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Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:12 am
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This is specifically for Aryans as Aryans have been victimized with a very particular jewish parlor trick here. Others can apply this, as being members of the Satanic Army, this applies no differently. If you see you have the same problem, work to obliterate it and remove it. You are Satan's Wolves, not sheep.

The Aryan Race is a Race of Knights, Warriors, and people of intense pride and love of life. This is our history, with its good and its bad, and our fight and struggle against the jewish element of decay. Our people have proven over the centuries again and again their willingness to rather face death and anguish or sacrifice, than abide by slavery and any other such condition. We never had "freebies" in our existence, and we didn't accept freebies. And contrary to the opinion of most, we never even had it 'easy'. Everything we developed, we created it.

Nothing came out of nothing. Everything came from intense, millenial labor, and nothing came from 'privillege' or from the skies. Nobody or anyone else has given us everything or anything 'freely' of these attainments and certainly, nobody else. We have had our loyal friends and comrades, and the tide of history has been ever-changing in this troubled epic.

When one is a Warrior who fights for Satan, one is fighting in the most serious war there is to fight right now. That is the spiritual war, and this war is of proportions that are heavy, dense and really obscure and even unknown. Just take one moment to think about it, so you can understand what this means.

The point in winning comes down to always being ready to sacrifice in battle, but always looking out to be VICTORIOUS and GOOD at WARFARE so that you never have to act or be forced to act on this readiness.

In wars you go to win, not to make a heroic name under "sacrificing". If you go for a "heroic death", you are already dead because you're fighting for your death. This is un-Aryan and also, un-Satanic. People who think that way need to re-wire this misplaced, hollywood belief and give it back to its original owner, the cowardly jew. While the cowardly jew has "dictated" about all these things to gain shekels, the jew of course couldn't handle his own nature of perversion, and of course tainting every instict and subverting it through their original tool of christianity.

A warrior cannot fight hoping for his death or he does nothing but impersonate "christ". This is a massive deception generated by the jews, in their media and elsewhere, looking to subvert the Aryan spirit and turn this into the spirit of an enslaved christian or muslim. The slaves who don't even have a soul, for the jew owns it, so instead they long for a 'martyr's death' to make something out of their miserable existence. Satan breeds wolves, and these people are the lowest of the sheep.

The hypothetically historically-unexistant Christ was nothing but yet another coward, even in his own story. Eternal victim, coward, and in the end accomplished nothing but making the jews rich, and 'gods' of the planet. Even his own father the jew, in the psycho-fables, 'god of the universe', betrayed him, and sent his own 'son' in a sadomasochistic hollywood act to troll humanity. Which as stated by jewish prophecy, by acting the professional cuck and sacrifice victim, he was meant to act that way anyway in order to fullfill the jewish "prophecies".

Is this a paradigm to follow? Does that cancerous abscess come from the Aryan Soul and spirit?

We need Warriors, not martyrs. Wolves who know how to pack up and fight together, whilist individuals and in unities, not sheep that are beaten into the flock. These are the kinds of people Satan wants. The other masses the jews can take for stable storing.

If you go READY and FEARLESS to take a heroic falling, but with the aim of VICTORY, then this is the correct mindset, the Aryan Mindset. This is the Aryan mindset in itself. The other mindset is no different than a Muslim. Or any other paranoid degenerate who infact hates life, and his own life.

The Aryan doesn't go to war because he has nothing to lose, like the petty beggars and slaves of the enemy. Aryans go to war because they have things to lose, and a lot of things to lose. These start from their self, their own pride, their own loyalty, their lands, their own existence, and the existence of their people- finally, their own integrity and their Soul. This is why Aryans are historically, and nobody can take this from them, of the most heroic Warriors worldwide. Not because they do not have "Things to lose". Satan doesn't want people to have the mentality of a slave, that was handed a sickle and now is joining the communist revolution. Satan wants all of his people to think like Knights.

When the King sends the Knights and Warriors to battle, he does NOT expect to see their coffins, or their orphan children. The King wants to see the Knight standing in front of him having fulfilled the task, protected his people, and his life still flourishing so that he will be able to give.

In the fateful event this is not the case, The Knight will pass into eternity- but he will return to fight again and again. Because this is who this glorious being is.

