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The Three Towers On 911

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Post Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:41 am
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The Three Towers On 911

(((Larry Silverstein))) admits the loss of WTC7 was controlled demolition on 9/11


More on Silverstein's bullshit he failed to lie his way out of it:

Here Silverstein admits prior knowledge of 911:

They already were designing the new plans for the new WTC to be built after 911, in April of 2000.

"Pull it" is the term that is used in controlled demolition companies for controlled demolition of buildings. Which Silverstein also works with such companies and knew what the term he used meant.

No plane even came close to Tower 7 on 911. Yet it collapsed the exact same way the Twin Towers came down. And the Jewish owner of the WTC, Silverstein admits HE TOLD THEM TO BLOW [pull it] TOWER 7.

The Twin Towers came down by controlled demotion, just like Larry admits Tower 7 was controlled demolition.

Post Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:20 am

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The destruction of Tower 7 (3rd tower was of utmost importance) in the enemy agenda to create a ritual against Humanity and Satan.

The whole incident relates with the 3 Pyramids of Giza, where you have large Pyramids and another one which is smaller:


The ritual the enemy created signifies the reverse of AUM’s formula:

“Within these we have the AUM. Creating the reborn or superconductive
body. And consciousness. I have also wrote of A represents the male, the U, the
female and the M. The union of opposites into the perfected state.”

“AUM relates to the three Guna's or creation and each Guna has a colour which are the Black, Red and White of alchemy. The three pyramids in Egypt at Giza where originally coloured. Red, Black and the famous one, White. The New Agers are looking for the capstone without realizing the Pyramid itself is the capstone. The Capstone is the Benben stone and that's the Pyramid. Its a mandala of the soul and its perfection. “

So the 2 bigger Pyramids signify the male and female aspects of the soul (Ida and Pingala) which need to be united to achieve godhood (the M in the formula which relates with the destruction of Tower 7).

By destroying only 2 of the towers the ritual would’ve been incomplete, because the 3rd one was the most important one, since the Enemy wants to destroy the union between the male and female aspects of the soul, thus denying Humanity the chance of achieving Godhood.

That’s why the media tried to cover up the destruction of the 3rd tower as much as possible. Flight 93 route was actually planned to hit the tower. Because this failed the tower still had to be destroyed somehow to complete the ritual.

Post Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:44 am

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Excellent posts. West needed to start a war somewhere in Middle East with people against Christianity! Problem + reaction = solution . 911 + bombing Baghdad =war! Equating the Pyramids with Three Towers is brilliant! Going back to the French and American revolutions you will find the Freemasons and their symbolic actions!

Post Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:12 am

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Back in 1985 I went to New York to visit a friend who was studying fine art there. I had a window seat and was listening to Billy Idol: Hot in the city. The music was building and building and just as it reached the apex where he says: New York! is when Manhattan appeared beneath the wing of the plane. The skyscrapers were looming up out of blackness - I guess it was smog - but the feeling that hit me was.....this is a very bad place...the energy was so heavy and negative. I hated it.

So anyways, it's day number two there and my friend asks me where do you want to go? I know, lets go to the World Trade Towers, there's a place there called Windows on the World. Lets go there! And I said to him: No way! You couldn't pay me to go there! He was taken aback and asked me: WTF? WHY would you say that? (I swear on Satan this is true and no lie) I said; No, They're death traps. I'm not going there. He said you're crazy! What are you talking about?!? I said Oh yeah? then why do I see them on fire, smoke coming off the tops of them (the twin towers), I see them falling down. They're going to fall down! He shook his head and told me I was nuts. They aren't going to fall down, he said. But we ended up going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art instead because I refused to go there.

So, 15 years later when a neighbor phoned and said turn on the TV, the twin towers are under attack and I did and saw 911 I was so freaked out; here was the vision come to life!!!

I know this sounds like I'm making it up but I swear I'm telling the truth. I 'saw' it 15 years before the fact. These fuckers had this planned decades in advance.

The pure evil of the Jew knows no bounds.

I really long to see the day when they are finally taken to task for all their crimes against humanity. It can't come soon enough.


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