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Why did Hitler 'lose' the war?

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Post Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:56 pm
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Many people and specifically those who are ill-willed against National Socialism and our side in General, have vitriolic lies and comments to make on supposedly Why Hitler lost. Of course all these comments come from "totally average" or "Below average" or "outright excrement with a loudmouth" human beings, who are just either nutcases, or just this worthless guy in the far back of the class who always has some criticism and something to say, and always thinks they would have done better. But never done anything but picking their own macdonalds from their own nose.

Yes, this fat, mcDonald's eating feminist, of which we see their kinds around here as well, as some sort of morbid beast in the forest. He would shape the world in the best place, but he ain't doing us a favor. Instead, he is just digging down his nose and ears, and scratching on the fleas onto his own head. He won't give his sweaty fat fragrance to the world, neither his manifold nerd skills and abilities to make this world better. He is too good for humanity. Its just that humanity can't see his innate, supreme, divine value, because we are all blind. Sort of like the Jew Jewsus. Always mistreated. But one day he will come as if a fat kid on a rampage on a giant dose of prozac, and wipe all of you disbelievers out. Remember dat!

These exist everywhere. They are the same fat jews that judge the Athletes on the Olympics for instance, and judge how these people after decades and decades are now artistically running on thin ice and dancing on ice, but they themselves cannot tie their own shoelaces.

So the case on why Hitler lost was pretty simple. Adolf Hitler not only was outnumbered, but the enemy aliens did intervene as so did our own, but our own didn't do this to the extent of the enemy aliens. Hitler was about, and would win. The enemy aliens literally stopped this victory from happening, because their whole jewtrix would fall to shambles forever. They lost their empire of lies and deception, and their jewtrix, but at least they secured the physical realm at least to an extent.

Except of Adolf Hitler's empire being entirely outnumbered by the enemy hoards, they had another cancer in the Reich that Himmler was aware of and wanted to wipe out. It was the veneer of christianity. The spirit of serfdom, weakness, meekness- this subconscious will to subject to the jews, or at least, hold them in high standards as overlords to the universe. Through this spirit the magick of the jews manifests into the life of a society and a community.

Hitler literally rose in power in the last minute. By the time Hitler was in power, the jews have overtaken Russia. Its documented in the American Archives of the War, that the jewish mob overtook Russia. They attempted the same in Germany and failed, due to the National Socialist regime. Almost a century after, they whine and scorn Hitler in all ways possible. Why? Because if they have suceeded then, now all of you would be numbered cattle in the Gulag, and they would have their way with the Jew World Order. Hitler stopped this in the absolute last minute.

All these people some call with contempt today, sacrificed their life, energy, Soul and existence, to defend the civilized world. Even if the civilized (((World))) of the time was against them. Hitler made the impossible happen and in a sacrifice of everything, turned world history to where now we can have freedom. A man and a handful of people almost overthrew the jewish power.

The "christian" crap runs really deep. It runs in a deeply, subconscious and unconscious place in the soul of the idiotic sheep who are subjected to it. It draws upon itself misery, pain, affliction, and makes one servile and weak. No spiritual power at all. Unfortunately there were many traitors with whom Hitler had to deal with, and even within Germany, all these infected zombies just attempted to assasinate him, destroy him, and halt our advances. Don't question yourself why these problematic, jewish vowed and bowed, "Christian National Socialists" are still the same cancer nowadays. They have within them the spirit of servitude and destruction. They have something that keeps them from their potential and being fully civilized entities. They would rather die for jewsus, and kill their whole race, than actually side with their own people. This self contempt makes one easy to use by the enemy.

Then, if anyone knows of the jewish little world, they should know the Vatican, the orthodox churches, the Islamics and everyone else literally was attacking Hitler 24/7. The Rabbis openly state they constantly cursed Hitler in all ways possible, so that he would die, that he would lose, and in all other morbid ways imaginable. Millions and millions of people, physically and spiritually, were mobilized against Hitler. And Hitler won anyway. He did what he was supposed to do, and now the jewish global oligarchy is in danger for everyone is aware of it globally. It is shrinking more everyday. Hitler saved Germany, but now Hitler will literally save the world.

The Germans loved Hitler so much, that most of them, if they were to asked if they would do this again, they would do everything again. As Rudolf Hess stated in the (((Nuremberg Trials))), even if he knew the ending, he would do it again. Why would these do it again, wonders the reptilian jew?

