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Post Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:31 am
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This doesn't need a lot of wording. It needs understanding on your behalf.


Let's just look on the bottom of things. What is christianity? A guilt complex that is based on the pretext that you are responsible for everything bad and evil that happened to the world. That you are the cause of literally all crap in the world, to the point that even "God" (who is a jew) had to descent and give its own "Son" so you can be saved, in a staged movie script straight from heaven. According to them, that's how retarded you are. You need to practice "Repenting" which consists of opening your soul to the jews, obeying and serving an otherwise "ominpotent" god, stay away from the Pagan Satan at all costs, and give all your hard earned labor in the form of "Charity" to "Brother Shekelstein" in your local church. Then, if you served the jews enough, you *MAY* be eligible to sing hymns eternally to an egopathic and jealous god in heaven. But oh wait, the bible on tis own states, that thou goyims shall never enter heaven, for thou are dogs in the flesh.

Doesn't mattery Goy! Keep on trying. Maybe if you produce a lot for the jews you will be good Shabbos and you will end up in the 2800 elect slaves of the Jews in the Messianic Empire of "God". Who being all powerful, has failed to obliterate the otherwise, "serving him" Satan, for thousands of years. Whom Satan by the way existed even before "god", and was worshipped by the whole planet, in our "godlessness".

Makes sense. All of it.

You need to repent to the jews, in order for the jews to rectify you for the sins, issues and problems they themselves discovered you have. Because you are such a cattle and a retard. Now make jews your god so they can save you from the problems they discovered that you have. Don't forget to fight to get into the jewish heaven, in which anyway, only 144,000 elect kikes will be. Don't question "god" because you are too dumb to understand anyway.

Guilt is nothing but an emotion that the jews push on humanity to open them to parasitism. This weakness is nothing but turning your blame on yourself for things you have never comitted. If any parasite on nature is advanced, this would be the emotion of choice, only second to love. Why the jews want love? Because the "love" is an attracting principle that works to synthesize opposites in nature. It can unite male and female and make amazing things happen, but wrongly placed it can materialize one's destruction and love for their death. What is mercy? The emotion the parasite jew causes to the human being that has discovered them for what they are and want to remove them from their body.

Due to the fear the servitude has produced, the victim is worried and afraid that removal of the parasite will harm them, which unfortunately may be the case in some ways. But its more worthy to try, than to let the infection happen until you are dead, isn't it? You may actually succeed in living parasite free, soul, mind and body. And get into a new and elevated state. But...But the jew said...Don't try to go above the throne of god (jews) like Satan, for you will be crushed.

Meanwhile in Heaven, there is a recorded video on what happens there:

Aren't you all of Goyims ashamed? Why don't you allow the holy jews to make you a slave, parasitize you, and kill you? Why do you still want to own a goddamned fucking "Soul", even after Rabbi Schneerson said your Soul is just an animal soul made from the "Satanic Spheres"? Just why?

Are you immoral bastards? Yes, that's what you are. No christian morals in you at all. Now, how the fuck will the jew succeed in damning you eternally, goyim? I guess by marital law or military power or something. Well, at least that is the desired plan. Otherwise jews will just lose the war against the "Goyim" and call it a day.

Seriously now, all these programs have the same root.

All this is based on any pseudotheory based on guilt. Oh you need some parasites in your life, jews are human too because they have one head and two hands and two legs, wait for there is hope they will change, etc. This never happens. What remains? Your blood is still being drunk in a cup by them. You are still as slave. These messages that keep the jews alive and going are all over the system; intermarry, you need a husband like joker to torture you on a daily basis, love criminality, fuck spirituality for it is for fools, worship the jew on the stick, await false saviors, etc.

In this instance, we don't have love, mercy, or anything like this. We have a masked desire behind such to further the life of a living virus that is meant to wipe us out. This is love of death, and this is the core of the christian teaching. Love your own death. In that way, all that is deadly to you, including worms, viruses, slavers, and jews, will profit. So the jews are in an unholy alliance with all these creatures and forces against you.

Other useless scum of the planet of course goes under their banner for free goodies, free exploitation, and free death. Of course as there is no honor among thieves, they will in the end wipe them out too and have their own "Jewish Kingdom" and way. But who cares, we are in excrement town anyway. So enjoy your cup of jewish excrement.

Now, Guilt, love and Mercy are all normal emotions. Like all normal emotions, they can be misdirected in the most evil and bizarre ways ever imaginable. They can like any other force become morbid and deadly, or misplaced.

To explain how the jews see your emotions, they never make sense to them as legitimate living things that stem from you. To them and their alien hive you are an animal. Your emotions are seen as impulses and automatic reactions to stimuli and that's it. By using these since these are automatic, like an animal spasm, they want to force you and subject you and make you an inferior creature. The climax of this is when you are made into a cyborg looking creature, with a pastry smile, and without a soul. So the jews offer two ways. Either become a foolish calculating shithead machine like the enemy Artificial intelligence, or instead become an emotionally lawless creature that is just living like an animal in a cage.

Just pay attention to how artificial the enemy is. Look at their shows for instance. Fake smiling when they turn the green button, fake tears when they turn the red button. I press this button the Goyim cry, I press this button the Goyim laugh, etc. They literally see humanity as cattle. The Goyim are going to be hungry, so they need to be fed, or htey become angry. This is where their whole existence over us and their "religion" is based. How to control, and further the goyimification of the already made into, goyims. The further animalization of humanity. The complete wrecking of civilization to the point that is applicable for the jews to become masters of it.

Satan offers the third solution, which leads to the Divine. To realize the Truth behind one's heart and existence, sublimate yourself in the highest way, and reach teh highest form of self-elevation and freedom. Enlightenment. Satan is of course despised by this jewish prison matrix, and for good reason.

