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"Yom Kippur": The Celebration of Destruction of Gentile Gods

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Greetings to all our people and Satanic Comrades!

The enemy is naturally worried. I want to first and foremost thank and heil to all our Comrades and people of Satan that gave anguish, pain and misery to these criminal buttons of the jews named "Muslims", who slaughtered thousands of animals as a sacrifice to "Allah" in their "Eid" celebration.

As many of you have commented before, the 9/11 was done on the "EID" celebration of the Pisslamic, "Abrahamic" followers of Pisslam. It was a manifested spiritual attack with the consequence of plunging the west into Israel's wars. Our people die, we pay them, they just enjoy safety, expansion and further their parasitic relation.

Our efforts have been crowned with victory and we will just continue. The next impending attack against us that we have to fend off together, by might and unwavering dedication is the jewish pinnacle of a celebration: The Yom Kippur.

This is the date where thousands of Gentile Children will be adbucted, butchered and will be decimated by the enemy jews in yet another "holy day" of theirs. Animals will not be in a different position either, as they are considered to die necessarily in torturous ways for these bizarre rituals. This is the date where the jews have for centuries upon centuries have sacrificed, attacked and messacred Gentile life, and the same is for the "Purim" where the "Big Feast" takes place.


AS WE HAVE FOILED THEIR ADVANCES ON THE "EID", where SATYAN, the ETERNAL TRUTH is stoned and thousands to millions of innocent animals are ritualistically sacrificed to kill all the enemies of the hebraic thoughform, "ALLAH", then so at this time we need to be relentless and hold a stand agains this impending attack.

So I expect of all decent people and Souls to take a stand finally. This is the year and day that the Jews will pay for this monstrous crime against Humanity. Those who do not lift a finger to solve this injustice are detestable, and deplorable. Their memories must be washed down in the sewer. Those who see this misery, wrongdoing and injustice and they can sleep at night peacefully by doing nothing, are detestable and they are not worthy sons and daughters of Satan.

Yes, the war will get hard. The jews will get even. They will not go down by logic, or flowers, or peaceful conversation. They will raise blades and try to pierce hearts with them. They will use their eternal slaves and march them against humanity. They will use their politicians and their traitors to backstab and destroy us. They will presecute in every way possible.

They may even attempt attacking us, putting us down, and depriving us. But it is too late for them, for the ship of Retribution has been set asail. In every home, and in every neighborhood, and in every country, one soul rests that knows of their filth and what kind of danger and evil they have caused. Soon, this phenomemon will grow and will take over the planet, and their murderous rampage will come to an end.

For all the children that died in WW1, WW2, for all the famines, for all the wrongdoing, impoverishment and injustice on this planet, they have to be dealt with. We curse their voices to never be heard into the aeons, their destinies we curse to fall, all their heinous crimes are backfiring into this race of murderers who has plunged humanity in an existential cage.




Also, give this to idiots who assume that the kikes hate "Jewsus" or "Rabbi Yahushua". If they do, why do they attack the "Devilish", "Satanic Demon" AZAZEL, who is a BABYLONIAN GOD and a PAGAN ENTITY, to "REBUKE HIS AUTHORITY" on a NATIONAL WORLDWIDE JEWISH HOLIDAY?

Because they hate Rabbi Yahushua or "Jesus"? Or because they are opposed to him?

Rabbi Jewsus Yahushua, Son of "Jehova", speaks straight in the ficticious bible, to his fellow Jews on the binding of "Demons":

Luke 10:16,17,18

Whoever listens to you listens to Me; whoever rejects you rejects Me; and whoever rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me.”
The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name.”
So He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.…
See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you.…

More Rabbi Yahushua speaking:

Matthew 5:17

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Torah [Jewish Law] or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them.
For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single yod, not a vav, will disappear from the Torah [Jewish Law] until everything is accomplished.…" [Yod and Vav are Hebrew Letters].

Little do kikes know that these games only lasted for a season, and that the Original Gods are now free and will wreck them to oblivion. Their lies and crap of how "strong" they are will collapse under their own lying weight. They have messed with forces beyond their "control". So long humanity leaves their hoaxes, so will their power detoriate, as the "Goyim" or "Believer Animals" are those from whom the jews funnel the power to cause anything at all.

