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The JoS has a Master Plan, Others Don't...

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Post Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:45 pm
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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

When one looks around, they see so many people who think they have 'woken' up to the dangers and enemies we have been fighting for so long. They are plagued by illusion, after illusion, thinking that this fight is anywhere close to being won, let alone other bizarre things. The enemy is just sitting, or let's say...add an H on that one, on their neck, and they think its raining...freedom.

The enemy has their planners, who talk, talk, talk, and no changes really happen. The bottom line of all of their plans is "Subscribe to our webpage", "Donate", or "Buy my book". There is nothing further from this. Nothing is built out of it. The average person down there exhibits the same exact behavior one would, if deep on the bed with the enemy. There is no plan for reforming anyone, or healing people from the damages the enemy has done to them.

If anything these are furthered and replaced by new, judeo-talmudic theories, such as scorning women as the source of all mistakes, blame shifting to random groups, accepting Jewcy politicians as your new saviors, and guess what, the ancient meme of bowing down to a jew (Rabbi Jewsus) to save you from his...admitted family and loved race in the bible...The jews. Wow, these definitely seem like SOLUTIONS right here.

All the paths are unclear, and their 'ideas' just always revert back to falsified ideas and beliefs based mainly on jewish manuscripts or jewish 'understanding' about how things were, or should be. This is because they cannot formulate new ideals, and because they don't even care to do it, in all honesty. All of their 'offers' are blantantly wrong, but since they appeal to level IQ audiences with only an affinity to troll, there's no problem in it.

Some these 'figures' do a good job educating people, and giving out news, but in the end of the day, all they provide is just rants, further confusion, and people are feeling like half awake, and afraid since there is absolute lack of ANY protection, planning- nothing of that nature.

Gradually, all of these 'awake' people are just putting others to sleep with them in new dreams, things will never materialize, and things that produce nothing, and have produced nothing for the effort against the enemy for DECADES. We are talking DECADES. What has been made into these decades? The fortunes of these 'sheep guiders', churches filled, people bowing down to the jew so they can be absolved from the jew, and endless neurosis. That's all that happened. Not one person can be asked honestly and to say "I am fine", "I have advanced", "I have evolved" and here's the fruit of my advancement.

Because of these people and their so 'successful' leading, the enemy reached the peak of their power not a long time ago, after having going from the worst times they ever had for thousands of years, with the "Satanic" and "Demon Possesed" Adolf Hitler, as they themselves admit. Of course, none of these people want to do any introspections, or retrograde analysis into anything, and to see that with these foolish patterns upon which they operate, the jews are laughing.

They are NOT afraid of people without 'spiritual power', and this is why they have rigged all occult practice as 'Satanism'. So someone prays to Odin. Acceptable and fine by us, but for many reasons we explain based on the occult, and history, this is not even halfway of what's required for anyone to really 'wake up' and 'change'. Do they even know what Odin is? What about the Occult lore? What about the nature of symbolism? What does this title mean in the deeper sense of spiritual practice? What about the Runes and the symbols of power that the National Socialists used? How can these be utilized to cause RESULTS and/or actually utilized in any struggle? Apparently, nowhere, except of self-gratification for those who pretend they are mighty and wise into these matters. But for decades or thousands of years produced nothing to fight effectively the enemy.

The JoS has been in the game for around 14 years now. All of these years, and moreso the late seven, all members together in daily warfare, or maybe more, with intensive, occult, heavy barrage warfare, we have pushed the enemy back. Look at how fast and quickly the enemy church, and the enemy jooz have been falling out. In just four years time, they are pulling their hair out of their skulls, and they have also invented all these 'fronts' to cover up the uncovered things that 'akin to magick' came all in the public eye.

Our side and struggle went from subterranean to mainstream, to the point jews have to rig elections in the world's superpower now, in order to just win four more years. And attempt to censor the whole internet, because this has went 'too far' and out of control. Because everyone 'magickally' these recent years, came to know about them. Prior to that, there was nothing for DECADES. DECADES OF WORK AND NO OUTCOMES PROVIDED. If anything, jewsus and all other hoaxes steadily ascended over the rulership of all Races and humans on Earth.

