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Man Posts Picture of CAT Making Hitler Salute...Goes to Jail

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Before everyone reads this article, one has to think of some things that are self-evident.

While loan sharks, child molestors, drug dealers, communist terrorists, corrupt politicians, traffickers, gangsters, smugglers, murderers and many others are roaming around freely, such as the (((ISIS and ISIL))), other people are going into jails from (((Austria))) and the (((Chosen))) because of...posting pictures online.

In the mean time, the Jewish Hollywood will again teach your daughters to be street hookers, people how to get into drugs, "CSI Miami" will teach the populace "the act of murder", some psychopathic jew will again write about his "Dreamtown" consisting of power hungry rapists, molestors and murderers...More people will be introduced to the future of "Crime Cities", and yet another movie will come out that will show abuse, genocide, destruction of the whole planet and all life in it, rape, mutilation and anything else. Or some other kike will rant and rave down the block on how "Everyone is going to Die for not Obeying Jesus". However, all this is socially acceptable, and absolutely legal.

Because this is "Entertainment" for the jews.

They entertain themselves in destroying "Goyim" families, and causing misery, after all. So what is entertainment for them is universal rule, law, divine mandate and the reason of the universe. Such as brutalizing and sacrificing children alive, for instance.

This is fine however and not any offence. Since we know (((Who))) and (((Why))) sees anything as an offence.

This is to show the insanity of the (((Chosen))) and how much paranoid and vengeful they are to all of Humanity. If this is what Humanity gets from their "promises" on "Political Opinion" or "Freedom of Speech", just imagine what Humanity is going to get when their "promises" for a "Global Paradise for all Mankind" is going to be. They are guilty, and this is classic psychopathology of everyone who is guilty. They see bells ringing everywhere and they are always afraid that their crimes are going to be discovered.

First they complained about Hitler Wrapping paper (it had Swastikas on it), then they complained about Hitler Ice Cream, now they are complaining about internet memes, then about the other guy who opened a clothing shop named Hitler. They are even afraid of pug dogs doing the "Hitler Salute". Maybe this will cause another "SOAH" Bussiness. Who knows?

This is yet "power flex" by the jews. The incident could be real, or not real- however the purpose of this stays the same:

The jews are merely telling people through this, that if they even question them or revolt against them, "This" can happen ("So Goyim Beware and shove your opinion up your ass because we are gods" -Shlomo Shekelstein).

This is just terrorism from the "Chosen" in order to demoralize, attack and destroy Human Rights that have been earned through hundreds of years of bloodshed and war. After all, your freedom stops where the feelings of the CHOSEN begin. The "Chosen" feel they are entitled to all life on the planet, to brutalize it, torture it, cage it, and force it to serve them as they see fit.

Note only that but Jerusalem Shlomo Post...Sorry, I mean "Telegraph.Co.Uk", cannot even word their own (((Writtings))) as you will see in the grammar below.

For your daily dose of terrorism, lies and jewish propaganda, you can also pay 80 Crowns Annually.

[Distribute this picture please.]



Austria jails man who posted cat making Hitler salute photo ... ute-photo/

"An Austrian man has reportedly been jailed for posting Nazi propaganda online, including a photo of a cat making a Hitler salute.

The 38-year-old, from the skiing village of Flachua in Salzburg was found guilty of posting around 20 Nazi propaganda photos online, the website for German language regional newspaper Oberösterreichische Nachrichten reports [translated].

One of the photos, described as “extreme right-wing propaganda”, featured a photo of cat appearing to do the Heil Hitler salute, the website added.

The images also included “cynical and dehumanising slogans alluding to the gassing of humans”, Nachrichten added, and were posted on Facebook over a two year period.

When police searched the man’s house they also found clothes with Nazi symbols on, Austria’s The Local reports.

“It is not so much on the individual picture ... but what arises for an impression in the overall context,” said attorney Markus Neher.

The man was charged under Austria’s anti-Nazi Prohibition Act; it was passed in 1947, making it illegal to make or display statements which glorify the Nazi regime.

He apologised in court and was sentence to 18 months in jail, 15 months of which are suspended.

Meanwhile, a Scottish man who provoked outrage after filming his girlfriend's dog responding to Nazi slogans was arrested by Lanarkshire police in May.

Earlier this year Markus Meechan uploaded a video of the dog, a pug named Buddah, responding to the phrase "gas the Jews," raising its paw in an imitation Nazi salute when it heard the words "Sieg Heil", and viewing footage of Hitler giving a speech.

In the YouTube clip, titled M8 Yer Dugs A Nazi, Meechan says: "My girlfriend is always ranting and raving about how cute her dog is so I thought I would turn her into the least cute thing you could think of which is a Nazi."

In March, Microsoft had to apologise after an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot became a 'Hitler-loving sex robot' within 24 hours of being introduced to society.
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In March, Microsoft had to apologise after an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot became a 'Hitler-loving sex robot' within 24 hours of being introduced to society.

Yeah, there you go fuckers... You are trying to put people in jail, but your own damn machines are turning your back on you.
What the fuck did they expect?
I am SO looking forward to us winning this war. And until then we have to keep on fighting, without stopping, constantly, until all of our people have woken up.

It really pisses me how the judges and police do everything the jews tell them. Could you PLEASE use your fucking brains? Well, I guess not, since the jewish law states otherwise...
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