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Satan and Self-Love, Identity

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:35 pm
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This is from a reply in another post, plus some extra.


There are many people who are plagued by lack of self acceptance, or self hate. This is because they see their life in a 'moral' way, which is basically jewish pseudo-morality. The universe or the universal logos works on its own laws, but the universe does not watch you as you masturbate, or will kill you if you do the wrong moral moves. There are other things into this, and these are not coded in a moral code of the jews. Morality is just what raises when people feel good, act good, and are good with themselves. From this comes love for nature, acceptance of other human beings, the necessary mercy to keep society going, a good and cheery disposition.

Due to lack of spiritual practice, many people feel plain ugly. Let alone their programming that makes them feel real negatiev about engaging in natural behaviors. There is paranoia out there and people are suffering from it. As such, the soul cannot rest, and these chaotic forces breed chaotic outcomes.

There are no jewish 'moral codes' upon which you must hate yourself, except of a very few codes of nature and NOT jews, and gladly obvious things that are crimes against life that is useful.

"God", does not hate you. The universal logos in that sense is indifferent. Our real God, who is Satan, does not hate his creations. He just wants us to advance. This is for our own good. If we don't follow this advice, we will just wither away. Why do we worship Satan as a God? Because Satan loves us, Satan cares, Satan created us, Satan gave us breath and life, by his own will and admission. Not the universal logos. The universal logos or the universe, had us as monkeys hovering around banana trees, knowing nothing, and just being there like sleepwalking species. No consiousness of many things, no nothing. Satan intervened and changed this, giving us a chance to live. Who knows? Otherwise the unvierse, with a loving meteor shower, or a solar storm, would just wipe us out before we did anything concrete.

The universal logos/atman is a non-judging consciousness, infinite potentiality, and not an entity that reasons, feels, hates or loves as humans do. Its just potentiality. What 'god' could be in the sense of this, but potentiality? The universe is just gladly indifferent. For those who argue that the universe is a nice place for life, they are naive. A solar storm and half of humanity will go extinct. The universe does not love, or hate. It does what it does. You can get along with it, understand it, and try to master what more you can master, or just perish. This is not evil or good. The mysterious dilemma is that the eternal power of this universal logos, is inside us.

We honor Satan as the incarnation of the Logos, and the teacher of the Logos, he has all the powers of the universal logos. The question on 'if he is this or not' the Logos is a fallacy, as all Human beings have the 'logos' or this universal consciousness inside them anyway. The jews hide this and try to make it seem like 'god' is some rabbi, sitting on the cloud, spying you as you go to the bathroom or masturbate. This is just jewish psychopathy and nothing else.

Satan in my own experience has led me by instruction to the Atman or "God". I have experienced this. Satan is the gatekeeper and the God. I honor Satan. Honoring anything else is counter productive, and fake. Humanity does not benefit. Humanity has to go where it does benefit lifewise, in order to survive. Life in the universe is in a struggle of evolution and survival.

Some beings from the infinitude of this, have mastered a lot of it. We have the fortune that Satan his Race of beings have done this, so they want to help us. We can take, or reject. Choices will have consequences.

Self hate and many jewish ideologies that plague the human mind, created by jewish propaganda, are destroying the mind. As such people need an 'escape' from reality, instead of living in reality, all for reality. Its natural for the soul to want to go towards happiness. But to go there you need a map, and the jews give a map towards eternal disaster. As such humans become even more sick. The Gods left the map behind, but those who are enemies of our life, like in nature in general, just desecrated the map.

A lot of people are confused, and they come to hate who they are, without any real reasons. This gives rise to a disease of wanting to become someone else, instead of one's self. Emulation that is natural is becoming pathological.

Also, the moment everyone tries to make it fit their own 'story', such as life story, people are making a fable, and no the Truth. Satan's reasons are known to Satan, and do not have direct ties to humans and how 'muh feelz' or 'muh life' relates to these. Satan gave us life and that's the most important thing of all. The rest of the theory is mainly just theory, and a lot of people try to pump themselves up by using the false pump.

"Many Souls of the Demigods still Roam the Earth today through reincarnation." I would kind of agree, it if wasn't implied its just some random people drinking kool-aid in their mother's basement, or smoking a dub and feeling like Pharaoh, or like Alexander the Great is somewhere now and playing video games, or in Nefertiti is in a mental Asylum because damn, people don't understand she is Nefertiti from outer space.

