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"Satanic Jews"/"Christian Nazi" Myth Debunked

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I know all of you in the NS scene, the Real, Hardcore PAGAN NS, are coming in opposition with this apparent retardiation here that is bleeding due to ignorance, and cuckolds, within our Ranks. While you have rejected the Jew intellectually, in Soul, mind, body and Action...Others are still half here, half there, and they also have the nerve to talk and pretend to be of intelligence.


From the Neo-Jew Philosphers such as (((Stephan Molyneux))) who is an open and admitted jew, to alt-right, to the "master of Plastic Surgery" aka "David Duke", to semi-awakened cucked Christendoomers online, to "I will be God's greatest President", jew infested family tree Donald Trap, some people don't seem to get it.

Eventhough they have partial awareness of the Jewish problem, they willingly deny the points in regards to what "Christianity" really is.

(Who infact pretend to be in our Ranks but with side of the mouth are massaging the Jewish Rabbi "Emmanuel" also known as "Jesus", Lord of the Slaves, the Eternal Victim, putting him of course ABOVE than their RACE and HARDWIRED BIOLOGICAL EXISTENCE or even facts and common sense.)

Well, these cuckolded halflings have been running "Nazism" and "Pro White-ism" for around 70 years, after Hitler's departure, and guess what? No-outcomes. Nothing. Respectable Nazis like George Lincoln Rockwell have openly stated they were *NOT* christian but were infact in "acceptable terms" with christianity, since its monstrous power over the White people, couldn't do anything due to christianity always getting in the way with meekness, weakness, and breeding of traitors and retards. Rockwelll knew the TRUTH about judeochristianity. No man with a high IQ can tolerate this apparent bullshit.

What happend to him when his campaign was untained by judeochristianity and started skyrocketing? HE was MURDERED by a paid shill and traitor from the ranks. Your paid xian shills are going well and alive for tens of years, and Rockwell was murdered in the fastest way possible. Was it the pro Whiteness? Aren't your cucks like David Duke, "Texe Marrs" and tens of others, alive, vibrant and with a huge paycheck? Because Oy Gevalt, they tell you HALF of the TRUTH. Because lies are easy and being a hardliner and accepting Truth is hard, people fall for that crap. While still being 100% jewish cucked spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and in their behavior.

If anything from this apparent retardiation they were always victimized by the Jews as "Shabbos Goyim", they were always incapable to fend off their influences, and always at a pitfall to see the complete picture of the Jew, let alone fight it correctly. This is why National Socialism descended after Hitler departed.

The only saddening thing is the few *HONEST* anti-jews, that didn't know the Truth, waster their life in lies, and I am writting this to wake up the genuine, White Souls/National Socialists who want to really fight and END the jewish supremacists slaver globalist agenda.

Nothing happened from these cuckolds...Until the "evil Satanists" came in the scene to compensate with Spiritual Warfare/Occult warfare. Tens of years, and nothing has happened, the jews were never even afraid. Just Neo-Nazism, Christian Cucks who bow to Jewsus first and only *AFTER* will help their Race, "Well half a kike is allowed" and the list goes. The jews thrived, and everyone was victimized. Now with the "evil Satanists" on the scene, the Jews are indeed worried. When Satanism came into flourishing, so did the "evil Nazi spirit" rise into people. To where you see the internet filled with "Antisemitism" and the enemy wanting to outbreed us fast out of existence before anything worse erupts. Which it will.

What these cucks made? No results, just crap theories, shills making fortunes on "evangelical whiteism" and all sorts of CRAP, and what is the outcome? At night, they were all on their knees "servicing" a jew on a stick through prayer, beating their wife senseless, and then the other day cheating because well, Jesus wasn't really that much of a help to give them any better reasons than living a sensuous, physical, life of a slave. Maybe if they shilled a bit more for jesus, they would also get a better life. Pastry smile, on, fake cuckolded morals that nobody adhered to really (proved by our FUCKING OBVIOUS DECLINE NOW), on, living in the jewish society and accepting jews as your universal saviors, ON.

