Goyim".

This is why we need to DESTROY and ANNIHILATE to the ground spiritually THE *SOURCE* of all these hoaxes with the RTR's. Because these manifest in pseudo-dualisms that confuse the stupid in the physical realm, and the willing sheep who just look at matters without analyzing them on the deeper down. In the end its the same jew ancient feces faucet everywhere.

And no, xianity isn't going to save anyone from Islam as on the unconscious level its the jews pulling the strings from both. Xianity will weaken, dumb down, and destroy the White revolution by controlling it through the literal and the unconscious means. How else would Pissrael receive free money to wipe out Palestine? Christian charity from the American Goyim, translated in 'tax language' to justify the unjustifiable. Paying useless parasites to wipe off the ME and control your country, forever. And ordain donuts like donnie drumpf. Ruling the USA as a racial oligarchy.

"Christian Whites" The Eternal Cattle of the Jew


Donut Tweety Titty:

"We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but....not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!"

Now, of course under the spell of wanting to see that things suddenly are better while they are not (For the lazy White revolutionaries LOL, 'hail daily Stormer'), and trying to play the intelligent and knowledgeable, many people disregarded this. "Richard Spencer said 'Hail Victory' (and that the alt right is the new left)! Milo Yiannopoulos the Jew was dancing around with his Pink Tutu on America being Saved!". How does the dagger feel up right inside your back being twisted now? Do you feel saved?

Start gathering knowledge and depend the change on your own shoulders first and foremost. Do not wait from the kike system to save you from the kike system. *WE* are the saviors. Let the others grovel and wait. Be intelligent and tactful.

Remember that feeling because this is the constant feeling when you are dealing with jews. Pissrael is fighting for its survival, and the chump even though wasn't the desired Marxist feminist shitbag, will be kicked in line regardless. The kicks are going to be faker than WWE in many ways. As they were in the same boat all along. Just Drumpf's tail was a bit more in the water.

Some Wishes from the "White Emperor" Y'all.

10th of March 2016:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and his wife Melania, on Sunday extended a holiday greeting to Jews around the world in light of the Jewish New Year.

“Melania and I extend our warmest greetings to those observing Rosh Hashanah here in the United States, in Israel, and around the world,” he said on Twitter.


So let's go to our articles shall we.

Trump is a Jewish Puppet:


What Can America Expect in Day Two:


Trump The Crypto?


Trump the (((Emperor))) of Judah


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America is going pro White and anti Globalist ideology quickly. The important thing to remember about Trump is what he got elected on.......The very issues White Nationalists have been going on about for years.......What does that tell you that can happen down the near road in America. Everything is going back to the rejection of Cultural Marxism, deracinated civic Nationalism and other jewish tricknology. And towards a White Nationalist idealism. The new Identity politics' is no longer dominated by the cultural Marxists.

Its funny watching the liberals caught in the middle and just whining that their autistic nonsense is a failure in reality.

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(After reading Mageson666's comment) *pulls shotgun out of mouth*

That black pill almost got me fam xD
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Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Do not wait from the kike system to save you from the kike system.

So so very much this. I just don't get how the Trumpykin supporters who're white nationalists and who know about the jew system can support him, maybe it's cos most of them are kike worshippers I dunno but it always pissed me off. He's done nothing but kiss pissrael's ass and spout anti Iran rhetoric his whole campaign, and yet people honestly believe he's not just another neocohen globalist warhawk who wants to send Ameican soldiers off to die for pissrael, it's just ridiculous to watch.

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I am being very pointed in my analysis, and this is just what it is with that stuff. However, there are shades of grey in it. People are just not capable of take the whole picture like us here. As thus they will forever be weaker and inferior than us morally, spiritually, and in their mind. This is why all my faith is on my people here and in what we do. Rather than others. Others plainly suck.

These people can be good if in the future they will be directed by our ministers and our people of knowledge here. But on their own can be easily played thanks to being totally unspiritual and not having studied the enemy really deeply through the veil lifted by Satan. We are different and superior to them.

In the end what we do is paying off extremely much. The jews play their own act so let us play our own as well.
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To all sheeple idiots out there, who think Jewcy Trump is some kind of savior:

You morons, if it really mattered who the presidential candidate is, you would think they would let you vote?

Well written again, HP Cobra. :)


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Any idea why Trump is purging the State Department?

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This is entertaining.

The entire hour long press conference of President Drumpf today, unedited. Drumpf almost comes out and says he is Jewish when answering a reporter and refers to BiBi Netanyajew backing him up on that.

You can't make this up. What a sham. The kikes are going to take out Trump. He is a loose cannon. Jew Pence is a documented bad guy with a violent history of rape and pedophilia. This is going to be LBJ all over again.

This press conference reveals that the Jews are in disarray. They don't know what to do. The sham is up my friends. ... cript.html

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Rex Tillerson purging more State Department officials today. things getting out of hand? Coup?

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