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This is the new trend that goes around guys.

While there are Blacks who are hardworking, commendable people and show all positive signs of their race, with a healthy self pride......:

Nazi Cab Driver Defends Wearing Swastika Armband
Anti Semitic Teacher Is Fired For Saying Jews Are Ruining America

Of course the jews guarantee that nothing of these will be the majority. These are not real "Blacks". They are "actin' White" of course.

That's what the Jewish, "Black Identity" shapers want of black people [Black Jew Lil Wayne]:


The jews never want Gentile Races to reach an understanding and assist one another in healthy co-operation to get a society forward. This is pesticide to them. So they always work to destroy relations between people, cause misunderstandings and fights, and fund both sides against one another to win double bets.

Here is a White Bigot, Racist etc etc, who is talking openly about what the Jews did to his country. And that Germany was only Germany in name before THEY rose in power. With judges, media, communication, parliament and anything else controlled by a minority of 2% jewish people.

By the way his country was forced to pay 6,600,000,000,0 [treaty of Versailles] in payback money after it was messacred in WW1. What a number, isn't it? Reminds you of 6 trillion lampshades that were lit after the second world in which his country was plunged, for driving out the jews, WW2.

According to Streicher, the Jews have wrecked their country and it was ruled by alien elements through finance. In 1933 all that stuff.

Julius Streicher Speech

But let's leave on the side HoodedCobra and so many people in history have said, and let's see what a real Black Leader has to state on this thing. This way we can see what's up clearly.

Well guess what. Ugandians have driven away the jews as well. Because they wrecked their country too. Their leader is called here a "psychotic killer" as well of course. 6,000,000,000,000 Lampshades History again. Tens of years later, same-exact-deal. This never stops.

Jews Kicked Out Of Uganda

Also, did you know that one of the places the Jews wanted to have their state on, was in stealing Ugandian land? But finally they decided to messacre Palestine instead.

The jews started intergrating the Black people whom they messacred financially, into the White society, by things like "Please donate 1$ in Jewnicef so that Jews can buy a Rolls Royce, thank you". Unicef is a well known fraud organization whose CEO is moving around with a Rolls Royce. I guess my 1$ didn't quite go to Black people in need did it. Well gradually things emerged and the jews wanted to "get it done with" with Europeans and others.

Here the Jews admit that "France has been destroyed by the Black Immigrants" and that it has wrecked their financial, educational, healthcare, and welfare system. Because well this is a FACT. This is only THOUSAND TIMES WORSE now.

The Jews are shilling into this video as well, but the points should be conveyed.

"Let's bomb the Negroes" are part of the Slogans in Israel. Because welcome to reality, Israel doesn't want 3rd world party in it. It wants to remain as unaffected as possible from this global catastrophe. Where are my SJW's now? I guess blowing Rabbi Dick again and Eating Vegan. To produce good feces for the Rabbis to feast upon. The Poo people.

So suddenly we have a "black uprising" and a "black realization". Well this realization happened only now, as George Soros wants the Black Troops to engage on the White Goyim. So the jews now tell the blacks how great and superior and manifold they are. Just some years after eradicating their race of course. Now that "muh Racism" is climaxing, the jews are pushing the extremist groups of blacks and even arabs against Whites. The jews have account to settle with all the Races, so they control them behind and from within. This is why they use racial infiltration above all.

The jews largely want to be done by arabs fast, and they figured out the faster way to exterminate them is not by bombs that will be pinned on Israel, but by sending them as "shock troops" in Europe, so they will be used in another way. Some of course will die, because, do the jews even give a shit? They have fun killing anyway.

The jews who destroyed the ego and self consciousness of the Black people (even Europeans treated the blacks who were worth of good treatment fairly) now they sell them the exact opposite: "You are Chosen Gods, kill Whitey to reclaim your throne, Black Goyim".

Jews created the Ghetto, slave culture, and the social crap that supressed and worked Whites and Blacks alike from centuries. By promoting hoaxes, they prey on the low self-esteem of black people, to destroy them, while using them of course.

The jews who were responsible for slave trade, and they won't allow Blacks to even cross their borders in Israel, even "Black Jews", are now working overtime to promote the Blacks as the source of all civilization of the planet. They even tell them, they are the "Chosen" people. They even fabricate Hitler quotes without any evidence and now they are too making webpages aside with the Rabbis in exterminating the White Race.