Everyone was still cucked, History took its Jewish route, and now not only that, but our biological existence is threatened as a Race all together. We are now being invaded and still cucks are trying to find, if JEWSUS was HALF or FULL Jewish, or if he had anal, or vaginal sex with Mary the Magdalene, or actually fucked peter by the ears. Meanwhile, White Women are raped to death, and the Islamic conquest which happened in the Middle Ages, is repeating itself.

Well done, Christen Cucks!

As for all these paid shills are singing their death song, while trying to maintain a hoax whose time is LONG OVERDUE. The wave will come and you will be obliterated completely. Mark these words. Humanity is waking up and your shilling cannot stop this from happening.

The jews are going to cry really bad when this program, being the lifeline of "mercy" and cuckolding the Goyim, is OUT OF THE WAY ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Remove this and you have no National Socialism or hope or saving your people.



We need to therefore answer their silly and infantile arguements. All our doctrine does it on its own, but we can't post our doctrine in one reply, yet everything can be "summed up" so to say. If people want the TRUTH then they can see this for themselves.

1. "The Bible Says there are False Jews who pretend to be Jews but are of Satan".

Why is this legit? Because the Jews said so, in the JEWISH bible?

In the same way we may assume that all other lies in the bible are "accurate", such as jews having Jerusalem. Maybe the war against Palestine, which was based on the Bible, is also justified too? Are God's Chosen people? If this is God's book and you believe one thing, then take all the facts.

Jews also state that non Jews are GOYIM and ANIMALS created by JHVH to serve the jews. Is that also accurate? They justify this from the bible, too.

There is another quote where Jesus affirms a non Jewish woman as a DOG. Is this a fact too?

There is another quote where Rabbi Jesus says that "He and his father"( The hebrew God JEHOVA) are *ONE*. There is also another quote, where Jewsus says that "He came not to change the Law (the Torah, Old Testament) but to fullfill it". And that "not one yod (hebrew letter) and one vav (Hebrew letter) must be changed in order for the kingdom of "God" to emerge.

First of all, its well known that the Bible has been tampered with, altered, had passages removed and added, by the christian high councils in all the Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical offsprings. Different translations of the bible literally are different books, mentioning different things. This proves the bible has been severely written and re-written over.
"Satanism" as its known today, and advertised by the Jews, is only what we could resemble today as "Paganism".

Jews destroyed Paganism, who made Rome, Egypt, Greece and all the other advanced, superior and supreme civilizations. All the Higher up Roman Emperors, Pharaohs, Godmen such as Alexander the Great, were into the Delphic/Egyptian/Pagan mysteries. They worshipped the Serpent, the Goat and they did all sorts of rituals that today are labelled as "Satanic" by the jews.

The Church completely obliterated Europe, and we entered the Dark Ages. What came from these was only a shadow of the civilization that existed prior. Millions upon millions of Whites have been butched, because the weakness of this program allowed race mixing, told them to "love their enemies", and in the Rome's fall, the "Clergy men" were more than the actual soldiers. Mixing was rampant. People were living for the next life, and not this one. Pagan Gods were desecrated and destroyed, and through cucking the emperors with "Christianity", the jews bought them and destroyed the Roman empire. Christianity emphasizes all these emotions such as, misplaced love, misplaced mercy, loving your enemies, "multiculturalism is God's almight plan and it cannot be stopped".

The list is endless.

The Church only "built" anything, after it completely flattened it and obliterated it to death. Then it rebuilt it into this crap civilization that came afterwards, where the jews gradually start gaining power through which they have conquered today's world. The Islamic conquest was aother direct result of this apparent, christian weakness, which teaches servitude and bastardization.

