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Our Warfare and RTR's are Ruining the Enemy

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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades.

While the jewish media is hiding the facts, one can see beyond this if they are enlightened to what the (((Media))) does. All it does is lie, promote jewish propaganda and subconsciously brainwash the masses into being afraid and so they can keep remaining jewish slaves.

Behind all this, one can see, except of our obvious victories such as the Gawker Media Empire, that there is more and more happening. Not only the enemy is committing deadly mistakes, but their act is becoming obsolete and people are magically "figuring" things out. Also, irrespectively of the enemy's attempts to spiritually fight back, our Rituals, if continued with never ending intensity and vigor, will collapse them.

We will go down in history as very few people who have literally dealt with this spiritual cancer of the enemy. Our tenacity, loyalty and adherence to the Truth is finally paying off. I remember years before, where I organized the first collective and adherent workings against the enemy, we striked with all our people back then and this turned the wheel later, so the RTR's came into the light, let alone severe casualties in the enemy side. Now, added to our efforts back then, things are more bad for the enemy as ever before. All of this is amassing and it will manifest physically as we continue.

For that reason, the RTR's must be kept and printed as spiritual weapons meant to be used by all Gentiles, and these are our spiritual weaponry against the enemy, aside everything else.

There have been voices of fools and people who cannot understand the plain Truth: Not only we are in a very serious situation, but Satanism is right now in full blown warfare with the enemy and their lackeys, lurking here or whatever. Nobody should ask of a spiritual toning down, but people have to ever-mightly keep attacking the enemy without any spiritual remorse.

The enemy has a caste of "Rabbis" or in other words, people who are behind the spiritual defence of the jewish Race. Not only these are detoriating and the good one's of these are failing, but they are collectively failing as a group as well. This is evident and I can't reveal my sources (Those of you who study the enemy know) but this has manifested as a lying rampage of the enemy side, in that they are trying again to prove themselves "Innocent" and the old jewish lies.

I even read around that the jews are giving up "Judaism", even "Rabbis", as some sort of "Mistaken belief" by their Race, dismissing the "serious ones" as retards, just to hide their tracks from the insane amounst of sudden "interest" for all people feeling threatened by the murderous "Judaism". Many people nowadays know about the Torah, the Kabbalah and all their acts of atrocity, or the Zohar and all the other murderous garbage they have written. They sort of want to turn this into new "Age" garbage so the Goyim can believe them, while on the back, as always, continue the same act. The same goes for trying to suddenly, especially after 2015, being in a race to "Dismiss" all writtings that reveal their nature as "Superstitions" or "Lies by their enemies". They are however too many to hide, and they are also, based on an ignorance spell for the Goyim to work, which is no longer working on the "Goyim Slaves".

Our Victory will largely depend on how these "spiritual castes" of the enemy are spiritually depleted and destroyed. The RTR's do this automatically. They do the same for Satanists, as Satanists and very few other spiritualists who are with Satan, knowingly or not, work for the protection of the order and spiritual power of all Gentiles. No, I don't mean anyone we know here or can find online, but people like Tibetans or others who have risen past the level of the jewish "Matrix" and can spiritually see the root of this problem. This is why these people instantly joined Hitler, same as millions of Hindus, who still to this day, adhere to Hitler as a universal savior for which they only have admiration and positive comments.

The enemy, they have done this for centuries and this is why we are here, to stop this. The enemy will not stop spitefully attacking, parasitizing, undermining and spiritually destroying. Lying is their nature and they are going to invent trillions of lies just to cover up Truths that are in front of anyone's face. This works and is backed up by their magick and jewish drivel and bloodthirsty "Cabalism". The average "Rabbi" or devout xian, prays for more than 5 hours on end. "Prayer" of theirs is not prayer, but psychic spiritual warfare. These prayes revolve around their "God gaining power", "People Subjecting to God" or even outright curses against Satan or people that are against them.

This is a wake up call to all spiritual people who can see the Truth.

Our people need to grow up, become serious and engage in as much and as intense spiritual warfare as humanely possible. This must be done obessively, and to the point of suprassing even the enemy. Humanity needs warriors and for centuries upon centuries, there were *ABSOLUTELY NONE* Spiritual Warriors to back up and defend Humanity from this peril.

The supposed people who are to do this in our "Western Civilizations" (the "Clergy") are just jewish traitors who are infact, *ATTACKING THE PEOPLE AND NATIONS IN WHICH THEY ARE*, from *CLOSE PROXIMITY* and with *JEWISH MAGICK*. All this, in a giant paycheck that the "GOYIM" are working to generate. These people are traitors, and if they are not full blown rat jews, they are spiritual jewish footsoldiers, attacking their OWN KIND FROM WITHIN. They are doing the job of the Rabbis, on their behalf, WITHIN OUR MIDST. When people wake up enough to understand this, all these programs will be blotted out same as them.

