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Jews the Alien Inferior Race (Part 1)

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:42 pm
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There are no terms to begin or end the description of Jewish Insanity. Literally.

After many years of working with Satan and Lilith, I have been guided many times to see for myself what is behind these "beings" that call themselves as "Jews". The things that have been discovered, are really something beyond any and all words. From the things that I have shared here, there is far more into this, and I tried to present them in the most "Noble" way possible. However, this is an enemy without anything like this.

If you are to closely understand the insanity of the jews, this extends beyond "Defacation Prayers to God", Child molestation, rape, organ selling rings, enslaving countries, eating your own feces in pie of celebrations, national homicide or genodice, or anything of these things. These things are only physical actions or emmanations that show only one level or multitude of the depth and insanity of the jewish race.

People for thousands of years were insanely baffled on the jews, and this includes all non-Jews of the planet, that can never make any "sense" of the jews.

As "Alien Theory" has discovered only in this recent century, the "Aliens" or those whom the Jews praise as their "Creators" ("Elohim, "JHVH", "Angels" etc) are just failed greys and reptilians who have created them. The jews themselves openly state they are not from this world or even universe, and that even their genetics are different from everyone else. And they are right...

The "Greys" and these "creators" of theirs, have been observed experimenting on cows, abducting everyday people for genetic experimentations and the list goes endless. From our present knowledge of aliens, we know that the greys are a totally emotionless, spiteful, lawless "race", that also has genetic problems they are trying to fill in by inter-breeding with other "races". The greys are known to be totally unrelated to humanity, or anything that resembles "Humanity".

This extends to their unstable genetic creation, the jew. No other creature on the planet looks as ghoulish and ugly as the jews, and no other "human being" is remotely even capable of what the jews can do, perversion wise, destruction wise, and poisoning wise. This also has metagenetic effects and Soul effects, that reek into the environment, as everything also relates to the Soul and starts from there.

Many people have limitations in their thinking, and cannot think outside of the (((Box))). The future that is coming will force many to think outside of this so called (((Box))). If one wants to understand the plans, aims and psychopathy of the jews (for lack of a better word) one must take the worse hollywood movies they have seen, clump them together in the worst case of possible senario, and multiply this by a million times.

Only then one will finally reach the "Messianic Dreams" that run and are projected by the Jewish Soul or mind. What people see below as decay, death, murder, and disgusting or alien behavior, has a far deeper root.

To mention some code names, without relating the story, as only the high ranking people of the enemy really know "in full" (Those who speak face to face with the ET enemy), I would just relate the following points and let you "Figure out" the rest. But you can imagine, and also, this is impossible as this will sound extremely "insane".

If we were to show our present day civilization to any serious, powerful, ET Civilization, they would only be shocked. The planet earth for all outside observers is in an apparent state of disease and heading towards damnation. Values like Racial preservation are normal everyday values in most of the ET alien Races who are strong and powerful, and even those of the enemy. The genetic Racial blueprint and its evolution, is a universal aim that all Races out there who want better chances of survival are engaged into. This obviously has behind it the law that those forward in their evolution, should only mate with beings that are close to them and quite similar as them, or shouldn't do this at all.

The psychopathic nature and insanity of the jews is that they see all creation in literal reverse. For instance, the Soul of the jew is not meant for anything more than as a robot, programmed to enslave all others, should have of an aim for existence. For that reason their "Abilities" are limited and supremely focused on this endeavor. They don't have any divine purpose in existence, and they have been created as such, because the enemy doesn't want any "rebellions" from the Chosen. The chosen are "tied" on a genetic level.

One can see their insanity in how they see "God". While its common sense that all that evolves, comes from the "Source" or the "Akasha/God" principle, and in its evolution develops a sense of self (presently called ego), the jews preach that everything should return to the "Source" and re-assimilate. They preach literal death for everyone.

"Communism" which was created by the Son of a Rabbi, Karl Marx, is the political idea that all lifeforms must and should "assimilate", since the "ego" is the problem behind everything. Where there is no life, there are no problems. Deranging evolution on the level of an ant or even lower, is the solution to the problems the jews "found" on everyone else.

