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Post Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:07 pm
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A reply towards a member from the JoS main group on Nietzche/Nihilism.

On the subject on "Nihilism"...Of Nietzche.


This is intresting how much, all these weirdos and generally people trying to make the "intellectuals" have wrecked on Nietzche. First of all, in order to understand a philosophic term, especially when it comes to this guy, one should read their writtings. And from a good translator.

Now from all the volumes I have read on Nietzche, I have read fully two or more. Most people when they read any philosopher, moreso a Gentile, who is deep and has actually a lot of things to say, they literally take their message from its adobe, and translate it into their own samsaric, lowlife level. This is how Nietzschean Nihilism was slowly terraformed into some sort of jewish, amoralistic garbage.

You can see from his own words, that Nietzche actually did have a lot of involuntarily, spiritual experiences. Of course, to many people his statements on the legitimacy of those, wouldn't even make sense. So people skip these fundamental parts that actually explain the thoughts of Nietzche. No wonder, this person had encountered a lot of experiences, many times without any spiritual assistance or knowledge on what was happening to him.

He however had serious insights from these. Many people who have advanced highly in past lives, do get these involuntarily, and without any "stimulation". This is why Nietzche obsessed on disease, because one is suspectible to be able to experience near death experiences, or other experiences, from the profound weakness of the physical body. This is most idiotic, but this is all he had in his time, and also, drugs, which he openly stated he didn't really do.

So Nietzche was really fed up with, and aggressive against Christianity for a number of reasons. This is in the Soul, and no mind that has went too deep or is very intelligent, or good, will ever really "be fine" with xianity or any other shallow jewish dogma. For that reason, Nietzche actually professed the "destruction" of these Dogmas, in the Ethical sense. The destruction and deconstruction of their false "ethics" would eventually lead to the point of "Nihilo", where nothing would exist, because infact, nothing does exist in these fake dogmas anyway.

Nietzche was NOT a nihilist. Quite the contrary. However, this "quality" could be used to destroy the present bondages of "ethics" imposed by the (((Abrahamic Religions))), aside from this, Nihilism was a poison for the Overman.

Nihilism is an evil and stupid ideology, and is literally a contextualized retardiation that is meant only to demoralize people due to the fact that they are unspiritual. Its also related to death. "Since we all die, what is the reason of _____"

Also a lot of retards also call Nietzche a MATERIALIST (!) or a physically inclined philosopher. Nothing could be further from the truth. He was a very spiritual person. Nietzche however understood the natural body as the most major instrument that houses everything one is and one should aim.

Not the physical body as a mere piece of meat, but the body as a fully restored, sensual device, that can perceive and understand all fecets of reality and can go into all spiritual depths.

He was not a materialist, but he had the same understanding that many yogis have in the East, which is the point of the Sanatana Dharma [Satanism]- Truth is in the body, and the self. Yogis aim to perfect the body, for the body is the actual "Soul", in all its metaphysical and "physically invisible" aspects.

As for "Nihilism", Nietzche tried to contextualize in words what it is to perceive the Atman, or the higher reality, where all the knowledge and words, or notions that we have "down here" on this world, can potentially fall inferior.

Nihilism is what resulted from the retardiation of xianity, which robbed all humanity in the world from experiencing the profound, "out of one's self" realization, also known as Samadhi- The Truth behind existence. They destroyed spirituality, and as thus, reality and existence became meaninglessness, a wheel towards nowhere, without beginning or end.

This is what the jews mention in their Torah/Rotar- existence is meaningless and everything is subjective, oy vey. It is not.

Nihilism is a jewish disease, heaped upon humanity, thanks to the materialist and soul-sickly jews who cannot ascend past the ladder of spirituality to see the ultimate meaning in the cosmos. The jews are therefore, by their design, damned to the eternal "Rotar", which they project to everyone else. Its not in the cosmic fate of the enemy, to understand, or even come close to any of these. As thus all expressions of this magnificence are not understood by them anymore than a monkey understands a nuclear facility.

