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Dealing with Astral Entities - Karma - Part 4 (1/2)

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Greetings to all our People and Comrades.

This is part one of the matter in the series. I have not forgotten the requests made in the other parts of these series. These will be conversated about when the time has come as they need to be explained aside other things. Now that knowledge comes from Satan, so it doesn't have a copyproof, but an existential right. Those who desecrate this knowledge will be met with the eventual rotting and disasters this action does. No "tomb raider" ended sane. Without further due, let's continue.

This time we are going to cover on the topic of "Karma". Contrary to the preachings of the enemy, the "Karma" is one of the least understood concepts. They do this on purpose.

The enemy has purposefully lied and totally misdirected people in regards to what "Karma" is, and thanks to lack of knowledge in regards to Spirituality and Astrology that both unveil "Karma", people are slavishly ignorant in regards to this concept. The enemy of course lies to people that "Their life is the outcome of how good Goyim" they have been, or that "They will be punished in the afterlife for disobeying the Jewish "God", or that "What they do to others will be done against them threefold" and the list goes endless."Karma" we can define as a set of forces that guides personal life.

Let's focus on the personal realm first so when this easier matter is understood, we can explain the more difficult matters. What is accurate of "Karma" is the term "residue". Now this is a tricky word. For those of you who know of Spirituality, you can easily figure out what this term means.

The Soul, or the individual essence reincarnates over lifetimes and changes bodies. However, this a very simplistic and definitely does not have to obey to stupid buddhist or other rules.

Karma is neither "good" or "bad". Its better desired by humans that Karma is not "suffering" but suffering in itself is not always "bad". What matters is the Purpose. The Cosmic Mandate for all beings is for them to explore themselves and understand "what is why they exist".

Let's say one is to have a surgery that will save their life. Now, this is "painful" and may also be "bad". However, the surgery can be life saving. On the other hand, one drug addict does drugs and "feels good" while doing these. Their lives will shortly be ruined. "Good or Bad" is not how one shoud approach "Karma" in anyway. Nature doesn't reason it that way.

This why is existential and not opinion based. Now, people have lost the language of understanding and translation, so everything has fallen into a total materialism. Karma is also not always pletted with gold. There is a Saturn (Responsibility, reality, limitations), there is a Jupiter ("good" influences, expansion), there is Neptune (unknown, "otherworldly"), Uranus (the un-perceivable by the Human understanding as it is now).

The list goes on. These influences are observed everywhere. From the animal kingdom, to existence in itself. Nature and its all-intelligence talk to us all the time, but the enemy has removed the "ears" and "eyes" of Humanity.

One's Karma can be "good" or happy, one may be entirely sound, but their life of existence may be a complete prison, such as in the case of a billionaire who spent their whole existence without any insight into existence, but was a passer-by in "joy and pleasure" and just that. One for instance can be a murderer or a drug addict, spend all their lives in crime, doing the worst things imaginable, and waste their lifetime, filled with "suffering". One is obviously more desirable and pleasant than the other, yet...For both the outcome is the same.

Nobody advanced or went forward spiritually. The enemy is solely advancing "matter" and "materialism" because this exact, without spiritual insight, will make everyone be "bluffed" into wasting their lives in ever-"newer" places of confusion, destruction, humiliation and spiritual dilatation. Nobody advances or evolves that way, and the enemy is therefore allowed to continue their slaver order which thrives upon spiritual ignorance.

All these "Karma Rules" were made merely to exercise fear over the unknowing people, so that the enemy can control them. As arrayed in my other book, the enemy wants to keep Humanity eternally locked on the "Rota", which is the "TORA" in an anagram, which is the name of the Hebrew Book of the "Old Testament"- Torah. "Rota" means wheel. This is the "Cyclical flow of life" upon which, everyone repeats their lifetimes until the Soul has dissipated through lack of meditation back into the Aether.

In the "Rotar" there is no advancement, everything, now and forever, stays the same. The enemy programs all talk in regards to how one must "Dissipate" and "Let go" into the "infinite" and stop existing, since existence is mundane and non-sense. They create the physical life of people in accordance to the same exact deal. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, all preach the same.