The jews, due to their own inferior soul and genetic structure, have reverse values, as they are programmed to undermine and destroy other lifeforms by their so called "Creators". With the spiritual knowledge they have stolen, they have made no sense, and their only real additions or understandings mainly revolve around feces prayers, rape, mutilation and de-evolution of Humanity.

The Jewish Soul is inferior. Its creative design is inferior, lacks and misses certain "parts" and its in the "image" of their "God", which as we have related, is a psychopathic murderer with diseased DNA, with so much "instability" and "disturbance" that has led many theorists of aliens to believe that the Greys and Reptilians are actually races heading towards extinction. Their lot is THAT bad. Now, what can anyone expect from these "Creators"? Jews are also compulsively have been doing race mixing for centuries, in order to increase their "stock", but this has only led into a vicious circle as the central template upon which the attempted "empowering" themselves was disturbed.

The jews of course, as with all their other hangups, insanity and issues, they "projected" this to the Gentiles, telling them *THEY* are inferior. Infact, all the purebred Gentile Races do display their own beauty, abilities and I suppose, much genetic stability. This is why we have so many races and people on Earth. And this is why "Mixing" is not needed but should be avoided at all costs.

The jews openly mention that when they first say the "Nations of Satan", they were filled with hatred, as any inferior and murderous lifeform is filled with hatred for the success and wellbeing of other creatures. They have been created and they *ARE* that way. No lifeform wants to inflict so many problems, death and terror, if they don't have problems inside their own existence. The jew is the capstone of a problematic self existence. For this reason, they found and located the creator and fashioner of the "Nations of the Gentiles".

The Jews themselves in their occult literature, do openly mention that their hatred for Satan is because Satan was so "Strong" and so "Perfect" and just "Filled with So much Splendor and Light" from "God". As we all here know, "God" is nothing but the actual "Impersonal Force" that has to do with the creation and cosmos- potentiality. From there came all "beings" and life just happened from there, but life was supposed to advance and "re-unite" to this creative/destroying principle, in order to advance our reason of existing in the universe. This has nothing to do with jewish understandings, demands, psychopathic illnesses, or anything of that nature.

The Race of Satan and many other beings are all in this "Survival" Race. The same went for his "Offspring". The jews do also admit that the "Problem with the Demons" is that they are too strong in the "Creative Light" and they were too close to "God" (Or the Akashic element which all meditators are supposed to "Tap into" by uniting themselves with the Cosmos). For that reason, they cannot easily be stopped and they also hope that their alien "ET's" will win the battle against the Gods (they name these "Angels").

For the above reason, the enemy religions demand "Worship" and copious amount of energy, in order for these inferior "ET's" to attempt to destroy Satan through using the power of his own "Creation". The enemy has failed to do this on their own, so they resorted into this "Solution" instead, which is not working anyhow.

The same hatred and viciousness motivates all the lifeforms who are not capable to cope with their environment, or co-exist, to turn against the "Strong", sometimes in an attempt to "elevate themselves". Satan was the most elevated being and this is even in the enemy texts. Satan also, never threatened anyone, and never "started" any "War". Even in the jewish texts, it was "JHVH" that started the "War".

Satan and His Creation (The Gentiles etc) were told to "Bow" in front of the Jews, as an acceptance of their "lordship", but they all refused. For that reason, "Humanity" was cast out of "Paradise" (the enemy attacked us and made us spiritually degenerate) and "War began in Heaven" (This is also spiritual, as advanced entities fight with these means except of others.)

Satan as He has related to HPS Maxine, is physically, around half a million years old. There is more into this, but to show something simple... From the "Sayings" and "Revelations" of the enemy, most of their "ET's" would be fairly lucky to make it into 25,000 years old. An alien who named himself "Elohim" says that he has been alive for only "25,000" years overall, in the jewish religion of "Raelism", or in other crap such as "conversations" with ET's. The enemy, even in these conversations, tries to play the victim, as their "Chosen" do here below.

Also, contrary to the condition of the "World" here, things "Out there" are different. People should never mistake that given the stupidity and low-levelness of presently Humanity, the Gods are in anyway "threatened" or even have a "problem". Like all other lifeforms, they have to fight and persist to further the universal bluepring in themselves, and Satan is a Cosmic leader in this- however, what's important is that Humanity realizes how GRAVELY we need their help. Otherwise, even if this "Humanity" desires and is allowed by its ignorance to go downhill, it will be entirely its own loss.

