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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:13 am
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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

The only people in the planet that hated spirituality, wrote a book about how the planet is going to be destroyed by being disobedient to them, that “God” is an outsider that hates you, and all the rest of the garbage, are the people of the jewish race. They made their “God” as some sort of a lie and then constantly recruited the worthless, meek, retarded and inferior garbage to worship it. This was the birth of christianity. Christianity loves defective, evil, and depraved beings that are prior to the state of evolution to desire to advance anywhere. The materialists, retards and cowards. Thanks to the existence of these in the face of the planet, haters of the strong (not only in physical terms, but in metaphysical and 'moral' terms), the jews had enough company to rally out of existence what's great.

Aside anything and everything else, the jews have always hated the Gods. Why? By their own mouth, they are an alien race, they have their own “Gods” and they have also been put in this planet as some sort of seed from “another source”. Their whole existence is defined by this antithesis and enmity against the Gentile people. The same thing applies to their Gods, the Pagan Gods.

While the “Satanists” envision their Gods and themselves as worthwhile creatures and advanced realized beings, the jews envision their “god” as a merciless, faceless slaver, that in the end of the day just commits murder for the sake of it, has its alien servants, and above all, chose the “jews” to carry out his “purpose”- destruction and objection of the planet to this “God”. What kind of “God” is the “God” that requires all of this? Seems quite ungodly and excre-mental of a case, doesn’t it?

Why is this? Simply because this is an alien made hoax. That’s the rough explanation.

The jews have for thousands of years existed in and around the midst of other people, parasitizing, stealing, deceiving, and in the end of the day, always minding their own bussiness. What a people to choose indeed. They have been the protectors of stupidity, meekness, retardiation, fear, slavery, and anything else morbid, because they themselves being inferior, they could only rally people who are in the same level as them, against the “Established order” of Gentile people upon the planet. The story of christianity is this same exact story. The story where the meek and the retards are marched like a crowd of sheep to trample the enemies of the jews. They are the cows that are milked so the jews can exist.

Satanism started in the East. What today we call Satanism, is not merely something that resulted in the 21st century, neither by the jews. It existed always, and in the bottom line, it was the central core religion of the Pagan religions. Its not the river, but it’s the source of the river. Its not any branch or even the tree. It’s the root and the seed of the spiritual tree of humanity. It’s the older and most central religion, which we are rediscovering and we have brought into the public, to receive hate, threats and attacks by the jews, who in the end of the day knew it too but wanted nobody else to know.

This is why the Jews decided to smear and attempt to attack and destroy, with their alien counterparts, our own ET forefathers and their influence and legacy in the world. Why do they hate the Gods so much? Because the Gods are protecting us, teaching us, advancing us, and by advancing us, universtal pestillence such as the jewish or grey alien virus cannot infest a civilization and take it over.

These beings are naturally, inferior. Plagued by lack of compassion, unlimited greed, desire to enslave and anything else, they are morbid. They are the loving in the world what they themselves are: Misery, lack of intelligence, lack of health, hygiene, knowledge- anything else that keeps humanity going or existing in a useful and beautiful way.

The jews always smeared memories, lied, made up fables, all in accordance to their own depravity, and evil inherent nature. To be a jew biologically is not some coincidence. It’s the karma of existence in being a parasite and an evil entity. The false ideas the jews promote that “oy vey, appeareances don’t really matter” and that somehow this world we inhabit doesn’t reflect the soul of someone, are retarded. Satan has repeadetly told me the greys, aliens and reptilians, same as their human admitted counterpart, are inferior alien garbage. All decent lifeforms hate them. This doesn’t mean they cannot survive, or make others suffer. In the same way a virus expands, so do they.

Another thing Satan wanted clear and this is the reason of this post:

I have to say first this is not in the sense of "Dualism" of "Light VS Darkness" the enemy is preaching. Light an unrivalled force. Darkness is abscence of any existence, consciousness, or creatione, in any and all levels. Death.

Satanism is about BRIGHT LIGHT. This is the nourishment and purpose in the building of the Soul. Satanism is not about “DARKNESS”. Whomever in their jewish horror flick nightmare envisions Satanism is a gore religion of darkness, severed head of cows, senseless vulgar paranoia, and anything else, they can join the occult lodges of the enemy who murder children and partake in all sorts of depravity, in the name of “Jehova” (Jewish race) or “Rabbi Jesus”(appointed “expected” worldwide leader of the jewish slaver empire). They can also worship the same empty aliens and lifeforms that are literally worthless garbage and without any sense of spiritual existence, purpose or anything like this.

Darkness is not “Blackness”. In other ways, even “Black” is NOT darkness. It is also light. Darkness is signified by LACK OF LIGHT in anyway, sense or form. Its not even the "void" or anything like this. Its just death in the most degoratory and senseless sense of the word. It’s the complete void of non existence. The more one’s light and one’s radicance reduces, the more one’s life withers away, they become a nothing and they return to the darkness.

