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Mass Surveillence, Jew World Order - Rabbi Admits Everything

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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

Many naive people out there, think and believe that all this mass surveillance, and how 'google' or individuals like Mark Zuckerberg (Jewish), scout on the whole planet, is a very 'normal' thing that 'comes with the times'. This is nothing, but a jewish alien plan of world domination.

Imagine an alien species infiltrates another species. Of course, if they want to lord over them completely, and if the grey aliens and reptilians need to have complete rulership, they need to have a database of their cattle animals. The climax of this, aside from having every single Iris, every single DNA, fingerprint, and every single cattle microchipped (this is what we do to actual cattle today...) will ensure total and complete domination over the host species where one wants to invade.

That's the reptillian and as thus, jewish mindset. Its the mindset of their progenitors, and this is the mission they have been 'chosen' to execute. Of course, it wasn't the mass universe that ordained them, but some retarded and pathetic lifeforms who like to play 'god' to species who are struggling to advance, like it happens for us here.

Scouting internet activity, digitalizing all money (so those controlling the system can add, subtract and control all the consumer needs of the "Goy") are some of the attempts the enemy tries to pull onto everyone. Of course, at the same time, they want to mix all races into one 'human race' without any identity, link with the past, and of course, zero spirituality. The jews have the mentality of the slaver, chosen by 'god', to execute this act and bring it into 'fullfillment' (The enemy aliens who hate humanity and have created the jews to wipe out all others are 'god' to the jews).

While the bible talks about 'all being one', the jews remain racially seperate from anyone else. While all jewish TV shows emphasize race mixing, all jews remain racially clean, as they know that if their 'blood' is dilluted and bastardized with that of the "Satanic Goyim", they will lose their jewish identity that links them directly to their so called 'creator', who is none other than the ficticious 'jehova' behind which do hide nefarious aliens. While the bible talks about 'impoverishment as a virtue', the jews stay rich. While jewish communism talks about 'going against work exploitation', jews own all the factories and abuse the workers, and while the bible talks about 'the one and only god', the jews laugh as they made that hoax to deceive the stupid species who listen to them. The list goes endless.

From Jews in Google like Kurzweil, to the banking dynasties, to anything else, all these people are trying to 'unify' all systems of internet, communication, money etc, so they can basically turn this what they turned the economy. A jewish oligarchical Tyranny, with nutcases like Zuckerberg on the top, knowing everything and anything about you. They work in a global network.

How were people so retarded and naive to actually give jews so much power and influence, out of nowhere? Well, the jews hijacked religion. Religion is seen as some sort of set of beliefs, but its actually instructions left behind by the creator (Satan) on how we can reach Him and those who created us. If this information is destroyed and dilluted, an enemy species that wants to conquer another, can do this easily, such as in the case of our own evolving species.

Little do people know that all of this, has been conditioned in the heads of the masses by predictive programming (the so called "Mark of the Beast" or "Mark of the Goyim") which is actually the plan to cattle all Human beings into animals, under the financial and physical control of the jews, under one global empire, ruled under "Jesus" or the "Messiah" that will rule with a rod of iron over all 'goyim' of the planet.

Little do all people know that all of that did not begin with any other Gentile Race on the planet, but the jewish race. While many doubt the 'connection between the Rabbis and the 'nowadays' jews, they are nothing but one and the same, down to the last one. While a small jew is a creeper that tries to snitch small secrets to control a couple people, the top of the JWO does that to the whole planet. For example, we can see the Torah, and the jewish Bible, and we can see evidently where all this need for 'surveillance' and the idea that someone scouts on you 24/7, came from. Why does the 'all powerful' need to know everything so badly? Because it is not an 'all powerful' at all.

Proverbs 15:3- "The eyes of the LORD are in every place, Watching the evil and the good."
Job 34:21- "God watches everything we do.
Psalm 121:8 - "The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore."

The above are just a few of the examples. Other examples are how "god" even scouts over people masturbating, and kills them if they 'sin'. Now, that is obviously not the 'universe' in the sense of 'god' (why would the universe watch you as you masturbate anyway...) but herein is reflected both the psychopathy of the creeping jews, and their alien masters.


The jews are very aware of this agenda, from the last Rabbi, down to "Mark Zuckerberg" or "Ray Kurzeil" in Google, or Sergery Brin, down to Billy Gates and everyone else. They all know what's up, but the masses are blindfolded by the media and fake news reality all these people project into the 'goyim' cattle to control them. All your reality, showbiz, and what you "think" these people are is false. These people are on a mission, and many of them are in a mission no different than how many Satanic Souls fight for the good of Satan, and for freedom, these people fight for the demands of the reptilians.