The enemy is *NOT* to be in anyway, "Understimated", as maybe against Satan they have no hope, but against us, they are perfectly capable of destroying us. The only one that keeps this from occuring, this is Satan, and Satan's attention is in many places. Contrary to the enemy beliefs of "All powerful Gods", there are none, and beings have to look after themselves and what they are and own, but they can of course be helped. Satan and the Gods are the only backbone that keeps Humanity from entirely collapsing.

The "Abolishing" of his "Influence" almost resulted to the extinction of Humanity just around 1000 years ago, at the Middle Ages etc.

The "Return" of his "influence" signifies today a rise in health, power, and liberation for Humanity. All Humanity since the rising from these times has been in a far better condition, wether people admit it or not, compared to the "lost times" of the Ancient Civilizations (thanks jews).

The "Climax" of the powers of Satan on the Earth, which will signify the new uprising and healing of Humanity, and the blotting out of what keeps us behind from our evolutionary process.

These powers increase and decrease largely not by what escalates "out there", but *IN* here. Humanity is called like all other species to defend itself and make a better future out of it, by preserving the differences and the grades (racial, religious and whatnot) that guarantee survival.

As for the enemy, they termed in the "Apocalypse" that they really hope to actually be able to destroy the planet before this happens, have us enslaved, or if this all fails, cast an aggressive war and completely flatten the planet after this procedure of theirs has failed.

Like all the jewish big mouths, this can and will fail if Humanity acts in accordance to what the Creator, who is Satan, indicates.

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Maxine's sermons will always be dear to my heart, but I have to say this:

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SERMON I HAVE READ ON THE JoS. I am not kidding. What sealed the deal for me was the (Part 1). Dude, if this is a series of literature, it is the best series I have ever read in my life. Thank you for the generous and liberal amount of information. :D

Hail Our Beloved Father Satan and All of The Powers of Hell! Let's win this war and take back what is ours!

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I've been away from the groups for most of this past week (for some much-needed down time), just popping in now to read the sermons. Very well done, I'm looking forward to reading the other parts to this one shortly.
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

I'm tired of the jew corruption and torah curses ruining our civilization. I want to live in Paradise already... don't you? ... glish.html

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I am noticing people around me. Like in the lineup at the grocery last Friday and the man ahead of me got into this conversation with the woman just ahead of me and he was talking about how the jewish Rothschilds are behind the crap happening in Europe, that there is a push to destroy the white race. That a war is coming. I was amazed how informed he was. And then today, I was parking my bike and overheard two white men talking to an Asian regarding the chemtrails, she was asking WHY are they poisoning our skys? This doesn't make any sense, its not happening. Its conspiracy stuff and they were saying you need to educate yourself. Stop buying into the lies of the globalists and open your eyes! This is happening by design! I find it so interesting to hear this going on around me. It seems to me that our RTR's regarding revealing the Jews is having an effect. So I would say: everyone, keep up the RTR's! I remember when I was without, many years ago. I just couldn't understand WHY these fucks seemed to want to destroy everything, our environment, our lives, etc. It seemed so senseless to me. I didn't know why. It used to depress me so much because i thought: I am just one little person with no money or material power in this world, HOW can I fight this? It made me feel so hopeless and angry. So, finding JOS and learning there IS something I can do to help gave me so much hope, showed me how to help and this was such a relief to me because I always wanted to oppose this BS. It is so fucking alien to us. The Jews really ARE fucking aliens. Tonight I was at the beach and there was a drumming circle happening throughout the sunset. It was pretty amazing. One thing I saw was that 90 percent of the people gathered were Aryan (the others were asian and black and while I have nothing against the other Gentiles it made me very happy to see so many of MY people gathered) and the drumming was so intense, tribal, wonderful and positive, people were dancing, it was really nice. There were beautiful little Aryan kids there dancing with their parents. I just thought how there are no Jews here, just US. Just gentiles and how wonderful is this? We need to be free. We can advance and be and do so much more, if only this parasite were removed from our backs. This world doesn't have to be a shithole. It is the jew who makes it so. They need to be eradicated.

Hail Satan!

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