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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades.

For those living in Europe, and are not on hallucinogenic drugs, or in "reality denial" mode, they can see the evident. The death of innocents and even police officers by Islamic Warfare has become a commonplace these days. The same goes for rape, mutilation, drug trafficking and all sorts of other "enrichments" we have been "blessed" with by the jewish "god" and its physical servants, the jews.

"Belgium police machete attack: Knifeman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' attacks two female officers outside station" ... er-8574786

"A man slashed a policewoman's face with a machete and shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before her fellow officer gunned him down in a chilling 'terror' attack.

The attacker reportedly walked up to two policewomen at the entrance of the police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi just before 4pm, pulled a machete from his bag and hacked at the officer. [...]"

But please, stop reading these things. Sing with me! Don't listen to "Hatred". Listen to this song!

"What A Wonderful World We Live in"!!!

♫ ♫ "I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world......."♫ ♫

Meanwhile, the so called "system" and the so called "spiritualists" and all the "truthers", Gatekeepers of the (((Chosen Race))), "politician" garbage, are continuing their old rhetoric and action. They literally think and believe, the Goyim will be asleep forever, until its too late. They just keep repeating this like a broken radio record. The same goes for enemy occult lodges, "Intellectuals" and everyone else. Raise any rock you want in this world, irrespectively of where you live right now. Open your television, see a jew narrating you your "News". Go to the university, see a jew narrating how you should think.

Open your TV, some jew affirms on some new diet on how you are going to eat. Change the channel, see a jew narrating about Morals of "Ascended Mustard Jewsus Krayst". Get a magazine, read about the new self proclaimed "Gods" of this planet, the Jews. Maybe as well you will be blessed to know about Zac Efron's excrement the other day. Was it diarrhea, or was it a strong dump? Get out with people, conversate about all sorts of intresting things, like which player is who in the France Soccer team, since they are all Blacks and you can't find Whites anymore, because don't be Racist, that's why.

Then, open your news and enjoy your next terrorist attack, again screaming "Allahu Akbar". Don't worry, the news will brush it up fast- you will never see any pictures of the dead bodies, of the mutilated people on the destroyed families. Change your channel. Now, you are hearing about the other "Black Guy" who was "Unjustly murdered" by (((Whites))). You will see tens of people crying, you will hear the jews tell your their ethical shekelberg things. After all, its you fault, Whitey. Somehow your biological existence is the mere reason of evil, desolation and everything else that is evil in this world. You need to sacrifice yourself and destroy yourself, or sit down quitely and be raped, pillaged and destroyed.

Even Doctor Noel Ignatiev, which just *HAPPENS* to be Jewish, but is a well versed "Scientist"- lets you know. The cause of all problems is the White Race.


His "Race" also has a Solution Manual, named the Torah for this. You know, "God's Word" which you read at Sunday School. Which openly mentions all "White" Races have to be killed over some ancient vice the Chosen Jews have in regards to us. But times go, they must have forgotten. Doctor Ignatiev's opinion is *NOT* yiddish ancient hatred and resentment! Its (((SCIENCE)))!

Who are you to think? Just tell me, who you are?

According to the "Race" of Doctor (((Noel Ignatiev))), you are Goyim Slave, and you cannot think of yourself anyway. You *NEED* Doctor Noel Ignatiev to do your "Social thinking", Doctor Metzuvah to do your "Diet", Dr Shekelberg to handle your "finances", "Jewsus Christ" to be your lord and savior, "Kim Kardashian" to give you an ass to imagine about. You *NEED* the Chosen Jews. According to them that is... Thousands years of your own people, your own brain, intelligence and culture, are all useless. You need the *Race* of worthless desert wanderers, who have a children killing, rapist and blood sacrifice culture, as their daily routine.

How much did (((Kim Kardashian's))) necklace cost? Then realize its none of your bussiness, and just call it a day. Ignore this for one more day. Repeat. Wake up again, going from one dream, to another dream.

