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Post Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:35 pm
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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades.

This message is very serious. Those who undermine its importance, will only see this later in the years to understand it.

I have kept saying again and again, that we are in this against time. Many people may not understand the intention or our teaching, and will have a hard time ingesting what is going on. However, people at the same time wake up massively. The walking dead zombies, who are sucking from the jewish tit, will unavoidably clash with the people who are waking up to this danger. What is what will be revealed blantantly in the future, for better or for worse.

There is a storm brewing, and if one raises "above the clouds" of their small and personal life, they will see this. This doesn't mean anything negative or positive in itself. Storms are not peaceful, that is for sure. There will be much friction involved on many levels.

While people are living their daily life, vacations, and live their actual circle of life, the enemy is preparing and brewing other things. Many of which people never really notice. Everything is hidden from sight, until the problem, like a deadly blade that was ignored has went to deeply. Like a deadly disease, only when it has grown too deep the symptoms do show up.

The enemy is doing the same now. With the tech they possess and everything, and how everyone else is in "Deep sleep", the enemy is trying their best to plant seeds into the subconscious and unconscious mind of Humanity. Much of this has been prepared decades ago, through movies, brainwashing, "Expecations", "bible" etc. These "expectations" which many people see as "god's plan" are actually brewing and the enemy feeds them to manifest them. Successfully or not, that's another case. Thing is, they try. Because nobody else does that, or people don't bother to spiritually counter attack (or even KNOW how) the enemy has success. If people fought back, the enemy would crumble on the ground.

Humanity is at this point going down a very dim road. The jewish infection has went deep, and it will need to be cured radically. The jews have stacked the deck against humanity, and the average person. The deck is simple. Keep the Goyim sleeping spiritually and in all ways until the necessary technology and powers exist, to wipe them out and enslave them, then take over the world as an undisputed power. Those who are watching and seeing along the lines, can see this. The jews themselves openly admit it and I have went with this in depth. Where serious technology is involved, numbers, wills and anything else doesn't really matter. The same goes for the massive robbing of freedoms. (((Mark Zuckerberg))) and other obvious and non-obvious jews, do possess dangerous means that can enslave the planet. Here and now.

Without wanting to go into many, and potentially scary details, I want to tell people what has been revealed by Satan. This is nothing new, but added information. The reason I keep talking about technology is because there is something more into it. The jews aren't investing into all of this for no reason. Many of the things they do are complete bluffs, and they are playing on many places on the same time. Our RTR's are undermining, destroying and sealing their fate.

If these stop, Humanity is doomed. The enemy must not have the first say in technology. People recently saw what this "Pokemon Go" thing did. This in itself is a show of how much people are willing to be brainwashed and they will give up all their rights in being tracked and everywhere else, only to have fun. Take it from my other replies about the "digital worlds" and "VR Glasses" and anything else. Multiply it accordingly.

Add nanobots, and all these technologies that are emerging and will emerge, then understand the simple thing: If these are on the hands of jews and they are not destroyed up until a time, Humanity will have a real bad time. The enemy in their "Texts" mentions of a paradisial land. They promise the same shit to the "Goyim", but this is only to bluff them. They are the ones that will enjoy the power and anything else of these machines. Take facebook for instance. While little you can scout on your friends, or whomever, the kike Zuckerberg can spy on all people on Earth. They get you to agree with their terms because, you want the power to scout on your friends. In exchange, they get power to monitor and spy on everyone.

Tesla refused openly to advance technology further up until a point, because he knew, humanity was not on this particular level at his time and era. Right now, it still, isn't. The fact that a monkey can use a cellphone, doesn't make a cellphone a thing a monkey should use.

Anyone that loves the Aquarian future, technology and wants for a good future of Humanity, but has a decent mind to understand the potential of where this can end, they will understasnd why this message is as that.

Satan and the Gods take the chance to tell people *NOW* and to push everyone to action *NOW*. The Gods are with us and the Gods are helping us. We have powers on our side that can shake the planet and then furthermore.

I don't say that to sound like a doomsday preacher, but this is how it is going to go. The moment our pressure is left up, the enemy will be freely and undisputed the victor in this war. They have no other enemy but us. Everyone else that professes "disagreement" with them can easily be dealt with, as these people do not have any spiritual power. Our persistence and our warfare can and will turn this around.

