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Grey's Involvement In Ancient America

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Post Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:10 am
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Grey's Involvement In Ancient America

Take a look at just who appears all over these ancient Mayan Temple artifacts.

From the Aztec codex Chimalpopoca:

"The Toltecs were engaged in battle at a place called Netalpan. And when they had taken captives, human sacrifice also got started as Tolecs sacrificed their prisoners. Among them and in their midst the evil YAotl followed along. Right on the spot he kept inciting them to make human sacrifices. And then, too, he started and began the practice of flaying humans...Then he made one of the Toltecs named Ziuhcozcatl wear the skin and he was the first o wear a totec skin. Indeed, every kind of human sacrifice that there used to be got stared then. For it is told and related that during the and under his authority, the first Quetzlcoatl, who's name was Ce Acatl, absolutely refused to perform human sacrifice. It was precisely when Huemac was ruler that all those things that used to be done got stared. Huemas sacrificed a human streamer, thus making payment."

In the Codex's it makes mention of the fact the original civilization given by the Gods described as Blond haired and blue eyed. Ordered them to never commit human or animal sacrifice. In the Codex the Quetzlcoatl here is a title not of the Nordic God [Satan] but of the Priest King of the time. Who kept the law given. We see in the Codex other rulers later on started to make deals with these other beings described as being evil. In return for power and earthly favours. They offered blood sacrifices. Note the name of this being is YAh-olt, Jau of Yau, Yao, is also a spelling of Yahweh who is also called Yah by the jews. Yahweh is a collection of enemy aliens. Yahweh orders human sacrifice and animal sacrifice in the Torah.

You can see the arrival of the Greys-Reptilians at later date in the South American histories:







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Greys are bastards. Nice article by the way.
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Haha that's weird I was looking into the greys yesterday and I was ranting saying like cow mutilation?? It may not seem like the worst but you have to remember the events and how far it gets out is controlled by the government also I was thinking geee i'm going to start a thread tomorrow on this hahaha I was studying a bit and I found this. ... .html#News
I was just reading on Leah and Rachel and how they counted their births made no sense made me laugh..
Thank you hp mageson for the knowledge! And good morning :)

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This is the same as in Africa, one example is with the Vodun religion. They say that one must appease the gods with blood sacrifice but this originally meant sacrifice as in the daily sacred practice.

I definitely reeks of enemy infiltration.
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Camazotz was a feared entity recorded in Mayan civilization, the "death bat". He wanted body parts in particular such as the waist and armpits (??) in human sacrifice. Gross enemy involvement for sure.

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What about hopi prophecies?

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