Go to your bank, see the jews counting your money. Go to your job, see the alien jews on their chair counting your labor and hard earned bucks, and abusing you for the evident. Check your government, see the insane amount of (((Communists))), (((Leftists))) and (((Liberals))) opening up your borders, killing your families, and slowly dragging your state of living ever-lower. Then go outside on the street and see the hoards of muslims trying to chase your wife or your children. As you return home, see your child beaten up, or your child going missing from some sort of guy who has been classified as "poor Immigrant" but was also classified as screaming "Allahu Akbar".

According to your "Wife", he had nothing in this world and he was so hungry, that's what pushed him to act. Don't think deeply. The jews have done your (((Deep thinking))) for you. So maybe we need to excuse him of raping or mutilating a child. Maybe give him some 5 digit paycheck in order to, you know, help him. He was wrongly accused. He just poked this child with his genital organ! It wasn't rape! The Jew Reporter said So!

♫ ♫ "I hear baby's cry, and I watched them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll ever know...♫ ♫ "
(Like Multiculturalism let's say)

Don't you dare hate the Jews, Whitey.

According to the (((Social Engineer Barbara Spectre))), Europe *MUST* go Multicultural and its entering a ((("Multicultural mode"))). After all, massive immigration from the Middle East, where people are still murdering their wives for not wearing a burka, is the same as when you go to some student exchange program in "Harvard".

All "Multicultural modes" are alike, one and the same. After all, you met one black guy once in a club. He was dancing and didn't kill anybody! He must be a *GOOD* person. Then you see your White Neighbor, Helmut let's say. Of course you White Neighboor whom you knew for so many years, even if he is the most peaceful guy you ever knew, and helps you build a nation, being a taxpayer and laborer, he needs to die in the "Multicultural mode". The Black Guy you met in the club, and this fellow, are the same. Because, aren't we all the same?

Last week, a law came up that will ensure the imprisonment and the attack on every person who does "Racist Remarks", by the (((European Union))). As you know, the immigrants are suppressed and even if they say Allahu Akbar, kill people with Machettes, and rape children to death for over 20 hours, this is nothing. They have their own Divine Law, like the Jews- Its called Sharia. You know its just them being suppressed...They need LOVE and TOLERANCE to get in the RIGHT track.

However if they consider your hug non "Halal", they are going to do this to you. Please DO NOT BE OFFENDED and BE TOLERANT!


If some purely *UNSANE* person, says something like "They Need to Go from our Countries" or "Help them In Africa", you are now being a bigot. You need to fight these people with all your (((Might))). After all your (((Knowledge))) on the Subject, makes you know better. The Good Goyim, has to fight for its lord and master, the Jew. Don't have any problems in that your Nation's Politics are overtaken by Jews, Islamics and people of all other places in the world. (((Jewsus))) said we must share, be good sheep, for the rewards are in heaven and not here. (((Jewsus Christ))) also said its "inevitable". Who are you to stop this? Are you "GOD"? No you are not! THE JEWS ARE "G-D"! Because they said it themselves.

According to ((("Sigmud Freud"))) you are just a neurotic psychopath if you believe in Hitler or something. Hitler had these strange and bad, bigoted ideas. Its some sort of "Neurosis" simply. He wasn't fighting any intergalactic war to save the Civilized West from Jewish Bolshevism! So you don't want to be (((Labelled))) neurotic, or bigot in anyway. Don't you know the story of this jew in Germany, where a bad Nazi, while the Jew was eating a donut, spilled his water on the floor? IT should be in (((New York Times))). You know, (((New York Times))) Cannot and would NEVER lie to you. Your friends will call you out if you think these things. Good Goyim have to keep each one another in the (((Cage))). Didn't you watch this crying video of Charlie Chaplin and the (((Projected))) horrors of WW2?

This is what happens when Whites get self esteem. Evil things.

