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Post Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:39 pm
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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades!

Since our recent endeavors, 99.8% of people have been very happy, and that is for a good reason. 0,01% have been worried, so this is to clear up some things, because we care and try to do the best for everyone. The 0,01% of the rest angry jews, is for mockery, so I do this post for a multiple purpose. We are expanding, we are becoming more powerful, and this should make everyone happy that loves Satan and fights for our side.

This is however to deal with some infantile intelligences going on around (probably Rabbis in this too) who have been 'disappointed', 'angry' and even sent me disturbed e-mails, which I really was rejoiced to read.

Know one thing, the boat has set a-sail for Spiritual Satanism, and there is no going back now. Judeo-crap and excrement is going on its way home day by day. The old enemy of the Jews, the eternal Truth, is rising, and is now planted soon in every household, in the internet, in the future who knows, maybe even printed material, and maybe one day in new megalithic structures like the Pyramids, which the jews considered 'defeated civilizations'.

You see the jews, and their demented slaves, or biblical retards, are very afraid, and always try to guilt trip the Goy, bad mouth those who work to set others free. My store has received this, and I have also received this personally over all these years. Why do I even bother? Why don't we just quit? Why the fuck do you do all that you do? Do you love these people? People are born (((Schmucks))) and (((Shlomos)))! Not worthy of anything!, goes the jew shitting feces from its mouth. No hope for the Goyim! Please quit all endeavors now before it's too late! Ever thought about the potential (((Dangers))) that are a-head for you? The lines go endless...

The same thinking behind everything is the old, jewish thinking, and for everyone studied the enemy, clear as sky. I received an e-mail on how the RTR Veteran has to be REMOVED RIGHT NOW from all cellphones! Very bad move here! You can, with a few taps, curse jews to oblivion! Insolence! Another fiend sending the e-mail also told me, how "DARE I" make something such as this (threatened me as well he is going to start rumors- I can always take extra publicity so by all means I told them please go ahead), and then went into a Rabbinical rampage. He even got angry that we have cellphones.

I am not joking here, he said cellphones promote "laziness" and that all spiritually advanced people shouldn't have a cellphone! It must be the cellphones, that's for sure! Its not the chemtrails, its not the mass pharma rampage and nathanael shekelstein writting prescriptions to dumb people down! Of all the places in the planet, the RTR app is the evil that must be weeded out! Throw it away Goyim! No internet, no messaging, NO COMMUNICATIONS! How dare the Goy have cellphones anyhow?

How dare you not put your name on the internet so the jews can show up at your door and kill you if you have a contradicting opinion, exactly as the TORAH justifies? What the fuck is this Goyim invention called "Anonymity", behind which Voltaire and so many Bad Goyim have changed the planet by corresponding to one another to bravely overthrow jewish xian, church tyranny? The TORAH says (((GOD))) is omnipotent and must know everything! Of course, the pedophilia rights, druglords, and all the jewish crimes dont' get into that, as remember, the jews say they are "God" and beyond judgement from the "Goy", who are not better than cattle.

These are definitely the end-times, oy vey! We had the Goyim in the cattle Middle Ages, blowing jewsus the hoax (((king))), and we were (((kings))), and now, the Goyim are exiting the stable en-masse! This damned RTR Veteran app is also offline, so if we want to DDOS attack the JoS webpage on a scheduled attack day, we now can't! DIS ANNUDA SHOAH!!! Get off the internet! Go back to church, and your local school, and learn about the holohoax already! 6 TRILLION DIED YOU BIGOTED BIGOTS!!! You need to be put in a re-education camp already! This is for your (((Freedom))) of thought!

Yes, let's run for the hills, leave the internet, leave the groups, leave the cellphones, and leave the war effort all together. Don't you dare own any lands, or have a good, decent, humane job. Make sure to go to China, and register there as a worker! Otherwise you are unethical. Little do these jews understand that I don't have their jewish ethics, which is the scariest thing, because I project this to others as well, and because all of us teach them here about the NS, which focuses around personal ownership, gun ownership for citizens, personal wealth, family fortune, Satanism as a religion, and all the other "Satanic" things that make the jewish advance impossible.

Let's go into the mountains and wait for the Gods to descend with the spaceship, and stop fighting for Humainity's destiny. How does the other line go? "Jewsus is coming to save you and save your soul!". (((Stop working on meditations right now Goyim!))). Why should we do that? Because a random kike said so- that's the (((Reasoning))) behind it. Satanists must stay low, retarded, idiots, even impoverished, homeless, uneducated, or whatever else, and for those who have anything, just become a dumb, carnal goth carnival, and spend your whole existence just looking for sex and drugs.