For this reason many of our nations have been subjected, filled with traitors and have been spiritually, morally and physically destroyed. This is the essence of "Christianity" and "Islam". Also, all of these so called "Clergy" of the enemy, know entirely and work completely on and with the Jewish Kabal at the top. Its all a conspiracy. They do this to gain benefits and mainly, physical goods.

As for the spiritual undermining of the enemy.

If this is successfully done, as the enemy has their backbone in their spiritual slavery first, and then the physical, they will eventually collapse. The jews are not here because they are "powerful", but because all others have gradually become too weak or without knowledge to stop them. They didn't win by power, but they won their fights by the arrogance, and lack of knowledge of their victims.

As thus: Spiritual Warfare, EDUCATION! Here are the solutions and none else are real and long lasting solutions to this problem.

We are marking progress with just a few years, and not even closely the numbers or astral and physical means the enemy does possess. This is a very good omen. However, this is nothing on its own and people must continue. This strikes fear into the enemy, who will of course attempt anything to misdirect, misguide and keep our Warriors out of battle. With the enemy spiritually torn and destroyed, everything will fall in place, and this includes personal endeavors and the physical life of our members here and all over the World. This may seem long, but for those who are "Veterans" into this war, they know that the same issues existed when we were just starting out.

A massive awakening is being caused and anyone spiritually compentnent can see this. This is in the webs, in comments, in parades, everywhere. It is not beginning to happen in the minds of millions upon millions worldwide, and the ship has been set asail. Now we need to keep blowing the air, until the final spells of the enemy fall down aside of them and people realize that THEY do possess they power, and ACT to finish the job here as well.

People can finally see through and as time goes, this will blantantly manifest physically. The jewish media and goverment terrorist is having a boomerang effect on the jews, and this is also the "Trump Card" in order to control this revolution. Their old "values" are becoming obsolete and now they are more exposed than ever. More and more voices are being raised up, the name of our God, Satan is being cleared. This process will just keep escalating, lest we continue our spiritual warfare and warfare of education.

We must in no way sleep over this success, but we must be proud and thankful.

It is NOW that we must be more vigilant, forceful and aggressive than ever before. Do not let them put you down, strike fear into you or demoralize you. When you hear their voices and you see them, know you are seeing a failing slaver. The ship has set asail.

People say they love Satan. When someone is loved, and one means it, that means one must fight for the being whom they love. Those who call themselves as SATAN-ISTS (Those of Satan) and have realized the Truth of Satanism and the Truth behind Satan, same as this cosmic mission presented here, they must take their spiritual arms and march in warfare.

We Rose together and we will march on together finally and until the end and eternally further!

Satanic Comrades,





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Thank you.

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So many have awakened to the truth of Adolf, a documentary on youtube with 10k likes!!!

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Thats it! Lets crank out more RTRs guys!

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FourthReichBerserker wrote:
卐卐卐 SIEG FCKING HIEL!!!! 卐卐卐

So many have awakened to the truth of Adolf, a documentary on youtube with 10k likes!!!

Law of power 15 - Crush your enemy completely, unless you want them to rise up again

If you are referring to the "laws of power" by the Jew "Greene", I advise you Comrade to not consume this psychopathic info. As what he relates to the book (I just skimmed through it because I found it disgusting) is just filthy, sociopathological jewish paranoia to the brink of full blown insanity. Not only this is not suitable for "power", but its the classical jewish paranoia that pretends to be "powerful". It just teaches someone how to be a treacherous, weak slime, that is generally an abcess in the life of everyone.

Also, in the sight of everyone who is really powerful, if these people are found out they will be destroyed akin to psycho's who are a threat. All this will guarantee to someone is isolation, deprivation and lack of any real and decent power. Better have an open eye. People read these things and they become abusive retards, while thinking they are "strong".

Ie useless bullies that are a weight to society in their "Chasing of power". Who is not really "power" but jewish psychopathology. Which is not power because it does nothing to empower people in reality.

Also, even if something is written in a book that doesn't make this "Correct". Its just a law of nature that if you don't crush a disease, it will creep back at you, for instance. If a jew names this and contextualizes it, the context is not automatically made "correct".

Be careful for the jews take "Truths" that are natural and largely known, they transmute them into paranoia, and they pass it down. This is the case with this "Greene" who has done nothing else than take Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and turn this into a manual of jewish psychopathology. The original "Art of War" could help you more. Its a small book, and its worth a look. For theory, its good. Action is different.

All the above, only if you read this "book", however. Could be wrong though.

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