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Rumors and Defamations, Satan and The Truth

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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The jews work mainly by rumors, defamations, lies, and of course, by charging them in the astral. This is slander taken to a whole other level, with the highest attempt to just exploit the "Non Satanist" Gentiles, which is a code word of those whose Serpent has fallen and therefore cannot see the Truth. Their most ancient manifestations, such as the chameleon bible, the chameleon imaginary jewsus, or the present day "media", all of which who work upon hoaxes, impressions and smoke and mirrors preying upon the weak side of the human mind, all prove that point.

If one has heard of this parasite that goes into the brain and forces the brain to certain decisions, they can understand the nature of the jew which is the exact same.

The jews are a being with no sense of higher aspriation. The enemy has given them enough "intelligence" to realize what's above them, but not the essence to really be what's above them. So the jews are trapped into their own inferiority, forever trying to steal the positions of others and always deceive- in the soul, mind and spirit. Its akin a rat with a semi-human brain. The semi-human part of the rat, suffers for being a rat and seeing humans in their nice bedrooms and higher existence. Trapped in this intermediate state, this being is always self hateful, self loathing, and world loathing and hateful.

At the same time, weak, enslaved and dominated by its own rat side, so it can never really brush it off. It attempted in the centuries to wear a tuxedo, to convince the masses it was god, to exterminate its enemies by poisonous bites- all to no avail. It still remains a rat. Now, in the 21st century, the jews envision an "Escape from nature" upon which they can become the new cyborg, and escape this disgusting jewish "seath" they have. In plain terms, they are a problematic, inferior creation. When a creation is so problematic, it will only cause problems.

IF you want to generate evil beings, generate a lot of problems for them. This is also the idea behind christianity and all jewish programs, who find humanity always problematic, "sinful" and in any other way disgusting or problematic. This is just the jews, projecting, like all times before.

This is another reason why the jews promote ill mental health, jewish pseudo-moral neuroticism, disability, retardiation as a virtue, stupidity as an aspiration, and all sorts of diseases as "great". Because these generate hatred and disdain both within the afflicted individual, and also from this individual outside to the environment, even if they don't want to. Its unnatural for a being to be OK if its in that position, unless if one is very pure and able to escape this created confine. Which few people really want to escape fully from, because it requires de-jewidization of the soul and spirit.

Satan attemps to solve all our issues and make us as the Gods, these entities keep creating issue after issue...

The destiny of the jew is simple, and mentioned over in their own "Culture" and "Holy and Divine Books". They are created as a slave race, of the slave race, of the enemy. To accomplish very specific tasks. Not for anything major in existence. Just deliver the planet to nefarious influences, and destroy humanity by eternally going against "Satan" (the Truth) in an eternal interplay of ever-increasing lies. With this, their alien masters promised this creature they created, they will be "ruptured" and "liberated"...From what they created them to be.

On the other hand. Gentiles were always fine, and happy people, within the context of life with its unwelcome negativity here and there. The jews express this hatred for this natural happiness all Gentiles experienced, calling it "innocence". The fact that Gentiles were healthy races, with few internal problems, and issues, pissed off the jews. Who in an act of genuine resentment, desired to destroy them.

The jews are filling the gentile mind with extreme sensationalism, lies, and all sorts of confusion, ultimately leading humanity nowhere. Its as if their creation is a big, giant distraction from the Divine Purpose that Gentiles have inherited. Not only meant to distract, but to also kill the victims of it. Slowly, and painfully, in all levels. It took hundreds of years until finally, in this epoch, we formed one prescise point on the jews and their origins. Their rise in being seen "Globally" came unavoidably with their mysticism and their crap being blotted out, which happend as a "divine accident"- the jews and their secrets and agenda were only revealed.

Nowadays, we know everything about them. We can for the first time in centuries fully react.

In the same way, the jews have created all these imposters, fake biblical characters, and of course, magick took its own root and even created false evidence to back up their lies. As thus works the Jewtrix, and the Jewtrix can only be escaped from by the Rising of the Serpent of Satan, which makes one aware of Truth. That doesn't mean one cannot be deceived (these are the late stages) but it means that one is very hard to deceive. This also has to do with one's intelligence.

