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Jews To Use Their UN To Destroy Internet

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Post Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:01 am
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Jews To Use Their UN To Destroy Internet

Now we know why Obama is fighting hard to hand the internet over to the UN which is owned by the Elders of Zion, the Rockefeller's, Rothschild's [King of the Jews is the title the Rothschild's can themselves in their own writings] and other jewish globalist elites.

Obama Planning On Giving The Internet Away to Globalist Jews:


Why don't jews want us to have freedom of information?



Cause it would make it harder for the jews to treat us like they think of us......You know the same way the jews treat the Palestinians. Well what is left of the Palestinians.


UN to battle online anti-Semitism

UN forum on global anti-Semitism outlines plan for fighting online anti-Semitism and limiting its presence in social media.

A high level forum on global anti-Semitism took place in the United Nations on Wednesday.

Convened by the ambassadors of Israel, the United States, Canada and the European Union, the forum brought together leading experts from academia, NGOs, and social media companies to discuss the growing phenomenon of online anti-Semitism.

Following greetings from UN General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft, the ambassadors from the host missions addressed the gathering.

Professor Deborah Lipstadt gave the keynote address and senior executives from Microsoft and other social media companies contributed to the various panels.

The forum resulted from close cooperation between the organizing missions and the UN, and followed up on last year’s special General Assembly session on anti-Semitism. The participants discussed practical solutions for tracking anti-Semitic activities online and proposed solutions for battling this phenomenon by utilizing the latest technologies and industry best practices.

At the forum’s conclusion a joint plan was issued by the four missions outlining their recommendations for fighting online anti-Semitism and limiting its presence in social media.

“Twenty-first century antisemitism demands twenty-first century experts to confront this hatred,” said Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

“We plan on implementing the recommendations presented here today and utilizing them in the fight against Palestinian incitement which includes many antisemitic elements,” Ambassador Danon continued.

In her remarks welcoming the participants, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power noted that, “When governments and leaders stand up and speak out in the face of anti-Semitism, even the hatemongers take notice. Imagine how much violence against Jews and other minorities might have been avoided it similar measures were taken in the past. Imagine all the hatred and suffering that we can prevent if we come together with such an effort like today.”

Professor Lipstadt, the forum’s keynote speakers and the subject of an upcoming film based on her battle with Holocaust denier David Irving, spoke of the connection between Holocaust denial and modern antisemitism.

“While anti-Semitism is one of the oldest forms of racism known to the world, it is constantly reinventing itself and finding new ways to spread hatred and violence against the Jewish people,” added Ambassador Danon. “We must be vigilant and ensure the international community stays focused on this important issue.”

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Lol desperate times call for desperate measures. Seems like to me the rituals are working just fine, everyone keep doing them.

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HP Mageson666 wrote:
“While anti-Semitism is one of the oldest forms of racism known to the world, it is constantly reinventing itself and finding new ways to spread hatred and violence against the Jewish people”

This by itself says it all.

Hah. They have tried to destroy the internet before and failed, they will fail again this time.
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When I get home I'm creating a hard copy of everything important on the site

ritual good but i want to do more in sharing our websites

you know , to add insult to injury

Satanism is the lottery of life

He is the truth we worship

dumb judes think they can take out the world with one false swipe, those that are awakened will never again be blinded
卐卐卐 HAIL SATANAS!!!! 卐卐卐

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We are at a fork in the road. They can possibly Crack down on the internet, crash the economy, start war, flood us with third worlders etc, but I get the sense that they are moving things forward more quick than originally planned because the window of opportunity is shrinking for them. This might hurt in the short term, but I also suspect that it will cause backlash they cannot control. In their position they have no choice but to trigger their traps now or never and try to ride it out and hope it works. I believe that it will ultimately fail, and what people are in the best position to influence this backlash? Satanists. We will only be validated.

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These elitists and the christian (JewSuckers) have something up their sleeves. So we don't want to underestimate the enemy.
But the RTR's are working.

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