This is now being repeated all over. Gradually, as people opened up to these jewish values, started worshipping Victims instead of Odin, and didn't have any spiritual or occult knowledge, they were made total slaves.

This is a well established meme. It can be easily debunked and it should be obvious, but internal cucking, brainwashing since birth, and the subconscious partial need to accept "some" Jew in your life, even if mixed with some seeming "Truth" can have backlashes. Obviously, the Bible is a jewish tool of domination. Its full of confusion and contradictions to stick like a cancer to all the ages, times, cells and belief systems. The jews work always by projection and reversing. Ie, they play the victimized, when they are the oppressors.

2. "Satan is made up by the Jews."

Obviously, this is not the case. Knowledge of the Ancient Languages proves otherwise. Satan existed in the Sumerian East, in the form of SATYAN, which translates to Eternal Truth. The Y in many languages is an E sound, which literally makes "SATEAN" or SATAN. In the White Arabic tribes such as the Yezidis (who are hunted down to extinction by the jewish made ISIS terrorists), they still worship the "Peacock named SHAITAN". SA in Egyptian means Life. SAHU is the Egyptian spiritual body of the greatest height. The Hindu Mantra of Serpent Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, is SATANAMA. In Greek, in the "Apocalypse of John", Satan is called SATANAS and not "SATAN". "SATAN" is an english-ized version of this term. in the East, we have the SANATANA DHARMA or the PATH OF TRUTH, which is the Spiritual Path of Ascention.

Even the arguement of the legitimacy of Hebrew simply is self-defeating. The Hebrews had a language stolen from Egypt. The symbols of "Ancient Hebrew" are almost entirely the same as the Egyptian engravings. They are the same. "SATAN" couldn't have resulted as an original finding either, and the jews found this either in the Middle East, or in Egypt, or in any other place. "JESUS" is actually, IESUS in Greek, as there is no J really in these texts. This is IE-SUS which literally means in Greek, "Come Zeus". The "Jewsus" character is nothing but a hebraic swindle.

3. "Jews Conduct Rituals to Satan".

False. Jews conduct rituals to "Lucifer" which is nothing but a generic term meaning of the "Lightbringer", which is also a common type for "Jesus". This is a title stolen from Satan, and gravitated later to the hebraic Jesus. "Jesus" is their literal, light bringer. This is why they call him "Lucifer Christ" or "Jesus Lucifer". They believe this jew is to one day come, and rule over them, while destroying the Goyim and Satan, brining ultimately the "Empire of God" which will be a worldwide, Jewish Empire.

All the "Occult Societies" of the Jews, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Temple of the Golden Dawn etc, all follow the Jewish Systems of Magick, practice jewish invocations of "Jehova" and use binding magick in the name of "Jehova". The majority is also JEWISH racially. The symbols and practices are stolen, ripped off and copied from the Ancient Rituals, and the jews added additions such as human sacrifice and anything else. The Symbols and everything are stolen, and entirely not-related to anything that has to do with "Satan" anymore.

They heap this on Satan to blame him, while the Muslims and the Jews do thousands of sacrifices of living creatures every year. All this is done in the name of "Allah", "Jesus Christ" and "Jehova".

Hitler drove away the freemasons and other jew owned "occult groups" belonging to jews, specifically for this reason. They were anti-German, anti-Pagan, and worked always behind the scenes in politics, industry and elsewhere to destroy the German Nation and White people. Exactly as they do today. They were the ones responsible for opening up Germany to invasion, war, poverty and death. All these occult societies practice biblical magick, they follow instructions of the bible, they pray and INVOKE the same "god" the christians and jews pray to, and they all wish for the "God World" of "Jews" that is to "Come", same as the "final reckoning and defeat of Satan". This is why the occult societies further EXACTLY the jewish plans. They are very open that they worship Christ and the Jews, but people want to neglect the obvious FACTS.

4. "Adolf Hitler was a Christian."