I will also not go into any details, as I know the graphic imagery and many other things will scare people to the death. This is beyond shocking, and the enemy plans shit "normal" or sane people, will never even imagine.

Take George Orwell's 1984. Multiply this by hundreds of times.

This is what the enemy is planning. They are making sure enough time is wasted, until past generations like those in their 40's, 50's and 60's are wiped out, because these are the people that know how life is in reality. The same goes for the elderly. These people have known war, work, soil, real sex, relations, natural living (to a degree), and pretty much what life is about. The enemy sees natural and sane people as enemies to their agenda, that is a multicultural, techno party of spiral downwards under-evolution. For all other "new" generations, many people are living in the fakest of bubbles, that the enemy has created.

These newer generations are very easily manipulated, and they are forced into digitalism since infancy and they haven't fought for any rights to understand their deadly importance. This will keep escalating on the future, but the obstacles are the sane, healthy and elder people who realize the dangers and uselessness behind all this surveillence and anything else.

The privilleged ones of these "newer generations" will write history for better or for worse. The enemy pushes these generations to be poisoned, weak, docile, tech-slaves, multicultural garbagers, defy nations, states, borders, that have absolutely no connection to life or how it operates in reality, how a living is made, or how anything works in reality. These will be easily mallable and ready to become slaves in the hands of the jews. This process has gradually began since the end of WW2.

The enemy is passing new "normals" into the heads and new generations of people, that have been opening them up in multiplies of insanity, in which the "elder generations" couldn't even understand. We don't speak of "sex boom" or anything like this, we speak about stuff like having a digital girlfriend instead of a real one, or a digital house instead of a physical one, digital coins instead of money in one's pocket. This will keep going until the final generations will basically, become slaves.

This is gradual and a systematic process, that happens worldwide in gradual steps. The enemy always wanted to hasten this and finish with this "Goyim planet", and rule over everyone quickly. The practices used are similar ones like in the past (such as merciless use of drugs), but the end result will be even worse if the enemy makes their way. The means do exist, and will exist, that will make this far worse.

People who can see along the lines, with some imagination just in between, will understand that this is not "progression", but the actual downfall and degeneration of society in the deepest level. This must be changed.

IN our hands rest the means and powers that all the Ancient people possesed in order to fight and resist all these things. We possess the highest weapons of wisdom and these have to do with spirituality.

Whomever doesn't act on, spread on, and enlighten on the knowledge we possess, is literally affirming a *YES* into the destruction and eternal slavery of Humanity.

What Future do you want?

A Future of slavery, a technological nightmare?

Or an Aquarian, Spiritual future, upon which Humanity- free from jewish paranoia, reaches once again the highest pinnacles of knowledge, civilization and existence?

The Future is not set in stone.

The Future is in your hands.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Post Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:16 pm

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I was skeptical about pokemon go, but really it doesn't take much thought to realise it's kind of a fucking joke.

I thought of making a thread about it, but there's not a lot that needs to be said about it.

From a video game development view, it's a step in the right direction as it seeks to blend reality with the game instead of isolating people into a virtual reality.

However, it doesn't take much to make it a tool for the jews to use against us. I have seen how herds of braindead goyim are literaly herded from point A to point B by pokemon go. All they have to do is spawn a "rare pokemon" and the herd will move to wherever they want. It's pathetic, shameful and absolutly disgusting.

They are already herding the goyim like farm animals, literally.

Time is running out.
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Post Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:10 pm

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Dahaarkan wrote:
However, it doesn't take much to make it a tool for the jews to use against us. I have seen how herds of braindead goyim are literaly herded from point A to point B by pokemon go. All they have to do is spawn a "rare pokemon" and the herd will move to wherever they want. It's pathetic, shameful and absolutly disgusting.

They are already herding the goyim like farm animals, literally.

Time is running out.

You know, I was sceptical about the Pokemon Go thing, that people were literally looking at the world through their smartphones, but to see this video... damn... I always thought that these kind of people were a meme or something. This is downright disturbing AND a real eye opener.

