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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades.

When one goes into the essence of the jew and penetrates into it, they can see what is "modern" is not modern at all. The same includes for their lies. In the universe, there is the principle of multiplication. As power increases, all the more does it increase, the same goes for Wealth, misery, and affliction, whatever else. This can be paralleled to a domino effect. Repetition is in many ways part of this circle. In very plain and simple language, not only “like attracts like” in some ways, but “like attracts multiplied like” in this case. The jew always lied and they lied big, and now they just lie even more. What is to come, is even more lies. As time goes, more and more, and more lies will follow. Truth cannot by definition be a multitude of lies.

People in these days, thanks to the jews who have made everyone unspiritual, are easily amazed, afraid, duped etc. Life has become either boring and a mundane task of paranoid anxiety (Colorless West), a bongoloid hallucinogenic sleep with drugs (LSD Colorful West), illusions or whatnot, or like a slaver islamic or impoverishment battlefield such as in the "East". The enemy is somehow trying to process into the mind of people, whom they consider animals (Goyim in Hebrew), that things nowadays are somehow so much better, and that civilization is very advanced. Their lies go as far, that if Humanity accepts the jew and their "globalization", all problems will magically disappear with a wand for everyone. Equality, fraternity and the rest of that stuff. However, the more the jews gain power, the more the opposite happens- as it always did. Humanity is not becoming more fruitful, but more frail. Reality is not becoming better, but faker. The list goes.

Of course, all others do, make, envision and create the advances with which the jews are trying to push their Jew World Order Agenda. The jews just adjust them to their "Torah" and destroy their innate meaning, turning them into the polar opposite and reverse. That's something that is ancient, and has been happening since forever.

While everyone else dies and perishes in delusions, paranoia, a meaningless existence, crappy socially destructive ideas, the jews stay as close as possible to nature and what they know of it. The "Goyim", according to the jews, are defined by having the consciousness of an animal. This includes all non-jews. The jews are the ones causing this, and they live by that rule.

The jew creates the people like this, based on what they see and believe humanity is supposed to be.

So, "Naturally" for the jews, a "Goyim" is supposed to be played with a carrot, or with a stick, be afraid all the time like an unknowing animal, be exploited their whole life, and then killed for its meat. The jews actually feast on human beings...And see beings as literal cattle...


The jews want to present depravity such as any other product. “New, Revolutionary, Will Change your Life” etc. For instance, one takes Race Mixing. Race mixing is nothing new existentially. It has happened for thousands of years, and it has weeded out many civilizations. Nothing "new" or "taboo" in it, or "recent". Its just the same old, boring garbage, that existed for thousands upon thousands of years. Globalization is also, nothing recent. The Ancient Empires practiced something similar, and one just needs to see how huge they were in order to understand this. The jews however, do adjust these ideas to fill in for their Agenda and benefit from them, with all the new provided means that come from their times, plus all other powers and new things involved in Humanity’s forward-going.

In this world, people are intensively unaware of a lot of things. This includes emotion, how it is to live a spiritual life, how it is to live in a good country, the list goes. As thus, the standards of the "Goyim" are really low. Most people have very low standards, and the jews make sure these are lowered by the day. In the same way, the jews create intensively fake and unrealistic standards, which are not "standards", but excuses for inaction, justifications of weakness and the list goes. The jew is unaffected by these programming they put into the Goyim's minds, and they proceed just with what is natural, such as work, labor, repetition and the list goes- things that pay off, spiritually or materially. The jew's work and labor is intensive parasitism. The same goes for all their intellectual pursuits and everything else.

When people are self-hating, animal behaving, historically unaware "Goyim" as the enemy intends them to be, they are blind, easily controllable, frail, weak and without many expectations, neither a past nor a future. The destruction of racial, national and cultural identities, is also, nothing new. This is tens of thousands of years, century old, warfare tactic. Not only this damages the people, but this damages their Race, their Soul, their Nation and everything else. This gives fertile grounds for the jews to do their work.

