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Post Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:30 am
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The Criminal Culture is entirely created by the jews, and this is self-evident, as this abcess is created only recently.

If one pays attention to 'video clips', 'music' and everything else, the 'Criminal Culture' is actually praised all the way, This goes hand in hand with xianity always. The criminal culture produces dead, stupid, and worthless individuals, who suffer their whole life in prison, or have the IQ of a potato, and a worthless life, and are always sad. What you dwell on, you attract.

How does the "Criminal Culture" happen, begin and finally consolidate?

This has its roots in multicultural society mostly, as where we have unified societies, where there is care for people, crime becomes useless, as being a criminal produces less fruits than being a decent person. When people invading cannot 'assimilate', they turn to crime in order to survive, which is in some cases the expected outcome. One case is the jewish case which the jews forcibly always try to assimilate themselves with other people. This can only happen by destroying their culture and killing their strong. When these are done with xianity and by controlling the slaves, the jews get in a civilization and gradually take it over. Not other 'races' who are their slaves are trying to do the same exact thing to White people and other places like Japan or Asia. The jews attempted xianizing India but failed to a major extent as well.

Why do they do that? Its just their way of doing things. Criminally acting on their 'host' populations, they engage in thievery and deception, until their 'behavior' becomes 'legal' and 'normal'. Criminality becomes then the new normal, and a civilization is being dominated by them. This is no different how the jews try to push pedophillia as some normal trend. While people resist this for now, other things such as usury have became 'normal and legal'. These are signs of civilization rot and downfall. Also, the same things goes for other things like race mixing, or other bizarre self-suicidial beliefs that are meant to wipe somone out by their own hand.

Through causing civil unrest and the civilization collapsing and putting so much effort into 'trying to assimilate' everything and 'controlling crime', a civilization deteriorates and loses its power and cultural level. This is simple the more internal problems one country has, the less it can give into its advancement. After that, the culture continues until the host population makes the land into their 'level', or at least keeps civilization far back ahead, or finally destroys it. This is what's behind the uncontrollable muslim invasion, and the filling of Europe and America of the emptied prisons of third world countries.

How does that happen in the first place, however? By Christianity. Christianity and the jewish programs are all about 'mercy'. This 'mercy' takes the form of taking every beaten, criminal idiot, and thinking they will actually 'catch up' and 'evolve' to the standards. Like a rapist for 30 people will suddenly stop and become a good person all of a sudden, and not just make 30, 31. "Only God can Judge" these people and not a courtroom. We can see how this is manifesting in how people are no longer 'judged' no matter the atrocious crap they do. They get away with everything as xian imbeciles are (((tolerant))) of everything, even direct crimes.

For example while there are European laws to imprison someone for holocaust denial, there is also a law about rapists and how they may be left free under circumstances. Ursula Haverbeck went to jail for this. A rapist however went free. This is the law that was applied to an muslim immigrant that raped and killed a 18 year old girl in Germany, and then attempted destroying the corpse to never be found out- mind you the daugher of a high European politics representative. This is what happens when the jews make it into civilization. Subhuman and abnormal behavior becomes normal, while the slightest offence against jews can have disastrous consequences.

Of course, this can only happen if your own standards are being lowered, which of course xianity espouses and does. This happens everywhere. People just after a point forget advanced civilization alltogether and are content with smoking weed, chanting snoop dog, and praising jews as their masters. Slowly, civilization sinks and keeps sinking, and after a point nothing can be salvaged anymore. From the money the jews steal by usury and mental trickery, they funnel into their 'chosen' actors of any such identities, so these fools can parade into the populace to fool it, and 'take it through entertainment'.

When the standards are dropped, the criminality becomes even worse, eventually destroying the host population, and reeking the civilization level, ever lower. This is the case in America, where the 'Criminal Culture' backed up by xianity and its misplaced tolerance, acceptance of race mixing, 'universal assimilation into the one'-all enforced by the jews, is making a rave party.

This is why the Jews create all these movements to attack cops, and attack decent persons who are of another Gentile Race but have successfully raised to the level of the civilization that welcomed them. The line goes for every decent Black Person that they are 'Actin White'. Because having a happy family with black kids that are successful in civilization is a universal crime, while thuggery is the black created identity and as thus if people don't follow what the jews say they are on the 'wrong way'. These better people are not as useful to the jewish agenda, as drug selling, jewish 'corleone' criminals. These people have things to lose, and they pose a good paradigm for others of their own Race as well, which makes for upgrading them and promoting them in a civilization. The jews do not profit as much for these people. So they have created the crime identity as part of being a "Non White".

First it starts with misplaced 'mercy', then slow misplaced 'acceptance'. Then it goes to misplaced assimilation, then to domination, and then to your extinction. That's the jewish recipe.

Of course to the brains of White girls, Women and people, the jews use their ancient form of mental warfare and propaganda, applied to nowadays means. That is, Television, Music, and many other forms of 'entertainment'. One would rather be brainwashed by being 'entertained', than by the rod of iron. So we have all these 'gangsta' projections with flashing lights, how badass and evolved these people are because they can dunk a basketball like its some universal feat. How good was the life of Tupac, 'girl ya ain't know how gud being wit a gangsta iz!'. And all the rest of the garbage.