As we have stated before, the very few incidents where Hitler mentions God in his "Speeches", never have a reference to Jesus. IN His Mein Kampf, in the unadultered, older and untouched by "Editor" kikes versions, Hitler openly talks of PROVIDENCE and not "GOD". The same goes for Napoleon Bonaparte- they never talked of "God".

Also, after the war these speeches and writtings have been dubbed over, no different than the Holohoax. Hitler was a well known psychic who communicated with Nordics, and this is well documented in the diaries and writtings of people around him, from his earlier years, to the last years. Hitler showed absolutely no "Christian" ethics. No man that tries to go against the jews, is in accordance to "Christianity", which gets us to our second point. Hitler has openly talked in his table talks that Christianity is nothing but spiritual Bolshevism. And that Christianity, which is a literal fact, mirrors bolshevism and the eternal jewry. All these are obvious and TRUE facts, and the Fhurer's piercing logic and Demonic Genius could never fail to see such an apparent thing.

Hitler openly talked against Christianity to all the higher ups in his goverment, while the Nazis gradually undermined and destroyed christianity in all frontiers. The most powerful occultist and Grand Master in Germany, the second man in Power in Germany, was Heinrich Himmler. An avid anti-christian, pro Pagan, "Satanist" as he would be called today. Who conducted in full knowledge of everyone Pagan Rituals, spiritual warfare, and worked to destroy the church. Adolf Hitler belonged to the Occult Order named "Vril" and his "mentor" who introduced him in politics, was the infamous occultist "Dietrich Eckart" who has taught him the occult forces. Many closeby people of Hitler, do openly say about how it was evident he was a Demi-God, and that they felt "beings with exceptional power talked through him".

The "AntiChrist" and "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" who are condemnded as the most, anti "God" books of all time, were a daily study routine in the National Socialist Germany. Children outside of marriage, orgies, and everything else "anti christian" that would make Rabbi jewsus cry 6trillion tears, have been well documented to have been a daily, National Socialist Practice. Nationa Socialism, as talked by Dr Goebbels, was a Religion, and the High Priest of this Religion was the Fhurer.

Satan in the Jewish World is literally the Anti-Christ, the "Big Anti-Semite", the dreaded fear of the Jews, and for this reason, they call Hitler "SATAN". They literally believe Hitler was sent by Satan himself to destroy them and oblitate them.

In whatever texts have survived today, even in jewish drivel, one can see evidently the points of that SATAN is directly assosciated with the White Race. The Zohar openly admits it. The Jewish Old Testament too. The Revelation and the "New Testament" talks about the war, destruction and death of Satan. The Jewish Commandments or Mitzvot talk against Satan. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion talk of DESTROYING GOD.

Meanwhile, christianity is rampant, and the jews promote it for centuries. So which GOD are they destroying?

THE PAGAN GOD SATAN! This is who they want to destroy. The jews went into war, tried to obliterate Satan, and have defamed all the deities and names that are even remotely related to Satan. For example, Hitler and the Nazis were in communication with OSTARA, with in the jewish grimoires ended up as ASTAROTH, stolen from the Sumerian deity. The jews themselves admit that Hitler was "Demonic" and vested with "Demonic Powers". To some, Hitler was the literal ANTICHRIST.

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This is a very good sermon for waking people up, HP, thank you.

What is interesting is the shift that seems to have occurred within the Pro-White community over the years. From what I've read, most prominent, intellectual White Nationalists (Dr. William Pierce, Ben Klassen, Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, David Lane, etc.) were not only non-Christians, but aware that Christianity was a Jewish poison. After they died (by the way, Dr. Pierce died quite quickly, almost instantly from "cancer." It is definitely possible that the Jews murdered him), the "Pro-White" movement was replaced with the "alt-Right". The alt-right doesn't even seem to me to have a coherent, defining ideology justifying its existence.
"There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight,
and truth will again triumph."-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

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Fucking great sermon again! Shared!

