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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:16 am
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Greetings to all our People and Comrades.

As we grow and we become stronger, it pays great to have some people who have done some things in order to save us the time. Since all people are subjected to reincarnation (Satan wanted to finish his work upon humanity so this would not be the case) it pays good to know things as to save us time, especially spiritually. This is why its important to leave a legacy, teach others the Truth, and make sure to keep the teaching diamond clean.

The thing is nowadays, humanity thinks that since it has some "new" and "bizarre" beliefs, somehow unalterable laws have somehow changed. This coudln't be further from the Truth. Even the most bizarre things in this jewish dominated world, can be traced back to old insanities of the jews. The difference is now, a lot of this crap is materialized as the Gentiles did the mistake of giving power to this alien race.

Now when one is new, you need to mind more than anything your own mind, and the chaotic influences that come from within you. The enemy works by conditioning. Its counter productive for greys, aliens and xian jewish filth to be in your house and control you. While now they dream to do this by some sort of microchip in your own brain, they really can't do that, so they are reduced to just brainwashing you by all means possible. Its too time consuming, and too energy consuming for them to just be on you all day long. For that reason they have programmed your OWN mind since infancy to foil your own attempts in advancement and in growing spiritually.

Subconscious messages, television, all sorts of influences, and above all, people who have accepted being inferior slaves and try to spread this consciousness to others. This ensures the slaves will build one another, without the parasitic enemy wasting energy and time they don't have. This is why so many people have so many problems for their first year upon awakening to Satanism. Persistence will always pay off in the end and you will be cleansed from these issues, but you need to insist. This is not to say the pathetic hive will not attack people; they will, and many times strongly, but you can conquer these.

You don't need to spend much time on the enemy. Rather, take your time and push your hatred to destroy them, demoralize them, reduce them and crush them. Your main objective of focus should be Satan and your own journey. The enemy is not worthy of anymore attention, so don't give them any. Your own attention in the wrong place is what makes the wrong things seem big in your life. Better put your attentiveness on Saty-an, which is Eternal Truth, and power. Focus on the Gods more than you focus on the enemy crap. This will soothe your mind in that you will soon understand that you are in the right track.

For this reason, a decent meditation program that you adhere to and advances you, and deprogramming yourself at this point is the most important thing. The enemy is not afraid of people whose own mind is their own worst enemy. At this point most people haven't even controlled themselves, so they are not worried a lot from these individuals, unless they do something like attacking them.

The serious threat begins when one realizes that they have actual powers. That there are real entities working to help them advance. All this comes with time, persistence and experience, and can take years. This is when one starts to build some control. Then the enemy will make themselves even more obvious, because they want to attack you and strike you with fear in order for you to return back to the den. The amount of lies, trickery, terror and issues they may ATTEMPT to cause, doesn't end. One's own mind can also play a role in this, as the brain goes by what it is accustomed to, and if people are accustomed to be slaves, then this on its own will attempt to reinforce itself. If one persists and shows intelligence and patience, they will build past this stage.

Now the next stage is when people really have brought themselves under control. This is in rhyme with the SS spiritual motto, conquer yourself so you will conquer the world. This is the point where one's self is subjected to one's self and not everyone else or anything else. You start to owning your mind in reality and deeply. This is where free will and real independence are built, contrary to the alien lies of the jews that people have supposedly "free will". As one advances, they see that "free will" was robbed from them all along. This is where you start becoming a real threat. One must maintain themselves on that level.

The enemy literally looks at humanity as cattle. They themselves reduced it to this level. The enemy aliens and other spiritual and physical hostile entities won't like your "Revolt" against them. With that being stated that doesn't mean that they can do anything to stop you, if you are loyal and intelligent in protecting yourself. In their mind, you are cattle. They have bound and desecrated Humanity spiritually and made religion an empty, grey worshipping cult.

At this point we are living in a literal, prison planet. Our side is becoming extremely powerful and it will only increase, and the side of the greys and their debilitated offspring will fall out. Don't expect them to just go without lies, without war, without slander, and maybe even without blood and war. We don't want war and we want to disarm them without any casualties for humanity, but they are slaver and they are not a noble enemy. They will do whatever it takes.

Christianity and anything else in the 'spirit of the times' is dying rapidly. This can only become stronger which it will. The enemy still has their disgusting and filthy islamic garbage, but we will destroy this too. After their programs (which are their energy lifelines through "faith") do get flattened, their legacy will crumble under its own crap.

Adolf Hitler was a Divine Avatar for all Humanity. In 1933 in His first speech as chancellor, he said the obvious Truth. That they wanted to elevate Humanity, starting from their OWN people first. Charity begins at home. In the same way, we Satanists must improve and advance. You must become a serious and grave danger to the enemy, and they will fear you, instead of you fearing them. Launch your curses, train your mind, and re-ascend into the lost spiritual heights that people nowaday's would only dream of. I don't sell anyone here easy solutions, I however tell you that it *IS* possible, and if you have the will, the patience, and the ways, you will definitely rise above all of this mess and re-ascend as a new and ascended being.