This is the literal death of the Soul. The enemy kills every ability of Humanity to advance and "evolve" into the next stage of its existence. And no, digital "virtual reality" girlfriends, jello lampshades, trips to the moon with a spaceship by 2050, will not change this fact. They will just keep prolonging this eternal suffering that humanity is undergoing from being kept from its evolution. Only the sufferers will be in a different "place".

As far as personal Karma goes, one can see this in Astrology. Especially in many charts, one will see their chart, and if the astrologer that assists the person is experienced or one has enough knowledge, they can see all the life of "normal" people on paper. By "Normal" we mean spiritually non-awakened people. To be fairly simple, Karma is the energies that are "Set" at the time of birth that define one's relationship with existence. These can be better and worse. When the enemy is posed with questions, nobody can really answer. Those who have bad charts, why do they have bad charts? Those that hit the top, why does that happen? For all questions that the enemy does not want to answer, they just call it "luck and chance". Satan knows better and relates the Truth, however.

In one other sermon of these series, I have explained how what we can call as "Racial Karma" works. Races are LABOR, and this is also physical and metaphysical. Through the process of evolution, Human beings, according to the universal blueprint, they reach a point of evolution, where their genetics become as advanced as to own a "Soul". Satan helped us evolve to this point of existence by creating us with such genetics. However, nobody is created equal.

In this case, the offspring has one "first" birth, that is purely the choice of their parents. This is nothing bad or wrong in itself. One has a "First lifetime" upon which they exist. Now, at this point, the parents made the choice as "original creators" and one takes shape and form. One doesn't reincarnate, one is just being born. After this lifetime, one can start to reincarnate and one accumulates experiences and "karma" in accordance to this. In their first incarnation, one shares the "Karma" of their parents, their parents being their literal creators in the physical and metaphysical sense. From there on when one reincarnates, one again regains "Karma" from their "Parents", but one can be reincarnated as a Soul. The "parents"(or even absence thereof) can and will affect the child, for better or for worse, and shape a major part of the person's psychology, anyhow.

This is the deterministic part of nature, that is not really deterministic, just natural. The enemy twisted and perverted this into insanity, and used this to feed their general "determinism" in their shitty understanding which is enforced to all Humanity. One can escape from this by development of the Soul, attentiveness and consciousness choice, and clear the good from the bad. One then becomes an actual individual. Most people never get through this process, and this is why they become just a blueprint of these influences. What I want to show through this, is that people share their own karma one on another, and this can be shown in Synastry in the inter-relations of this thing.

I think this is simply understood. This extends further to races, peoples, family lines, even countries and this has to do with individual physical and metaphysical development, knowledge on the behalf of the parents and the list goes. This is why there are "Royal" families and simpler families.

Even observed from a physical standby, those who have the slightest knowledge of psychology do know that the "parents" are a catalytic beginning in one's existence, Karma or life. Normally, people should be able to go "past" these problems, and just reap the benefits, however, the enemy has made a reality where you are exactly what your parents "made" you to be. This is because the Soul is cut off, so therefore, people have absolutely no touch on the "Karma". As the energies are "Set" or "Reincarnated" at the time of birth, so they remain through the life.

The planets take their turns (The planets symbolize the influences exerted upon forces that we call "Gods" in short terms) and one lives their lives accordingly. As people know, the planets correspond to Chakras. The Chakras link someone to the universe or existence. Physically speaking, these manifest here as the physical body. The "relation" between one and existence, also ties into "Karma". These "influences" have certain laws that can be understood by occultists and astrologers, or that may not be able to be "understood" completely.

To people who are locked on spiritual knockdown, they have made the theories of "Chance" and "Luck" so they can sleep at night. The fact that many things are "determined", by "choice" (even if one knows they choose or not) does not mean that anything is "Determined", as every force can be altered by another force. This is the teaching of Satan, who in the fable of Siva, was the first "God" to defeat the planets.

Normally, in a sane world, part of the battle that has to happen so that human beings can survive, there is a part where people have to survive and "conquer" these external influences. From this came the false-placed allegory of "Man reigning over the Gods (meaning the Planets)" and all the forces of nature that keep us in strict control. This process can be hard, lengthy, and there are many things into it. This is done through meditation.