Preying upon the dead souls of people with zero spiritual stimulation, we have the 'stimulants' culture, and also the drug and general culture that mainly comes out of boredom in many cases. People are just bored so they become stoned. Where people just try to 'feel alive' as the jewish system has them feeling and being living dead. By forming cancerous relationships, learning to enjoy abuse, and all sorts of other jewish drivel. So the last high that remains for these people is the high one gets before death, or when committing dangerous acts. That's the jungle civilization the jews have created and it wasn't always like that. "Out there is the jungle", but (((who))) made the jungle? (((Who))) maintains the jungle?

Through this the jews achieve multiple purposes. On one hand they control the 'bad guys', and the criminals, and on the other hand, they control the 'good' guys to a lesser extent. Both are equally rallied to their destruction, the good guys by inducing passivity (such as what they do to the police trying to guilt trip them to not do their job), the other 'bad' guys by having them hooked in drugs and trying to 'be an original gangsta'. The people hovering in between they control either way, by propaganda.

If you pay attention, criminal culture is pushed relentlessly by the jews, as some sort of fun thing, that deals with one having riches and a good life. The reality is that this is never the outcome, and out of the millions that die, the jews project a few muppets they have created such as "Black Rappers" as some sort of "Proof" in regards to the 'success' of such culture. Then you see everyone jumping around like a monkey, honoring this extremely nice civilization. "Only God Can Judge me, Bitch". "Praise Jewsus He will make you successful yo". Sorry Blacks and Whites, but the jewish system benefits only ONE- that is the Jew. And nobody else in the end. This needs to change if you are to see a better day.

If nobody payed attention of course, the promotion of 'criminality' first and foremost destroys the race or people from which the 'promoted' criminals are. In plain the races from where these people come suffer first. So they pose a great danger to them first and foremost.

Of course all this self-destructive and damning civilization is based on xianity. The rappers with their 'jesus glorifying', the promotion of xianity through this, the gangstas and 'badasses' in movies that wear this little jewish crucifix. Ultimately showing everyone how the jews are all on the same side, just attacking the 'goyim' who stand below them.

How is that all able to happen? By removing what creates civilization. This certain 'thing' that creates civilization has a code name called "Satanism", which is actual spirituality that uplifts and evolves human beings, and makes them happy, creative, and lifts them out of the pit of destruction. So that happy people don't have to commit any of that. And knowing the laws of nature, they can never err and become this garbage that the jews need them to become in order to control them. Also, from a living Soul that is given through what is called "Satanism" (The original Gentile religion), humans become better and this evolves to the large scale, creating better civilizations like the Ancient ones. If this is forcibly removed, then all the problems begin, and escalate in these alien phenomena humanity is having as a 'normal life' nowadays.

Spiritual Satanism is the religion of the civilizers. The Gods taught us civilization. Other Gentiles have lost the map more, others less. We are all together waging this spiritual war to restore each and respective civilization, so that humanity can get by its own hand in a Golden Age again.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:45 pm

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You have shots of liquor/alcohol or drinks in your hand. In the other hand you have a blunt, cig, or the o so healthy illegal mess. Your sitting at the table drowning yourself and you wonder why your life seem cloudy. No sense of direction, no where to go, and nothing to do. Your stressed and fed up.


Also, we have to remember, " TURN UUUUUUPPPPPPPP".
Because your dreads are the only thing that matter.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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Post Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:55 pm

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Also, (((drug culture)))

Post Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:50 pm

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Great post. What he did he was outline how exactly religion is the tip of the pyramid in a civilization pyramid coming before society, the economy, etc. Millions watch sports because they are mentally and spiritual dead inside. We know the root cause of that rotting. Let me tell you every single person has a sport they can excel at if they put there feelers out, watching sports is plain pathetic, alot of modern entertainment is.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:40 am

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I think Cobra scans our minds at night XD. I was just thinking about this because of a story I have.

In middle school the "Thug" "Criminal" or "Badass" culture was around (variants of the same thing). It was mostly found in large numbers among the Mexican students, and almost all the Black students were in this culture. The Whites were not into it, except for small numbers of white trash types.

Into High School it was growing but not super bad. I have had the chance now that I am like 6 years out of HS to work with High School students occasionally, and I know a few for other reasons. I still have my finger on the pulse of what's going on a little bit in this city.

I recently have met and got to know a group of these kids. It's a long story but I turned in 2 thieves from this group. Not every one of this group is the "thug" but many are and they all know each other and it's almost across the board either tolerated or straight up promoted.

Of course they stole lighters to give to their thug friends, because life is about destruction and chaos, and everyone for himself, and there are no consequences right? YOLO, SWAG FUCKIT, BADASS.

Among this group I learn of a guy who is like their messiah. He of course has the farm to host parties and the parents that don't care about it. This is where everyone has had their epic story to tell, or where they make drug connections, and find the girls, and make friends, and become little A list Celebs within their school. This is where the Messiah gets to fuck 3 girls on a grain bin and brag about it.

It turns out he has lots of money. A lot. Him. A highschooler. Oh and he sells drugs. And his family bought an airplane to "check the crops", not ship things places. Oh and he ripped of a mexican gang of thousands of dollars and had to go into exile for months.

So who is this cool guy that has everything the kids want, who has a monopoly on social connections and everything else, who is introducing degeneracy into you kids school and leading them by the hand into it?


This didn't come from our people. His behavior is of Jewish Mafia. This is spreading rapidly and in 6 years it's taken over 80% of the whites in the school i used to go to.

As Hitler said, the kids will not cause disruptions in the picture houses or in the streets. They will spend time on physical activity, on learning, on helping to contribute, etc. They will not act out because their minds are idle, and they have no direction. National Socialism can stop this Virus! THERE WERE NO THUGS IN GERMANY!

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