War for life, not war for death or any other reason. Anything is done is for advancement, life and freedom. If you fight for death, you are not fighting in the Satanic Way. If you fight for life, then you have understood the deeper message in Satanism.

This opposite mindset has been under the rug slipped into the Aryan mind by the jews. Preying on the Superior Aryan willingness to sacrifice in combat, which is superior to almost all other people. To create the feeling of one being lost and therefore the only thing that needs be done, is sacrifice.

Did they tell anyone however that the 300 were actually going to score a victory, albeit ready to take a heroic death if this was what would follow? Which historically they largely did as they destroyed enemy troops 10 or more times the mass that they were.

Imagine if Leonidas went in to die, or to become a martyr in some sort of second biblical jewish story. Leonidas would not be an Aryan, but he would akin to rabbi jewsus or a radical pisslamic death morgering terrorist. He went in to win and defend his people, for their life, and for his life and glory.

He was also ready to face the other outcome with bravery, which he did, and he went into the hands of the Warrior God Proud.

What would the reaction of the Warrior God if he saw someone and he was in front of him, that had the innate need to play the martyr, and as thus 'sacrificed' in the first sight? Do you think you can fool the Warrior God?

These people became heroes because exactly, they didn't go to become heroes like the jewsus christ upon some cross on a 'heavenly' hebrew script, but actually faced extreme fatality against them and strived to Victory.

This is where victory lies. Deprogram yourself, and know the more you rise high in the ladder, the greatest spiritual nukes you can throw to Satan's enemies. Same as those who threaten our existence.

Aryan is Victory for life, and furthering of it. Bravery in the face of death, and the mixture of both in the exact combination that makes one a Godman, and a real Warrior of Hell.

The Aryan Knight is the one who drinks from the Eternal Grail of Life. Not the one who throws it in anyway to become a martyr of yet another bible. The Aryan Knight is more than willing, to if necessary, sacrifice and die, but this is for the Eternal Grail of Lucifer. Not for death, but for Life. The Victory of Quality, Inneffable Life and the eternal preservation of it.

This is the Aryan Ethos.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:25 am

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of course my brother when i meant finish it i mean win it

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:31 am
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卐Aryan superchargedᛋᛇ wrote:
of course my brother when i meant finish it i mean win it


Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:46 am

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YES!!!! By far my most favorite sermon from you HP!

It really made me think of the Founding Fathers fighting the British, the minutemen traveling through the cold, some without boots on their feet insurmountable odds, yet stood triumphant in the end!

This is what I needed, I thank you very much.

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:04 am

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This sermon is so beautiful!

Thank you for writing this HP Hooded Cobra!!

I really enjoy reading your sermons, they're both interesting and when you finish reading one, you just really want more and more. :)

"You might be surrounded by darkness, but don't forget that you have the Light (Power) inside you!" ~ Commander Abigor.

"The world is cruel, but it is also beautiful." - AoT

"One is either a German or a Christian. You cannot be both." - Adolf Hitler

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"Physically strong people are nothing compared to spiritually strong people." - Lord Phenex

"The world is a dark dark place, but why not light it up once in your life time and make it brighter and brighter each time?" - Me

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:15 am

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Every sermon is another artful, inspiring piece, HP. I truly enjoy your writing style. You and our many noble Satanic brethren bring me an overwhelming feeling of comradery.

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Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:18 am

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Great sermon HPcobra. If I could please add my understanding.

This is an ancient battle waging for thousands of years[tens of thousands?]. I think this sermon ties in with the thread about the Germans winning ww2. The serpent should rise on it's own, but only when it's free of jewish thought and when races are able to grow on their own. Hitler and our Satanic forfathers awoke something in our past lives, they in a sense intiated the rising of the serpent. They began our battle, our conscription, and add a dose of reincarnation this battle will wage for sometime to come. Even if we free ourselves what good is that if the rest of our race is damned? The Gods and Satan are with us, but we can not forsake the majority of our brothers and sisters. Because in nature we need diversity, the best white, black, asian, arab, indian etc. Or else evolution will kill us. Our goal is to become Gods and colonize throughout the cosmos, but if we can't even unite our own races and free our own kin how could we ever accomplish space flight? Creation? Destruction? Guiding others?

