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The "Magical Systems" of the Jews - One and the Same

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Greetings to all our people and Satanic Comrades.

The enemy endlessly creates a supply for lies. People instead of using their creativity into finding ways into the Truth, because they have taught to hate it, or value comfort above Truth, they use their so called "creativity" in order to create all sorts of lies. This is especially True in spirituality. In order to clean this one cannot but get a very strong sweeper.

With so many jewish cucked-outs, "Christendoomer" Racial and Global Sellouts, people who have been only living and existing thanks to the hoax of christianity, or many others who are just born to be weak and slaves (thank jews), the enemy always has a literally endless supply of people that will make up, invent and create lie after lie to hide, and hide the tracks of the jews for them. Because let's admit it, at the current point of humanity, much of it is only meant to end up as slaves. So like good slaves, they wash the feet of the jews, they hide their tracks, and they kiss their hands for every deadly blow they get into their face from the (rotting) "authority" rod of the jews.

Now for the people who are unfit to be slaves, this is in the Soul. I don't mean you average idiot outside the street who "denies the status quo", joins the FBI (Sorry, meant "Anonymous Hacker Group") and talks about the next "Revolution of Bitcoin", while masturbating to Alex Jones, or how bad the Jews treat "Palestine" while at the same time, Hails Karl Marx the Jew, as the superior source of Social and Economic Wisdom...

We are talking about individuals who are on their sane brain and don't want to accept this silly game going on around. The halflings and those who fence-hop on the fence of "revolting", are worst than the slaves themselves. These people are plain idiots and they don't have insight in themselves or anyone else. In these categories go the "Anti-Jewish Christen Doomers" and anyone else kike or lackey of theirs that blends the Truths for the jewish liking, or covers and protects the jews better than their own mother, country or state.

Truth is like a shot. You either take all of it, or you will never take it. Bit by bit, Truth plus lies and the list goes, one can go the Jewish Enemy, and they will get trillions times trillion of lies.

In the light of the above apparent retardiation, there have risen strange spiritual theories. One spiritual theory that has risen, is that the jews don't worship "Jesus" but they worship someone else, some "Old God" or even some "Ancient Pagan God", weak imbeciles trying to divide the jewish hoax of the bible in parts, because they don't have any culture anymore, or intelligence to see through. The jews worship nobody else but their own thoughform, created by the Ancient Rabbis, which has a secret name, but it also has socket names such as "Jehova". This thoughform is meant to "materialize" here below as "Jesus", in the form of a humanoid being, and help the jews take over the planet. The "New Testament" is for the Goyim to read a supposed text as this scenario did "happen", so that it will happen again.

Expectations+Subliminal Brainwashing+Spiritual Ignorance= The Goyim act in the ways that they "Should" = The Goyim on their own manifest their own damnation = Jews Win.

Now in the rhyme of the next Aeon or Age, where there is "Spirituality" coming up, worry not fellow Rabbis, said one Rabbi, we are going to use all our agents in decay to get billions of theories that will neverthless belong all to us. The Rabbis laughed and made their "Kehillah" and "Sayanim" phonecalls. Shorly, the "Goyim" were supplied with New and "Spiritual" Fates. Some "Goyim" were also allowed to join "Judaism". Well in such a low level that they were made into whores that basically crawl before the Rabbis and pay their life fortune to get a spiritual dime. Or some new glorifying prayer to "JHVH".

This is a complete and total degradation. The worst things are though the deeper and spiritual things, or even worse, things that are tied into spiritual practices. This goes to the "Illuminati" and anyone else, whom the (((Media))) calls "Satanists", but they do infact praise "Jehova" and his "Lucifer Jesus" all the time. The Illuminati worships Jewsus as a "Serpent". Lucifer is a generic term meaning light bringer. The same goes for the so called retarded "Satanists", who are using Jewish Kabbalah and Jewish Magick, and then somehow try to pretend they are not cucked and slaves to the jews, or that they "No longer believe in any "God". Not only they do believe in a "God", but this "God" is the Jewish God, Jehovah, and his son the jew, Rabbi Emmanuel, or known as "Jesus Christ". Or just "Messiach" of the jews.

When it comes to retards and defenders, the jews have bred a never ending supply. Then you have the "Gnostic Christians". Who are supposedly against the "Demiurge JHVH", but do infact use the same "Kabbalah" and "Tree of Life" as the Jews, all of which tie into the Jewish Soul. These meditations, same as the "Invocations of the Archangels" and all other garbage in the "New" Age (Old as the Jews, Age) is the same crap. The same goes for the average "Christian" praying in the Vatican and everywhere else. Freemasonry is just wanna-be Rabbinism, made for the lower castes of the enemy. All these are levels and castes. The enemy has a caste system when it comes to Magick. The same goes for other idiots such as "Pagan Christians" and the endless drivel or insanity and retardiation has no end.

The common points: You don't advance spiritually, you worship the jews, and your highest salvation is to become a wanna-be Rabbi. Now that we said "Wanna Be Rabbi", one brings in the mind the supposed 'Satanist' Aleister Crowley, who was doing sacrificial rites and was talking in his books (Named after the Jewish Letters) on the greateness of the "Holy name of JHVH" and the list goes endlessly. Doesn't matter what "Ancient" things you will mix into it. So long the jews are here, you are fine and with them. Just don't attempt to remove the Jew like the Joy of Satan has done...This is where problems begin.

"Why do these Goyim, do reject our teaching", think the jews?

