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The Only Solution: Turn off the Jewish "Radio"

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Greetings to all our People and Comrades.

As everyone here knows or is more or less aware, all the "Abrahamic" programs have their roots in Gentile, Far Eastern religions, which tie into Babylon, Sumer and as thus into the Sanskrit language. This goes deep and the point of this is not to many an analysis, but explain some things.

All of you here who are from Muslim countries, you have seen for yourself there is unending stupidity and also, brutality there. Even infants and children are exposed to so much brutality that it kills their innocence forever. Also, like "Christians" who are told to "Sacrifice their family" and destroy their family to follow Rabbi Jewsus into (((Heaven))), the Muslims are taught that "Allah" is above everything.

They are commanded by their religions to "Jihad" their enemies, and go as far as their ground permits. Murder, slander, lies, misinforming outsiders, brutality and anything else morbid imaginable, is allowed and accepted by this "Allah". This is the same program just as Christianity, only the receivers were more "willing to go further", which they went. In simple words, any decent muslim would easily kill their child, or cut their hands, or pluck their eyes out, for being an "infidel", let alone "listening to the Devil". Otherwise, they are not decent and will be "replaced" by the "decent" ones after "Jihad succeeds". This is where things get serious- and deadly.

The only barriers that keep Muslims from going all-rampage into the world, like the Jews, are really no other barriers than the law, the state, and the police, and also, the people who believe otherwise. In plain words, as these orders weaken, as they multiply, and as they become stronger, they will impose their own law, and yes, rape and killing are only beginner's levels. There will be no salvation for anyone if Muslims take power over the West, which they plan to do by repopulating the West with mixed muslim families.

Muslims can and are allowed by "God" to lie, which is the same thing the enemy Jews are allowed to by "God". There are specific terms for both of these practices. Its called "Al-Taqiyya" and can and should be used to lie to non-believers, to get them to believe, aside other things. Outright manipulation.

This is in the Jewish religion too, and its called "Pilpul" and its the specific art of bending passages in the Talmud, Torah or elsewhere, to get one's head out of one's ass due to the apparent commands of death, rape etc, these books indicate. The Muslims do the same exact thing, especially the learned ones. There are whole schools in Israel and elsewhere, that teach this art of incessant lying. Jews learn and master this craft since a young age. In Christianity, this is the christian apologetics.

For every murderous and insane, or contradictory statement, they have another one to back it up, in their lying book(s). The cycle never ends. Arguements don't matter and no amount of arguing will solve any issue, as the specific purpose of these religions is to inflict death, not make sense, rob the logic faculties, and further the jewish demands based on a paranoid context.


This is like speaking to the radio. The radio will keep playing its record no matter what you say. Even if discovered as liars, these people just keep lying.

The solution is to shut down their radio, and all together reject their trillions upon trillions of lies. This is why we have, Weed Jesus, Xian Fundie Jewsus, Asian Jewsus, Hippie Jewsus, Islamic-Prophet Jewsus, Jewsus with a Unicorn, Anti Jewsus Jewsus, Jewsus from the Ancient Egypt, Jewsus ET from the black hole, Homosexual Friendly Jewsus, Middle Ages Judge Jewsus, and the list will go INDEFINITELY and for ALL ETERNITY so long people keep this radio open. Its just a constant production of LIES.

The same goes for Marxism and everything else the enemy has created, including Communism, Libertardianism, Demokrazy, etc- Marx was a poor boy, Marx was a millionaire who renounced the jews, Marx was an "Atheist", Marx was a very emotional being (Like you know if he was or wasn't...) etc. The plain fact is that Marx was the son of a Rabbi, a rich jew, and with other rich jews, produced Yeshiva lies posing as "Philosophy" in order to dumb down the Goyim and steal their nation's fortune, while opening them up to Jewish Communism.

For every idiot, there does exist a Jewsus, a Mohammed and a Karl Marx to suit their ends. The enemy will forever produce new lies.

The only solution is to CLOSE THE RADIO!

For every arguement, there is one more lie borne. This process continues indefinitely and adjusts to time, conditions, situations etc, accordingly. Chameleon religions, because they are programs of DEATH and HOAXES. There is no truth into any of these books, and the jews know this and laugh, and this is why they reject all that excrement and keep their knowledge highly concealed from everyone else. The Goyim open their (((Books))) and waste their whole life trying to make sense of jewish gibberish such as the Quaran, or the Kike-Bible, and before they realize it, their life is over. Jews laugh.

One last note, is that the jews of the west have for a few hundreds of years inspected the "weaknesses" in the understanding capabilities of the Goyim. This has allowed them to lie, and use all these "loopholes" into the mind, from which people can be lied about. This manifests everywhere, including politics and of course the hebraic owned (((Media))). After overusing these methods, people are slowly waking up en masse, but others are just too weak to see past the barrier.

Now, all people here who have happened to be Muslim, thanks to the heavy Pagan past of Arabia, they may literally *FEEL* that there is something major off about all of this, without needing to be exposed into any information. This is encoded in one's Racial unconscious. For the people that listen to the call of their old people and leave this vile fake "Allah", remember: TELL NOBODY, KEEP IT SECRET and make sure YOU ARE *NEVER* FOUND OUT. Go along, and use your mind. Nobody can know what is in your head, and nobody of them will be able to exact this.

Even the "liberal" Muslims of the West will turn into monstrosities, and as their power "increases" and they gain ground, the "moderate" will just be drained in by the "extremist" ones who will inevitably rule over the meek and more mediocre ones.

So to all people running from this vile pestillence, know, you are doing the right thing in denying and leaving this deadly hoax, and following what your people in the area did for centuries upon thousands of years. This is why the enemy enforced this villified religion of "Islam", to detoriate, weaken and destroy these people one by one.

While Christians will face a lot of problems as well, thanks to their loving "families" that place "Jewsus" above their own offspring, or above facts, Muslims can literally kill someone and cover it up, especially in the Middle East. Life is not valued at all. If you are a woman and you do this? I want not to go into the horrendous details... Most minds cannot comprehend the hatred and contempt they have for us, and I write this message so that none of you will ever have to find out- maintain secrecy. This is a matter of supreme importance.

This is a studied jewish plan, who hijacked the Pagan religion which later terraformed into "ISLAM"- which was actually a Pagan faith, but they desecrated, completely malformed it, recreated it from scratch and destroyed it. Nothing of the original Pagan religion exists on these regions for closely a thousand years, except of the Yezidis and few other sects who are brutalized, and chased to die by all of the "Law abidding Muslims". The jews are behind this. They also created (((ISIS))) in order to find excuses to wipe the whole area out.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

thanks for the sermon btw i liked it

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I think its important to warn people not to screw around. Double up on your aura of protection while you can. Dont wait another day because it could be too late.

No joke. See for yourself.

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