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You want a Satanic World Empire you said?

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Irrespectively of what people perceive in their 'personal' experience of life, irrespectively of if you still happen to live in peaceful neighborhood, and thinking everything will be fine forever,

Let's call this a reality call.

I presuppose people come to Satan for Truth, and also Power. These are interconnected, and then, these tie in with knowledge.

If we all agree that we want *OUR* kind, *OUR* beliefs and *OUR* people to predominate, then this endeavor we have undertaken won't happen on its own. It requires hard work, and labor. I myself have always worked for Satan as a "Joker" in that I do all sorts of things that are required for Him. In any and all times they want. Now, one doesn't have to do this, but everyone, absolutely everyone, can work.

Envision for a moment a world that is predominantly ruled by Gentile Satanists. You will never have to toil for bread, there will be justice, there will be no more slavery, stupidity and retardiation. Lack of knowledge will be banished forever. Your relationship problems, living problems, whatever else kind of problems, will be almost totally diminished, exactly as the enemy now has nothing of these problems. Talk about flattened.

Only, it will be tens of times better as the enemy is just a material slaver overlord even to their own. There will be no more supression in regards to anything that the enemy designed. Their tenets, religions and everything these aliens brought to Gentiles will be banished.

Excuses, stupidity, lack of knowledge, and weakness must be abolished. This is serious. Now if you take one second to think, you will see at this moment, "We Satanists" have literally MILLIONS of antagonists and enemies out there. There are billions of people who would happily stone us and murder us on the spot, and this is the TRUTH. Especially in the east and in these regions, these people will stop at NOTHING.

For this reason, I want to pull a wake-up call to everyone here. Satan considers all His Children useful, He has put His faith in them, and He shows us the means to advance. Its up to *US* to do this. This is call for everyone to take their position. The enemy will not go down by mediocrity.

Now, everyday, for the rest of your existence, you need to become *BETTER*. Not only spiritually, but also, in knowledge and in material power. *DO NOT* let any circumstance or problem get you down. For every Saturn, there is a Jupiter. However dire or negative your position may be, with preserving and advancement you *WILL* succeed. Don't ever, EVER, lose hope or despair. Billions will yet survive, and you don't need to despair. Satan always looks out for His own. You are also, never alone.

The facts that we are not alone, protected, and we have the *MOST MAJOR BACKUP* on the planet, is inspiring, and is a strong motivator. For a few people who are lazy, it makes them want to laze-out further. You will lose this privillege if you at least, don't pay the necessary attention to it. And yes, Satanists are all privilleged beings. From this life, to the afterlife, to your whole existence, you will never be without guidance, lonely, isolated and allowed to rot, as the other BILLIONS who existed and BILLIONS to come. This should humble you and show you, that you need to engage in saving yourself and as thus, others.

If Satanists want a Satanic World Empire, then I have to tell you the Truth. While the Gods will do their part, we *MUST* do ours. In this universe, there are no "laborless" or "magick wand" solutions to such great undertakings. Our undertaking *IS* possible. We just need more people, we have the teaching, and we have the Divine Guidance and Blessing. However, having the means doesn't mean these will be applied.

Everyone has their living, everyday life, but the cases where one has ZERO time are non-existant, unless someone is a slave somewhere and hardly sleeps. The time that could be used for sensless garbage, can be utilized to make you better than all other people on the planet all-together. You will just gain, and gain from this. With your newly profound skills, you will have confidence, you will be strong, and you will make a decent Human being. Satanists are the elite. If one doesn't hold themselves on that level, at least as much as their level, skill, time and self allows, then don't call yourself an Elite.

You have your CHANCE now. EXPLOIT IT FULLY!

To get you to see what I mean. The average Rabbi, prays to "God" at least 4 hours a day, average about 8. They literally do this everyday. They don't complain. They do, and do again. The same goes for the enemy people. They work and work their ass off, and when their workings pay, then they can "rest". They never stop. They constantly make up new lies, conjure new "Syntethis" to bind the Goyim, they will do everything they can. From the stupidest xian slave down the block, to the head George Soros, these people have one thing in common. They work on the level they can, as much as they can. This creates a wave.

You just can't be hardly meditating for 10 minutes a day and complaining that we don't own the world. When people become as serious as the enemy in regards to our pursuit, we will be really able to conversate very seriously about our prospect.

We have undermined them and we are destroying them, eventhough we are few people. With relentless dedication, pressure, and years of work, we are now tasting fruit. The tide is on our side.

Everyone must apply, to empowering themselves, and using their newly empowered self to force our side's power. This will GUARANTEE the best for everyone here, all Satanists, and also, the world. We can only be liberated together, and the Gods fight together.

We are one team. We have a great future ahead of us.

You want a Satanic World Empire you said?

Then let us *CREATE* it by *WORKING* for it!

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Great sermon!! I can really feel the Power of these rituals. They have helped me open up my soul (the gates of Satan) so I know for a fact they are working.
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Hail Satan Forever!!!!!

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Very inspiring, thank you.

we have to do work

it all falls on us

but it is work i am excited to do , and i very happy to do, because this work is soul satisfying.

Satanism is the lottery of life

He is the truth we worship

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Awesome sermon!

If you don't mind if I mention this too,

The work you put into your soul (With meditation) is the WORK you get.
So 10 minutes a day will only get it as FAR as 10 minutes.
Simple yet effective.
This too, shall pass.
Just keep that in mind when your facing unwanting temptations.

Educate, Meditate, RTR . Educate,Meditate,RTR . Educate,Meditate,RTR
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