Simply because its in the White people's intrinsic value, something the jews will never have, to do what is right and divine. These people that lived in Nazi Germany for 12 years, had it better than all of most goyim lifetimes combined. For 12 years, these people were free from jewish influence. Their soul was saturated with happiness and strength that even the most deadly napalm, death and destruction could never shake off. How many cuckolds today can say the same? Nobody can say the same.

One other thing that factored in Hitler's defeat was that he infact had all world powers of the time waged against Him, and Mussolini opened yet another frontier in the south, in Greece. It was as if Mussolini literally acted as a brainwashed fellow right here. Hitler had to fill in, but he never wanted to intervene or fight with England, Greece, and generally, anyone else than Bolshevik Russia. Hitler never started the war. In the archieves of the Russians it was documented that Russia had a pre-planned attack on Germany two weeks after Hitler invaded. Hitler being in communication with the Gods, was forced to act in order to have more chances of winning. If Russia attacked, Germany would go down to a complete obliteration without any chance of responding.

One day I was arguing with a Christendoomer. Well, he attempted arguing. I spare my words for this filthy garbage as I know it for what it is, and you should too. Just have fun with them if you happen to have the time. If your dog doesn't need walking, or you aren't in the mood for making pancakes, or something. You know, these guys that love jewsus the nailed jew more than their own kind. These people are hateful inside and very dirty as characters. Literally nothing else will satisfy their hunger for jews, except of if they destroy and hand out their race to them. They literally wish everyone else White or Gentile was the same jewish cuckold they themselves are. From this comes the denial of the obvious fact of the anti-christianity of National Socialism. If they coat it with sugar coated 'evidence' made up by some jews, their lies satisfy their hunger to think that all in the world is as shitty as them. They can sleep at night knowing a jew is the best thing they ever knew.

They have the same desire than all these hard drug users, who are basically dragging others into this nasty habit in order to just see them have their own fate. Both of them know its evil and wrong to follow the jews, same as a druggie who overdoses on heroin, they know the truth as their mind nudges them everyday to stop and leave this disgusting jewish excrement, but they keep on it on personal choice. Choices pay accordingly and soon they find themselves and their soul rotting, which leaves them as zombified entities and more empty than a black hole. Choices come with outcomes and these people will be consumed by the greys in an inter-dimensional battery of the "One", or just die from not being spiritual and advancing their Soul. Nature has her ways.

So this retard turned and stated that Hitler didn't have spiritual power to accomplish this goal, and that he only goes to believe by results and spiritual power. This cuckold was very suprized when I told its maligancy, that "If you have spiritual power, why in 2000 years of unquestioned rule, christianity is going to be dead in less than 10 years at this rate? Where is your spiritual power son?". The cuck was obviously shocked as he knew the truth of this statement. Christians are literally these desperate sheep that have been left without a farmer to handle them, and they are sitting in the corner shitting their own pants. Sorry for being graphic, but when one talks of christianity and jews, what more can they be equated with?

Where I want to end with this... These people hate all sorts of advancement, and they hate humanity. They are this guy that wants to kill anyone but is too weak and too emo to be strong, and they are cucked to the jews. This makes them willing hands and pawns of them, in destroying civilization.

If they object with their pseudotheorems, just throw them this:

2 Peter 1:20

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

Shuts them up everytime.

Their so grand and major spiritual power can't even get them a can of soda nowadays. They pray by the hundreds of the hundreds to cure one damned flu, and fail at it. If they attack you verbally and you can safely talk back at them, without ANY damage to yourself, such as online, just point this statement, tell them you piss in jewsus's mouth or something like that, and oy vey, they want to call the exorcist. Because oy vey, we have a rebellious Goyim over here.

Hitler only had 12 years and almost took down all the Jewish World System with him in just 12 years. These insidious worthless jews have had 2000 years of complete dominion over Gentiles and they can't even wipe us out finally or have their way with us. Talk about parasitic lingering disease and weakness.