After all, what's a better REVENGE AND VEGEANCE from the SLAVE RACE of the jews, than attacking the children of SATAN, and seeing the Gentiles grovel in all of these ACCURSED levels of existence? This is how the jews get off, by corpses, impoverishment, starting wars, and obliterating their enemies with SLOW, gradual suffering. Thats the 'idea' of the jewish (((Satanism))). Nothing more pleasing to the enemy than to see everyone grovel in things the jews solve in 5 minutes time. This includes bad health, and everything else. Paradise! Not only they TORTURE people, but of course, they delight in SEEING that torture.

I have a different idea, and Satan and the Gods have a different idea, shared by all people who know Satan personally. Satan shows the TRUE WAY.

Our job is to build the new spiritual healers, that will heal people, the new lawyers, lawmakers, judges that will judge correctly, the new scientists that will cure humanity, the new intellectuals that will be writing honestly and without garbage and really be looking into the universe rather than the jewish torah. Don't we dare! Let everything to be taken over, looted, and destroyed by the jews, everyone. Lower everyday your hopes, work, ideals, and deeds, and of course, don't have any aims for your, according to the jews, purely aimless existence! Otherwise as HP Don said, you have a pocket full of -ism coming. Racism, bigotism, jew talk, the list goes.

So, to give you an example, I have seen the codes of many apps from the Appstore, and mind you, all apps dealing with planetary times, and the such, belong to KOSHER RABBIS, yes, KOSHER. Of course, Rabbis make millions out of that, all to funnel this into the morbid kike they worship, and enslave the planet. After all, who of the "Goy" would even NEED or KNOW what PLANETARY hours are? Where would they learn this? In the (((Library))), or at the (((University))). OF course these were goodies only for (((Freemasons))), (((Illuminati))), and all sorts of other jews who are right now swimming in gold bathtubs in the Vatican, or the elite 'jesuits'. These are not for the average man. Astrology? Didn't we kill ALL astrologers in the middle ages? Why do they still exist? One kike wonders now...

The child molesting rings, and who knows where else. Totally ethical, acceptable. We are to where, for example in Europe, one UTTERS their need to PROTECT THEMSELVES and their EXISTENCE from these PREDATORS, and the SJW, whoredom, wants to stone them in the village. Middle Ages number two is coming, this time with Technology to back it up real hard. This must be stopped.

Meanwhile the poor Goyim, are slowly giving their rights away, thinking that being a wealth hating person is a virtue, and practicing xianity 101. Look at Palestine. They did a very good thing to let up all their wealth, Pagan culture, and Pagan Ethics. These people are living amazing lives now, living in a Jew promised and Allah Promised, Jew-topia. Yes, wealth is extremely evil. Little do people see however how lack of money is used to always coerce, control, enslave, and force Gentiles to do whatever the jews want. This is the first step to slavery.

However, when one kike Rabbi will fall ill, here will be the others to funnel millions on it to save its life, and when they will have any issue, the experts will be here as well. What about Satanists? Some "Satanists" are still groveling in the shit of inferior morality left back by Rabbis, to deceive the "Goy", and have more new-testament in their heads, than Al-Jilwah. And we have a 0.01% being avid in the loyalty were concerned, so I answer this for them.

As for the rest, you are dealing with personal hangups more than anything. Haven't these retarded people noticed, that criminality, illegality, and all sorts of disgusting, inhuman crap, from which the jews profit endlessly, are mainly due to the fact that jews are absorbing the wealth, and that people are very poor? Why since we have so many 'people caring (((institutions)))', the streets are still filled in so many countries with people in rugs? This is what happens when Jews own the wealth of the world. How are jews going to make their giant colossal, communist garbage, or slavery companies, without the people being conditioned by xianity to give up their wealth, and do nothing? Jews are a race conditioned to own slaves, and this is their culture: how to turn people into slaves, and then use them as cattle.

This is however no different on the scorning that went for Henry Ford, or many other special Gentiles who invented human rights in the work place, and all sorts of other great reformations that thankfully still exist today to help us, instead of being cattle in Stalin's fields. Of course, the intelligent kikes have the "Xian NS" rigged by these dumbos, new testament thoughts. Be poor goy! Love Rabbi Jewsus Goy, He will provide! You are a traitor to the NS if you own anything Goy! Stay away Goy! NS is the poor man's pride Goy!