"Spiritual satanism is national socialism at its very pure core."


"Nazism IS Satan's New World Order."



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Awesome post!

No, but you know.. Hitler's right hand, Heinrich Himmler, he was probably super-christian.. He only had 13 000 books on witchcraft. ... years.html

"Thou shall not suffer a witch to live" :D
Poor jews, in their million dollar mansions.. Always mistreated. I feel more sorry for the jewish people than for the 17 000 children who starved to death today, because of jewish interests. Poor jews.

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The good thing is the Western nations are becoming secular, which is a step up, and Christianity is dying. this is evident

even when I was a christian, i never felt any attachment to it whatsoever. i feel most "Christians" are the same way, the only hardcore biblebumpers are the old baby boomers desperate to find any kind of "spiritual meaning" now that their lives are about to end. Christianity is dead in the youth, and even bluepilled communities vibrant of youth that I have studied acknowledge Christianity as "Cuckstianity". anyone born in the information age can easily see that Christianity is devoid of anything meaningful. It's death among the coming generation is definitely a win. unfortunately a lot of what is replacing Cuckstianity isn't a nobler spiritual cause, but more or less blatant materialism which will never amount to the satisfaction they think it will bring.

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Rockwell in his letters mentioned when the Party was in power in America then he would slowly work to remove xianity just as Hitler had in Germany.

The claims of jews worshipping Lucifer was Xian propaganda which is a subliminal method of Abrahamist they all worship Yahweh but all call each other in league with the Abramhamic Adversary to condemn each other. The statements of fictional jesus in against the Pharisee's are not in the context of race but or even the actual Pharisee's as jesus personal close disciple Nicodemus is a Pharisee. Its a name calling tactic to polarize debate anyone who does not believe jesus is as jesus states Yahweh in human form and thus the messiah of the jews is the Abrahamic devil.

Dr. Radl shows on his blog how the Rosenthal interview was part authentic but also had the Luciferian stuff inserted into by the Xian writers later on.

As known the fake talmud quotes about jesus in hell are also inserted later on as propaganda. Originally its the Pagan Priest Balam who in the torah was killed by the wrath of the jewish god for attempting to use black magic against Israel the jewish nation. That name was in the talmud here not jesus.

The synagogue of Satan is in the context of jesus talking to another jew in the last book of the bible. This is after saul has been trying to convert gentiles into this messiah cult. Saul had a fight with the actual apostles who condemned him for trying to recruit the goyim and even condemn him for eating at the same table with the goyim which is against the laws of judaism. They keep the commandants of jesus as stated which was only to seek out the fellow jews and ignore the goyim as jesus stated the goyim are animals.

The jesus character stated the laws of the mosaic covenant, the torah are in fact forever only the method of atonement for sin in them is changed by him so instead of blood sacrifice of an animal you just have this one blood sacrifice of jesus forever. This is the reason the concept of ritual murder and cannibalism, drinking the blood and eating the murdered body of jesus is the core of this. The cult of judaism in the torah practices human and animal ritual sacrifice to Yahweh for atonement of sin. The ideal of sin and blood atonement is a jewish one.

The character jesus taught only the torah as truth to his fellow jews. The same torah that is in effect as the law forever by his statements. The torah states Gentiles are beasts of the field and excrement and put here to be slaves of the jews. And the Gentiles nations are to be hated, warred upon and destroyed with the survivors being enslaved.

That is it.

So jesus appears to this last jew and tells him about the fake jews who are the Synagogue of Satan. And thus will not inhert the jewish messiah kingdom when he returns as the bible states and rules a global theocratic jewish dictatorship with 144 000 elite jews who represent the 12 tribes of Israel from the new zion. In which the torah will be imposed on the earth. The one that states Gentiles are just the goyim to be slaves of the jews.

The jews in their religious texts call Gentiles the Satan's. And in their Torah state Gentiles are literally from the seed of Satan.

