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Post Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:02 pm
HP Mageson666 Site Admin

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Synagogue Of Satan

The claims of jews worshipping Lucifer was xian propaganda which is a name calling method of abrahamists they all worship yahweh but all call each other in league with the abramhamic Adversary to condemn each other, after all only one can be right and the rest evil. That is the psychology of monotheistic abrahamism. In the actual torah, the hebrew bible, Lucifer is only mentioned in a negative light as the fallen enemy of yahweh in the book of isaiah with a long curse spoken against Lucifer. Here Lucifer represents the spiritual culture of the Goyim. As Lucifer was the common title of the High Priest Kings of the Gentile culture and of the serpent energy. Venus the Shakti energy. This passage in isaiah is a jewish ritualistic curse against the soul of the Gentile. So that is what is in actual Judaism itself on Lucifer.

The statements of fictional jesus against the pharisee's as being of the Devil in the godspells are not in the context of race or even a group there are actual pharisee's as jesus personal close disciples such as nicodemus the pharisee. Its a name calling tactic to polarize debate anyone who does not believe jesus is as jesus states yahweh in human form and thus the messiah of the jews, is the abrahamic Devil. What's new among the desert dwelling cultists...

Dr. Radl shows on his blog how the Rosenthal anti-xian stuff was inserted into the document by the xian writers. The xian's themselves have been manufacturing this propaganda for decades and still are. As this is the common mentality of abrahamist, call the other abrahamist cult or sect "Satanic". They are actually copying the jews who call all non-jews Satanic.

As known the fake talmud quotes about jesus in hell are also inserted later on as xian propaganda. Originally its the Pagan Priest Balam who in the torah was killed by the wrath of the jewish god for attempting to use black magic against Israel the jewish nation. That name was in the talmud here not jesus. And still is.

The synagogue of Satan is in the context of jesus talking to another jew in the last book of the bible. This is after saul has been trying to convert Gentiles into this messiah cult. So saul had a fight with the actual apostles who condemned him for trying to recruit the Goyim and even condemn him for eating at the same table with the Goyim which is against the laws of judaism. They keep the commandants of jesus as stated which was only to seek out the fellow jews and ignore the Goyim as jesus stated the Goyim are animals.

The jesus character stated the laws of the mosaic covenant, the torah are in fact forever only the method of atonement for sin in them is changed by him so instead of blood sacrifice of an animal you just have this one blood sacrifice of jesus forever. This is the reason the concept of ritual murder and cannibalism, drinking the blood and eating the murdered body of jesus is the core of xainity. The cult of judaism in the torah practices human and animal ritual sacrifice to yahweh for atonement of sin. The ideal of sin and ritual murder, blood atonement is a jewish one.

The character jesus taught only the torah as truth to his fellow jews. The same torah that is in effect as the law forever by his statements. The torah states Gentiles are beasts of the field and excrement and put here to be slaves of the jews. And the Gentiles nations are to be hated, warred upon and destroyed with the survivors being enslaved.

That is it.

So jesus appears to this last jew and tells him about the fake jews who are the Synagogue of Satan. And thus will not inhert the jewish messiah kingdom when he returns only total destruction, as the bible states when jesus returns and rules a global theocratic jewish dictatorship with 144, 000 elite jews who represent the 12 tribes of Israel, the jewish race from the new zion. After destroying the Gentile world. In which the torah will be imposed on the earth. The one that states Gentiles are just the Goyim to be slaves of the jews. The character jesus rules with a rod of iron which in the torah is the symbol of jewish power destroying the Gentile nations totally.

The jews in their religious texts call Gentiles the Satan's. And in their Torah, the one jesus preached, state Gentiles are literally from the seed of Satan. Synagogues in hebrew just means Temple.

The synagogue of Satan is the Temple of the Gentile nations. The fake jews are the Goyim converts of xianity. Who will be destroyed upon the coming of jesus, who represents the jewish messiahs kingdom. Which is exactly what the torah states, the Gentile nations will be destroyed upon such coming of the messiah. This is a message that saul was wrong. That's it. And whoever put that in there was most likely warning the Gentiles as to the nature of the bible.

Post Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:09 pm

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Good stuff, HP Mageson!

These x-tian so called NS people are as blind as they come. They know jews own and run Hollywood, but they can't see that almost all Hollywood movies has some kind of x-tian sub-theme, usually a major one (good vs. evil etc.). In reality, the jews often portray the evil side as themselves, in detail. Just one thing, they blame it all on Satan. The evil character in huge movies is often even an anagram of Satan, but people refuse to see these kinds of things because they are under the spell. Some examples:

- Snoke in the new Star Wars movie
- Sidious in the older Star Wars-movies
- Sauron in the LOTR:s movies

This is a smart move by the jews, because even if people starts to realize what the jews are doing and who they are, people will subconsciously associate the evil actions of the jews with Satan. That makes people become x-tians and the jews win again.
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

Post Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:39 pm

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Awesome explanation, Don. This thing has always bugged me, because there are literally thousands if not millions of christards calling jews Satan worshippers and saying the globalist agenda is Satanic in nature, while at the same time praying to the ultimate joo rabbi jewsus.

I think christardism has been the main thing preventing the U.S and Europe from going full NS. Even if people are WNs, they still see NS in a bad light. I think they can sense its Satanic nature, therefore they make up things like Hitler was a zionist shill brought to power by the banksters, etc.. (because they think jews are of Satan). I think there's still hope for this kind of christian, unlike the Israel supporting ones.

Then you have the Christard 'Nazis' which Cobra adressed, who are against jews on the grounds of the old 'christ killers' thing. Many catholics are hardcore nationalists too, they clinge to the old European values because they see how society has decayed and think its because of a decline of these values. They don't realise these 'values' were setting the grounds for the madness to follow. But catholic had been the norm for centuries so what else can you expect.. Many of these argue that the Church has been 'infiltrated' by Satanists.

Its all one big mindfuck. I don't know what's more dangerous though.. people clinging to this nonsense (who at least think and talk about ideas), or the grand majority who gives these matters no thought at all, and just goes with the flow following current trends, wherever it may lead them. Having no interest at all in the state of things, philosophy, history, politics, economy...
They may join our cause when Nazism becomes the trend, though, even if they don't understand what it truly represents; or at least don't oppose it like the communists will.

Post Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:46 pm

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Serpent_Of_Life wrote:
This is a smart move by the jews, because even if people starts to realize what the jews are doing and who they are, people will subconsciously associate the evil actions of the jews with Satan. That makes people become x-tians and the jews win again.

Yeah, I see secular christianity all over the media, every single day.
If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes...

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