The jew is a civilization destroyer. All civilizations have drastically deteriorated from the jews in a level of low sense materialism, or fake spirituality. What is common in this "seemingly" antithetic thing, is that both things are lies and worthless and equally useful to the jews. Both “otherworldly spiritualism” and “incessant materialism”. However, since people have nothing anymore, not even their own Souls, they don't make "demands" anyway, neither they will figure it out (and so the jews hope). Something however keeps "nagging" them all the time. "Its just how life is supposed to be", said the jews. "It always was like this", said the jews.

The "Goyim" who have accepted the jews as the ultimate source of "ruling", bow their little heads and get on with their way. Too afraid to lose their meaningless, bizarre, mundane survival “life”. Others however persist into a chasing of Truth or at least, to discover "What" is this thing that nags them. Then people naturally become "Satan’s", in that they are revolting consciously or not against the jewish order. Whatever opposes this order, from the mouth of the jews themselves, is by definition OF SATAN. This way, people end up here.

If one gets to observe civilization or its notion beyond the space time continuum of our "present" lifetime, they will see other values and other things unfolding. Values and anything we have today, "art" and anything else, will quickly reek as inferior, because in many way, it *IS* inferior. A lot of people have lost the sense of what is really "superior" or "inferior", thanks to the jew, the masters of lies and illusions. One just needs to look at Egypt, and then look at some disgusting "feces on a canvas" by a jew, to understand this.

The same goes for the jewish terrible singers, “Artists”, “Academics” and everyone else. The jews are masters of subculture of the lowest grade. These people are chock filled with “autotune”, “feces on a canvas”, fake surveys done in Tel Aviv and promoted as legitimate “science”, and assisted by all sorts of machines, because they simply cannot do anything concrete. Yet, because the “Goyim” who can do better, in their self-limiting behavior of accepting the jew and their remarks on how “Worthless” they are, they self-limit themselves into being lesser elements in many ways. So the talentless, idiotic, lowest grade jew can reign supreme.

Nowadays civilizations are built on entirely stupid values. The jews try to pass ancient problematic that were known to be of decay, which were always known as being the crap and excrement of existence, as "new and good". Part of this is Race mixing. Even the Egyptians in the Pyramid texts, warn against this, as the "Essence of the Creator God Tem" detoriates as people Race Mix, and people lose the "Eye of Ra"- the pineal gland detoriates. The pineal gland is responsible for astral sight, insight, maturity of the mind and soul, creativity, imagination, and finally the Godhead. The same goes for living overly physically (which causes Race Mixing in the first place), people accept life in an imbalanced materialism, without spirituality. Since the visualization skills, or the Soul, are not activated and needed, this detoriates the Soul and the being and according to the laws of evolution, the gifts given for higher understanding are lost forever. When one loses this capability, then, they are easily controlled and enslaved. This in a nutshell is in the category of general stupefaction of the masses.

The jews just need "Goyim" around to execute menial tasks for them and nothing more. This is the essence of what is politically called "Communism", but is a very ancient practice of the jewish mind and psych (read the Torah and the Talmud)- base existence for everyone else, "God World" for the jews. This is the formula of the Jew World Order. Another overly placed value is "money". Money is good and great in itself, however, in today's overrated world, nobody even gives a damn about anything else but "money". This creates a civilization that is in accordance to the materialist jew, and the lackeys who want to profit from this to hide their inner inferiority. In this way, the useful people are in the bottom, while the worthless kikes are in the top, merely because of their ability to do usury, steal and parasitize. The same goes for lying in history, as the jews re-write history to make everything seem that it "always was that way". It wasn't that way, and there is documented evidence in all Ancient Civilizations.

The enemy is perverting and lowering the standards of living of people all the time. This is gradually done by lowering wage, hoarding people in debt, and the list goes. That way, people welcome always the "lesser of the two evils" when they are faced with a choice. This is obvious in politics and everywhere else.
Now, the same goes with technology.

