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Upcoming Ritual to Destroy the "Jewtrix", Demons, 'G-d'

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Since the latest amazing post by High Priest Don, and our writtings on this excrement the jews have as "God", I have to make some further comments that I have written about months ago.

Behold the New Meme:

Everytime you do an RTR, this is what happens:


The "Jewish God", this name, is hidden by the Rabbis on purpose, because they literally KNOW it to be a thoughform. As one Rabbi stated "God" is nothing but a servant on the leash.

The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinions of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven. -Rabbi Menachen, Comments for the Fifth Book

Jehovah himself in heaven studies the Talmud, standing: he has such respect for that book.

Tractate Mechilla/Me'ilah

So what does this alien read in this "Talmud":

Kill the Goyim by any means possible.

Choshen Ha'mishpat 425:50

Things like that.

Sounds more like a sad, average intelligence reptilian, with a scat loving, bad reading habit, doesn't it. That's it because that's what it is.

So the "God" of the universe does read things like:

What is their "God" about anyway, even as an ethical entity? Please jewsus give me a new car, please jewsus save my soul because I am lazy, jewsus this, jewsus that, Jewsus could you please save me because I am too bored. Jewsus, could you please bring me my flip flops? Jewsus, could you please destroy this guy because he pisses me off? Jewsus can you prepare me some pancakes? Jewsus and their thoughform are servants alike. They have no essence. To the jews their idea of "God" is either a universal pool of scat, or a servant that serves the kikes.

The Gentile idea of "God" has never been that of a servant. Its degoratory to the person and to the "God" alike to act in this way. Satan teaches us that "God" is within, and how to become our own "Gods", self reliant, non-parasitic entities. The jews are universal parasites and this is reflected into that even "God" is to them a playtoy, that they hope will do their shit for them. Divinely lazy as they are, even GOD serves them.

The Rabbis openly state that if this name is found out (which it has) it will result in the killing of "God". Now, how can "God" die? Simply because, this is not "God" in anyway. This is just a charged mantra, that makes things happen.

As many of you would have noticed this 72 name ritual really aggravates the greys and all the retarded lifeforms of the astral-poo side. This is because this rapes them. The names of "Angels" who all end up in "EL" just mean LIGHT. These all end in "EL" for a reason, as these are created aliases for thoughforms. Now behind these thoughforms, except of the thoughform itself, do hide real entities. These are not real beings, and they are thoughforms within this "matrix" of the enemy, meant to keep the Gods out from communicating with us, and exercising influence over the world. Mass belief of the "Goyim" (Gentile Cattle in Hebrew) reassures this will be the "reality" in this reality bubble the jews have enforced onto this planet.

The analogy is like relative reality, versus reality. For instance someone believes the Sun doesn't exist, to them its real that it doesn't, and if they are brainwashed enough, it will be as if the sun doesn't exist to a large extent, enough to even deny its existence. The sun however exists, and the only thing that's required is a shock to shake off this programing.

The prayer energy of the "Goy" charges this relative reality of the jews, same as "Jesus" and anything else into this nefarious Torah, into a larger 'matrix' that shrouds this world and forms what is called "reality". From there on since this is living energy, and also there are other alien lifeforms behind this, this whole thing has a life of its own. The Rabbis openly admit the "Torah" is a possible reality, not any reality given by 'god'. Now to them, their nefarious, scat eating, alien company, are 'god'. Well these are not my God, neither anyone else's who is not a universal retard. Rabbi Jewsus is not my "lord" neither I consider this sly scat-eating, cowardly jewish, as a legitimate "savior" of myself.

Now, in this "reality" that is created by the Goyim (Enslaved Gentiles) prayer energy, the jews have power, enjoy luxuries, decide kings, and are literally "God". Every magick works with a point of focus. The point of focus is Rabbi Jewsus, where the prayer energy goes, the other one, is the Kaaba cube. In the enemy fable grimoires who have been stories written by jews who were high on their own scat, it is written, that they envision that the "Demons" do "Bow" to the "Seed of David, the King" (Jewsus). The Demons are the Gods of the Gentiles, and they hope they enslave them in this matrix and through this idea.

Christianity is the murderer of our Gods, civilization, and legacy.

Treat people open and accepting to this garbage as you would deal with infected that need to be purged with pesticide. These people have been the reason of our downfall. They were the ones who opened the gates to the hebrews in order for them to infiltrate and destroy us. This is how the Vikings got eradicated- they accepted this little jew amongst their own pantheon, and some centuries later they burned them to death thanks to it. Infiltration.

As for the pseudo-history in the bible...This is why they wrote a full false history in the bible, and for occult reasons. To show that "since it always was, it will forever be" with their hoax. This opens up the logical mind to accept things so that one is parasitized easily. If the jews were like "HEy Goyim, pay us your whole existence and accept us as your motherfucking kings, thank you", who the hell would accept them? So like an advanced parasite, they have new and advanced methods. Oy vey, we are the chosen scat-men, give us 6 trillion shekels now, amen.

Then, the obession with numbers in this book is bleeding occult as well. Why the 24, the 42, and the 6 play such a big purpose in "G-d's plan"? Because its the plan of some kike scatmen that's why. Don't forget to pay in 24 turns, and cry the 6 trillion Holohoaxed. These things are all spells upon the populace.

This has been the ruling "reality" that is imposed upon the world and against which many people have attemped to revolt against. This is why all this "secrecy" in regards to "God", why all these strange and occult texts, the fear of "God" being found out etc. This conspiracy further extends to their alien counterparts as well, as the jews openly state.