Damn it, when I was a wee lad, I didn't live my life through a phone, sure I had a phone (one with buttons :o) and games, etc but I elected to do something more fun. So I took a 2x4 wooden beam, took a pocket knife and started widdleing away, slowly making a wooden sword or a Bo staff. It would sometimes takes 12h to make a good enough one. I then used said sword to fight of imaginary monsters and save the world by flying around, stopping crime and also shooting fireballs out of my hands. When 2x4's were in short supply, or I didn't find a good enough plank I'd find something else. I once used an umbrella by giving it lightning powers. You know.. actually using my imagination. I doubt many people even know the meaning of this word now. I think that's why I have an easy time visualizing. Or hanging out with friends. I've seen people as young as 7 smoking!! There is never any fun without alcohol now for these people also.

What we did, was wait untill it was dark, grab a small pebble or something and hurl them at windows. When people came out, you better had taken your running shoes, or you were fucked, knocking on strangers' doors and running away, laughing. Stuff like that. I know, I know, there are probably loads of people right now doing these things, but if they are, I haven't seen any.
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Post Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:19 am

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I 'herd' that some of the "spawning" locations are over busy/dangerous roads, as well. I think that is called 'culling the population' because they decided to allow them to "spawn" in dangerous locations where idiots can get run over and probably killed.

I also read or heard that the novelty has worn off for some people. Speaking to someone, I used the argument that I don't want to go out looking like a twat chasing invisible "friends"; I'd prefer to stay at home and be lazy on my bed/chair/sofa at home pressing buttons on a keypad, and they said that's the reason they did it to get people out. That "reason" is a proxy, a smokescreen for their true reason and agenda, obviously.

What's probably not next but to come? Holographic "pokemon" and "real" pokedexes which have to have a USR linkup to V.I.K.I.? Save the fucking girl, Sonny...
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Post Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:20 am

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This is the best post Ive read in a long time. Somehow I feel like I could fight a bear. Too bad my opponent is only a crummy only jew impersonating gandalf.

Post Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:19 am

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The future is dim for humanity.
And like another member posted, Pokémon go, another tool to turn users into slaves. Facebook. A huge underminer of privacy, destroyer of relationships and main cause for bullying.

My father used to say that when he was young bullying would stop at the gates of his school. And he was able to be free in the privacy of his home. As a family oriented man he was, he enjoyed being with family more than anything. Butility Facebook carries bullying through the gates of school and into the privacy of my home. Ridiculous jewish fuck sake.
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Post Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:15 am

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Excellent sermon! My generation (age 30's) is the last generation before the internet. Well we kinda had it when I was a teen, but as a child we were taught how to get out and do research to learn stuff. Not just make a google search and take the first link we see as complete truth.
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

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Post Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:40 pm

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So there is this white unmarked drone in my area that for months has continued to trace a specific grid. It's not just google mapping things out because they don't map a place like this over and over. Should I be worried and is something about to happen in the USA?

Post Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:36 pm

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666BlackSun wrote:
So there is this white unmarked drone in my area that for months has continued to trace a specific grid. It's not just google mapping things out because they don't map a place like this over and over. Should I be worried and is something about to happen in the USA?

You do not need to panic. A lot of companies use drones and the drone may not be part of a government plot to herd everyone into FEMA camps. Even farmers use drones to look for areas where the crops are water stressed, diseased, or otherwise are experiencing problems.
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Post Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:37 pm

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Wow this is a terrific sermon!

Back in the early 90s I had a dream where I saw a possible future of humanity. And it was very, VERY bad. I won't detail it. Reading this sermon brought it to mind again. All these years later and still I can remember that dream in detail because I was horrified and deeply disturbed by it. At the time I wondered how could I have been thinking of something so awful that I could have such a terrible dream? I didn't understand where it came from...I woke up with a name: The New World Order. That's what they called it. This was before I discovered the internet, or learned there is such a thing for real. I thought at the time it was just one seriously fucked up dream. I see now it was a vision of the future the jew wants for us. Definitely a strong reminder to keep up the RTR's!

That pokeemon thing...I heard some mother and her kid were out on the train tracks in my town looking for one to collect, or whatever the heck it is they are doing....its so retarded. But I heard one or both of them was struck by a train while playing this idiotic thing. What mom in her right mind takes her kid out onto train tracks? These people are brain dead. Someone came by looking for one that apparently is in our Gallery. I forget the name but interestingly (since I'm really into dreams) this pokemon thingee's function is a dream eater. Weird, eh?

Post Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:21 pm

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Thanks for you're response johnson. I always look forward to your posts on both forums. They are always wise and insightful.

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