This is where the being is dead- death is darkness and has been misunderstood. All of this of course because the ruling alien slavers of the jews said their crap, that “Satanism is about Darkness”. They have also bastardized the notion of darkness in itself to hide the power of the actual concept that is UNRELATED to this kind of 'lack of light' darkness. This is just ABSENSE of LIGHT, absense of even the opposite of light, which we today call "Darkness". Its absense of EXISTENCE if that can be understood.

In plain words even the "Dark" part of the consciousness, builds upon Light- existence, vitality and everything else positive. The nature is polarized differently. Its NOT absense of force. We can call this expressed light (Outgoing) and light "Within" which is "Not visible"- internal light, "Darkness". Its basically light turned inwards into self-realization of infinity.

When Beelzebub stated that "Darkness is Light turned inside out" he means that Darkness is NOT a void of non existence, unrelated to light, but is infact the mirror opposite of light. When nowadays we claim of "Darkness", we mean pretty much "Blackness" or horror flick. When the enemy preaches "darkness", they mean their wish of the stopping of all existence. This is a worse curse and is heaped onto Satan, whom they call the prince of darkness (lack of light).

The jews built their career on top of this lie and stupid "Dualistic" thinking: "Male Vs Female", "Sun vs Moon", the list is endless. The SUn and the Moon are both sources of light and understanding- one deals with the radiant aspect, and the other ones deals with the internal. Both are able to happen by LIGHT and could never happen without. The same goes for the human soul and spirit.

Based on what Satanism is evil? "Satanism" is just a name. AS the alien "god" that asks for destruction of all life on the planet (Jehova) can be made into "Good", in the same way Satanism, if the essence, meaning and KNOWLEDGE of the term is reversed, can be turned into "Evil". The jews bend the Truth based on perception and deception. The true unadultered facts remain obvious however, thanks to knowledge that can open one's eyes. So based on what Satanism is evil? Jewish opinion? Jewish hollywood?

Or the opinion of some retarded criminals that just wanted a reason to execute their psychopathic jewisness while smearing their oldtime Racial Nemesis, Satan? All these "blood gore" Satanists that existed, were nothing more than talmudic judaists and abrahamic mages with another facade. Instead of calling them DEPRAVED KIKES, they just called them Satanists for blame shifting. Easy peasy and works for the dumb and the eneducated.

Nothing- no evidence. Just the history of some jewish yids who decided to cast a smear campaign under reptilian command, against beings who showed resistence in the advancement of their plague. While people like to think there are better reasons, the enemy is really simplistic. They just want you to die because it gives them the rush like someone who snorted some coke. They don’t have any aims for their existence and they don’t need to. They are fine with being inferior and it has been so since indefinitely. Why do fleas suck your blood? Just because.

Just jewish “As I say so it is Goyim” and false beliefs have been the “Basis” of Satanism, history, even reality, up to now. One looks on all the elder civilizations of the Satanic Past, and they see an overabundance of knowledge, light, consciousness, and advancement. Beauty everwhere.

Most souls live into this lingering world of garbage, retardiation, fear and purposeless damnation and just would WISH they lived back at these civilizations and exist in a better way. What they long for is not this but the enlightenment and the level of existence these people did possess. What do we really know of them? Very few things. The jews of course try to ridicule them and reduce them into some inferior garbage as well. However inside the human mind and consciousness does exist the knowledge of what was really the case.

Sun is worshipped because SUN IS LIGHT and SUN IS LIFE, SUN is CONSCIOUSNESS. Satanama is the Name by which the Serpent, or the “Agathos Daimon” of the Greeks, “URAEUS” of the Egyptians, “Kundalini” of the Hindus, the source of all goodness, noblety and perfection, is supposed to rise into the individual, obliterating darkness, isolation of existence and death all and forever. It’s the seed of potentiality that humanity can awaken to get in tune with the nature’s divine purpose for what it means to exist as a human being.

This is the meaning behind the title of “Lucifer” that is also attributed to Satan, who is the hated enemy of the Jews. All Gods are labelled as the shinning ones for a reason. Light is power. Humanity needs to strive towards the light.

Now of course the enemy plays around with terms and infects them with new agey, bullshit and inferior messages. The same happens everywhere, so you need to understand Satanism by heart. Our vocabulary has been ruined by the enemy, but the innate understanding of the Soul that results from meditation CANNOT be forced out of the mind in the long term.