The jews have for centuries pryed upon this ignorance of their victims, and those who fought against them. But one can see this in recent years also. For example, nobody cares, or even has experienced anything of "Rabbi Jewsus", and most people hate that thing. The bible is nothing but a jewish book of drivel, stolen fables, lies and defamation against the Gods of the Gentile people.

So naturally the jews always do the same thing. They of course use accussation as well, and one can see this in everything they do. "Accussations" not backed by anything in particular, and preying upon the mass's 'emotional' aspect that can't take some things. Based on this is the jewish projection. For instance, the jews and their lackeys do the eucharist (a parellel to a blood drinking ritual) and they heap this on Satan. The jews have a supremacist Agenda that is being applied everyday, they heap this on Adolf Hitler. All people who oppose them must be ready for this, and all people who fight them. This is to break down bonds and identity between people, and finally destroy them.

The jews hate it when the Gentiles have teachers, leaders, and even a healthy living. This is why they work on breaking down families, our culture, and anything else imaginable. The final tombstone of the Jew World Order is the destruction of the Soul of Gentiles, and the outbreeding of Gentiles by Race Mixing, so that the Divine Inheritences each person does possess are lost. The jews prove their supremacism and insanity by their own deed, and by the jewish hand which is the "invisible hand" behind this "world history" that so many people just cannot make sense of.

The jews hate also the fact that Gentiles like the likes of you people here, have any opportunity to advance. Satan once told me personally: "They know why they are afraid of you [all of us here] but you are yet to discover completely WHY they are afraid of you...". He meant the magickal powers and creative abilities of the Gentile people, directly connected with the blood of the Gods in their inheritence.

The jews are deathily terrified because of this. White people are akin to people who have been blinded by a smoke grenade, but the jews are above the smoke and the see the blinded lion, always afraid of what the future may bring if the lion gets rid of the smoke. The same goes for all other people they hate. Their hate is driven mostly by fear. Just are very unemotional and insentient, but fear and hatred, and the need to parasitize are their most major motivators.

The smoke is nothing else but the constant lying, defamations, rumors, misdirections- the art of making Gentile life worthless. So that nobody of you will ever discover that you have the ability to go upwards, in anyway. In the mind of the jews, as its been reflected into their alien culture, biased by alien opinions - humanity is a cattle. This is a major line of thinking in the jewish mind. Everyone is asleep cattle. This is of course not the reality of things, but their own wishes for how reality should be.

The bible itself begins by the casting of the Serpent, and the destruction and abolishing and cursing of SATAN, the SERPENT (Kundalini). This is what makes everything else possible. Satan's Name is a name beyond all names. It means Truth. Truth beyond history, beyond record, beyond the ability to err, beyond everything- the direct perception of the Cosmos.

Do you know the saying "Think out of the Box". As with many mannerisms, this has an unconscious tie in- the box is the jewish manifested astral jewtrix, that forces the weak souls within its confines, as to waste their existence needlessly. The strong Souls whom the Rabbis blame of being from the "Satanic Spheres", can ascend outside of it, and in the longterm, destroy it and conquer it. This is what all of you here have been doing.

Those who are close to Satan, and practice the Eternal Satanic Spirituality, will raise the Serpent and as thus gain everlasting immortality, not only in the 4th dimension, but in due time also in the physical dimension. The enemy knows this, and as thus they are pouring their whole existence in destroying this ability before it is too late for them.

Eternal life goes only to the most Truthful.

May Satan bless all of you as to experience and find who you are!

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Some (((GOOD))) guys of History that have never been defamed are as follows:

1. (((Stalin)))


A killstreak of around a total of 40,000,000 Russians, Ukrainians, and non Communists

2. Crypto Mao Zedong:


A killstreak ranging from 80,000,000 to 100,000,000 millions Chinese people.

3. (((Yagoda)))


Starved to death around 6-8 million Ukrainians. But who knew?

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Excellent post, well explained.
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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