The synagogue of Satan is the Temple of the Gentiles nations. The fake jews are the goyim converts of xianity.

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Amazing sermon HP!!!!

Tho, I have a question, how can I wake my "friend" out of xianity bullshit?
I gave her the link to exposinghcristianity, but she doesn't even move an inch of the awake oath.
I think she doesn't have a chance of waking up and is like my godmother, stupid and useless xians.
Plus, she reads the Bible everyday, so it is no wonder...
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Oh, I love these "coincidences". I've been saying, for only a short-ish while now, that "christian Nazism/National Socialism/Spiritual Satanism" is impossible, and that "Alt Right" is "christian Nazism/National Socialism/Spiritual Satanism" without Satan. Oh, that reminds me - the buybullshit says, "you can't obey 2 masters"; that's another reason christianity and Nazi/National Socialism/Spiritual Satanism cannot possibly work. (Not only that, but why did "god" not bring out Nazism pre-1930?! :roll:)

One christian said that Hitler found the Swastika in a church. I haven't been to every church building in the world but it might be true they have stolen that, as they steal everything, but we know it pre-dates judaism, christianity's parent death cult (rather, its other death cult face), anyway.
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jew: Stupid goyim.

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Thank you, I can finally explain whatever is behind those "satanic Jews" and Xtian nazis. Don't all Jews worship Jewhova and that hitler was a total anti-Christ? Because the Nazis are Pagan, why should there be Christian nazis? The swastika is NOT of Christian religion.

If I can just say this to a bunch of Filipinos, maybe they'd understand. (I'm Filipino fighting against Jewhova and it's lies.)

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I am very well aware of people who are as you state half here half there, right after I fund the truth on Joy Of Satan about 5 years ego i tried to find more satanic websites and forums, people to talk to in my native language as my English wasn't that good back then and I stabled across this website where people claim to be Satanist yet majority there seems to be embracing crisian values and their twisted slaving morals saying that people new to Satanism should just do what they are told with their head low and not ask questions and claiming that all meditations and witchcraft are just preys to Satan and Demons etc. I left that place very quickly and after that I seek answers first in my self and always approach text written by people who claim to be Satanist with some doubt as there are many people who claim to be Satanist while actually are just Jewis pawns.

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Okami wrote:
I am very well aware of people who are as you state half here half there, right after I fund the truth on Joy Of Satan about 5 years ego i tried to find more satanic websites and forums, people to talk to in my native language as my English wasn't that good back then and I stabled across this website where people claim to be Satanist yet majority there seems to be embracing crisian values and their twisted slaving morals saying that people new to Satanism should just do what they are told with their head low and not ask questions and claiming that all meditations and witchcraft are just preys to Satan and Demons etc. I left that place very quickly and after that I seek answers first in my self and always approach text written by people who claim to be Satanist with some doubt as there are many people who claim to be Satanist while actually are just Jewis pawns.

Many "Satanists" from all these "Orders" are like chock filled to the head with hebrew spiritual excrement, which they emulate, support, and give power to, by being the "Dark boys" necessary for christianity to thrive and survive. They are also the ones that do the bizarre rituals, and of course, their "involvement" with Satan is just through the lenses of the Jewish crap and Race. Just pawns as you said.

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No worries, our RTRs are exposing them day by day. The kikes are being cry babies when they lose everytime against us but doesn't mean they are dumb. They will do whatever they can to keep us enslaved. We are facing the ultimate evil which came from the cosmos. And we have the best gods to support us in that mission.
Hail to the gods of Du'at!

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Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Rockwelll knew the TRUTH about judeochristianity. No man with a high IQ can tolerate this apparent bullshit.

Like a Norwegian Army Officer told once, you cannot be intelligent, christian and sincere all at once.
If you are christian and sincere, you are dumb.
If you are christian and intelligent, you are not sincere.
If you are intelligent and sincere, you cannot be christian.

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