Those who do not strive to understand Satanism, they will never understand the reasons, purposes or realities behind existence. They will try, but as millions and billions of others they will fail.
Those who think Satanism is drugs fun, do whatever you want in this life part, will be severely disappointed and will be victimized by their own retardiation and lack of consciousness. Satanism is the ascention of the divine ladder into a reality that most people cannot even comprehend or understand. It’s a gradual process and there are no free rides. It’s the most profound and paradoxically the hardest path at the same time.

All people here are here because they have an inherent Satanic spirit and questions. The question is not in regards to these questions so much, as much as it is in one’s willingness and openess to realize the purpose behind Satanism.

While Satan is a being that we know to be of Nordic Origin, a Leader and anything else, whatever we know of him is just a title of magnificence. Satanism is the concept of approaching the Truth and the all-existence within existence. The pinnacle of EXISTING. What we know is the door, but what remains for everyone to discover is what is behind this door into eternity.
You are now in front of the door. Are you open enough to open it and receive the Satanic Light?

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:12 pm

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Magnificent sermon high priest.

-Greetings from Hammurabbi
Imagine our beloved gods by our side, imagine our glorious planet earth spiritually alive, imagine our races proud and noble, imagine a world enlightened.

Post Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:18 pm

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When the jews write in their books they can rape a three year old gentile girl and that everyone are their slaves, it's all just fine.

But when gentiles say jews suck for stating such, they are anti-semitic, racist and intolerant. Surely they are islamophobic too.

"Well gentiles, you wouldn't grant you pigs and cows equal rights, would you?"

//Your average Rabbi
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

Post Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:48 pm

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Wonderful sermon brother of the shining light.

Sourd an chiehl
Verily blessed are those that are enwrapped in the realization of leaving the path of total destruction; taking the path of creation... The Satanic warrior despises comfort in the limited, yearns for the infinite, beyond all that is limited and becomes the truly defined limitless.

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Post Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:25 pm

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High priest Maxine said that the soul need light to have power. And that fire is the key element to empower the soul. light and fire are about the same thing.
The chrsitian bible has some place in there that state "bound with chains of darkness waiting for the judgement."
So it stands to reason that if a person wants power then they should seek the light. I don't mean jewish false lights. Just the energy of light.
Those that love the darkness are damning themselves to powerlessness. Like starving oneself of food. Not smart.
As the enemy would starve people of food and make them weak. Did the jews do this with the demons?
I even heard somewhere that a christian doctor stated that Satan was, according to his understanding "a genetic scientist". Similar to what HP Maxine said. The jews and their lackeys are admitting it now.
So,, back on topic, This changes everything about how to interpret the new testament that says "This is the condemnation that the light came into the world but men loved darkness rather than light. What you have all said totally debunks the christian mindset and their view on this scripture.
And of course, the false light being the jew created thought form Jesus Christ. This lie steers people away from the kundalini, human potential, and true light in ourselves. Great sermon. Thanks.
Would it help to feed light into the demon sigils to empower them? And empower the demons?

Post Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:03 am

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For lack of a better word, is the "material" or "light" that comes from the sun the same material or substance that we find within ourselves? Is the light of the soul compared to the sun because they are similar or because it is indeed the same substance? How can I better understand light turned inside out? I figured light doesn't have an inside, it's just all encompassing.

Post Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:43 pm

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jbkbmz wrote:
Would it help to feed light into the demon sigils to empower them? And empower the demons?

At this point in time, you need the energy more than they do. The Demons have been freed and everything is safe on their end. You are a warrior behind enemy lines and can be run over by a car, shot by a maniac high on meth, assassinated by the CIA, suffer financial ruin and be forced to live on the streets, get a bad batch of oysters that was contaminated with Hepatitis, or otherwise suffer one of the many ways to experience disaster that are available on this planet. You can do the Demons a favor by building a very strong aura of protection so they do not need to devote energy towards constantly saving your life.
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Hail Satan!!

Post Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:05 am

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So, wait, maybe I'm getting concepts confused, but where do Gods whose domain is Darkness fit into this? i.e. Set and Nepthys, Gods of Death and Darkness. I assume allegorically, but how does this contrast or fit with the general idea of Light in Satanism?

Sorry if my question doesn't make any sense, I've been working a lot and I'm always exhausted lol

Post Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:50 am
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Ladon wrote:
So, wait, maybe I'm getting concepts confused, but where do Gods whose domain is Darkness fit into this? i.e. Set and Nepthys, Gods of Death and Darkness. I assume allegorically, but how does this contrast or fit with the general idea of Light in Satanism?

Sorry if my question doesn't make any sense, I've been working a lot and I'm always exhausted lol

No, they are beings of Light as well. But they rule on the lower "dimensions" and such. Taking care of those who are on the lower dimensions etc. Mainly humans who never meditated etc.

Post Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:19 pm

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I have been lead here, asking for the truth. The light has come into my life. I feel such joy, such warmth. No fear, so much gratitude.

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