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Jews Promote and Are Behind (((Islamism)))

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Post Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:51 am
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As it has been written about before, in (((Islamist's))) Erdogan's coup, the whole point of this was to either take down Turkey (win situation for the jews) and fill Europe with Immigruntz, or, push for a respark of (((Islamism))) in order for the jews to enforce their Islamic domination. I have went in depth in regards to both situations and how they relate in these posts below. High Priest Mageson has also contributed with a lot of replies. Jews hide behind (((Islamism))) in the same exact way than they hide behind the (((Immigration Crisis))) which is backed by (((Leftism))) and the JWO.

One one hand, they push the troops in (Immigration Crisis), on the other hand, they empower the troops with (((Islamism))). Its that simple.

Both these work together as the "immigrants" or the "Islamists" are all easterners with the massive Agenda of White Genocide, which is the Jewish Agenda. This is Islamism. Islamism by definition is the wiping, outbreeding and destruction of the White/European people and anyone else that is "against" their (((Agenda))). "Islamism" is nothing but a label for those who are used on a lower level by the jews. The (((Agenda))) belongs to the jew. The "Arab Spring" didn't happen on its own. And of course, the enemy is now using the people they destroyed in order to get more and more benefits.

As I have written in my other post, Erdogan is just a button for the Jewish Mossad. This is well known in Turkey as well. The "Islamic Agenda" is nothing but the Jewish Agenda.

With Open Gates: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations - Watch with Audio (link below in description):

-Crypto Jew Erdogan, Islamism and the 'Coup':

-Turkey: Head of the Islamic (((Caliphate))):

-All the Proof in the World: The "Refugee Crisis" is ALL JEWISH- by High Priest Hooded Cobra:

The only differentiating opinions when it comes to jews, is how they are going to impose this? Full blown Communism by bastardization of the White Race, or Islamic Take Over from Within countries? This is a matter of debate because the Jews are wondering which one is the fastest and the most beneficial way for this. They know their time in Europe and the West is coming to an end, inevitably, as people get educated to what the Jew is.

The jews are pushing the Islamists, and the Leftists in the European Soil, in order to ascend and fullfill either end of their Agenda. Leftists and Islamists are best friends. The leftists do keep the back of the Islamists, while they push the Jewish Agenda. They are all agents in the same (((TEAM))). Bastardization of the European Race will result either in Islamification, or in Communism, both of which are mostly welcomed outcomes for the Jews who want to wipe out the European people and anyone else on the planet.

Now, tie in the following dots. Assad technically admits here that Erdogan is just using this Coup so that he will make the next (((Islamic Caliphate))): ... 07512.html

"But what is more important than the coup d'etat itself, we have to look at the procedures and steps that are being taken by Erdogan and his coterie recently," he said, referring to measures including the mass dismissal of judges and teachers.

"He (Erdogan) used the coup d'etat in order to implement his own extremist agenda, Muslim Brotherhood agenda, within Turkey, and that is dangerous for Turkey and for the neighbouring countries, including Syria," Assad said.

This is self-evident right here. This doesn't only happen in Turkey, but all over the world. The enemy is using ((("ISIS"))), (((Islamism))) and every other weapon in their arsenal, to wipe out opposition. The same goes for Europe where they are feeding the Islamic terror by accepting it, and the USA. The ((("Black Lives Matter"))) movement is in open alliance with ((("ISIS"))) and the (((Radical Islamists))). However, their targets are all Gentiles all over the world. Here, in Bangladesh, supposed "Islamists" are again killing people, and the Home Minister of Bandladesh simply stated that its not Islamics, but actually, the Mossad. He knows what is up, same as do many people in goverments all over the world.

Bangladesh home minister suggests Israel behind spate of killings

"Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has suggested an Israeli link to the recent killings of secular bloggers and minorities.

He said an opposition politician had met an Israeli intelligence agent and there was evidence of an "international conspiracy" against Bangladesh.

He gave no more evidence. Israel says the claim is nonsense.

Critics say the government is in denial about the killings, most of which have been blamed on or claimed by Islamists.

Mr Khan's comments come a day after the wife of a senior police officer investigating the deaths was shot dead.

The governing Awami League has sought in the past to link the opposition to the attacks. Relations with the opposition Bangladesh National Party (BNP) remain fraught following the disputed 2014 general election.

Muslim-majority but officially secular Bangladesh has no diplomatic relations with Israel and supports the Palestinians. "

Its not "Islamism", its not "Isis", its not any other socket group.

Its the JEWS.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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