The things that exist out there are plain out insane. They even say that Asian Aristocracy was Black, and I kid you not. You can find these around. Obviously, these are all created by jews. Then aside from this we have the (((Porn Industry))) which puts Whites and Asians to ridicule, as they are portrayed as sexually worthless, while the "Black Beasts" are the "Animals" the jews like to shoot their porn with. With Asian and White females of course by the way. In the jewish mindset, its intelligent and good to make shekels from these "animals". The jews call the Black animals in their texts, and Rabbis admit that anything non Jewish or dark skinned is to be put to death. At least in the Holy Israel.

Jewesses, Jews, and "Black Jews" such as the infamous pornstar that is named "Prince Yashua". Incredibly is this world moving forward. Asians are equally in the pot of having their history stolen, to the point that jews and their pawns even state that Asian civilization is Black. Except of outrageous stupidity on the end of the receivers of that crap...The Jews must be laughing very badly. Go tell that to Tibetans and all these people in the East, let's see what they say?

Remember, the Jews hate both Whites and all other Races as well. As far as Asians go they have specific hatred for some people, they hate more than anyone, specifically Korea and Japan, or other places like the Phillipines (all Asia except of China whom they butchered), as they are their old opponents and they never had an opening to destroy these countries. The Chinese they consider harmless and assimilated, because their (((Communist leaders))) messacred them. Jews exercised enough hatred on the Asians to kill 50,000,000++++ of them in one historical instance. This is unparelleled in human history.

Those of you who are around youtube, you can see all these videos of "Thugs" of the Jews, who talk about "Wiping out Europe" and "Killing all da Whites" and all of this. Many of them have thousands upon thousands of "subscribers" whom believe they are the Gods incarnate. In the hundreds of thousands. Openly calling for the extermination of Whites and black uprising to kill all White people off of the place of the planet. Of course, none of these characters are banned by JEWTUBE.

They are doing just what the jews say, and like the jews, they are hanging upon the cross of the oppressed. Of course, all intelligence blacks HATE this behavior and they attempt to move away from them, running the risk of being called a "White Wanna Be". Which is just meaning for Blacks to act like human creatures instead of Jewish Subhumans as the jews indicate.

Dr. Tony Martin & David Irving - The Jewish Role In The African Slave Trade

Don't be like Dr. Tony Martin black people. Don't have high aspirations. A country robbing thug and criminal is all you ought aspire for your existence. And don't forget, we wuz kings of da planet.

Also, screw reality. Who needs reality when reality doesn't suit one's emotions. Somehow messed up so much in their existence, but it's okay, like we blame the Devil, let's blame the Whites now. The jews who enslaved, messacred africa with their "stock market" and have bound America with their Rothschild Rabbinical banking institution (which is private and jew owned) has everyone fighting over paper, and also, they eradicated the Black Race by experimenting on them all along.

However now, they need them to destroy "Whitey", so they are best friends ever. Look at "Drake Graham", the Rabbi Rapper, or the "Lil Wayne" who is just part jewish after all. And "DJ Khaled" who is another jew in the company as well. And all the "Black Jews" or Xian narcissists like Kanye West (Jewsus Walks with him). They are now eligible to become kings, under jewish eulogy though.

So we went from "give one dollar to help blacks in Africa", which Whites in good heart wanted to help blacks anyway, into a massive plan of extermination of Whites, invading our borders, and raping White women to death. Fuck statistics and reality. Whatever goes bad, its the White Race. Like Satan, the White Race is the cause of all evil in the world. This is why the White Race was the race who owned the less slaves, with Blacks and Jews owning more black slaves than anyone else. While the Satanist Benjamin Franklin abolished Slavery. And Hitler treated Owens as an equal to all other atheletes, personally congratulated him, while the prez of the USA didn't even bother speaking with him and while the jew-taken-over USA, didn't even give Owens a pair of shoes.