The Demons all of them have a different name. These are not their "real" names. They can listen to these names, but the real thing is that this is a telephone line, or an alias. These names have existential importance and they are not a "coincidental" thing. The jews in their attempts to usher the power of these names, they changed a few letters here and there in order to use these for their own purposes. This has turned into a disaster for them, as the real beings behind these have grown extremely furious on them, and they are not like their own skrawny retarded thoughforms. In the same way, behind these magical words of the "angelic" names, there hide nefarious and ugly enemy forces and ET's. Many of which have been encountered as greys, reptilians, and company of astral excrement. This is sort of like calling on a telephone (saying a name) and someone will pick up the phone.

Now Satan has been working with the Clergy to make it known what this "cube" is, what the plans of the enemy are, and what is "upcoming". As with everything, Satan provides solutions. This matter has been touched by occultists in the past, and many were unable to figure out the case with this cube thing. Others have called it the "Glove", that is all around the astral and physical and doesn't let anything really work on it normally.

There will be a ritual upcoming when the time is right, that will completely annihilate the "Cube" of the enemy, or for lack of better term, the "Jewtrix". It will fall apart, same as all its rules, and all that it produces for the jews. The "torah" will collapse and no amount of "reading" will save the enemy, as this has already been done largely and will only increase by the 72 names of God Ritual. We will not deviate from the RTR's in anyway, but we will add icing on the cake that will make everything even worse for the enemy.

Needless to say, the enemy neither their alien counterparts are fond of this, as this will result in their total failure.

One last note. There are uneducated people around that mention that somehow, Demon Names and Satan are somehow tying into Hebrew. While this is OBVIOUS to anyone with a peanut for a brain, that this is not the case. These names in these grimoires are literal names of actual entities that predated the jews by thousands of thousands of years. Many of these names are Divine Concepts, such as Abrasax, whose name is a concept of the eternity of the universe.

These are honorable titles, with deeply occult and spiritual essences, and these started in Babylon and in other White Civilizations, such as Sumer. The Jews found these and clumped them together for reasons of binding and defamations. Astaroth has been Ishtar, or Ostara. Austria's name is OSTER-REICH. The Reich of Ostara, Astaroth- whom the Nazi Occults and Psychics were in communication with. These beings openly told the National Socialists that it all began in the East. Adolf Hitler wanted to develop White people into a race such as these people who have been our progenitors, and also, literal saviors. These are Nordic Aliens of the Nordic Race, whom the people we have physically here actually resemble to a large extent. There are also other Gods from their Race, that resemble others.

All these names and titles are far more Ancient, Eternal and they are also important in building the Soul. They also act as a telephone line through which we can "call" our Gods astrally. Also, these have zero to no relation with the jews, no more than a stolen object has a link to the thief rather than the creator of it; the same goes for the jewish alphabet and the jewish "occult" which is nothing but a pile of gibberish and stolen divine knowledge that has been reduced to excrement.

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Been really out of it patching this gigantic hole in my aura. Courtesy of a wiccan psy-vamp. Haven't done a RTR in at least a week so I'll be doing 8 per day from here on out. I know other SS do more so I'll increase gradually.

Hail Satan!
"Because the goy are fucking stupid. They'd rather work for the jew in order to achieve instant gratification when they could overthrow the jew and gratify themselves."

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Let's solve this problem and free our poor planet once and for all

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"Christianity is the murderer of our Gods, civilization, and legacy."

Good you write about this. I think many people here have been abused in some way by some degenerate filth in their lives.. Therefore, it may be hard for people to symphatize with humanity. But when we read about how the jews abused our Gods, after they were bound by the angels, it's another thing. Because the Gods help those who work for them very much. Some people here may only have the Gods as their friends. It is easier to find the motivation to destroy the enemy, if we know what they have done to Satan and our Gods.
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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By the way which is this 42 letter hidden name of their shit and how can be pronounced it? There is no one who wrote the full hidden name? Can it really be the acronym of their filthy prayer the "Ana beKoach"?

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This is really an exciting time to be alive. It feels so good that of all possible fates, I am able to be awake enough to see these wonderful things going on, and to understand them, and to participate in them! Just think, it's only a few thousand of us lucky enough to be fighting on the front lines. Most people won't get to see the brunt of this fight. When we succeed what we have done will be spoken about gloriously by future generations.

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I can hardly wait for that upcoming rtr, it's gonna be epic! These dirt bags and their lackeys are finally gonna get the full wrath of our satanic power. Look at how they out number us and yet we are still here, that just goes to show how mighty we are with the gods on our side and us on theirs.

Hail Satan

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I can't wait, doing those rituals makes me feel like I'm really making a change.

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Hvítr Ormr wrote:


Let's solve this problem and free our poor planet once and for all



And make sure that people will no longer find Jews funny. We are totally getting fed up XD

Hail to the gods of Du'at!

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Does that mean that they found the Jewish God's secret name? :o :o :o

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This is incredible! I wonder though do the RTR's for blood sacrifice since they mention "the lives of humans" does that include energy the enemy uses from fear of the population or other ways beside blood sacrifice like praying? Because it would be useful to block that source of energy (prayer, fear, astral vampirism).

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ShenShakti wrote:
This is incredible! I wonder though do the RTR's for blood sacrifice since they mention "the lives of humans" does that include energy the enemy uses from fear of the population or other ways beside blood sacrifice like praying? Because it would be useful to block that source of energy (prayer, fear, astral vampirism).

Yes. Also did you know that they have peoples memories wiped before killing them to purify the energy. Its actually really fucked up to say the least.

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