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Post Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:53 pm

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Does the hand reading really exist in like its legitimate way? is there any truth in it or not? i have no idea about it so i am asking... and if it is true in some ways, then in what ways and when? long time ago i found one small book about it in the attic once we moved to a new house, but ever since i never actually remembered to ask: is it legit? XD

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Yes, palmistry is legitimate. However, like other spiritual topics such as astrology, it has been heavily corrupted and very little valid information exists regarding palmistry. Some information about palmistry is in High Priestess Maxine Dietrich's audio sermon "Brotherhood of the Serpent."

Brotherhood of the Serpent Audio Sermon Transcript

"I’ve read hundreds of palms and this has also helped me in analyzing people. Like people that have knotted fingers they’re perfectionists, most of (them). People with small fingernails are, have a tendency towards irritability. People with long fingers, more intellectual and like to live inside their head. And you can look at someone’s hand and you see their future. And palmistry is also, has a strong connection with the mudras because the mounts of the hand, like the Mount of Venus beneath the thumb, that’s your money mount. If you learn your planets, you learn your chakras, and you learn palmistry, astrology and all of this, you can work magick by getting everything to work for you at the time of your ritual. "
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Yes it does. Some gods like Furcas teach palmistry.

HPS Shannon's post about palmistry:
Joy of Satan -wikia for Finnish people: ... atan_Wikia

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:D :D :D thats awsome!!!! when i find more time to study these i will definitly do it!

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