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Escaping Suffering, Rising in the Ladder of Light

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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

Now, in regards to "suffering". Suffering has many levels. The purpose of this post is to just touch on the major "suffering" people self-induce upon themselves, and not largely get into other types of suffering.

A lot of people I have noticed in general are in a "suffering" mode 24/7. Needless to say this is tied to the fact that they do not meditate, then "walking life issues" or any other reason they can create. In fact, most people create fancy and unreal reasons as to why they suffer or feel uneasy, anxious etc. Most of the time, the real causes are well hidden and secluded from the masses, because as you can see there is a whole planet profiting and playing around suffering. All major jewish and jewish-inflicted religions are built upon this concept. There is also endless self-blame, victimization, self hatred as a rule. This is the natural state of any being that is on a low existential level.

The enemy creates misery and profits from suffering, no more than a tick of flea profits from an open wound. This is the de-facto, factor of a parasitic relationship. These exist in nature like ticks and fleas.

There are many people who complain. Well, "God", your "Higher mind" or the "Universe", you name it, doesn't really listen to "complaints". At best complaints are aimed to be listened by other human beings, who then are put on the decision to help or not net help another individual out of their "Misery" or a situation where they are weak. This has altruistic purposes, and the deep need for this is based on the fact that human beings by nature do not want suffering for themselves and others. Suffering reminds one how it is to suffer. People, normally being in the same natural team (Race) have to master the outside forces of the cosmos and advance.


The universe will be your friend if you put work into things. Also, your own self must be your own friend, and you must have your strong friends of Light around you- the Gods. Its good to relate and be close to them for they desire only good for us. Nobody on their level desires suffering, or anguish, for their own progeny. They have NOTHING to gain or lose from our suffering. They don't work like this. They are Divine.

They are calling you to ascend the ladder of light and liberate yourself. In all cases, this is your own choice. The ladder is cutting and collapsing, and many beings fall eternally into the abyss of non-existence, or an existence of fear and slavery. This will be the destiny thousands of millions have created for themselves, by ignorance. You must NOT be one of them. Great things await for those who ascend the ladder of the light. Endless anguish will be the prize for those who let themselves fall into the pit of jewish doom.

We must get in a higher level, and this is an purpose versed to us by existence.


One cannot get there without suffering, or without correcting, learning, trial and error, and saving others from despair. This is because Races work as unity. Within any eco-system, different animals can exist. These animals are not necessarily antagonistic or aggressive against one another, given their needs are met. Humans can deal, through wisdom and knowledge, and also awareness (all these Satanic Traits) to create an "Ecosystem" or reality, that is not plagued by things that plague other places in existence. Suffering can be minimized. However, we have parasites living amongst our midst, and this is a real fact. They don't want anyone to advance. It seems to be the natural dictate of a vengeful parasite.

Parasites, wealkings, jew mimics, and all those who simply cannot and are unwilling (because its a matter of unwillingness most of the time nowadays with all these means everyone posesses) to keep up with the pace of any advancement, have actually just exploited this force of "mercy" by pretending to be sufferers and also pretending to be units deserving of help. As thus, those stronger, they have given them mercy. Jewish Christianity was based on this. The poor jew, by the systematic use of misplaced mercy, has become now a temporary rat-master of the planet, and behind him rally and follow other worthless retarded lifeforms that mimic his own footing.

By the march of all of this inferiority, people who may be decent, or even average, or exceptionally superior, or even lower than average, are plagued and destroyed by those who are unwilling to do anything, or be anything, but a universal sensation-ist parasite, that eats, sleeps and consumes on the labor that the strong make into taming everything else.

The jews have never labored to fight for anything, create anything, or anything at all. Through "mercy" or let's say accurately, a giant spell that causes misplaced mercy on the behalf of their victims, they have survived and they have now conquered them.

In simple terms, suffering has become an disgusting bussiness, quite profitable in the age of pisces. Its no longer a state of a problem. Its sort of like a bussiness that fullfills needs from attention, to one's need for controlling the brain of other people, to even exercising control over others by being a whinny entitled brat and the list goes on. The jews themselves are also based on this "entitlement" crap. How parents teach their children plays a role, how all the lazy idiots do actually get countless benefits compared to those who work hard- a general inversion of the laws of nature. This is how the jews have conquered. Well, if a law exists, it can be turned into something else. Maybe not forever, but it can happen for a while. Until society collapses that is.

And it is going to happen if things go donw that road.

Now to go into "personal" suffering, suffering has grades. At least how I see it, I believe there is real suffering, and ficticious suffering, and then, what was described above, purposeful suffering for some benefit. Yes, some people are suffering for a purpose. It's called sadomasochism. Love of gloom is a negative thing. Infact, people love gloom because the body in the attempt to save its own self from destruction produces a high to save the person from this self destructive loop of death. You can need not go into a downwards spiral. Gradual, steady, and uplifting steps towards being a Sun. Not a gloomy jew.