Imagine if Hitler and other leaders who are of similar worth, had 2000 years, instead of 12. Humanity would have certainly inhabited other planets by now. Not only Hitler had power, but it was the most insane and great power this world has ever seen. The jews still to this day cannot forget this defeat of their race to themselves. They are literally blaming the aliens for this incident, and crying onto their skirt. This created such a deep psychological scar into their "Race" that they can't sleep at night anymore while seeing Swastikas And Slothz trying to harm them, Oy Gevalt. They literally got destroyed and centuries of work were destroyed as if in a decade.

Where is the jewish hebraic "Constantinople" now? In the same way the jews can brag about how they destroyed, messacred and attacked our own empires, you must remember you have the upper hand in it. We have flattened theirs like paper tower. Infact, the jews are not even capable of making a small village, because they are parasites that must cling on others. Even their so called "Empires" were run by their Shabbos Goyim in all levels.

These yids were travelling the planet with their disgusting clothes in the sack, unable to even build their own land. Wherever they may end up because of the cucking of humanity, this will never change. They literally dined on their own excrement for centuries. Nowadays they attempt convincing everyone that oy vey, they are Gods Chosen. Their short power-trip on the top of the world will come down as the hardest and most gruesome of downfalls, as this parasitic race has turned all of humanity against it. So much hate against them, and this is even when people don't know 10% of what they have done. They are the most hated, and the most morbid people of the planet by their own decree. Nobody really respects them or cares about them deeply. The fate of an alien slaver race.

This scar in the face of the jew world order should always remind everyone that their reign is questionable, they are not from 'god' and that with enough willpower and numbers, they can and will be defeated.

In an end analysis, Hitler won the war. People are still here. There is still hope into this otherwise, totally written on stone scenario that would imply the ending of freedom on the planet. Hitler literally saved the world on the last second. He was the greatest man to ever exist, and when people liberate themselves from the jews, he will be standing as if in a God only worthy of worship.

As for a befallen world of the jews, no decent Soul would want a place in it. In the same way, if this world doesn't deserve Hitler, they won't have him. They say everyone gets what they deserve. If humanity goes down this road of self-destruction for more, and people don't fight against the impending advance of these psychopaths, the only thing of worth to this world will be "Rabbi Yahushua HaMoshiach", the "Leader of the Iron Rod against the Masses" of the "Jewish race". Direct son of "Jehova". The best deserved age will be the age when "Every Jew will own 2800 slaves".

And this thing will be your 'god' from there on:

You make your choice by siding with a side and fighting...

Your choice will determine the future of humanity, so choose wisely. Your actions and moreso the spiritual ones are determining the future of this planet. This is not a joke.

Humanity deserves better than a jewish destiny, don't you think?

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:42 pm
out numbered and stripped of power

jews turned the world against him and they had occult power on top of that , still they failed to finish their job and Satanism lives on

this shit aint over until we destroy the jews and their programs once and for all

Hail Satan

Satanism is the lottery of life

He is the truth we worship

Post Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:27 pm
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The problem was the Junker's who had control of the Army and important high ranking networks. The former Soviet Intelligence Officer, Suvorov wrote right from the Soviet archives that the German high command of the Army general staff was staffed with traitors who were feeding the Soviets all their intelligence to the level the Soviets knew what the German's orders were a week before most generals. This was the reason for the loss of the battle of Kursk which turned the war against the Axis in the east.

The Junker's on the front also sabotaged Hitler's orders which lost them the battles. SS General, Degrelle stated the reason they lost Stalingrad was because the Junkers like Von Paulus, purposely disobeyed Hitler's orders, he might have done this to hand the battle over the Soviets on purpose. Stalingrad was crucial to the war in the east. This is why Stalin issued the not one step back order and put NKVD machine guns behind the Red Army's backs. Stalingrad and its position on the Volga river was the key to Soviet oil and gas if the Reds lost it they would have lost the entire war there.

Later the Junker's tried again to assassinate Hitler in the Wolf Liar plot. This was to be the green light to launch the coup against the Party and SS with the Army the Junkers had planned in Berlin. Skorzeny who disarmed the coup in Berlin wrote about this in his book. The coup failed because Hitler was thankfully not killed and the average soldier and officers didn't really know what was going on and didn't have the want to start a civil war and many were loyal to Hitler. The chief plotters were shot not by the SS but by the high ranking general who was a fellow plotter so they couldn't snitch him out. No honor among traitors.

