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Jew York Times Forced To Admit Fraudulent Reporting

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Jew York Times Forced To Admit Fraudulent Reporting

The fact the Jews are having to openly come out and admit this is because the Trump election with the wiki leaks together have proven to the entire population the Jewish media is a propaganda, lie machine for their Jewish, globalist agenda and nothing else.

The Jewish globalist Media Empire which control's 96% of the global media is on the ropes due to our Reverse Torah Rituals. The way things have turned have caused their ratings to drop into the dirt. Just as Kennedy was the first President elected by the Television. Trump was the first President elected by the online media the internet. The Mainstream Jewish Media is finished all the information is online and with this massive exposure with the Fraudulent coverage of the election campaign it just sped things up.

Keep doing the Reverse Torah Ritual's for the Communications and the Media daily. The entire Jewish media is on the ropes and falling fast we need to keep this up on them. When they lose control of information they lose control. The Jews have used this power to ruin our nations and start wars. When they lose it, they lose. ... ing/35225/

The New York Times, along with the rest of the North Korea-style propaganda media, made a mockery of journalism by shamelessly shilling for Hillary Clinton

Now that she has lost, the media is terrified that they’re doomed (they are) and are issuing apologies for their “biased reporting.”

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ed-bad-co/

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said Trump was referring to the fact that the letter includes an admission that the New York Times underestimated Trump’s chances. The letter said the outcome was "unexpected" and posed the rhetorical question: "Did Donald Trump’s sheer unconventionality lead us and other news outlets to underestimate his support among American voters?"

At times during the election, the New York Times presidential poll forecast predicted Hillary Clinton had more than a 90 percent chance of winning the election, and that turned out to be incorrect.

"Doesn’t that speak volumes about the coverage?" Cheung said of the inaccurate predictions at the New York Times and elsewhere. "It wasn’t just a disservice to President-elect Trump, but it’s also a disservice to the voters looking for reliable coverage — which they obviously didn’t get during the election."

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Also note the reason the Elders of Zion like Soros are behind the anti-Trump riots raging across America is because at the least they want to cause enough chaos to get martial law declared to keep their globalist-Marxist puppet, Obama in office and their openly globalist agenda going with force. They don't want Trump as to what his movement has come to represent. The jews are in panic mode because they know Trump was a big fuck you to their agenda by the American People. Trump even won the popular vote. Which the jewish media even tried to lie about that as well. Even then that final amount is messed with its probably much higher for Trump with both the electoral vote and the popular vote. The jews are freaking.

Pandora's box has been opened and the lid has been blown right off. We need to keep up the RTR's and online activism on a daily basis to keep the momentum going. This is why the jews freaked and tried to pull us off line around the election time at the top they know our rituals are destroying their power structure. We defeated their Kabbalistic magic as everything was for a Hillary victory.

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Great news, we are rising! This time it is worldwide, not only Germany!
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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