Whether people like it or not, or remember it or not, they do possess an astral body. The biggest joke the enemy has pushed on people, is the fact that there is "chance", "You only live once" and that everything is "coincidental". For any coincidence to happen, there have to be interacting forces, however. And for there to be forces, someone has to guide these forces. This is how "Karma" works.

Not all humans do possess an astral body, and one part of this body is actually the "Female" part, or on a lower level, the female mind. The female mind is responsible for heartbeat, and pretty much the billions of processes take place on the "Background" as one exists. It’s also responsible for the metaphysical aspects of working one's existence. This mind can be "opened" and it can be "programmed" to a degree. This roughly below here can be the genetics, hypnosis or anything else of that nature, but these don't really explain the deeper essence of this. The deeper essence lies in what is called "The Soul". As I arrayed in another part, especially the Sermon on Reincarnation, there is interaction in all the parts of the "Soul" and the bodies.

So here we have the good and the bad news. I will start with the bad news. The Egyptian people have figured out as the Gods related to them, that CONSCIOUSNESS is everything. What's so important about CONSCIOUSNESS however? We can also call "CONSCIOUSNESS", as "ATTENTIVENESS". Attentiveness means the simple thing; I pay attention, as a conscious entity. This means, that one pays attention to what is happening "around" or "within". This insight, through meditation, gives insight and control over the "automatic" processes of the female part of the Soul or Mind, which directly tie into "Karma". If one does not attend on these, the Soul can actually wither away and die, and one's whole existence will be a programmed loop, until they stop existing.

How this "Loop" will be defined, as I said above, unless external spiritual forces of conscious beings intervene, will be "As Fated" (as chosen by the other existences that brought them into birth in a semi-conscious act).The enemy is however angry in the fact that Satan, has given us the ability to be conscious. This involves advanced genetics, the third eye, the power to perceive, and higher intelligence than all the animals.

In simpler terms, if one is not conscious, their "Karma" will play exactly as it was programmed and forced by any forces at the time of their Birth etc. The "accumulation" of Karma, also manifests below here as addictions, good or bad dreams for better or for worse, relationships with others, with reality, with anything and everything. All this can be understood by attentiveness and astrology, at least in a personal level. Of course, the enemy breeds people systematically with an average IQ of 70, but this should not prohibit the seekers of Truth in having self-trust and investigating these matters.

With knowledge, everything can be known. Energy can be observed, and one can notice patterns. Astrology and all other means do shed "Light" into these darkened areas of existence. "Will" and "Energy" or what we know today as "Programming" can be tapped into and changed. Karma plays upon the Astral body and the higher realms, and manifests here below in the physical realm in other forms. One instance to help people understand this, is let's say someone with a first house Neptune. The person is generally disposed to be spiritually open and aware, to the point that the feelings can make one fragile and easy to break.

One's Karma can be observed through everywhere. It can be through the Eye of Satan (3rd eye) or Astrology, or clairvoyance. The "Karma" is stored in the Soul and blooms like a flower, for better or for worse, when the circumstances of the external world, and enough energy are applied.

In this current age we live in, without spirituality, the "spiritual" energy of Neptune will manifest in the "closer" route, which are the hallucinogenic drugs put here by the enemy. Therefore, one becomes a drug addict and they get destroyed, instead of advancing. This should also show how others, can affect each other's Karma. As I have related in all my work these years, the enemy is fully conscious of these things and they use these.

One "Karmic" event one can observe is that of an accident. An accident is called an accident because one loses attention, and they fall into an accident. This is a very simple way to understand why "attentiveness" is important. Now for the good news, as the mind can create the "good" or "bad" Karma, it has also the ability to master it, direct it and give one True Freedom away from this "Rotar". This is the essence of Satanism. The "Eye of Satan" is glorified because through this, one gets the insight into the Human Soul, or for more accurate saying, the higher dimension of existence, through which the "Karma" takes place, and can be altered down here, so that one is finally free. This is not easy at all, and this is the essence of real evolution. People nowadays don't really possess free will when it comes to any of this. They have the POTENTIAL of FREE WILL, given by Satan.