The honest souls who have been fighting the enemy have met with insurmountable and unexplainable MOUNTAINS OF OPPOSITION, much of it dealing with the occult. Those in the spiritual war have seen the deep core of the enemy, and their so called 'watchers' who are in controlled of the real, deeper deal. Because when you see a beggar, infertile, and failed out slaver race, get to the top of the planet as a tight global network of control...There must be something more than...'intelligence' and 'cunning', don't you think?

Most of these people 'mysteriously' are in every media outlet, everyone knows their name, or even address, and these people are still alive, and going well. If that is quite possible in an enemy operated planet, then I leave the rest for people to think about. Real people who advocated for White People's rights for example, like Matt Hale (he is in prison now), or for the Blacks, Dr Tony Martin (has a bounty in his head by ADL) never have it easy. Irving is another case, and he has his issues, but in the end, he went from court after court, and prison after prison.

The JoS has a Master Plan, that none of these people will ever possess. Its the same recipe that Hitler and the National Socialists used to get into power, and even similar to how the desert wandering, enslaved jews, went into power. To people knowing history, the advance and the uprising of both these people has one thing in common: THE OCCULT. Nothing would happen in either case without the occult. To the rest of the 'students' in all of this, nothing will make sense. They will see coincidences, and confusion, or better yet, they won't even see either of the issues in a light.

The JoS plan is fairly simple, albeit very highly thought of and complex.

0. The different ideology gives a different outlook in life. However, its a spiritual ideology, with real beings to back it up, and real results of the practice beliefs.
1. People advance spiritually in REALITY, and they find their Pagan Gods. By spiritual advancement, they get far more abilities than the average person.

These include the occult abilities who are absolutely legal, let alone higher reasoning that comes from opening one's mind, advocating free thought, and staying away from primal, jewish religious practices.

2. The different intellectual and spiritual component that is awake in the people, causes a revolution only by enlightenment, and not straight up, animal violence, or illegal activities.
3. All the above lead to different actions, and one finally breaks 'free' of the established 'order' of the enemy.
4. This manifests into outcomes and actions that spread all over the place. From personal freedom, down to in the future, political, economic and religious realms. Our lines of legality and in anything else are self-definitive.

All of this cannot be monitored, controlled or foiled, directly not even by us, since it happens anonymously, and we don't have physical headquarters or anything remotely related to that. Nobody needs a paid membership, a subscription, and we have nothing to hide as all of our doctrines, conversations and texts are in the wide public for everyone to read, or to enter a big church.

Our doctrine is clear. Those who misinterpret the Gods, use Satan and the Gods in anyway for depraved acts, or disgusting crimes, are not Satanists, anymore than a fake jewish "Nazi" who does illegal activity tries to infiltrate any other group. Granted, we keep, as far as humanly possible, our groups completely CLEAN of such drivel. People get BANNED for professing criminal or any other such activity, be it a slightest or the biggest offense. Spiritual Satanism is about self-responsibility and this ties into that as well.

We do not control human beings (metaphorically speaking) with brain chips, mass propaganda, or direct 'commands' in their personal life, as its purely impossible given we are all over the world, neither we desire this. Our enemies however, are free to do this.

There is nothing mandatory for one to pay, or to expose themselves, or to write a big giant fat oath to any illuminati, or any other 'organization' in paper. People come, leave and stay as they see fit, and there are no physical obligations to that. Nobody sics to anyone in their personal life, and everyone can also advance and do whatever is required, we need no phone numbers, no ID's, no interaction beyond these OPEN TO EVERYONE groups, whatsoever. Everyone is here without getting 'known' in the least. Everyone is as such master of themselves and their actions/deeds.

