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Keep It Real, The Truth Of What's Happening Now Election Time

About the Trump and Hillary, election circus in the Big Top of controlled kosher politics'.

Trump is a typical Neo-Cohen, and Hillary is a typical Neo-Liberal.

Trump is tied to the hip to the Rockefeller's and Rothschild's, the Clinton's are tied to the Rockefeller's and thus Rothschild's. The actual jewish elites who run America at the top.

Trump Works For The Global Jewish Elites:

Neo-Conism was created by communist jews to turn the rightwing into a jewish hangout and push communism by the right. Neo-Liberalism, used to just be called Cultural marxism.

The left and the right are the same sides of the ideology of judaism.

Hillary is a marxist jew, (((Rodham))) who was writing letters of worship to the jewish communist leader, Saul Alinsky. Obama is another jew from his mothers side who is a marxist as well and was associated with marxist groups when he was younger. Sanders another jew is called "communist Bernie" lived in a Stalinist commune in Israel when he was younger and worked for the America communist party most of his life. And was allowed to run for President of America. The Democratic leadership is all criminal jews who push the same talmud of communism under new banners.

The Republicans are lead by communist jews and funded like the other side the Democrats, by the same jewish oligarchs the Rothschild's, Rockefellers and such. Who organized the creation of communism and funded the revolutions which is take over for the jewish elites. The Rockefellers who Trump is tied to. Created and funded the America communist Party.

The communist ideology is the talmud of political judaism, its the way the jews attempt to create a globalist dictatorship under the torah. Wrapped in a hammer and sickle. Why do you think it was all jewish rabbi's who created this communist plot in the first place. Rabbi Marx and Hess both admitted the aim of communism is to create a global jewish dictatorship. That is why jews always push this, its the way to actualize their jewish scheme into the world fully. Reality is communist is the new word for jew.

The jews are busy promoting as much chaos in our society as possible under new terms for the same jewish agenda. Create as much chaos in the name of freedom till the host is destroyed from within. And then build the communist dictatorship of the Jew World Order on the ruins.

The jews will continue to use their control in America to do this. Till nothing is left and America is destroyed and absorbed into a globalist dictatorship.

So why are you voting for them blue or red to do this to you?

Blue or red, its the same old jews who want the Goyim dead.


I note all the so called pro-White, people in this Alt Right are pushing Trump as some hero and coming down on anyone who is wise to this kosher scam the jews are running. The Alt "WN" types doing this are an ancient con artist who worked for the CIA, and has so much plastic surgery to hide what appears to be jewish features and pled guilty to defrauding his own White supporters. And only got a tiny slap on the wrist. And promotes xianity [jewish control on the level of the soul]. Mullin's stated this character who defrauded him was working as an agent, so have many old guard WN's.

Another is an overweight, Sephardic as fuck looking individual that has all the mannerism of a typical jew. And was dating an open jewesses and waving Israeli flags with her at a pro jewish rallies. Then shortly after shows up as "Traditionalist" which is code for being obsessed with promoting orthodox Xianity [jewish control on the level of the soul] while promoting the talmudic jew Putin as some hero. While his fat ass would be in jail in Russia for half a decade for offending any jews. Were many actual White Nationalists are sitting in Putin's kosher Russia. In jail for thought crimes against the jews. With Putin's laws. Including banning Holocost truth. This character promotes the murderous jew Stalin as a hero and the anti-White, Dugin who created the National Bolshevik Party in Russia. As some great Tradtionalist leader and hero. Many jews have the last name Dugin. Which explains why this Dugin would start a communist party and preach murderous hatred for White People. Kill da Goy'im, Bollyveek style one more time, right Doodoogin. 90 million Whites was just not enough the Talmud states all of us got to go.

Another is what appears to be an dysfunctional alcoholic, unfunny, utube freak, who brags about trying to feel up jewish chicks he invites to Alt Right conferences and has some race mixing fetish for Asian's which he promotes while openly hating National Socialist Whites or any real pro White People. And works with a strange snob who invites orthodox jews to speak at his pro Whhhite, con...ferences. You know those jews who religion states Whites are to be blotted out. Alt Right conferences are con feces.

Fashy fellow who promotes the jewish EU which admitted goal is to finalize White genocide, does not want to mention the jewish problem in any real seriousness or at all. And promotes openly anti-White, weirdo's like the rapist Roosh V, who wrote about his rape of White Women in Iceland in his book, at his conferences. While taking in the shekels. And the mainstream coverage this character is given is suspicious. He also promotes race mixing with White Male, Asian Female couples. And claims White Genocide is not real, when it is. South Africa anyone and everywhere else. The jews openly admit it is and their Torah-Talmud states Whites are to be blotted out from existence. The jews are the architects, authors and enactors of White Genocide, they are following their Torah blue prints.

