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Without going into many and non-necessary details, let's just remind people of the fundamentals upon which this post will be based.

First of all, "Jesus" is nothing but a thoughform, a psychic link towards something. "Jesus" is nothing but a "Jewdized" allegory of the Serpent power. The Serpent power "Ascends to heavens" (7th Chakra), will come into a "Second Coming to save the 144,000 Chosen" [144,000 are the Nadis in the Human Soul], "Gives birth to the dead" [opens up the Soul], "Carries 12 Disciplies" (12 Zodiac Signs that represent the 12 parts of the Human body) and the list goes, “Jesus” will also “Judge” (without Serpentine energy, one cannot maintain themselves in the afterlife and the list goes)…

All in all, this is nothing but the Jewish Kundalini Serpent talked to as "Leviathan" or simply, "Jesus". When people pray to the jew on the stick that never answers any prayers, its because the energy is not going towards any real entity or "God", but just goes to charge and empower the Kundalini of the Jewish Race. Through "Jesus", or the Serpentine energy of the Jews, the jews create the world as they see fit, and they use the power of "God" to enslave the dumb Goyim and the list goes endless. With this accumulated energy, they hope to materialize a chosen "leader and Messiach" which will lead them to the new age upon which the Jews will have the whole planet enslaved.

The writings of the past in regards to that are very revealing and they, on their "own" do say the evident. As all people know, "Moses" was a patriarch of the Jewish Race in the bible. There was an Ancient Sect in Rome, at the starting historical point of Christianity, which knew the Truth about the "Jesus" being nothing but a serpentine allegory. They were named the "Ophites" which mean, those of the Snake. One of course knows the Ancient Egyptian Brotherhood of the Serpent and the endless list of Serpent Worship in the Ancient Civilization. Due to lack of information, one cannot know if they were actually full blown "Christians" or that if, like all Pagan sects, were lied about, taken over by Jews and later destroyed.

From the few writings that survive of them, its enough to exact the Truth:

"Christ did not exist in the flesh (Christum autem non in substantia carnis fuisse; 2.4); that they extolled the serpent and preferred it to Christ (serpentem magnificant in tantum, ut ilium etiam ipsi Christo praeferant; 2.1); and that Christ imitated (imitor) Moses' serpent's sacred power (Num 21:6-9) saying, "And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up (John 3:14)" (Haer. 2:1). In addition, Eve is said to have believed the serpent, as if it had been God the Son (Eua quasi filio deo crediredat; 2.4).

The name "Jesus" is not mentioned in the account. Epiphanius' account differs from that of Pseudo-Tertullian only in a few places. According to the former, the Ophites did not actually prefer the snake to Christ, but thought them identical (Pan. 37.1.2; 2.6; 6.5-6; 8.1)

Here we can see it blatantly. "Jesus Christ" is nothing but an allegory of the Serpentine force, linked to "Moses", from where all the prayers of the "Goyim" (Animals in Hebrew) are going to. These are siphoned and the jews call it a day.

The Jews who know the truth behind their hoax, cannot "worship Jesus Christ" as this is for the Goyim, who feed the energy into the jewish serpentine energy, thinking of it as some sort of real deity. The Jews will only "Worship Jesus" if they ever manifest an incarnation of this imbecile, in the Flesh, which will be the Messiach of Israel, as a materialization of this "force" of the Jews. The Jews themselves openly mention in the protocols that their "Leader" will be "Of the line of David", and that he will be of the Jewish Priestly Caste. Ie, an attempted Jewish "Godman", "Jesus Christ". A "Risen Serpent" in that case, like the Kings and Philosophers of the Ancient Pagan civilizations. 2000+ years and they are still waiting for this dumbo to show up....Billions of people feed it...All to no avail... However, they will still hope.

If now, Jesus, is the Jewish Serpentine force, then what is going on with the eternal "Nemesis" of it, "Satan", which is who "Jesus" and "JHVH" are set to "Defeat" after all, in a cosmological "Battle" that will define the victor over one or the other?

As for Satan:

Satan: proper name of the supreme evil spirit in Christianity, Old English Satan, from Late Latin Satan (in Vulgate in Old Testament only), from Greek Satanas, from Hebrew satan "adversary, one who plots against another," from satan "to show enmity to, oppose, plot against," from root s-t-n "one who opposes, obstructs, or acts as an adversary."

So, Satan opposes the...Christ. Who is what we proved earlier. And technically keeps the Jews from going all out, and destroying Humanity in their genocidal plan.

However, the Greek Name of Satan, is SATANAS. It’s not Satan. Satan is cut short, English, and the Satanas is written in the New Testament, which is in Greek. This last syllable of the "NAS" makes everything come full circle, and the enemy removed this from non-Greek testament for a purpose. "SATAN" is difficult on its own to connect the final dots behind this enemy work. So the SATANAS is where the analysis should be based, as its the original one.