The "Overman" has to have a "nihilistic" side. Not in his personality, but in the way he treats these dogmas that keep him from inner-self seeking and development. This is because, all that is inferior, has to be destroyed by the Overman, not in the criminal sense or other senses the jews made up to criminalize the writtings of Nietzche, but just as some form of eternal rejection. Everything there is has to be rejected, until further and further, so Humanity can go towards ever-higher heights of greatness. The "Overman" (Which is a spiritual concept) doesn't need the morals professed by jewish religions, because he gains these from nature and his own inner construction which is that of spiritual elevation. There is no "good or evil" in the xian sense, inside the Overman.

The Overman is liberated from these hoaxes on what is "good or evil" in accordance to xianity and the jewish cults, and has turned to higher reasoning ability and spirituality.

The "Ubermensch" or overmen, were actually BRED and this is a Racial term. One's Racial consciousness brings one closer to the Ubermensch, and this also ties to one's personality and disposition. All hebraic "herd" insticts have to be banished, and technically, we are talking about actual rectification. Nietzche said in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" that the problem is the "Gravity" that many people have about themselves. Unable to smile, unable to have fun, all these are characteristics of the meek, the weak and even the evil people etc- the spirit of Christianity in a few words, doomsday, living for one's death, no pleasure etc.

This needs to be banished for the Truth is unrelated to this "disposition", contrary to what xianity preaches. Everyone also is allowed to form their own "understanding" in regards to themselves, their own inner structure, and they are the ones to choose their internal disposition. Ie, the meaning of meditation all in all. Persons that achieve this by consistent application of their individual Will, do become "Ubermensch" or they are "Overmen in the making". According to Nietzche, the future would be one with people filled with this ability.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:54 pm

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Thank you for this HP, clears up a lot of misconceptions about Nietzche. I've always liked his will to power idea of all life forms striving to better themselves and advance. I really should finish reading thus spake zarathustra

Post Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:45 pm

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Wonderful topic for this subject, thank you HP. You had a clear and accurate vision.

Post Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:17 pm
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The problem is most Nietzsche academic's are jews. So they put out a incorrect view they did the same with other German philosopher's. Also the translations..... I was able to get the Mencken which to my understand is the best translations.

Nihilism as I stated before on the subject in the Nietzschean world is simply a tool of deconstructionism that allows the person to gain a perspective of reality that is authentic.

Nietzsche's worldview was framed by ancient Vedic texts and the western thinkers of his time as well. Such as Schopenhauer. But Nietzsche in his own statements was a European Pagan "I am a Hellene!". What Nietzsche believed in was a reconstruction of the Aryan Pagan religion of "From Greece to India" of the ancient world. This what was to replace xianity and as Nietzsche called it secular xianity of Liberalism. Nietzsche's actual plan for society in his book "Anti-Christ" was a return to the Pagan social-political, class system. With the best of the race as the rulers. In fact its Platonic in his thinking. Nietzsche's ideal on the soul the inner god is the Vedic Atman.

The fact is as Taha, the Nietzsche scholar, proved in her work on the subject. Hitler quoted Nietzsche word for word many times in his life. Probably the most famous is "I am a Hellene" when asked as to what culture of Europe he identifies with. The Pagan culture. Nietzsche was also required reading for the SS in their university academies many were issued pocket readers of "Zarathustra".

Nietzsche was a foundational thinker in NS philosophy. Taha's work went deep into this fact.

Post Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:54 pm

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Let's say I had spiritual powers when I was young, yet the jewish program got in the way later in life. Is that spiritual advancement mine forever, or can someone go back spiritualy?

Post Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:33 am

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I had actually been researching this particular person whose ideology has been called the predecessor of nazism but many he was quite the contrary.So which is actually the Truth.
Also could you give us some good links to the books he wrote ?I mean wht you think would be the best translation works.

Post Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:23 pm

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Great thread, thank you both for helping me clear up some long held confusion.

Post Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:01 pm

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Straitshot47 wrote:
Let's say I had spiritual powers when I was young, yet the jewish program got in the way later in life. Is that spiritual advancement mine forever, or can someone go back spiritualy?

You can regain those powers through meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practice.
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