Another is some dudes who run the Daily Shoah, then claim anyone who points out 911 was a false flag by the jews. Is a horrible person and is so, so, wrong. It was those muslims no jews here move along. Pay no attention to tower 7 which the jewish owner, blustered out was control demo. And no plane hit, and just collapsed identical to like the other two. So put jew and jew together on that one. Like how 4000 jews are on record for not showing up to work at the towers that day and it was no jewish holiday.

Another dude who states openly on a radio interview with total conviction the White Race deserves to be destroyed then show up and claims to be pro White. Has "jail bait" Asian girlfriends and promotes all the people mentioned above. Also comes out originally and denounces Putin then later when its easier flip flops and calls Putin the Messiah sent from god. Promotes things like the jews are not a race, there is no organized jewish leadership [the jews openly have this] and other strange claims which allow jews to confuse the Goyim. Also promotes xianity obsessively [jewish control on the soul] and the hatred of White Women as basically worse then jews in the name of the Hebrew narrative of the torah [bible]. Divide and conqueror. And in my opinion looks like an ashkenazi jew. Hence many people commenting of his race mixed appearance but thinking its somewhat Asian. The jews came out of the eastern regions at some point, there are still Asian jews in China, and western jews also have Asian blood as they admit. Blood tests also show this such as the jew Eisenhower's when at West point. His father was a Swedish jew but they thought he was part Asian till he admitted he was "That terrible Swedish Jew" as he wrote in his year book at West Point. When I first saw this guys photo on his site and didn't know who it was I thought what a jew. I have seen Ahhkenazi jews that look identical to this guy and just I have seen photo's of Russia jews in the past that could be Putin, who's daddy was a Talmud scholar [Rabbi] and his mother was a jewess. Today.

No mistake the jewy Alt Right, announces its goal to promote xianity as "Traditionalism" I agree its the traditional form of jewish control. That's why the jews who created the Imperial Dynasty that created the Xian religion to wipe out the Aryan cultural soul and race. Went to the trouble to do such. Any mistake an Emperor who family was Traditionally big in the money lending racket. Built a statue to the Alexandrian Jew who made him Emperor and created the Flavian Dynasty and this jews family then was made part of it and there massive wealth funded it. They also ran the jew Therapute sect which later became the Xian church under the Flavians as the church fathers stated. The same jewish sect that admitted they made up jesus by ripping off Osiris and turning him into a jewish con.

The jewy Alt Right has the chutzpah to promote the ideal that if a jewish political movement to exterminate the White Race both cultural and physically is like two thousand years old. Then its like Traditionalism and stuff so just fucking bow down Goyim and put yar neck on dis here cross shaped chopping block for Moshe.

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Trump is mentally challenged , he speaks for 3 , 4 minutes straight , without uttering a sentence

most of the time , he just pretends to speak lol

he is of no use to us , to white nationalists or to anybody , he will do more harm , than good , totally unhinged


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Trump the donor class, liberal democrat his whole life, running as a republican shows there is no different in the parties.

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"Hate speech! You can't just attack some innocent rabbis raping three year old girls! Bust this guy! He is commiting to hate speech!

What's wrong with this goy.. Didn't he read the bible..? We told him he must always love and forgive, and never hate, so we can continue with our crimes unpunished. HATE SPEECH!"

- Rabbi
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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Yo mageson, i love you almost as much as I as I trust in Satan, and the fact that you REP THE "KEEP IT REAL" well, your "keep it real" is a representative of WHO I AM!!! HOUSTON TEXAS BORN AND RAISED, AVE SATANAS.... im against multiculturism, Ive been dedicated for about a year, and my life motto is KEEP I REAL!! AVE SATANAS

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Bravera wrote:
Yo mageson, i love you almost as much as I as I trust in Satan, and the fact that you REP THE "KEEP IT REAL" well, your "keep it real" is a representative of WHO I AM!!! HOUSTON TEXAS BORN AND RAISED, AVE SATANAS.... im against multiculturism, Ive been dedicated for about a year, and my life motto is KEEP I REAL!! AVE SATANAS

Texas is a respectful place. People there have character and they hold their ground from the few Texans I have known.
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