So *WHY* do the jews, and their most prominent Rabbi Yahushua also known as JEWSUS, all mention the destruction, the binding of the Gods, the upholding of the Torah into eternity, and why do the jews, thousands of years after the ficticious death of the ficticious and allegorical jewsus character, do have a NATIONAL HOLIDAY on destroying and smearing the Aryan/Pagan Gods?

OBVIOUSLY, BECAUSE THEY HATE SATAN AND THE PAGAN GODS OF GENTILES!!!! In the text below as in all the jewish texts, they are obviously mentioned as REAL ENTITIES that were existing side by side with Humanity, teaching them the arts of warfare, beauty, meditation and witchcraft.

As its known, Azazel is Satan's literal son and a real being, same as Satan Himself.


On the "Yom Kippur"

"Azazel Personification of Impurity."

Far from involving the recognition of Azazel as a deity, the sending of the goat was, as stated by Naḥmanides, a symbolic expression of the idea that the people's sins and their evil consequences were to be sent back to the spirit of desolation and ruin, the source of all impurity."

"This is confirmed by the Book of Enoch, which brings Azazel into connection with the Biblical story of the fall of the angels [...]

Azazel is represented in the Book of Enoch as the leader of the rebellious giants in the time preceding the flood; he taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives, shields, and coats of mail, and women the art of deception by ornamenting the body, dyeing the hair, and painting the face and the eyebrows, and also revealed to the people the secrets of witchcraft and corrupted their manners, leading them into wickedness and impurity;

"There has been much controversy over the function of Azazel as well as over his essential character. Inasmuch as according to the narrative the sacrifice of Azazel, while symbolical, was yet held to be a genuine vicarious atonement, it is maintained by critics that Azazel was originally no mere abstraction, but a real being to the authors of the ritual—as real as Yhwh himself.

This relation to the purpose of the ceremony may throw light upon the character of Azazel. Three points seem reasonably clear. (1) Azazel is not a mere jinnee or demon of uncertain ways and temper, anonymous and elusive (see Animal Worship), but a deity standing in a fixed relation to his clients.

Necessarily their environment subjected them in a measure to superstitions associated with the local deities, and of these latter Azazel was the chief. The point of the whole ceremony seems to have been that as the scapegoat was set free in the desert, so Israel was to be set free from the offenses contracted in its desert life within the domain of the god of the desert.

Azazel would therefore appear to be the head of the supernatural beings of the desert. He was thus an instance of the elevation of a demon into a deity. Such a development is indeed rare in Hebrew religious history of the Biblical age, but Azazel was really never a national Hebrew god, and his share in the ritual seems to be only the recognition of a local deity.

Moreover, as shown, the symbolical act was really a renunciation of his authority. Such is the signification of the utter separation of the scapegoat from the people of Israel. This interpretation is borne out by the fact that the complete ceremony could not be literally fulfilled in the settled life of Canaan, but only in the wilderness. Hence it was the practise in Jerusalem, according to Yoma vii. 4, to take the scapegoat to a cliff and push him over it out of sight. In this way the complete separation was effected."

They have been expulded hundreds of times, attacked thousands of times, and driven away from our midst even more. Only to return and wage the same thing again, and again, and again.

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I wonder what's worse, to act like a jew or to look like one.. Tough choice!
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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Would it help to say yom Kippur and Yahushua backwards in order backwards (Over And Over) in order to "undue" them as we do with the RTR's ?

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HP, maybe I was not careful, and I am also getting very dizzy from the meditations and RTR, but what are the exact date of this feast these bastards Jews...? Thank you...!

And then I thought that Isis was one of the wives of the Father Satan. But if Azazel are one of the sons of Satan, and Astaroth are the sister Azazel... I'm very confused ... Thank you ... !!!

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Rocky90 wrote:
what are the exact date of this feast these bastards Jews...? Thank you...!

Yom Kippur 2016 begins in the evening of
Tuesday, October 11
and ends in the evening of
Wednesday, October 12
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

I'm tired of the jew corruption and torah curses ruining our civilization. I want to live in Paradise already... don't you? ... glish.html

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Lydia wrote:
Rocky90 wrote:
what are the exact date of this feast these bastards Jews...? Thank you...!

Yom Kippur 2016 begins in the evening of
Tuesday, October 11
and ends in the evening of
Wednesday, October 12

Thanks Lydia. You're always kind. For me the most easy things are always the most difficult. Because I always focus on the difficult things. I sent my thanks to you too in other posts that have not yet posted me. Thank you...!!!

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