Easily, we can break this word in SAT-A-NAS. Now, as for the Sat, everyone knows. In Sumerian, the world's most Ancient Language recorded to date, "Sat" is a prefix for Perfect, Truth, Brilliant and the list goes. Only positive and most exalted things. The jews have stolen, perverted and destroyed languages as they saw fit, and stolen all sorts of endings and mannerisms which they brought together and altered later, or reverse their meanings in hebrew.

The same goes for the "Alphabet" which starts from the Alef, which is the Greek letter Alfa, Dalet, which is the Greek Delta, Vav is stolen from the Egyptian Letter "Vav" and the list goes endless. Shin is also stolen from the Akkadian and Sumerian languages. All these end up in the same basket when it comes to hebrew, and then we have what we call "hebrew".

The Jews stole from *ALL* The languages, and corrupted in *ALL* of them accordingly. This created "Hebrew". The jews never had a land or a place, and they were always scattered and moving from nation to nation. Chances are, they became aware of the "Satan" thing by being accidentally exposed to Sumer, or the Hinduists who in the high levels do chant "SATANAMA" in order to arouse the Serpentine force. As genuine haters of all Gentiles, they found this, perverted this, and destroyed this.

Nothing could be more of a generic, name of connecting point, but the Serpent, which was common to *ALL* Pagan Civilizations and revered beyond everything else.

So the SAT-A-NAS as its broken down, means Truth (SAT), plus something else. This also relates to the "HA'SATAN" of the Jews. "HA'SATAN" is an related with the Hebrew נָחָשׁ "Naḥash", snake), that lacks a syllable but becomes full when one adds the "SAT", which is the Sumerian Prefix and the root mantra of the Serpent in Hinduism. The one is left with... SAT-NAHASH. Or in Greek, SATANAS. The Greek language has it that the "H" is not roughly pronounced and in this case, nor written, and the Greek also adds vowels for easier sounding words. SATANAS- Snake of Truth.

The "NAS" comes from the Hebrew, Naas (Hebrew nahash, meaning "serpent"). Related to this is the Greek "NAOS" which means Temple. People were doing the Divine Rites in order to raise the Serpents, in their Temples.

More on this:

Every temple, "naos", shows by its title that it is intended for the honour of the serpent naas as "the Moist Essence," of the universe, without which "naught at all of existing things, immortal or mortal, animate or inanimate, can hold together." Furthermore, "all things are subject to Him, and He is Good, and has all things in Him ... so that He distributes beauty and bloom to all that exist according to each one's nature and peculiarity, as though permeating all."[14] [My note, Sata-Nas] does this, the Serpent of the Garden of "Eden" etc.

G.R.S. Mead has suggested that all of this is in reference to the Kundalini:—

This is the cosmic Akāsha of the Upaniṣhads, and the Kuṇḍalinī, or serpentine force in man, which when following animal impulse is the force of generation, but when applied to spiritual things makes of a man a god. It is the Waters of Great Jordan flowing downwards (the generation of men) and upwards (the generation of gods); the Akāsha-gangā or Heavenly Ganges of the Purāṇas, the Heavenly Nile of mystic Egypt.[15]

"Jesus" is the Rival, and destroyer of the Gentile Serpent, which is also named as a honorary title as "Satanas". As in the Hindu Mantra, Satanama, with the deity personifying this serpent itself is called "Satan", who is the God of Truth which we worship.

The Jews technically, have told people to hate the Serpent of Truth (The Kundalini of the Gentiles) and instead glorify and follow the rotten, Jewish "Serpent" which is represented by "Jesus" to which the idiotic sheeple prays. The same goes for reversing faith against the one and only, REAL Creator God of Humanity.

As thus, Humanity has completely fallen spiritually and degenerated, into worshipping the "Demiurge" or the Jewish Imposter "God" of the Jews- Instead of Satan, the Real Serpent of Truth and Enlightenment.




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It is said that the 33 vertebrae represent the 33 years of the Jesus. Does the 33 and 1/2 mean anything more? It is claimed He died at the half mark of the 33rd year. Is there a significant occult meaning for the half point? Magnum Opus, top of the spine, pineal gland which is the psychic seat of the soul?
My mind just keeps telling me there is some significance to this.

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jbkbmz wrote:
It is said that the 33 vertebrae represent the 33 years of the Jesus. Does the 33 and 1/2 mean anything more? It is claimed He died at the half mark of the 33rd year. Is there a significant occult meaning for the half point? Magnum Opus, top of the spine, pineal gland which is the psychic seat of the soul?
My mind just keeps telling me there is some significance to this.

My educated guess answer is that half a year = 6 months; 6 is the number of hard labour and making things, plus it is double 3. "It is done" - i.e. "jesus" did "the work" (6) it "died for 'sins'". 6+3+3=12, which 1+2 is also 3, and 12 is "the 12 disciples/tribes of jizzrael". 12 is also the incorrect number of months and signs of the Zodiac; there are 13, actually; 3+1=4, one of Satan's numbers, but 12 is 1+2 which = 3 again.

I didn't realise that until you asked the question, so thanks for having a nagging intuition/query and mentioning it!
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