Some people also have actual health issues and this is not what I am touching here anyway. Its kind of a sensitive subject. Although I really think the "Medical" issue is also something that has given in and can be fixed as well, like anything else. One can also rise above the stuff they cannot really "manage" at this present time. So nobody is quitted from the empire of power, consciousness, RTR's and LoL's.

As for those complaining about issues (many of which are definitely life consuming and real) even then, a good disposition and a better mental and spiritual health deal with these better. You only win if you go against suffering, and you don't lose anything. You also make others better and indirectly fight the jews. By the way, ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge and Spiritual advancement produce real, conscious bliss, in light of one's constant advancement towards the Divine.


First of all, many people get tortured because they are torn in the world of "idea" and "desire". In plain, the jewish gibberish that has been created nowadays to keep anyone eternally pre-occupied, as if in a magickal spell so the being reaches no self-realization. This is the point where a human lifeform if they died tommorow, their "soul dream" would be the new Iphone 7. Their innermost desires and aspirations have become empty, dull and materialistic, and infact, the soul doesn't like this. At least the Gentile one, and the soul of decent beings. So we have one reason of suffering- boundless desires that are ripping the self apart and must be brought into a sense of balance and respect towards the higher and lower part of the being.

Then we have another thing. Many people just make wrong estimations. To be more correct, by denying spiritual laws such as the laws that are known as "Karma" (that have been corrupted but I have explained in a way to help everyone find their own way in this) people are blind. For instance someone always whines about how they do not have friends, or good friends. This society teaches to either blame one's self completely, either blame others completely. Most people go towards the second solution until they breakdown, and swing to the other one- both equally unhealthy. Thing is, sometimes its good to use Satan's ability vested in you that is called thought and logic.

If you go to a skyscrapper and have a drunken, LSD, dancing orgy of dancing, then if you fall down and you die, was it your karma, the Gods, the universe, or just your retardiation? What I try to say, some things can be just avoided by making it a rule in your existence to apply logic where it is needed. You don't need to be going as fast as 160km an hour in a populated road to go to work. Or when you are drunk to make it 1 minute earlier in your house or something. Much negative karma manifests only because of lack of awareness and retardiation, or lack of attention.

Then to escape suffering, one must weed out any programmings that induce needless suffering to the individual. To see the matter more correctly, someone is not a useless being, infact they are a nice person, and they are not a plague to the planet, but they are plagued by feelings that cause suffering. This is a mind out of control. Whatever the purpose of this is, it doesn't really matter, as most of the time this is just something that lingers from another condition. I underline here, unless there are PHYSICAL reasons to support this, or factual problems, it can be just the result of a stuck mind. Like someone with PTSD- the war is over, but anything that makes a sound of explosion, makes one experience the same fear or agitation. This can be understood, controlled and removed from the mind. For instance someone has had parents who have been negative to them all the time.

To be even more exact, sometimes you don't need a new brain, or a 40 day working, to just have some fun. Just turn off the switch, and let yourself go a bit and indulge.

The Pharaoh is the one who is cheery all day. Pharaohs are on their tomb and their mask is of an imprinted smile, showing they have been, and are going to the astral, happilly. They are not professional victims, or suffering experts. If you are not cheery then you are not Pharaoh even if you are Pharaoh. Pharaohs are careful and considerate by the way, and they know the importance of situations, but they LoL too. You can't be your own Pharaoh unless you are a cheery one. I also impose a new law and divine regulation about all wanna-be Pharaohs. The RTR's and LoL's must be mastered. Nobody who hasn't mastered the RTR's and laughter is to be High Above. And nobody that doesn't say in vigor : "Those who bless Israel are Cursed and those who Curse Israel are Blessed". And then laughs again.

The Pharaoh Lol's everytime the jews say that this world is about suffering. He RTR's them. The Pharaoh lol's and then does a Ritual against the jews, and bounces back their suffering millionfold. Jews cry on the Yom Kippur and Pharaoh LoL's hard while doing just another RTR.


Learn where and when, what is necessary. Learn and keep learning, but learn worthwhile things. Learn to divide information in what works and is good for you and good in general. In simplicity, realize the negative patterns that cause you suffering and apply new habits to solve these. Your different habits will slowly form a new you, which if you want to escape suffering, must be a more liberated, stronger, more intelligent and capable you. Largely now you are nothing but your habits or lack thereof, which is still a habit to have no habits that make you better. This eradicates suffering in its own accord. Once this reaches big proportions, you can help others escape too.

