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The "Kaaba" Idol Stone

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Post Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:52 pm
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Let's get into this diseased thing so we can see what this "Kabba" is about.

First of all, in these places everything in Islam is stolen and corrupted from Sanskrit. Even "Allah" is a word for "God" that came from Sanskrit. As with everything else, it was stolen and corrupted. The prayer that is 5 times a day, also has its root in the East, where one has to meditate for short intervals 5 or more times a day.

One has to get on their knees, turn to the direction of the "Kabba" and channel their lifeforce, adorations and energy, while meanwhile, the Islamics are actually worshipping this Idol their whole existence- only to claim they have "no idols" in "Islam".

But what is this "Kaaba" stone?

First of all, the name of this foul stone is stolen by the "KA-BA" which means Soul. KA-BA-ANKH, the Egyptian parts of the Soul. Ka and Ba are the male and female parts of the Soul.

The stone itself has been destroyed and reconstructed many times over the centuries. It no longer represents the Sumerian or the Pagan stone it once did, and definitely like the Pyramids, this was a monument of splendor. The uneducated slaves on the Middle East would never figure out, that the jew bit by bit, stole their original Pagan religion, and replaced EVERYTHING with a HOAX only for them to get benefits. AS thus, the jews are now wiping them off the face of the Earth, drive them out of their countries, and will soon, unless people change their ways, decimate them after they have throughtly used them to wipe out their White enemies.

Back to the "Holy [Excrement] Kaaba". Only the "Royal" [Jewish] Saudi Arabian family has the key "into" the Kaba, and they go in the Kaaba to "Pray" once a year. Or let's say, get the amassed energies through prayer, to bless their endeavors and the alien hoax behind this thing.


The color Black is just because, the black is a color that draws energies in. This makes sure the Kaaba is more receptive to drawing energies in.

Inside this Idol Kaaba, there are "Verses" written. Carved on it. These are verses like the bible, which have to do with the conquering of Islam over the world, praise to the (((Royal Family))) and the list goes endless. In short, like the bible, this foul box is charged with energy, and then the inscribed verses on it, do gain power and form realities accordingly. This is the same as charging any other talisman.

Kaaba is technically a shape for the Christian Cross. Its the same thing.


The Kaaba is just in the shape of a "Human Soul" at least in some ways. Normally, this is definitely copied from the Sanskrit and Egyptian religions, and made into jewish and alien ET drivel meant to enslave humanity.

There are 3 pillars in the Kaaba. These pillars symbolize the Ida, the Pigala and the Shushumna accordingly.


The three "levels" on these pillars, are actually meant to symbolize the three levels, hips chakras, shoulder chakras, and the top of the pillar, the crown chakra. The bolt upon which these bells and resonating things hang, are to symbolize the Mantras and the Vibration. The "Cube" on itself is the supposed "body" of the Soul. The pillars have one thing from which the bells hang, which is meant to symbolize how the three pillars connect on the level of the head.


On the corner, this foul stone, has an actual VAGINA. Now tell us about the enemy alien ET's being ironic and laughing at the face of humanity, because they do. While a stone vagina is being worshipped, which is the Divine Yoni, all women are beat to death in these countries. However, this of course has a positive effect on this alien structure, making it a "Feminine" and as thus "Capable of Birth" statue. The energies are drew in from the "Black Walls" and then, the "Vagina" gives actual "birth" to things. Black is also symbolic of the "Dark" part of the Human Soul, the creative principle.

Mudslimes have to go around this foul stone 7 times, symbolizing the 7 Chakras the creative energy has to cross to go to the crown.


The stone in the Kaaba, some say its a meteor, some say its a normal and generic stone, there are many opinions. What is known for CERTAIN is that in this foul stone, the enemy has stolen a rock of Egypt, which is probably meteor stone, and is specifically inclined to help with materialization of desires. People that attempted to even investigate on the stone, were assasinated, killed or just driven away. No scientific observation is allowed on this stone.

So what is this stone?