As you can see by our opening of our borders, sharing our Nations, giving free land, free luxuries and all sorts of reparations and free stuff to the "Black Race", we apparently must hate them. Well that's what the jews say. This is why we invented Welfare for these people after all. Because we are bigots. But well, you know what comes with charity where jews are involved. Pay for your murder is the motto. People pay the jews, and jews kill them with the money they have paid. The same they want to do here. They are teaching certain blacks and black jews in the community of blacks to play the professional victims as them. I have zero doubt these are jews. So the blacks remain the Ghetto mama Boi the jews want, who murder each and everyone else for a bag of chips.

Somehow, the jews tell them, they are the most superior Race on the planet. So for that reason they need to get a White Wife. Well being superior as they are, why do they need a White wife in the first place? Because its a trophy against the hated, "White" men, that's it.

The plan is to use the Black people, exterminate their enemies with them, and of course, wipe the Black people in the end as the Torah indicates. Or just keep some few as cattle. And at this point, even your favorites Jay-Hova (Jehova) Jay-Z, or Kanye "Jesus Walks" West, will be just cattle in the farm of a jew. So no worries whatsover.

In anyway, the Black people have been equally been infiltratred and subverted by the jews, who are now promoting them as their "best friends". Only to damn them again later after they are done with "Whitey". Gentiles have no reason to fight, but the jews profit from war and from playing on all sides against one another.

They can write history as they want, they can lie as they want, they can rally everyone they want, but don't expect Humanity to go down without a fight. The jews are getting revealedand when all Gentiles will see that behind wrongdoing rests the jew, it will happen as in their "prophecy" in the jewish Bible:

Zechariah 12:3
"It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it."

Only that in disappointment of the jews, Israel will not be an immovable stone. It will be a pile of feces, excrement and garbage, to be blotted out in the universal and existential history of humanity.

Which after their seclusion and isolation of their alien infection, will arise again into an ever greater existence.

To all our Comrades,


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Once the jews are gone, this world is gonna be an amaaazing place to live

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"Yeshua" doesn't exist outside of the jewish people.. It's a jewish name.

By the way, I have 6 million bottles of soap in a BIG storage space nearby.. Budget brand and smells like shit, but very cheap!
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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Thanks for this post HP Cobra. It's a real shame to see gentiles willingly or unknowingly be used by jews how jews feel fit. But I do agree with you about jews being shocked when their prophecy doesn't materialize exactly as they think it is, thanks to us doing these rituals relentlessly. We definitely will deserve our second satanic golden age after we get rid of the jews and their lackey's.

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I love when the jewed black man come´s blablering about how superior and strong they are, then when you say a small thing that offends him-- he starts crying like a baby.

They trow all the offense and racial slur on you and then you trow one little thing back and they fall in tears.

-----------------IT´S A JEW-------------------------

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I see you also had the unfortunate case of seeing all of this that joos have caused. I recently met people online and found groups who pushed all this crazy bullshit about blacks. How the original Asians were black. As well as native Americans. Trying to say that all the ancestors of Hispanics were blacks too (Amerindians). I'm grateful for the knowledge I have received in the JoS website, groups and forums because so many times I was able to shut all these people up with facts. To the point were they just started insulting me and calling me white washed, racist or a white man's watch dog. LOL. They really do act like jews. When presented with facts against them they start throwing these slurs out. I would not doubt if they resulted to violence if we were discussing this in real life and I actually did have one incident were this black kid and his jew friend were about to jump me for stating truth.

Even when you present them with videos of black intellectual men speaking the truth they just say that that person is a hater of his race. They rather listen to what poo Drake or poo Lil Wayne says instead of a true black intellectual.

Isn't it funny that the ones that say "we wuz kings of the earth" are the trashy thugs and pot smoking skanks? Yet the black men and women I have met that are on a higher level of thinking act humble and are great individuals who will never sink low to the level of degeneracy. Also, there's a reason why there are blacks from all black nations that hate western black people and you mentioned those reasons.

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This interview with a black intellectual Thomas Sowell is pretty good. He speaks out against the "thug culture".

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We know that the whites did nothing wrong but the Jews made them through history. We must blame the Jews for bastardizing the white race causing filth to other races. The only race we must beat up is the non-gentile race A.K.A. the Jews.

I tried explaining this in front of people IRL. Seems that I got two people to follow me to enlighten them. While the rest are some people in school, my 4th year batch mantes with their heads up their asses.
Hail to the gods of Du'at!

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