But as to not confine ourselves in talking too much, let's just remember some "rules" that apply to all times, generations, situations, and anything else, without attempting to write a new bible crap. These are just based on natural laws and have been around for millenia, and you don't need a jew to tell these to you. The Ancients have been screaming it everywhere.

-Moderation in all things (know how to judge)
-Have temperence (control your passions and thoughts, and know when to let them control you)
-Know Thyself (Meditate attentively)
-Be persistent (Never Quit)


The Rising of the Ladder is analogous to the rising of the Serpent. From dormancy and being terminally spiritual blind, you are supposed to get higher in the ladder by acting in all the levels of existence, until you finally actualize the finishing of the ladder, from where you will be reborn as a pen-ultimate being of realization. This doesn't happen overnight. This happens through struggle, persistence, and fortitude, and work. The universe doesn't give freebies.

Let Satan's light illuminate you. Let him give you consciousness over your own mistakes and the reasons of your gloom. Then, let him give you power, consciousness and knowledge to save yourself. And become a greater entity. All of us begin from somewhere, and irrespectively of that, any life that is on this struggle to advance is accepted and helped to advanced if so it desires. There is no greater joy, than the joy of self-overcoming. Only when one self-overcomes, they really become one with the only and highest, but most forgotten Truth of this universe- everything must advanced.

Those who rise in the ladder of light, the ladder of consciousness, will wear the crown of eternal life and bliss. This is not an empty promise. This is a reality the ancient masters of our side have achieved, and many live amongst our midst, soon to also rise the Ladder of Light.

Make it your aim to rise on the ladder, to shine as a star to be seen. Never dare pretending this, but only strive to become a REAL Sun.

To all the Sons, Daughters, the almighty Family of Satan, who are Satanists in heart, mind and deed, know that your suffering, from wherever you are now, you will succeed in conquering it. There is no doubt. Open up your mind to HIS Greatness and victory will be yours.

Like in the allegory of Osiris, everyone can rise above suffering if only they let their inclination towards the Satanic Divine, rule their spirit.



-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Sir, you write(type) extremely beautiful sermons. This was awesome. Thanks.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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Good advice, HP. I have learnt that by focusing on a problem, it grows bigger until it consumes you. Some people may suffer because of physical attributes. It's because they think about the problem all the time. Just stop looking at yourself in the mirror altogether if you can't accept yourself. It's better than to occupy your mind with it 24/7.

If we talk solutions to problems, I don't think these are something to be overly concerned about. The neutrino-particle when programmed, can change the structure of the atom and thus alter our physical reality, literally. Many people feel hopeless because they aren't strong enough yet, and thus think they will never be. That is not true. I have performed magick that have changed myself physically, and also when it comes to state of mind. And I am not even risen.. Imagine what a risen serpent can do?

A lacking awareness is another problem. What seems hopeless to find a solution to now, is likely to be just a lacking awareness. What if you where twice as smart? Then maybe a solution would manifest in your mind easily, just that you didn't see it before. Meditation leads to a fully activated brain, not just using 5-10 %.

I have also learnt that working hard for the gods is what brings me joy in my life, as well as meditation. Don't give up, it may take a while before they see your serious intentions, but when they start working with you, you WILL have joy. I don't give a fuck how shit and hopeless you think your life is now, or if you are suicidal. If you persist and they start working with you, you will realize the step from utter misery to joy is a very short one.
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Mate this is spectacular. Helped big time does anyone know if you can save good posts and pop them in a file as i would like to re read certain posts.

Not really a dab hand at computers any advice if can be done as i need to save this post, magick thanks.

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Enki1690 wrote:
Mate this is spectacular. Helped big time does anyone know if you can save good posts and pop them in a file as i would like to re read certain posts.

Not really a dab hand at computers any advice if can be done as i need to save this post, magick thanks.

Copy and paste the web address in this case it's : topic16649.html , on this website and download the pdf format of it when its done converting.

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I thought this sermon was interesting.
While working today It sort of dawned onto me what your practically described in the topic post. One of my co-workers (xianist, wears latin cross all the time) was below me on the stairs, dark and gloomy, doing his work. Whilst I finished my work, and I was uptop of the stairs, sun shining onto me, thinking.

And here I thought to myself.

"This xianist, is literally at the bottom of life. No power, no nothing. A fool who only descends. While I am on top of the stairs, ascending only upwards, enjoying myself & reaching enlightenment through spiritual means, overcoming the obstacles "

I find it great how Satan showed me the true path. And I love it when the Gods of Hell have you learn as it goes by.
Thought & logic, just as you spoke.
This too, shall pass.
Just keep that in mind when your facing unwanting temptations.

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Thanks Braun I will try this :D :D :D

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