The answer is easy and simple. Because Gentiles and Aryans have endless spiritual inheritence and they don't need to follow any jew, on a stick or whatnot. Now as for these sorry "Aryan" births that took place and use their Aryan Life to protect the Jew Christ, or are wanna-be "Crusaders that want the Holy Grail" upon which the Rabbi Emmanuel Yahushua was drinking the excrement of his midwife, jewish hooker Magdalene, we are talking of people who are either purposeful liars, or just retards that are beyond curing. This is the unfortunate Truth, that with Racial degradation, so does weaken the Soul, and so does weaken the Pagan spirit. The same goes for all Races, and the same can be observed in all Races.

Satan in the Jewish texts, if looked on as a "force that must be exorcised" (according to the enemy) is the "Spirit of Rebellion" and the "Spirit of the Forgotten Gods" or Paganhood. In plain, its the lifeforce, the insight and the power of the instict that runs within the blood, and forces people to not adhere to the slaver religions of the enemy or the jewish culture. When enough Race Mixing, bastardization and retardiation has come in a Race of people, they leave their Pagan roots and can go fine by existing and kissing the ass of the jewish excrement. This directly ties into the gene pool and anything else. Spiritual and metaphysical weakening does have this particular effect in everything. This causes downfall of civilizations. It goes from the simpler thought, to the beings life purpose. This is why the "Christians" say, that when one "doubts" or even THINKS against "Christianity", then it must be Satan. In that sense, to have questions like a human being, its Satan.

People are such imbeciles and of such ability to lie to themselves, that they all deny that all this spiritual garbage accounts to the same thing. "Fighting off Evil Satan", attacking or attempting to enslave the "Demons" in some way, worshipping the Jews, Rabbi Emmanuel Yahushua (Jesus) and its rotten cheezen father "Jehova". Or shoveling down to one's throat supposedly "Ancient Teachings" that have OBVIOUSLY been corrupted, or xianized, or mistranslated. This is the eternal context of the jews rewritting history to make it seem that this race of disturbing trashers, does have actual history.

Then you end up with these enlightened "Philosopher" idiots, who even pretend to be spiritually advanced, until you tell them to move a toothpick on the desk, or predict anything, or just do the most minor display of power. "In the Next Life, Brother". Or some other, weed-bro answer, you are going to receive.

Now for the people who want to keep hailing the jews until eternity...I would say good luck, but Gentiles who follow the jews will only be punished, both by nature and by the jews, in the worst imaginable ways. Its not me that says that, its them.

If Gentiles want real spiritual power, a hope to spiritual salvation, and to actually become anything more than a stronger or weaker Jewish puppet, or get NOWHERE on their spiritual pursuits but damn themselves by following the jews...They ought follow the advice given in the JoS. The JoS is not here to do anything else, but provide the Truth on the matter, and advance Humanity out of this misery. Exactly as Satan Commanded and Intended for Humanity.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Every sermon of yours is epic win.

"Spiritual satanism is national socialism at its very pure core."


"Nazism IS Satan's New World Order."



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Fuck it, I'm truly disgusted by the endlessly cucked fools that I'm forced to be in close proximity to. Their own people sold them into slavery, they suffered for many years at the hands of jew overlords, they had their culture forcefully taken from them and what to they do? The only logical thing, why even bother to ask right? Accept the enemy's religious doctrines even though they destroyed yours and made you less than an animal. Yes, spread it for them and if a fellow black has the audacity to dare to question it or be a bit different beat him up, so domineering him, run him over with a car, attack him with cutlasses, shoot him or make him a pariah.

Really? Are these people really so stupid that they now fight for the same lies their ancestors suffered resisting? This is an absolute mess. I sometimes try to rationalize their actions sometimes in my head but what they're doing is basically selling out their own race. To make matters worse the only person they seem to be willing to blame is the "white man". Nonsense absolute fucking nonsense.

In fact, I don't even think people want the truth anymore. They just want to cozy up next to the invisible jew in the sky that watches their every single move to feel "safe". They aren't even willing to think for themselves for fear that their kike ruler will punish them or their brothers and sisters will kill them. Quite literally, in the most painful manner possible. I could go on for days about the nonsense I've been witness to. Murder is more acceptable than homosexuality. What the fuck? Seriously, is this really what we've come to?

I once even had a friend that could perform telekinesis, effortlessly. I mean, in a split second without even trying that hard. What does he do with all that skill? Remains determined to stay a cucked jew supporter and rallies his strength against me. I have to say, this was quite the eye opener for me. I even trusted this person enough to introduce him to JOS. He literally tried to use meditations on the website against me. What people will do to defend their delusions and fantasies amazes me to no end.

I just want this to end, the kike programmes have caused no small amount of suffering for all Gentiles. It engages me, which it should. The only thing I'm really proud of these days is my anger. Everything I see only fuels my will to advance, my will to learn and my will to fight. I thank Father Satan for giving us to the opportunity to fight back. I used to struggle with the idea of performing spiritual warfare against "my own". But if they side with the jews and wish to remain cucked then fuck them. Them and their stupid kike thoughtform.
"Because the goy are fucking stupid. They'd rather work for the jew in order to achieve instant gratification when they could overthrow the jew and gratify themselves."

"I have spread my dreams beneath your feet, please do not tread on my dreams."

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If the Jesus thoughtfrom arrives will it inherit a physical body? Is it possible in theory to learn it's name and gain control of it? What powers would it posses on earth that is doesn't already have?

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666BlackSun wrote:
If the Jesus thoughtfrom arrives will it inherit a physical body? Is it possible in theory to learn it's name and gain control of it? What powers would it posses on earth that is doesn't already have?

The jesus, jewish messiah thoughtform will not arrive on the physical plane due to our spiritual warfare.
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