People consider amazing a cellphone, or "Virtual Reality", or whatever else. It may be, for this totally materialist civilization that beings live nowadays. If people knew about telepathic communication, astral travel, and the list goes, they wouldn't be so amazed. However, in a materialistic society the jews beat the drum on the unspiritual “goyim”, and they instantly fall for it. No wonder, technology is a gift from the Gods (partially), is here to serve us, which the enemy desecrates in order to suit their agenda. For instance, little people penetrate into the inner notion of things. A cellphone tracks you down. Why does it even have this ability? People nowadays make big deals out of nonsense, such as a jew sitting on a cloud or something. Did it ever dawn to you that a Cellphone is not really "yours", in that is always belongs to the company from which you buy it? And google and everyone else? However, if people developed these powers in themselves, or the powers of the spirit, they would really by *THEIRS* and nobody else's, let alone any jew's.

As I have said tens of times, the Tech is not the problem and in itself can be a blessing or a curse. I tried this "VR" thing myself, and saw not any substance to it. It could also be used for constructive purposes. It wasn't amazing either and the one that I was shown in this display, was the high end of what is circulating in the market. It’s just senseless "revolutionism". So a screen is in your face, so what. A good imagination can do a lot more than any headset. Instead of living in reality, people are clapping loud for being fed with lies and illusions. On one hand people are sexually repressed by the jewish bible, on the other hand, they want to "escape" and the jews give them their "sexual escape", the same goes for any other desires such as wealth, knowledge, or a life in general- (with a price of course, are coupled the deceptions...). What a happy day for civilization. But well, of course- a lot of people are also too bored to even visualize, or strive for any goal. They may just live it digital instead.

Why live an actual life that is amazing, or at least try, isn’t the question? So for the billions of people who live in fear and control, there had to develop some sort of "other" system to fill in. No guys, its not like the jews created these things for your good or your fun. Maybe things produce “fun”, when they destroy you and they brainwash you, or make you lose your Soul. Otherwise, how can they be accepted? Nobody likes obvious suffering, or at least the majority.

After all, the enemy has studied the "Goyim" and all this tech race is happening so that infinite data (and infinite control) is exacted upon the Goyim populace. Little does anyone see that behind all these things that are given like this, there may be other purposes. In the same way the jews promoted a lying afterlife, upon which people burn in some hellfire- a hoax and a lie, they promote the same lies in some sort of afterlife in tech. Its nothing new. Its just oldtime, Talmud. With the help of tech, they produce these lies in front of the people's eyes.

The same goes for Robotics. While Robotics could be used to help Humanity, the main line behind robots are built again, from the same insecurities and fears, or vain dreams. "Robots will work for us so we can sit our asses until eternity", “Your favorite sexual robot” and the list goes. The promotion that artificial intelligence can make "friends" and the list goes, or even think and act on its own, is a major thing in movies. Movies are actively used to brainwash the populace and make people open into any “sort of advances” in any department. The idiotic average joe, who saw a movie in 2005, is gladly going to accept what is happening in 2015 and was in that movie. “Sooo Futuristic Muh Bro…”, is the line. Or in other ways, “Oh the godly jews again predicted the future! Hooray!”. Bottom line, the jews “create” this future and this is not “nature”, “reality” or even “god” or anything.

The jew has for centuries promoted a useless, meaningless and garbage life of slavery for the “Goyim”. Why do these people need to sit, anyway? What is there to really do for them? The jews are duping humanity real bad. Little does Humanity know, that "Robotics" is an ancient will of the jews. It may sound insane, but it was always their idea to enslave other lifeforms or other inanimate objects to do their “bidding”. There are actual records of mentally insane Rabbis trying to make “clay idols” like “god” in order to serve them. While Gentiles like to co-operate, and live life, and build the greatest things with their civilizations or people, the inferior jews in some basement in Spain in the Middle Ages, were trying to create "Golems". In sort, effigies that served the jews in their wills.

