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"Xmas" and The Bible Simply Explained

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Post Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:07 am
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You see now in around these days, people are actually celebrating some ficticious entity based on an occult manuscript of jewish origin. In that manuscript, there is advocacy of rape, murder, death and all sorts of destruction and decay. It was authored by rabbis whom as the series of the books reveal, were going around the planet writting propaganda against every Nation that was stupid enough to keep them in. And after they plundered enough, raped enough, and attacked enough, they smeared and destroyed the civilization of these people from within and with psyops and went onto the next one.

Somewhere in these times the jews also were around the Babylonian and Far Eastern Area (Because being alien they never had an actual earth to inhabit), where they stole the creation myth, changed names, and added vitriol and lies against their 'enemies' which basically were all other tribes they have co-existed with, even if these treated them nicely. This is the culture of "Judaism" overall. "Satan" from being the ascention mantra of the Serpent, somehow made it into the evil being of a jewish authored story. After all, Satan is the ultimate evil and nightmare of the jews. What blessed us Gentiles, cursed them.

So from all these rumors and lying, somehow, the original Gods of all Gentile people ended up as Demons centuries later. And people literally think Satan is some evil spook because the jews said so. There is absolutely zero evidence coming from non-jewish occult sources in regards to that, especially at thousands years time prior. All the evidence that exists says the exact opposite of what the jews have wrote in this book. Satan is life, Truth, holyness, and all the things that are exactly opposite of what jews stated.

Now this book except of an occult manuscript of the lowest garbage quality, is also a book that cares to brainwash the cultureless Gentiles foolish enough to 'accept' it , with predictive programming. Dealing with how Nations will kill themselves, how the enemy and their so called 'forefathers' will take over the planet, with their appointed "To-Be" Messiah, named the circumcized Jewsus Christ. Who was a Rabbi according to the story. And promises to return to kill anyone in everlasting fire, of those who do not conform to the jews and their demands.

Mind you however, with serious spells and some 'love messages' here and there, as Rabbis admit and as the aliens admit since love is Humanity's weakest point, some centuries later, this propaganda jewish booklet somehow became 'religion'. Of course, on the top of the corpses of millions upon millions of Gentiles, who were enslaved for around 1000 years. From this system, the jews developed a new adjusted system called "Islam" through which they have kept their other enemies in control. And lastly, the jews kept Judaism for themselves. This is because the reality behind both of the other programs come from Judaism.

So Xmas is the celebration of the supposed "Rabbayenu Emmanuel", or "Rabbi Yahoshua" which is in plain, Jewsus. The identity of which was formulated by Gentile Pagan Gods and deities, and astronomical setups that have universe significance. So its just poisoned and stolen, pseudo-culture. All our Gods ended up in this jewish propaganda manuscript of smear without evidence, as "Monsters". How many do actually know our Gods, and know Satan for who he is? How many have asked Satan and have went to see beyond the jewish propaganda? Well all the people who did are here and they all know Satan is nothing even remotely related to the jewish drivel that accuses him. Certainly not any minion of any hebraic thoughform.

I guess the all powerful jew in the sky had to wait 50000+ years of Human history until it revealed 'itself' in a book of rape, mutilation, national genocide, and emotional baggage. Yes, definitely.

I mean if a jew comes to you at some point and tells you that you need to die, and that you suck, that must be the truth as well. As the race of the jews is known for their truthfullness, sincerity, and for absolutely not using psyops on everyone since Ancient Times. The bible and xianity are just another psyop of the jewish race on the "Goyim" and nothing more. Its an ancient form of Freudism, false Einstein science, and all sorts of other things that have been created for thousands of years by the jews.

The jews impose their will, being a cowardly and diseased race, based on mental trickery, confusion, and lastly a deranged version of the Ancient Occult, which they stole from the populations that made the mistake of showing them 'mercy'. Of course the jews thrive only by misplaced mercy, if one observes this for what it is. Shortly from this misplaced mercy and 'acceptance', the jew becomes master of Nation, states, and people, and then blends in, ultimately driving them into complete destruction. How is this accomplished? By a cultural injection of xianity, right into the souls of their host races. The "self-destruction while praising the jews" serum.

The same goes for all their other useless foot soldiers such as the 'immigrants' who aren't even useful to fight to free their own country, but through 'mercy', now they are slaughtering the West, raping innocents, and mutilate pedestrians in the name of "Allah"- another jewish generated thoughform, and attempting to rape the wives of the native populations. OF course the 'mercy' now, this ancient dupe, has been decoded in different, scientific and modernized thoughts, but its the Torah behind all of it. Since Dr Noel Ignatiev says that Whites need to die, oh they should. But wait didn't they say the same thing in their Rabbinical writtings too? The only difference is that instead of Rabbi Dr Noel Ignatiev, we have Dr Noel Ignatiev. The message is always the same.

In the bottom line, what people are 'Worshipping' is death, destruction, and the death of all life. All in the form of a Rabbi hovering from a stick. So long will this rabbi descend, so fast will Humanity improve, and only then there will come one real age of permanent real improvement of Humanity, where people can smile again and be internally happy, by practicing the spirituality that the jews have robbed from them.

So when you go outside on Xmas, yawn and let the enemy have their stupid act. See the coercion they need, see the correlations they try to pull, and know that in every other year, their morbid psyop program will be dying a faster and more brutal death.

"Happy Kikemas", but not for long....Information and Truth will in the end prevail.


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Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
How many have asked Satan and have went to see beyond the jewish propaganda? Well all the people who did are here

In literal, actual ways. When I was a retard worshiping a dead jew-on-a-stick who never existed, I prayed to "the devil" - and look at me now! I'm a "Devil" worshipper! I prayed a prayer to Satan, who I thought was "the devil" at a time when I was doubting my jew "god", and now I am a Spiritual Satanist. Holy blasphemy, Batman!

and they all know Satan is nothing even remotely related to the jewish drivel that accuses him. Certainly not any minion of any hebraic thoughform.

Words fail. It's good for my personal self that things go slower, but in a shorter time, Satan has done more - and actual - stuff for me than any jew ever did in years - and I know there is more yet. To be honest, at this very present time, I don't mind not knowing what lies ahead from LORD Satanas - but I know it is me who can make things happen, as well. Regardless, SATAN helped me; a dirty jewkike-on-a-cross never did. All that was was standard jew psychology "help" with the words "jesus", "god", and "holy spirit" thrown in for credibility. Satan has more credibility in this short time than anyone or anything else of the dirty jewkike persuasion has had in years of retarded, braindead worship; church/conference-attending; ministry-minstering; money-giving; thanks-giving; emotion-draining; jew-braining... Feeding the jew thoughtform for my own, and fellow Gentiles', destruction and death.

Its an ancient form of Freudism

I didn't read that yet, before I typed my bit above, but I'm glad we agree! :lol:

"Happy Kikemas", but not for long....Information and Truth will in the end prevail.

Well, that answers my question in the other thread! As I said, though, it was a rhetorical question because the answer is "yes!".


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Speaking of Kikestein, this is a quote from him: "The only two infinite things are the Universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former".
This is what the jews think of humanity.

Let's show them who really is stupid, who actually thought they could curse Satan and the Demons and get away with it.
RTR these degenerate scumbags!



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