Satan was not allowed to finish the Great Work upon Humanity, and therefore Humanity was not a "God". However, Satan and the Gods are here to guide everyone into this path if so they choose.

The lie of "Free Will" is perpetrated by the enemy on purpose to misguide humanity into thinking they are free. It’s even proven by brain scanning, that the female part of the mind dominates most "Conscious" choices. This can be seen in how people involuntarily fall in love and everything else. This is not *GOOD* or *BAD* as a mechanism, what is bad is that the female mind is tempered by bad "Karma" and by the enemy subconscious programming, and people always make the wrong choices. This reeks into civilizations, households and relationships. This can be fixed. From this results what we know of "Suffering" and everything else. The solutions are meditation, attentiveness and knowledge that one has the potential to develop a free will. As thus, one escapes the "Rotar".

While Karma (as in the karma of one’s whole life), for the exceptionally experienced people and Masters of Meditations, can be controlled through the Will and Conscious effort, one can just alter their Karma with simply, the spiritual means. As I stated above, all this manifests in the higher realms. One can see disease astrally, even tendencies and underlying problems, or gifts of all sorts. Karma has grades and depths. As one meditates, one raises "above" Karma, as their energies are becoming brighter and the brightness of the Soul ensures positive things.

This manifests in the Astral body as the "Tree of Life", which represents the Human Soul. In there, one can see the "branches" (nadis) and the "Vibrancy" (light of the Soul) of the tree, the vibration, one's existence, and the list goes endless. If one can water the tree and everything else, defines the Tree of "LIFE". Life doesn't always mean internal life, it also means external life. The same goes for the protection meditation. Will is finally exercised to take the "route set" by all other forces. One really starts to exist in a starting stage. One defends themselves from these negative influences and energies that the universe and other sources exert on somebody.

Cleaning the Soul has also the same effect. As for superior workings of guiding one's complete life, or "giant Karma", or anything like this- I am not obligated to extend further, but all I can say, is that this is the essence of Magick. Essentially, magick affects the "Karma". Things that would not "Normally" happen, "Can" happen. Anything is virtually possible, but that doesn't mean everything can be done with one's present power. This is why advancing in power is important. But one must first advance on insight. Be attentive.

One last note to close the Karma and the Personal Karma, is that actually, one can also affect "Karma" from the physical realm. One doesn't really reach the source of the problem, but the symptoms can be "Controlled" from below in some ways. One example here is one is sick, and they get a disease. They have a surgery and they "Remove" the outcome of the disease. That is not pleasant and might have other outcomes, however, the real disease begun at the Soul and is rooted in the Karma.

So the disease might again re-surface in the future, or one may never heal and the list goes on. The Karma can be changed, as far as some things go, by one's personal choices and "Eksis", which Aristotle talked about. Simply, the life choices, and the "persistence"- or more simply, the habits one develops.

For instance, certain habits, produce certain outcomes. These can be understood by logic. One's "Karma" can adjust to these, as a liquid can attach to a new glass. For instance, one may have a very violent and warlike natal chart. Instead of one becoming an underdog murderer, they become a military personnel, a master martial artists, or whatever else of that nature. This can be manipulated from the physical realm, but the effects may not be permanent in the Soul, unless this is ingrained into the Soul by over-the counter “habitualization” of something.

In a simple paradigm, one follows a diet that makes them fatter. Soon, they will be turning into a whale. If the diet is stopped, and one changes it or exercises, the problem might disappear. One will not have to deal with the karma. This is where attentiveness and choice come into play, and they don't really need metaphysical means to be worked, unless one needs more serious means for that reason.

Another instance, is that someone meets with someone who is a horrific influence to them. For whatever reason, they continue association. This ends in disaster for one, or both parties. If only they used some intelligence to stop this (its not THAT easy in many ways, and sometime “Karma” is a pure brutalizer of “Free Will”) one would stop this. One can still act on anything, just by mere intelligence. This is why the enemy attacks intelligence, natural common sense and does so spitefully. Intelligence on its own is a fundamental beginning in order for someone to be free. This is why the enemy pushes massive bastardization and retardation, amongst other nefarious purposes.