As the enemy admits, all the Ancient Leaders, Adolf Hitler, and anyone else in history that fought for human rights, and advanced civilization, acted in the same, anti-xian, 'anti-christian' and 'Satanic way'. What the enemy and the jews define of as "Satanism" is in diametric opposition to what we define Spritual Satanism as. We have a right and we exercised it, to have our own ideology, religious beliefs, and not hear what these criminals are dictating about "Satan" or "Satanism", the title, name of whom, and practices, are all in the far ancient times in the East.

None of our doctrines advocates mass murder, mass rape, mass humiliation, or anything of that nature, in opposition to the Talmud, Torah, Bible, or the Qu'ran. We solely point intellectual, spiritual, and higher type of resistance.

We support that all Races are to be separate, in good terms, and fighting the common enemy who has caused distress to all of us. We see no point in bickering between Gentile Races, simply because this harms both, advances neither, and in the end of the day, keeps everyone away from the real tormentor, whom we name OPENLY in our websites or material, based on evidence that is everywhere.

Our message cannot be 'adultered' as its crystal clear, and its everywhere in all of our material. Its consistent. The moment one tries to rabbi it out, it becomes obvious by itself, since we don't seek to confuse anybody with overly complex terms, or idioms, or things that can be corrupted. The moment anything is corrupted, its not us. Purposeful misinterpretation is driven out viciously from our groups.

*BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS, XIANITY AND TALMUD PROGRAMMING SINCE INFANCY, DON'T JUST GET AWAY BY SCREAMING "HAIL ODIN". THESE NEED YEARS OF EFFORT, AND CONSCIOUS SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT TO BE WEEDED OUT. THESE NEED WORKINGS DEEP INTO THE MIND. Good luck to all the idiots who believe that by suddenly becoming 'Neopagan' or saying 'Hail Freya' they suddenly threw away decades of jewish programming, most of which is also...subliminal.*

We are not based on 'personalities' as many have come and went as far as our existence is concerned. Its our material that matters, and the innate spiritual understanding that rises from our members who on their own accord advance spiritually. Only to find the Ancient rules and laws again, who were here all along. Most of these rules are still practiced in every other religious, non jewish, tenet, across the globe, anyway. They are reflected in different forms in all Gentile Cultures. We just choose to believe in the master system, than any other 'brand', as we see the brands come and go, but the universal message stays.

And who runs this plan, co-ordinates it, brings us together, and keeps us afloat with ZERO help in the physical realm by normies and mass masses? Our people and SATAN, and the Gods in whom we believe.

For this naive enough to brush this...Good luck...

To all of our people and Satanic Comrades,

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Sehr schön mein HP!



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Brilliant in depth quality post mate.

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Very motivating my brother Hp!

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My respects to you HP! The truth has been let have the gods uh ohh for the Jew Jew we keep gaining spiritual energies and power to the point where this is someone's only option if they look into it, because it is the truth the main thing I'm sick of though is people saying there's nothing wrong with the Jews when I show evidence but I shall carry on with my head held high love ya hp hooded cobra!!

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Amazing sermon. I like that you say when the conditions are right we gain power in a non destructive way. Like the opposite of how BLM and all others try to gain power. It just reminds me of hearing how satan and the gods are about creating the highest levels of order in the universe thus advancing.

I hope to hear more sermons later about the subliminal programming that you spoke of. Very true, i battle it myself. I know the HP'S have spoke about it before but you can never hammer it too much.

When will we know when the conditions are right for the revolution? You can't quite have a full open SS run for office now, it would be jumping the gun. Also will we be more centralized at the time of the revolution.

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Well said, comrade :)

Hail Satan!

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Coming soon:


"Spiritual satanism is national socialism at its very pure core."


"Nazism IS Satan's New World Order."



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Awesome read, thank you.
Hail Satan

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Very good sermon, this is an awesome Master Plan!
It is also useful to read more clarifications about jos; but just for the poor people that decided to stay with the enemy: those who try to alter the message of the jos, and spread misinformations about Satan.
Ave Satanas Invictus!

Hail to all Gods of Duat!

The Time for freedom of all Gentile is now!

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