Degrelle stated when the SS was in change of the battle they followed Hitler's orders fully and won every time. No matter how desperate the situation. Surorov wrote the Soviet commanders called Hitler an idea man and the big problem was they couldn't plan for whatever Hitler's orders would be as it was outside of any box. When they knew the traditional German Armies, play book.

The Junkers were all Catholic xians and who knows how far the (((Jesuits))) and other (((Vatican))) operatives were involved. And it did open them up to the enemies curses.

Post Sat Sep 17, 2016 5:40 am

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HP Mageson666 wrote:

The Junkers were all Catholic xians and who knows how far the (((Jesuits))) and other (((Vatican))) operatives were involved. And it did open them up to the enemies curses.

Hitler knew the catholic bourgeois were useless scum, for the most part, but for the sake of advancing the world out of jewish damnation - let them go about life as usual as any attack on them would create rifts in the political situation.

HP Hoodedcobra I've found your recent posts very inspirational you rock.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:41 am

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Great post!

I wanted to add something to it regarding my own country during the WW 2 and how Jews turned my country against Hitler and destroyed my country from within.

Back then my country was pretty powerful and was a well respected country and Hitler has invited Serbia to join a pact on witch a current leaders had agreed now the official story was that people of Serbia after hearing this raised against it's leaders and protested with a slogan "better war then pact better grave then slave" after witch Hitler ordered attack on Serbia, the truth is that people of Serbia had noting against a pact and where completely stand after hearing about protest and that a protest was done by mass of foreigners who had by trains come in Serbia just the night before the protest. Also the whole time during a WW 2 my country was in a civil war between a kings army and so called peoples army whose leader just happen to be a Jew Josip Broz Tito and after he won that war he broth communism and slowly completely destroyed the country witch resulted in a poor country you see today run by criminals for criminals.

I would like to write in more detail but it is hard to find the truth in more detail from all the Jew's crap, in fact it is ridicules how many completely different histories I found while trying to find more information.
We can't choose the time we're born into, but we can still choose the way we live our lives now.

Post Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:37 pm

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So the fourth reich knows and studied the mistakes of the first and third reich...the fourth reich might this time be adept and skilled with occult abilities. I hope he rises soon, totally going to fight for him.
Hail to the gods of Du'at!

Post Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:14 pm

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We're fighting now.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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Post Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:01 pm

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Do we have any idea who the new fuhrer will be or what he will be like? Do we have any idea, as far as what the God's have said, about how this will play out?

Post Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:53 am

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HeilOdin666 wrote:
Do we have any idea who the new fuhrer will be or what he will be like? Do we have any idea, as far as what the God's have said, about how this will play out?

Hitler did not die after World War II. He completed the Magnum Opus and is living in a protected area.

Re: My Apologies ... sages/2141

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Post Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:52 pm

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Johnson does that mean I am able to speak with him?

Post Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:54 pm

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HeilOdin666 wrote:
Johnson does that mean I am able to speak with him?

Unless your question is of importance and is directly pertinent to the war, he probably will not respond.
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And, participate in our reverse torah rituals. We are in a war here and need to do what we can for our creator, Satan.

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Post Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:35 pm

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Thankyou. I have told him I am sorry for slandering him during my cuck days as a xtian, and I told Satan the same. I hope they have heard me. At some later point I do wish to contact the Fuhrer, and I don't see it as a petty waste of his time. I just am oraganizing what i will say , and also empower myself as well.

Post Thu Sep 22, 2016 7:41 pm
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HeilOdin666 wrote:
Thankyou. I have told him I am sorry for slandering him during my cuck days as a xtian, and I told Satan the same. I hope they have heard me. At some later point I do wish to contact the Fuhrer, and I don't see it as a petty waste of his time. I just am oraganizing what i will say , and also empower myself as well.

The best apology is to change deeply, get on the correct track, and engage in this war like all of us. This is the deep, Satanic Apology. Words are cheap in many ways.

Post Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:31 am

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Warmonger Churchill wrecked it for all of us. Thanks to that scumbag we (UK) lost our empire and The National Socialist Germany lost as Hitler was too nice he refused to bomb our civillians even after numerous destruction indesciminite bombings on German civillians. Churchill kept doing it as he wanted war and as HP Mageson said before the Jews put him in to crush NS Germany and bring USA in.

Left a great legacy which we all still follow his doctrines seig heil 666

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