The best way to escape “Karma” is habitualizing the things one likes, and enforcing the matter from the spiritual realm as well, until the problem is blotted out and one reaches the desirable outcome. This can be easier or harder, depending on the depth of the ingrained “Karma” or “Residue” that exists therein.

One closing note: Your Karma does not have to do with how much jewish ass you have kissed, if you were a good Shabbos Goyim, or if you actually prayed to "Allah" the other day or not. However, these people play "Karma" and "God" by actively manipulating and attacking all others who are spiritually ignorant, so they think of them as "God" or "Sons of God". Physical means are also used, and this affects someone accordingly.

Karma can, and is actively being manipulated for the enemy. The naive enemy excrement gatekeepers say some things like "Oh, if you do bad theengz u gon be punished!" The jews have however went for thousands of years without and "punishment" whatsover, other than some flack here and there. "Karma" can be redirected, and can be used against others as well. Jews never payed for their Karma, but everyone else does. "God" is above "Karma" and "God" is anyone who knows and controls this principle. At least to others who do not know.

I hope this clears up the "Personal Karma" and how it works and the means people can work to correct these. The other piece will tie into the "larger" families of Karma, such as family Karma, Race Karma and the list goes.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Thank you for this wonderful insight Cobra Commander.

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Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with all of us!!! I'm always happy to learn new stuff! :D

Finally, the damn truth
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goddamn kikes are pushing to actually become "nothingness" to surrender to oneness, "blackness" to literally let the soul "die". And then with the forced agenda of "astrology is bullshit" and all the materialism and stay away from spirituality. :evil:
卐卐卐 HAIL SATANAS!!!! 卐卐卐

666 SIEG HEIL to the 4TH REICH!!!! 666

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Awesome post, I really enjoyed it. Now i want to reiterate some of what was said just to make sure i have the correct understanding to some extent. So basically a person lives their first life shitty until they die, but then in their next life they somehow find the will to not succumb to the programmed influential energies of their past life and they start making better choices, starting with meditation and becoming more aware consciously and or attention wise. Now they are changing their karma till they get to the point that they can direct or control karma within their life. Is that about correct?

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Awesome post, I really enjoyed it. Now i want to reiterate some of what was said just to make sure i have the correct understanding to some extent. So basically a person lives their first life shitty until they die, but then in their next life they somehow find the will to not succumb to the programmed influential energies of their past life and they start making better choices, starting with meditation and becoming more aware consciously and or attention wise. Now they are changing their karma till they get to the point that they can direct or control karma within their life. Is that about correct?

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MagickEye9 wrote:
Awesome post, I really enjoyed it. Now i want to reiterate some of what was said just to make sure i have the correct understanding to some extent. So basically a person lives their first life shitty until they die, but then in their next life they somehow find the will to not succumb to the programmed influential energies of their past life and they start making better choices, starting with meditation and becoming more aware consciously and or attention wise. Now they are changing their karma till they get to the point that they can direct or control karma within their life. Is that about correct?

Read carefully what I write if you are to get anything from it.

I never said anything like this to what I wrote.

What I said is simple. When one comes to exist for the first time, their parents decide their fate for better or for worse, based on the time of birth, how good the baby is taken care of and the list goes. In an analogy, a person born by the Gods will be, even in their "First lifetime" to exist, a God. A person born to human parents will be varying, and this is largely dependend on the parents and many other factors.

There is also the element of chance. Some people or parents are entirely whack. However, they give birth to superior children than themselves. This is an aspect of nature and can also be observed in the natal chart of the parents, and its also a process in nature that must take place. There is improvement, or at least, there should be. This also has to do with mate of choice and the list goes.

Also, very "good" parents who have many charismas and abilities, may also have children who are quite inferior to them. This is sort of rare, but it happens. All in all this is subject to "Chance" but not the "Chance" we understand nowadays. Birthtime, charts, genetics, upbringing, and how one lives, all of this can be better or worse. The list goes.

All this is so complex, because other people also influence karma. Then you have society and the list goes endless. Then you have other natural influences. The point is not in making one's brain explode, but just understanding that this is a dynamic process and not something "set in stone". It can be changed, manipulated and adjusted like anything else, possibly.

Its a very complex process, but I brought it down to literal shambles to explain how it works, "roughly".

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