A strutcure on the shape of Soul, that contains verses (engravings), symbolizes the Jews and the (((Royal Saudi Family))) and billions worship this thing daily, and charge this. Of course, the verses certainly do contain the enemy nefarious ET's, so this is what this is about: People charging their own destruction. Of course, there are tie-in's and links to everyone, including the foul Koran, which is also charged.


Post Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:04 pm
ah this is how sick it can get

the jew can actually tap into their dedicated followers souls to achieve their means

when one is fully dedicated to these programs he is literally property of the jew

everything he owns and has worked for belongs to the jews

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He is the truth we worship

Post Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:31 am

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can we destroy it with magick tho

Post Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:48 am

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Maybe people could make their own to absorb the local White-genocided muslim citizens' prayers to Arabic "god" ("allah"), and disspiate the energies into the void of nothingness.
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Post Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:09 pm

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baja666 wrote:
can we destroy it with magick tho

Attacking the kaaba with magick does not fix the root of the problem. Even if the kaaba is destroyed, islam will still exist as a vile program and another kaaba can be built. Attacking the root of islam directly will cause islam itself to be destroyed.
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Post Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:39 am

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johnson_akemi wrote:
baja666 wrote:
can we destroy it with magick tho

Attacking the kaaba with magick does not fix the root of the problem. Even if the kaaba is destroyed, islam will still exist as a vile program and another kaaba can be built. Attacking the root of islam directly will cause islam itself to be destroyed.

High Priestess Zildar Raasi has written that Kaaba is the greatest weakness of islam: ... kness.html

HPS Zildar Raasi wrote:
Think of this:
Every muslim in the entire world directs their prayers, performed no less than five times a day, towards the "holiest" Ka'aba, as instructed by their qur'an. If it is destroyed, they have no object to which they can focus any of these prayers. It is gone. Five times a day prayers therefore become pointless, futile acts and die away completely.

The Ka'aba also houses the all important "Black Stone", a vital part of islam which is seen as a gift straight from their so-called "god". The muslim people believe it is a sacred duty to visit and kiss the Black Stone, an action supposedly performed by Muhammad. If the Ka'aba is destroyed, and therefore the Black Stone is destroyed, this "gift" is destroyed which will greatly disillusion many muslim people across the globe. This also makes the sacred practice of kissing the Black Stone and following in the footsteps of their beloved prophet impossible.

Furthermore, the Ka'aba is the centre of the whole islamic pilgrimage or Hajj which is called "The Fifth Pillar of Islam". Every muslim is obligated to complete all Five of the Pillars in order to assure their place in paradise and please "god". With the Ka'aba gone, the Fifth Pillar is consequently gone as well, along with their hopes of ever reaching "paradise". What happens when you break down a supporting pillar of a building? Breaking down one of islam's pillars is a defeat from which they will never recover. It is analogous to removing one of islam's vital organs, without which it cannot survive.

Lastly and most importantly, the qur'an states that the Ka'aba is the house of god itself, and it is indestructible and untouchable to those considered outsiders. Non-muslims are not even allowed to step one foot within it. They see it as no less than the centre of the whole world. Imagine it is bombed and reduced to a pile of ashes? They will be completely disillusioned concerning their gods supposed "power". How strong can he be if he cannot even protect his own sacred house from being destroyed? The statement of it being indestructible will also be blown right out of the water, which means that the words of allah himself have been blown right out of the water. Their centre of their world has been destroyed. The very Heart of islam has been annihilated, and muslims all over the world will begin to lose their hope and faith, and slowly, islam will crumble.

All it would take is one bomb. This is why the Ka'aba is islam's greatest weakness. Bombing the Ka'aba is the equivalent of bombing islam itself.

Muslims all over the world will be shedding their burqas and prayer hats and turning their eyes to the sky, shouting "Fuck you Allah!"
I see a great Spiritual Warfare opportunity here!! Who says we cannot help this event along and shape it to fit our own will?
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Post Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:12 am
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A note on the Black stone, is that its no longer the Egyptian Capstone. However the Muslims have stole it, and nobody really knows where it is. It could be into the Kaaba, on the ground below, etc.

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