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The Doctrine of Synthesis, Confusion and Mixing

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Now that High Priest Don brought the subject of Synthesis up. This mindset has been existing in the jewish Race for centuries.

They also practice "Synthesis" racially and in many other ways. For example.

We have Racial Synthesis. For instance, We have Blacks who may for better or for worse be Aggressive. On the downside, they may be prone to less intelligence. Then, we have an Asian person. On the upside, we have industriousness, on the downside, docility to authority. We mix them, and chances are the "Synthesis" will just produce a synthesis that has both the negative aspects. Therefore, the danger is neutralized- this is how the jews think.

The same goes for civilization. As thus, these hybrids of jews are the "Synthesis" on the material, Racial level. This is how whole empires went down, and why Race mixing is an imperative for anyone to side with jews.

The same goes for magick. For instance, if one knows approximately what the weakness of someone is, they can conceal a larger problem into this weakness, and this will pass in. The part of the weakness will still hurt the person deeply.

We have the White man with all that he is, and then we have the Jew. The enemy mixes this. Now, we have a completely new thing, that is a mix of the two. Meanwhile, the Whites cannot reject the synthesized jew, and the jews accept them as a jew legitimately. This is the art of subversion and infiltration. To work by deception. While the side of the victim has no clue of the hybrid, the hybrid and the master of the hybrid do know entirely of its mission. The victim is left confused and thinking, as the hybrid resembles them and seems to be at least "to a degree" like them.

They will never figure out, so meanwhile, this being is in and wrecks havoc. People are baffled and confused, as lack of Spiritual Sight guarantees that their intentions, and what they are, will never be seen until too late.

The same goes for society. We have "Muslims" for instance. While on the inside, the Muslims may be for the majority cutthroat, we have a "western-syntesis" in their behavior- ie, they have become "somewhat civilized". Therefore, nobody acts on solving the issue, because everyone is confused on "Where their loyalties lie". Due to lack of insight (Satan, the 3rd eye of Truth has to do with INSIGHT) everyone is fooled and stays idle. In this level where there is no understanding, there can be all sorts of lies.

The jews have another term, as arrayed in the book of the Marxist insane historian who wrote "Simulacra and Simulacrum" which is the basis of the Matrix Trilogy. In this, the challenged Marxist theorist arrays simply this fact: If someone pretends they are sick, they are taken to be sick, and they are treated as if a person who is sick would be treated by those who believe this. This is because their "Simulacrum" or their external appearance, is deceiving. The child fakes they are sick, their mother believes it, they will be treated as sick and the outcome is they will not go to school, for example. The "Simulacrum" fullfilled its purpose: the kid didnt' go to school.

The author also supports that nothing else matters but the outcome. Since the deception produces REAL effects, its far more than a mere "deception". Its an aimed act with a purpose.

Take the Alt-Right for instance. Its a Simulacrum indeed with the intention of driving people away of the deep rooted problem and the full realization of it. The Simulacrum has to prey on something the victims find important. For instance, as the mother that got fooled by the lying child, the Alt-Right tries to appeal to everyone, based on their emotionality. For example, it houses from the most perverted race mixers, to the supposed "full fledged anti-semites who are pro-race" etc.

People, like the mother in the other paradigm, who for emotional reasons gets deceived, do have a TIE IN to be deceived accordingly.

The mere fact is that this is nothing but a lie, but sicne people are behaving like this mother (with sheer emotionality) they cannot see the blantant problem in front of them. That the alt-Right is half fledged, uncapable of changing anything really, toilet. All of their words are based on misplaced hope. There has been no action yet, and what the jews want in the first place with this Simulacrum (a fake, fruitless "revolution") they have achieved. They are achieving this already, with a few boomerang effects.

Its infact an extension of the jewish toilet that has tortured America for decades, only a different canal. Trump has a kike daughter, Hillary Kiketon has a kike daughter, married to a kike. What's the difference? Oy Vey, words and promises, that's the difference. Action wise, reality wise, its the same jewish old-hat trick. Choice, where there is no choice. Now, each choices affect the "vast populace" differently, but the jews try to control both. Doesn't mean they will be able to. And this is where our bets are being placed- on the awakening of people. Not the change of old, shitted and pissed on intellectual toilets that have been labelled with an "Alt" just recently.

This guy "Richard Spencer" of the Alt-Righters openly stated the "Alt Right is the New Left". What else?

As for the "Simulacrum" thing...

This is how jews work with mercy, with stimulating the emotions of their prey (such as fear). Something may be a lie. However, if its real in the eye of the perceiver, then it produces REAL reactions. This is how jewish terror works. The media do this to people all the time. They threaten them all the time, and the threats act on their own. The jews may or may not have power to cause these but this is NOT what matters. What matters is what people BELIEVE.

In other words, smokes, shows and mirrors are more important than power. This is also true in nature in some ways. Really weak and meek birds, can open their wings and drive away big predators, simply because they were SEEMINGLY big. This is the art of building real huge, and giant lies. Abrahamic religions which portray the jews as Gods, work in the same way. "Oy vey, the Chosen by God Himself".

The jews are nothing but a rat in a mansion. If you are looking at the mansion and you see a rat coming in, you will get a brain lag, and this is what they hope. You will be like, impossible! How can a rat be living in a mansion? Naturally, it can't. However, where things are today, it can be done.

Therefore, the """logical""" conclusion for the average person is to see the rat as some sort of king, or at least as something better than a rat. The rat however, stays a rat, be it in a mansion, or spaceship, or elsewhere. The jew is based on this mechanism of the brain of his enemies to be perceived as great and as a giant threat. Which unfortunately, they have became, as mass belief, money and faith of masses did produce this outcome.

It would take volumes to explain these points, but I think these are transferred correctly.

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I truly believe that once science progresses enough and there is no more jewish control and supression of knowledge & breakthroughs in science, there will be precise & accurate ways of biologically & spiritually testing whether one is jewish or not. But I do believe the National Socialist ideal, itself, is enough to cause the destruction of the jewish race in all levels. As jews are parasites, they dislike work and their cause clashes with those of genitles, and they created communism for this reason. Also, the full prevail of Spiritual Satanism as the worlds only & original religion will make this world inhabitable for jews, in all levels, because at this point their purpose will have fully failed.

I'm really glad to take part in the driving force of their full demise.


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The wisdom of our HP in explaining things without creating conflicts has no limits.

I hope one day to be able to reach a small part of their wisdom.

Hail HP Cobra-Mageson ... !!!

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