However correct, National Socialists and Hitler worked to save this. The distress is turned into work and labor, the labor turns into fruit, and fruit is supposed to be eaten. In National Socialist Germany, not ONE person was to die from hunger, be homeless, or be unable to buy things, or get a job. The jews purposefully hide the history on the wealth and the joys the National Socialists had, because if that goes out in the public, people will want immediately OUT of the jewish system, where 0.1% jews party, and 99.9% Gentiles are in total despair. The jews rushed to totally annihilate this system, before it did spread to the rest of the world.

Don't have children Goy, live the special life instead! Don't pass Satanism down to your children Goy! But scat on gold paper on e-bay for 100000 Goy! Buy drake's new CD goy, so he can shove in your face how superior and amazing jews are!

Humans are slowly being conditioned into not owning things, and this bleeds over into a false ethical paradigm. Ethical is not the Satanist who tried to play Rabbi Jewsus christ. Ethical is the Satanist that advances Satanism, is a positive influence for all others, or at least advances without causing issues, and make Satan and the Gods proud. For those working on special jobs (we have our people everywhere) that deal with the physical realm, be unrelenting. Grow, and become powerful. The positions of actors, CEO's, Lawyers, and high laborers, or even Rockstars, do *NOT* Belong to the jews. Their jew-monopoly has to be broken.

How dare the Goy create a Hitler! How dare the Goy remove a country from Jewish control! How dare the Goy vote for Britain leaving the multicultural and bright, EU, that ensures that children will be raped on a daily basis? The "how dare's of the jews" are a Satanists ASSWIPE!

Now this should be clear as sky for our Satanists who are deep into finance, law, politics, and the VIP's, down to the last person working for daily pay. In Satanism we place the Soul, spirit, and what one gives CONCRETELY first, but here and now, in 2016, other things have to happen. For those groveling in illusions about how everything will happen 'on its own', it won't. You are part of that 'on its own'. In the future, no Gentile Satanist must be struggling, let alone poor, uneducated, or be left without the ability to advance their Soul. The JoS wants to consolidate this basis forever, so that Souls who reincarnate will not be going useless lifetimes without spiritual advancement. This is for SATANISTS.

The enemy is really afraid of Satanist who take the wheel, help others, assist the war effort, and expand our cause. They show this to you astrally, and whatnot. While the jews program the goyim in servitude, getting nuked and loving it, sadomasochism, and on other bull crap how "Money Corrupts" and "Money is the Source of All Evil", the Torah is a manual for the jews to become rich, and famous, and get everything else in their life. They have whole textbooks, guiding their kikes since infancy, into riches, wealth, and power. The universities that they have taken over, the churches, and all other organizations, produce these members.

Now, when jews do that, everything is OK. After all, its to be expected. When jews own the radio, the countries, the states, and are trying to plunge the internet and make it a second jewish toilet, all fine. The bottom line, all "Goyim" need to be out of the game, and not even bother. Why the fuck, HP Hooded Cobra, you do paid services now? Are you planning to put ads into the internet, and promote the JoS? Are you planning to make cursing the holy jews, a piece of cake? What else? Why are have you filled half of Satan's library without getting a penny? Why are you even doing that?...These are questions Rabbi Nathanael Shekelstein would really like answered.

Of course, the motto here is the same. If "GOY" dare compete with the 'holy people', if Goyim dare to dream to go into universities, build businesses, ask for good workers rights, do RTR's, and DARE reclaim their nations, and even their Soul who has been robbed from jokehova, you are CRIMINALS. Didn't you know 6 trillion died from Hitler's evil rockets to defend the German people from Soviet Domination. It was Gods plan, how dare this person raise a head and make Germany Wealthy, Powerful and Strong? Very evil person.

This is why people like Hitler should never have rockets. People like Mao, Stalin, Hoxha, Castro, wealth, riches, weapons, powers, should be in their hands for ever! Why do you even have websites up, providing all these material for free? You know other (((churches))) have a mandatory three digit registration fee. Why do you give these for free?

Satanists are the wolves that will take over the game, and shatter it, rip it apart, but many also forget, re-order the rules of the game and create a new one. From within? From without? In what methods? These are for you to decide, and everyone makes their decisions in what degree they are going to play, and what they are going to do, in accordance with their personality, traits, and strengths. All of us take part in the spiritual, intellectual, and every other warfare, and those who don't bother or dont' give one damn in a year, you won't be given one damn in a year as well.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:02 pm
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As you can see.... I am always using the cell phone for importantz Slothz business......Checkings the rtr's


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Why rebelling Goyim? You could kiss a jew ass for the eternity! It's a great honor!
Ahahahahahahah poor jews, they're like tiny infected ticks

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Sieg Heil!!!

The Reich is rising!!

Btw do you actually own a sloth mageson?

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