I believe all of our Souls are reaching a point we either get on board with Satan, Hitler, the gods and demons. Or be cast out of the gene pool. I agree with the High Priests that we should be focused on the light and winnining, and we are. But we can't deny the severity of the situation, because Satanists are not liars. This is a great and terrifying time to be alive, what can we say? These are one in a life times for good and bad.

This war will be fought by us, because we must fight or die, we will be guided along this path. Going down this path is painful and for some people deadly. But who cares? We are on Satan's side and he understands these growing pains, he will not let us suffer needlessly. Through reincarnation we will fight the enemy life after life. With this enlightenment one must advance spiritually, mentally, physically and ultimately to one's culminating point or being the Magn Opus.

For the time being this war will not and should not be waged with guns, bombs, bullets. This was

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:30 am

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Edit: did not finish my last paragraph, here it is.

For the time being this war will not and should not be waged with guns, bombs, bullets. This was war will be fought by example, and our brains. We must advance until our Magnum opus and show the races what needs to be done. Our war will continue til he majority of our races are free, and even then that would mean we take the battle to our next colony. Satan, the Gods and Demon's have been fighting this battle for millenia, on our behalf, it's time we step up and carry our own weight and teach others. Our war has just started, it's time to lead by example and be good Lieutenants until the proof of our Masteriship is undeniable. Be it in this life, or the next or next.

Heil Hitler, Satan, Gods, Demons, and Nature!

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:19 am

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This is a great truth, however much the jews try, they never be able to extinguish the flame of the eternal warrior.
Ahora es cuando debemos luchar con todas nuestras fuerzas, nunca dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy, el tiempo es ahora!


Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:50 pm
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Of the three hundred warriors selected to fight from the Spartans all were also selected because they had children hence they died in battle their lines would not perish. And the divine blood would go on.

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:57 pm
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The Havamal admonishes one to not live in fear to the point it keeps them from doing what is right and noble in life. That is swords and spears spare one, old age will give one them no comfort from being a coward in life. The ideal of the name of ones deeds live forever. This is multifold in meaning, one right actions will keep making their society and world a better place after they are gone. But also name is Ren in the ancient language, the soul itself and its ascension. That it takes courage to go the this path.

Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:54 pm

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HP Mageson666 wrote:
Of the three hundred warriors selected to fight from the Spartans all were also selected because they had children hence they died in battle their lines would not perish. And the divine blood would go on.

That's such an interesting and important point to bring up, thank you!
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Post Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 pm

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Knowing the path and walking the path are two different things.

I have trouble with this sometimes.

Post Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:42 pm
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Straitshot47 wrote:
Knowing the path and walking the path are two different things.

I have trouble with this sometimes.

Just keep walking. Incoporating the knowledge is another thing. This is where illumination by incoporating knowledge comes, in contrary to idiots who just "know" everything. Illumination didn't come easy, especially at this time.

Post Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:18 pm

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Instead of improving, I thought of destroying completely... I think I am finally understanding this now, even on a large scale Thank you so much brother HC for the wise truth.

Post Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:41 pm

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of course... As Above So Below.

Post Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:54 am

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Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
The New Man, as Satan sees Him, is this Man. He is deserving of the title of being a Human.
His mind can shutter the worlds, his faith is unwavering. His emotions are vast and his mind
is great, becoming ever greater. His mind is stable and his body is sound. He is a prime
exampe of the evolution of mankind, the superiority of nature and billions of years of
struggling for survival. Yet, who still struggles. No different than the universe itself, he is and
has to advance. Nothing can befall him or defeat him, for he has conquered the visible and
the invisible. He knows that which he does not yet know. He knows of his limitations only to
surpass them. He respects them. He is at war with nothing, but when he is, he emerges
victorious. But from his losses, he always learns. ... _Satan.pdf

This sermon does not only speak to me but to my soul; very powerful.
Sourd an chiehl
Verily blessed are those that are enwrapped in the realization of leaving the path of total destruction; taking the path of creation... The Satanic warrior despises comfort in the limited, yearns for the infinite, beyond all that is limited and becomes the truly defined limitless.

Keep doing Reverse Torah Rituals! ... glish.html

Post Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:47 pm

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"Aryan is Victory for life. The Victory of Quality, Inneffable Life and the eternal preservation of it."

Epic sermon.
Aryan pure blooded Warriors of Satan. Always ready for the Battle, always training and keeping their Soul and Body at perfect shape. Agile and intellectual.

Post Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:29 pm

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Great sermon.


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