Because clearly this is what is hiding behind such statements. This is bordering on blasphemy. Most of these 'demigods' the Gods took with them, and they are not around. If they were, humanity wouldn't be where it is.

What one should look for is simple: Does this help me? Does this advance me? Does this do anything real or useful? Or does it just advertise and self-advertise. People have a personal agenda in many ways. Satanism is not a mental asylum where everyone is going to find another fake identity. In Satanism one finds themselves. This can take a while depending one's natal chart and influences, or general mindset. However, it happens.

For some reason people always, instead of building rounded confidence and understanding that you DO NOT require to make a fable up for yourself, they just do this anyway. You DO NOT NEED to be ANYONE else, like Nefertiti, or some Pharaoh, or Johnnie Walker. You just need to be yourself, and work for great deeds, and develop your powers that will stay with you forever. This guarantees you the eternal confidence, love for yourself, and mastery over your destiny.

The Truth about the past lives does come in time. A lot of people err however. They misunderstand the things they create, and then they fall victims to their own creations. They consider this part of their identity, but this is like pestilence and not really identity or 'sense of self'. In fact its the opposite of this. Its a complete distancing from the self, into delusion. You do NOT need to be Harry Potter to be loved, or respected, or to do great and honorable deeds, or advance spiritually. These just hinder your evolution. You just need to be the real YOU. This is discovered after clutter of the mind and emotions gives in part, in the sense that one is detached of all the 'musts' that define a person. You are not obligated by your existence to be anyone else, rather than who you are. This is happiness and relief.

In my eyes the average 'we wuz kangz', descendant of the melanated beings (like from Racism is just skin deep, now skin color is the universe- self contradiction crap), that murders his people for a bag of chips, or some major singer that thinks themselves a god, or some dumb idiotic feminist that thinks they were Artemisia in a past life, is the same retard, in another context. If people really loved themselves for being who they are, they would never act in such a way. This world is plagued by self hatred.

People hate themselves for absolutely no reason whatsover. We can excuse certain things like these if not threatening, but I have warned people again and again to keep an open mind, and not make up fables, as when these explode, like a drug that wears off, there will be severe consequences. These will bleed into the physical life. Let go of lies and deception forming. Just be yourself. I have been a teenager too and I know how this loop is, and all 5 years old act that way, but people as they grow up need to build past that.

Many people are taught since childhood to just be someone else. Fit into a role, play the good goyim, do this or your parents will never love you and will reject you, work as this to be the guy X and the list goes on. The human being is lost in its role, and doesn't discover who they are. In fact the thing that someone is human is enough to do great deeds, advance spiritually etc.

You don't need to be Adolf Hitler, or anyone else. We always have to idolize those who are superior than us, to emulate with beauty and splendor and not evil, but this is to create a form for ourselves, that is US. Hitler was just Hitler. Hitler said that its wrong and a blasphemy to compare yourself to anyone else, as this undermines you. Hitler said what I tell you in a sermon, in just a sentence. So just be who you are. Satanism, except for a few things that are crucial now in the war and we have to adhere to (as natural rules and the planning to save humanity from the obvious route to destruction its heading) is all about self realization. This creates a beautiful massive humanity.

As for the Nation of Islam, it's a murderous cult as far as I am concerned, and nothing is right in it. It was created to misdirect young black people and radicalize them into Islam, to use them as footsoldiers to further the jewish lies again.

It would be so nice to form a Neptunian cult of idiots, that when they crush, they will be no better than xian missionairies. I know the fairytale bubbles will be busted, but because I care for Satanism, I always tell people...get real. I will never stop doing this, as I do this for Satan.

Build yourselves on spiritual concrete and you will never fall.

You are a Satanist now. You don't have to hate yourself, or lie to yourself, or try to fit in roles that you hate. Just be who you are, and dance your own dance of life.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:59 pm

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Thank you very much for this, HP, I almost feel like you read my mind because of some issues going around in my head :D
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Post Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:07 am

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Thank you HP :)
This has lighten up more hope and light in my life and soul, thank you once again!!!
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Post Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:51 pm

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Damn jews!

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