Don't believe the jews that admitted the Holocau$$t Never Happened. They do have dementia and they are self hating. Doesn't matter if 6,000,000 is a master Number in the (((Jewish Occult Kabbalah)))! Its a (((Coincidence)))! As with everything else in this (((Wonderful World)))!

When Whites die, as you can see all around you, the world, like in Brazil where people are 95% impoverished, falls into place. Everything suddenly becomes a socialist, communist paradise. The same goes to India and all the other places non-infested by the White Problem.

The jews after all are the chosen of "God" and they promised to everyone that if they rule, all will be fine. Jews are well known to keep their (((promises))) and never lie to anybody.

Don't listen to Jewish Quotes such as Baba Mezia 59b. "A rabbi debates God and defeats Him. God admits the rabbi won the debate." These are to lie in regards to the CHOSEN!

That's why more than 60 in 100 people live below impoverishment. The jews were honest. When you eradicate Whites, it all falls into place. The same goes for Africa. Hardly any Whites around, paradise all around for everyone!

Think of your life. Your income hasn't been reduced much. At saturday you are going camping anyway, why should you care? You are not supposed to care! The Jews are Supposed to Care. You may have to take the other route since they say the "Immigrants" have burned down your favorite picnic spot, but who cares. You will find another one. (((Coincidences))) happen.

Don't you know about the Holohoax? Now, give your child to be raped and mutilated in the hands of the poor, the meek and the weak. They need our "help", states, Nations. Don't worry if you worked 12 hours shifts for less than "20 Euro". Billions and Billions of your 12 hour shifts will not go to build your Nation in anyway, but "Help the poor helpless presecuted weak frail fragile chased away and nowhere to go, immigrants", exactly as (((They))) indicate. You know, the (((European Union))) and the others who decide your fate, without you not even knowing of their existence and names. Yes, these guys.

Now please go to sleep. You might need one or two pills. Doctor Shekelstein said these are safe and they have been tested for one week on some rat. Everything is normal. We are doing fine. Thank (((God))) we are accepting of everything that happens and that (((Multicultural Mode))) is surviving yet another day. Those who created your (((Conscience))) will be proud. Sleep tight in knowing that for one day more, the Jewish Master has been served. And of course, keep repeating this until nothing that represents you, Whitey, no longer exists.

Seal the Coffin of your people one more day. Remain one more day uneducated, ignorant, and naive. Reject for one more day, the fate of this world and the real ability to make things better.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world....
(Wait until your drugs are over with...there will be a dropdown, I warn you.)



Maybe Wake Up, Europe?

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I wish I knew how to get the people I know to understand all this, but they just don't care. It's all exactly as you describe HP, they're asleep. All this doesn't affect them, right? It's not happening to them (yet) so it doesn't matter. "Oh, another attack has happened in Europe, how awful. People that compain about muslims are just racists though, I'm better than them, I won't give in to hate."

It makes me so angry and sick to my stomach. How many more people have to die before everyone wakes up?

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Very sad... I tried using logic and argument with those around me about this but, I'm racist, extremist, radicalist, etc. It's really sad that everything, and its actually everything in everyones daily life, exactly how you described, is controlled by the jews, and its all a gigantic conspiracy for many, but it's the sad truth... its so sad to watch my family and people I used to call friends (because well, I can't be friends with zombies anymore, not good for my sanity) slowly die, slowly fading away to the jew, because they are to lazy to give a fuck. People think it only happens to others, but if it happens to them, oh well, don't be a racist now... stop being such a Nazi....
We will destroy them, we will win! Keep doing the RTRs everyone never skip any days, remember your survival and the survival of your race depends on it!

Keep up the RTRs, they will hit the enemy at their greatest seat of power - Their torah
卐卐卐 HAIL SATANAS!!!! 卐卐卐

666 SIEG HEIL to the 4TH REICH!!!! 666

"Israel will get what she deserves!" - Satan/Lucifer

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