We see the same ideas in (((Futuristic))) movies in hollywood, video games, and in pretty much everything else. Simply because these are the ideas the jews created and programmed the mass mind with, and also, these are the ideas they program humanity through owning 98% of the global media, gaming industry, and all the (((mainstream))) religions. These thoughts didn't come by coincidence, or by plan of 'god', but the jewish morbid plans. These are the plans of the jews, and of the powers behind this slave race. Nothing happens by 'coincidence' and if any 'all powerful' being wanted to do anything, it wouldn't need all this systematic, thousand years old brainwashing, to finally get humanity to 'turn' into such a direction.

Behind Jewish Communism (The idea of technological slavery and assimilation into one race, one planet, one 'kind' - jews excluded as they will be the rulers of this mess), there is the idea of "Singularity". Just a fancy word for spiritually backing up Rabbinical Communism. Contrary to the propaganda that this is a developed model of existence, this is one step away from complete unconsciousness and total non-existence. In non existence, there is no duality. Existence begins when duality occurs, and the state prior to that is only vain potential.

In fact, duality and separation is what makes existence matter, and the 'monad' or the 'aether' is just nothing but a reptilian dupe to cheat on civilizations to enslave them, as the 'monad' is only existing by individual, self-realized beings, and otherwise, it doesn't make any sense or matter. Because nobody exists so it can matter to anyone. Returning to the 'one' and 'unifying' for species, has the completely opposite effect of the one nature demands for the species that are to advance. Reverting back to that state is against Nature's Will, which pushes beings to advance their own blueprint, connected with this source of infinite potential in existence.

Advancement is separation, into a working unity, and NOT oneness. "Singularity" and living in a mass hive mind, is for underdeveloped species, and that's only ideal for slave entities. We Satan's children and the Gentiles do possess an entry to the 'mass mind' of 'humanity', (comes with spiritual advancement), and also an ego and individuality. The enemy has removed the ego component of their slaves and victims, and this is because this is a development in the Soul and evolution of lifeforms, that is very advanced in its nature. They don't like this.

Behind all of the attempts of Zuckerberg to 'make the web one' and all of the attempts of the Jew Kurzweil to convince the Goyim of becoming 'robots hooked into a mass google cloud where all brains are connected into one via the internet', or get brain implants, all of that is the systematic dupe the enemy does to all other planets to enslave all living life, and turn them in the end as a slave race like the greys.

All of us who have met the so called 'grey aliens' and other strange and bizarre astral entities of the enemy, we know they can be defeated, and also they are not all knowing, let alone even closely to 'omnipotent' or 'all powerful'. Thats just the enemy trying to make it happen by making the masses believe it, through the jewish hoax bible book.

Below just "One Random Rabbi", that talks openly of the plan of the alien enemy to mass control and mass enslave humanity through technological warfare. Mass Surveillence in plain terms. Here the jew admits this is the enemy aliens whom we are fighting, and Satan is fighting with the Gods, who are doing this excrement to humanity. Don't buy the kike playing the spiritual lawyer, as this concept has nothing to do with anything great or spiritually beautiful.


Some naive idiots are like, wow, these Satanists are really believing in Aliens! That's so strange! Crazy!

However when Rabbis and other living excrement has been saying the same thing for THOUSANDS of years, then that rings completely normal, right? Nothing 'nutcase' here at all.

If Satanists do it, it requires much thought, and it could be totally false!

If Rabbis openly admit it...Just another LOGICAL day in the Jewtrix!

Welcome to the new world where those who are naive and retarded enough to not see these facts, are the new idiots. Because well, asleep fellow "Goyim", everyone else here knows. Maybe the untrained and the uneducated see "Archetypes" or all sorts of other make-believe, but the fact is, these beings do actually exist, fully and completely. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius and let the Truth of Satan finally be known; Humanity is IMPRISONED and it MUST BREAK FREE. Cope with it, and pick a side so you can finally fight for a better future for Humanity.

What remains is you know too and pick a side...Because time is running out and the enemy is all in the loop and they all know what's up. And if they do not 'directly', they know 'indirectly'.

Or should we just brush over the fact...That all the Pagan Religions openly worshiped Satan, the creator and Fashioner of the Gentile Human Races. Who was known in the whole Ancient World to have fathered Gentiles, in Egypt and everywhere else. Nothing is new. We are believing in the rediscoved, core religion, of Mankind. Nothing is too far out of the box where these things are concerned. Because the 'box' is nothing but the Jewtrix, the reality generated by the jews to dictate what is 'acceptable' and what isn't.

It's just that with mass awakening, the "Goyim" are again having the privilege of again re-communicating with our Gods. Given the jews attacked humanity removed forcibly the knowledge, abilities, and many other methods and occult practices that were an everyday life in the Ancient Past.

