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America, Germany And National Socialism

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Post Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:57 pm
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America, Germany And National Socialism

This is my answers from a conversation on the subjection.......


America is suppose to be a Republic not a democratic state. The Founders abhorred Democracy. The Greeks stated Democracy was for City states of ten thousand people or less. Anything else would need a Republic or Monarchy. Plato already addressed the problem with Democracy.

The American Republic failed because it did not set up a proper Political class they didn't go all the way in following the Platonic idealism. Such as Plato's ideal of a Gold caste who are trained to rule properly. This is actually a aristocracy of the best of the race which forms a political governing body. Who operate within a republican system as Kings are elected by the council of such advisors and then retied after they were no longer able to govern or were removed if incompetent. That is how the Aryan government was run for thousands of years. The elected King governed over a constitutional system.

Now because of the current system we don't have individuals of superior ability and a life of training in the needed arts of statecraft and personal honor. We have business men who create their own personal political brand and sell out to the Jewish Plutocracy to build their own personal wealth and status up.

Because in a society built upon Jewish values such as money and materialism. That is the only real meaningful and ruling value. And thus dominates the political sphere as it dominates the essence of all social value. Monetary value and the artificial status that is assigned to it.


It should be noted much of National Socialist idealism came from America and the general Anglo-sphere. Hitler wrote the American, Grant Madison and thanked him that his book "The Passing Of The Great Race." Was a personal bible to him. Here your looking at a major core of National Socialist Ideology. Hitler also had a bust of Dr. Ford on one of his desks. Ford was a major funder of the National Socialist Party. Hitler had a lot of friends in America and Britain.

The best outcome would have been the British Union Of Fascist's along with pro-Nazi elements of the Monarchy such as the Royal Family of the time created a new government in Britain that arrested the jewish elites and their allies in England and stripped them of their power. And then recreate the British Empire while banning all jews again. And form into European alliance with Nazi Germany and used their power in America to bring America out from under jewish control. And America, the British Empire and Germany become a world fortress against Jewish Communism.

But the Jews started WW2 to destroy such an alliance and rebirth of Western civilization with the aim of creating a World Jewish Dictatorship of Marxism:

America, England and Germany are cousin nations.


The Nazi's and the American Founders both used the same source to create their governments and National ideals. The ancient Pagan Greeks. Hitler had created a Platonic Republic in Germany. The Founders of America the same. Washington and Jefferson didn't want there to be separate political parties as they foresaw the problems with this and their warnings have come to pass. And their statements are exactly like Hitler's on the subject.

The Founders of America also stated the basis for American citizenship was one had to be of wholly White European racial origin and of good moral character. This was put into the Alien and Immigration Acts in the late eighteen century by the Founders. Ben Franklin's writings on race and immigration are exactly the same as Grant Madison's.

The Founders of America also created free hospitals, universities, libraries, schools and other racial socialist programs to uplift the Aryan American People. The Founders of America were Nazi's by another name. And both the Founders like the Founders of National Socialism were Satanists. Its funny when the people under the evil spell of jewish libergtaranism pretend the Founders were, lie-berg-tarians.

The American Founding Fathers were Satanists:

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Excellent article! America and Great Britain are run by money men. Our John Major was probably last decent prime minister who came from humble beginnings. Tony Blair just chased after big business money fame and colluding with Bush and Berloscuni! Cameron was the same until Britain woke up and regained a sort of national socialism. Both dabbled in christianity.We now he a Satanist and National Socialist in charge of UK and USA!

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I believe the intended ruling caste for the US was suppose to be the Satanic Freemasons, but over time the jews infiltrated and destroyed it and gentiles lost control through a secret conflict. Also I'm not sure people back then understood jews are a race, or they did but were duped by the cryptojew.

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Very well wrote as usual HP mate.

Brilliant read.

Less of England though :o British or include Scotland in the post :lol: (Hitler refered to us as England the evil man :lol: )

Did you get a chance to read Twighlight over England?(again should be Britain)

You will like it and did wake me up to the Jewish strings behind my country that you repeatadly stated....not that i ever disagreed with you on that :o

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