Also, our side has power, and the more powerful everyone gets, the more powerful everyone is. Satan and the Gods, who are of the Nordic Race of aliens who want us to ascend and become a worthwhile existence of decent creatures, will have the back of all serious people who are dead serious about this war, advancing, and helping humanity. This extends in the personal and the transpersonal realm of everyone.

By advancing yourself, you are blessing your environment, the planet, your place and everything in existence. By following the enemy, you damn everything, and in the end, you will also lose your Soul.

Satanism is for the elite of the elite. While Asartu, Odinism, Hellenic Paganism and all these religions are branches of the tree and we cherish in their uprising, Spiritual SATANISM extends into the primordial time where the first and the real religion was invented by the forefathers of the Human Race, the Ancient Gods of Sumeria. Identities changed, names changed, practices have been lost, but the core meaning, the Soul of the religion, and above all, the Divine Product which the spirituality that came from this Divine Culture created, is still here and it can be regained. Its done through Spiritual Satanism.

The High Mystics of all the Pagan religions were the literal snakes, they were "one" with the Serpent or the Python, they were the incarnations of the Truth and Divinity themselves. Saty-an incarnate. This was the point of the initiation in all the mysteries, and of all the mysteries.

From that time until now, to all eternity, however things may have changed, however things may have been burried and destroyed by the enemy, even those beyond salvaging, are now in front of everyone with the willingness to practice the divine arts.

Satanism transcends the existence of all these enemies that labelled it as evil. In the same way, if Satanists decide so, as bearers of the Truth in this age, Satanism will outlive them and destroy them. The enemy can call us whatever they want in their silly labels, but both of us know that Satanism is the ultimate good, and is a religion of the Light. By our hand this last decade we have changed the world, and this will only further escalate until the complete destruction of the enemy and their filthy garbage program who have terraformed humanity in a level even inferior than most apes.

This can only be done through us. The Light and the Truth of the planet must be restored.

Be patient, be convinced, and know that everything will fall in place. This is wartime, and we are doing really good. Don't let them steal your soul, your destiny, or the destiny of mankind. We will be victorious as we have been all along.

Keep winning!





Post Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:42 am

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You have certainly resonate the strings off truth in my soul.And give me the insight and courage to continue the war against
the Rat race. Good Sermon Thank,s

Hail Satan
Hail Bastet
Hail marchosias
Heil Hitler
Hail Father Satan
Hail Lady Astaroth
Heil Hitler

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That just fixed my problem with my advancement now. All I have to do is focus more on myself than the enemy until I develop real powers. Now all I need is total patience until I achieve it. So if I want pyrokinesis, I should be good with the meditating with the fire element and more meditations that tie to fire. Is this so e delusion or misunderstanding? Kindly answer anyone and if you can give me the quickest way to develop that ability, then I am extremely thankful.
Hail to the gods of Du'at!

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AfricanPagan wrote:


Of course Mein brah, we win cuz we got dem hitler toastz for breakfast.

Hail to the gods of Du'at!

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Excellent speech High Priest.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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Excellent, HP! I feel we are strong and that our rituals are manifesting.

The jews are smart.. They have made almost everyone in this world work for them and their agenda, in some way. Whether people just work and consume (national depth), give their energies to the manifestation of the jewish slave state through religion or promote jewish ideas, they all do their part.

They have made people who are actually working to save humanity a small minority, and everyone are against us. This is changing with us spreading the truth and doing rituals daily. Also, we are soon entering the age of Aquarius (rebellion). There is no way people will accept the jews owning the internet then. Even if they kill us all, Satan will just reincarnate us and we will be stronger and more open to the astral in the next life. It's a progressive curve. I think the jewish empire might be a falling domino.

Maybe the transition to the age of Aquarius will be a big war between those who have awoken and the sleepwalkers, or if we can influence a more peaceful transition. However, like you said, the tide is on our side as to the outcome. But we must WORK for it and we ARE working for it and we WILL work for it!! 8-) 8-)
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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Hello everybody!! I'm trying really hard to get my Demon Guardian name with no success. Can anybody please help? I tried with the pendulum just 10 minutes ago but nothing. Thank you for your help.

Post Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:44 am

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HolySage666 wrote:
Hello everybody!! I'm trying really hard to get my Demon Guardian name with no success. Can anybody please help? I tried with the pendulum just 10 minutes ago but nothing. Thank you for your help.

Your Guardian Demon(s) will make themselves known when you are ready. You do not need to freak out if you do not know who your Guardian Demon(s) are at the moment. You should focus on your meditations so you will be able to see and hear your Guardian Demons(s) when they make themselves known.
Satanic FAQs

And, participate in our reverse torah rituals. We are in a war here and need to do what we can for our creator, Satan.

Reverse Torah Rituals ... ituals.htm

Hail Satan!!

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HolySage666 wrote:
Hello everybody!! I'm trying really hard to get my Demon Guardian name with no success. Can anybody please help? I tried with the pendulum just 10 minutes ago but nothing. Thank you for your help.

Don't announce your birthday, ... MONIV.html look for your birthday,

Also search "natal chart free" and look for the sun sign in what zodiac and degree and find the demon with the sign

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