Now, thanks to having the Gentiles enslaved for centuries, they can finally manifest their will. Of course the carrot for the Gentiles will be the usual: “its going to be fun.”, “don’t worry its for the good of humanity.”, “they will serve you too not only us.”, “imagine the possibility.”. The list goes.

Like with anything else, unless we intervene, Humanity will again invent these things, and they will be taken over by the psychotic jews for their demands. The tool in itself doesn’t matter. What matters is what is done with the tool.

I am not talking "against" this, as tech is always neutral, but so long these are on the hands of the jews, one should better think twice on what they do. What you do with your life now, not only will determine the world's condition, but it will also determine what is the eternal part of yourself. No matter how many "VR" realities you visit, even if you went into a damn computer and became heidi, no matter how much heroin the jews tell people to put in their veins, no matter how many trillions the jews tell you your "desires" are worth, the Human being is designed by definition to be a spiritual being and to live in an actual world. No amount of pills, genetic engineering, stupidity, Christianity, denial of reality, is going to change this. The jews always created illusions and bluffs for people, to keep them away from any particular purpose in their life. This way, the jews win their so needed time, in order to further their agenda. They don't give you fun because they love you, and this is not even fun in many ways.

The Jew misdirects the collective future of Humanity and its Races. They are misdirecting it and attempting to misdirect it in a full blown Torah, Middle Ages, Communism, just with modernized technology.

Instead of Tesla being allowed to exact his Soul upon the World and elevate it to a higher level (Which he did, because we have electricity etc), jews just kept the oil bussiness going.

Instead of devoting money to actually elevate the health level of Humanity, all the money is spent on furthering or hiding the sicknesses of Humanity by just covering symptoms.

Instead of creating multidimensional tech, or multidimensional travel, billions are spent in creating wasteful fake realities in "VR" for people to play. Instead of doing the necessary teaching to Humanity so that people are sexually gratified in reality, the jews develop fake systems so that they can co-join into some "online haven" and have sex with some sort of computer program.

Instead of making Mankind God, they make Mankind into a LIE!

While all this happens "down here", the jews are preparing Race Wars, famines, WW3, corporations and the list goes.

What more needs to be said?

Doesn't that reek like some sort of alien conspiracy?

The jews always preach depravity and their "Torah" like its some sort of a "New" thing. New Lies, New Cloth, ancient Jewry- that is as it always was and will NEVER change. For instance, the "University theorems" about how Whites need to be wiped out (from (((Doctors))) like Noel Ignatiev) are nothing but old Torah, fabricated with some survey or some crap. What's the news in all of this?

Nothing will nurture a Soul in a deep level, than some spiritual practice. Like a hungered who has hungered for decades, people are presented with spiritual information and they cannot really digest it. This is normal.

I know this message might sound a bit "strange" to a lot of people. Maybe even uncomfortable. However one must look behind these matters. "Comfort" should not be more important than Truth. Comfort will not save your ass, or anyone else's. Comfort will not make you immortal, and comfort is not a legit measure of what is good and what isn't. It never was.

Humanity must change it course. If it however doesn’t do this, there will be a problem from which Humanity will not be able to recover. We are here to make sure that there will be a spiritual war against this, an awakening, and above all, a resistance and a hope for freedom for Humanity.

Humanity has a bright, Aquarian Satanic future to live and exist in potentially. We must not allow the enemy, or any other being to rob this from us and turn this into a nightmare. This chance must not be wasted and the best has to be made out of it. For this reason, we must fight and finally destroy the enemy, who has kept Humanity back and shackled into spiritual, material and existential bondage.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Brilliant! Thank you Sir

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This is exactly why I just did an hour of Rtr's. I have this vision of how our Civilization is supposed to be. In a Satanic Paradise world.

This current society is disgusting beyond belief compared to how we are supposed to be.
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

I'm tired of the jew corruption and torah curses ruining our civilization. I want to live in Paradise already... don't you? ... glish.html

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