The main method of the jew is turning YOURSELF against YOURSELF. They don't directly exercise power when they don't have it. This is why your faith and glorifications, money and beliefs are needed for them to conquer you. They exercise power they don't have by turning your own power against you. This has been going on for centuries, to where now the jews do have a lot of power in the form of stored money, positions, places in society, and even their own bandit state. Gentiles built all these things under their influence and spells

The jewish mindset is that, let the Goyim destroy their own lot and their own self. The put you on the race car, but they have made the track in which you will run. They have the fuel. They have also cut your breaks. Its you that goes to crash however, and this is the whole trick here. That way, you blame yourself for things you never did. Instead of your hatred going to the cause of this mishap, it goes onto yourself, further rendering you inable to deal with the cause of the problem. Not only that, but then the jews come to save you from the problem they have caused, and you elevate them in the position of them being saviors. That way, not only you are demoralized and weakening all the time, but they can use you as a faithful animal to build their jewish prison planet. This can all be done in the most subtle of ways.

They cause spiritual degeneration, they promise spiritual salvation. They cause financial destruction, they give you a loan with heavy interest. They destroy your country, they want to get re-elected to "save" it. All along you are just a passive observer out of the game. The jews play this whole game for you. Since the basis of all this is to convince you of your own lack of worth, and how you really can't do anything. They enslave you from WITHIN. This later manifests in conditions such as the dark ages. Without comes only later.

This is why jews need to be hated, you need to shake off all the guilt they have caused to you, and you need to have zero mercy on them. This is their lifeline. They are just parasites that have developed to a lower level than that of a tick or flea. As Hitler said, what Christianity creates in a metaphysical level, communism materializes on the physical level. One is first made a slave in their mind, and then, they become a slave physically.

Now, let's go to any other matter. Let's pick the "Racial" thing against Whites. Whites you have enslaved anyone (like all other people in the world have done anyway, and the jews still do to today) and because you are strong, you must be guilty. Be guilty for your biological existence, and love all other races more than yourself. Give them free goodies, make them equal to yourself, and even destroy yourself in the process. Don't give them what they obviously deserve which may be nothing, instead, have "mercy" on them and act like an idiot, waiting for them to get better. What remains? You die, they pillage, they have fun, they elevate, you detoriate, and you die once and for all. That's the product of this relationship.

Its always the same pseudo-ethical, fake, guilt tripping. Jews create mental constructs in which you are a worthless, dumbass, and then they push these on you. These have nothing to do with racial hierarcy, or real actions on your behalf that could make you a guilt worthy person or anything like that. Just jewish drivel made to complexify your soul and slowly kill you in your own self-drowining pool of self-hatred.

Now love has a logic behind it. Love is a force of attraction. Its meant to bring things together in a togetherness and union. It can be a good union, and this is why there is the occult, LOVE UNDER WILL. Only love under WILL, steered in a positive and CONSCIOUS direction is divine. Otherwise, its just a primal urge to connect, no different than any other object in the universe that is attracted by any other object, or an animal.

Guilt also has a logic behind it. Guilt serves to let someone know from where they are doing wrong, or where their behavior is going against the natural way towards advancement. This is why for instance so many people feel guilt when they don't follow their sexual nature, for instance. Of course like anything else, these can all be tampered and become unclean, as emotions are natural forces. Unless sublimated, they can lead to one's grave, insanity, or at best a very unproductive and unhappy existence. They have to be refined.

Then, we have Mercy. Mercy is a natural emotion in that we, the civilized creatures, are by nature ordained to hold life in a high regard on the planet. Mercy should be applicable in the situations it is deserved, and on the subjects where it pays off. Where it doesn't fit, mercy proves deadly. Mercy is a very needed thing when one has to do with situations such as wrongdoings, or mistakes. One doesn't kill one's child if they do something very bad, as its unnatural to do so. However, this was misdirected on the jews, who are natural parasites, and look where this got us.

The jews have of course, by their "all equal" propaganda, bring the person who is getting "mercy" in the nose of the person that gives it. Not only that, but kill the person that gives the mercy. A glaring example is the European (((Immigration Crisis))). "Mercy" that is misplaced like in this case, is deadly. Mercy is for your own people,
those that are doing good, and those that can potentially bring good in a certified way. Not for jews, their lackeys that want free stuff, and others who are literally a weight onto everything.

Basically, not even the Europeans made any choice such as this. The wrong choice became earlier. They left the jews rule them, but then again, the jews did it by deception. So the people are mainly victimized. So this is the result of hundreds of years of subjection and it didn't happen yesterday. We can call responsible people that know the Truth, or know there is Truth and don't bother researching. These people are excrement of hte planet, and guilt and self mutilation is the least they deserve for the terror and negativity their ignorance costs us.

All in all, we are dealing with a universal parasite in an advanced form. Its a parasite that acts, like a virus, from within one's own cells, ones own thoughts, and programs one's self against one's self.

The next time you are victimized by this crap, think for a while. Is it real? Is it decent to think that way? Did you really do anything? If not, then just remove the damned parasite and become stronger.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:46 pm

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Rowdy Roddy, "They Live" actor, says in Alex Jones' show he was listener of a NS broadcast channel (Renegade Broadcasting):

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Great page.

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Egon wrote:
Rowdy Roddy, "They Live" actor, says in Alex Jones' show he was listener of a NS broadcast channel (Renegade Broadcasting):

This guy truth be told became a giant meme. Because he conveyed in just some hours the message that should have been conveyed. He's also like totally White.
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I like this stuff, HP HoodedCobra. Guilt and fear must be the two foundation pillars of the slave program, used to manipulate the unsuspecting masses into submission. Emotions are vulnerable to manipulation, whereas logic is not. No coincidence logic and science are of the Devil.
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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