So as for the alien agenda opposing that of our own...This is just meant to return all species back into non-existence, straight into death of consciousness, back to ape-hood, exactly where humanity was before Satan gave us advanced Genetics-

Rabbi Ariel Tzadok, from "You are Being Watched! So What?":

"You're being watched, you do know this, don't you? Now, don't get paranoid and think that
Big Brother and the New World Order conspiracy is behind all this. Even if they are real and
indeed monitoring and influencing everything that we do, nonetheless they too have to be
taking their orders from somewhere and someone. Conspiracy theories abound on just who
THEY may be.
We are being watched. Yes, right here and right now THEY are watching us. They record
everything that we do, say and even think. THEIR existence is not like ours. THEIR agenda
is not like ours. THEIR essence is not like ours. IF we were ever able to see one of THEM
their appearance would "freak us out big time;"this at least was the experience of the
Biblical prophets, Isaiah and Ezekiel who did indeed see them. The Biblical book of Daniel
talks much about THEM. Daniel called them the WATCHERS. THEY are the ones
watching us and it is THEY who are giving the marching orders to those who are giving the
directives to the world leaders who are behind the world-wide conspiracy and the New
World Order.

We have the technology to take us into realms previously inaccessible. What will we find
there? Will we find those extraterrestrial races that the Bible and other religions have long
referred to as angels and demons? If there is any truth to the Bible and to religion in
general, then, in order for humanity as a whole to move forward into our collective future
and growth, we must properly understand that which we already know, from our past, in
light of that which we are now learning. Imagine the possibilities of discovering the realities
of ancient lost truths, and what such knowledge can do for our future. The true religion of
the future will be our revitalized understanding of the revelations of the past.
Rest assured that modern talk about extraterrestrial life and related topics have their foundations
in fact. Rest assured that the powers that be know more than what the public is told. Rest
assured that this is nothing to fear. The Singularity that we call G-d is well in change of all
this and what we know and do not know is still very much under the control of a greater
We will not escape their influence, we cannot. The Watchers are with us. THEY are all
around us. There are no secrets from them. THEY watch our behavior and they read our
[...] [From the pooz essay named "Conspiracy Theories"]
Like I have long said, Big Brother is watching us, all of us, even now as I write these words
and as you are reading them. My response? I quote Alfred E. Neuman. “What, me
worry?” Why should I worry about Big Brother? If I am on his target list, so what? And
how can I be so brazen not to fear Big Brother? Again, “what me worry?” Granted, B.B. is
there watching. But little does B.B. (Big Brother) suspect, but B.A. is watching B.B. Yes,
Our Heavenly Father, “Big Abba” (B.A.) is watching over all.
From "THEM and THEIR plan" by the same poop lover.

There goes the kike to openly reveal the Communist Wet Dream of his alien counterparts...

"What is THEIR ultimate plan? The answer to this should be obvious. They seek control, to
establish a united Earth, under control of a singular body.
Who are THEY? Time will tell! But this much I can tell you, with absolute certainty!
THEY have been here for a very long time.
THEY have been in control for as long as it can be remembered.
THEY are ancient, and even spoken about in the Bible.
THEY should never be trifled with.
THEY understand, but THEY do not forgive, nor forget.
Who are THEY? You should be able to figure it out by now.
If you have, then you understand why THEY maintain their anonymity.
If you have, then you know why THEY cannot be successfully challenged.
If you have, then you see why the future must unfold according to an ancient, but certain
THEY are who THEY are. THEIR plan is THEIR plan.

Here we go again the joo and its aliens trying to play the all powerful, and their 'torah asswipe' as some sort of universal mandate that these imbeciles wrote themselves. Bottom line, keep up the RTR's, and let's get rid of that excrement so humanity can finally, take off, towards a brighter future.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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When I was facing enemy attack, these kikes asked, tele, me what they could do to win.......
That says it all. We must fight.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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I'm pretty sure it's 1000x worse than anyone imagines currently. They have all our data. I'm sure I'm good as dead if they get far enough with their communism. In the 19th century without computers before the communists took over a country they had spies go in undercover for years. Yuri talks about this. They even knew the store clerk or cab driver and put them on lists. What can they do now? I hope it ends but it will not stop any of us! It just pushes me to do more. If we fall our glory will only be brightened by standing by our principles!

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I remember back in high school my entire dumbass class had the brilliant idea of discussing the senior prank in a facebook group. I told everyone anything we discuss can easily be obtained and viewed. They all said I was crazy and called me an asshole. The night of the prank the principal along with the police were there waiting with the entire chat log of the group. Instead of admitting they were wrong I was shunned.

The most goy of goys are aware but don't care.

Excellent Sermon HP, Here is the PDF Link:

This should be known to all.
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Are you saying the "greys" are simply astral and nothing more?

I thought HPS Maxine suggests something different. Excuse me if I misread something.

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