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Post Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:05 pm
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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades in Satan.

Circumstances in the world are becoming direr by the day. People are attempting to be once more, blissfully unaware, while others self-destroy the creation called Mankind. What is also increasing is the manifold power of Satan, which is the only solution that will solve the root of the problem. The enemy used to think of themselves as invulnerable and beyond any and all disputes. As the enemy declines, so our power is rising. With the rise of hopelessness, so much does rise the power of the One Hope for the world to be saved. This will guarantee the peace, safety and empowerment of the people who have been victimized by the enemy.

Satan will fight, same as all of us, for this hope to live and manifest. We will all fight for a noble, pure, exalted and great world.

The enemy will fight for the polar opposite. A world of desolation, terror, death, affliction and pure DIRT.

They will find our forces opposing them. This includes all Gentile people.

When one looks further in the root of the problem, they can see the (((problem))), and its severity. This situation is crucial.

I was always a firm believer of fate and of divine reason. In the same way, I believe fanatically that all of you here are for a reason. This is the reason of your purpose to fight for Satan. We *ARE* this purpose. While all other people are dying in servitude, weakness and spiritual slavery, you are given the chance to fight. This on its own is the largest adage and extends beyond any and all purposes available, or that will be available.

In our Souls has first and foremost developed the first resistence against the enemy. The first resistence was born in SATAN. While all other people, more or less, do bow their head down to the enemy, we are the only place in this world that entirely rejects them. We reject them mind, body, soul and spirit. We reject them in any and all possible ways. We want to throw them to the pit of dark history, the one that has been dug by the enemy jew for all Humanity, and all of people that refuse them. The same is what the enemy wills for all of us, so you must realize this.

In all of you has been rising an internal understanding. All of you have loved life more than death, and most importantly, you have loved the Truth more than any deprivation and any death, or sacrifice. In the Soul of any Satanic person, there is endless amount of honor.

Think of a second. What is the purpose of living in a world without any noblety, without any purpose, without any future, upon which all honor and noblety will be abolished? This will only be equal to all of us have been abolished from it. No Truth, No Wisdom, No Noblety. What is the purpose of this world? What is the aim to live not one, but a thousand lives in a world such as the one the enemy envisions?

What are thousand lifetimes as a slave, compared to one lifetime of a liberated Warrior?

This honor is what the enemy hates. This human drive they will never understand. All their books and all their talks, all their fake paradigms, always shout of the dark and inferior side in "Humanity", which the enemy carefully created. Not once have people heard of their real and bright side. But honor seeks to be liberated from the hearts of people. This is what always has messed up their "mathematical equation", in the end of which, this world finally becomes a place of dishonorable existence, a dead and obsolete region. A chaos of unparalleled proportion, that only prophetic eyes can now see approaching.

For this reason we have been given a common vision, a common purpose, and a common body through which we will express our Satanic Will. Our people are not afraid of bombs, of torture, of damages, or even death- what should be the only worry in the Satanic mind, is that this world falls into the shambles the enemy "destined" it to fall.

The major thing that is at question for all the Satanic Souls, is if this particular thing, that makes one a Satanist, is lost. If this is lost, then, one can be called lost forever.

This the Spirit of Man, the Spirit that which Satan vested in the Souls of His Children.

The need to revolt, the need to take the enemy slaver down, the insatiable thirst to win this war and make this war blossom again. The Satanic heart is not that of a warmorger, its one of a peaceful person. But for peace, now, TOTAL SPIRITUAL WAR IS NESSESCARY...

Everyone passively stands and watches. They say "YES". With their heads bowing down, with their spirit broken, these people say again and again to all Jewish Demands, YES. They have no voice to speak any more, they no longer have mouth.

In the hearts of those that see the enemy, there piles up frustration, anger, hatred and a need of revenge. It reeks in people. There piles up this explosive force that must be liberated and must damage spiritually in all levels, the enemy slaver.

However, from all the people that were predestined to become "Slaves", one Savior of Soul came to us, from within- and liberated us. Satan. From these people, they loudly opened their mouths and proclaimed:


And our shouting will be heard. Our stance and our resistence will be remembered forever, and our purpose will be understood only later in time. What is important now, is that the struggle continues.

Some people ask, when are we going to Rise? When are we going to achieve power? When are we going to win?

Do not you see, that we are here, that power is here, and that our victory is here? It must be grasped...

This is up to you.

Did you fight today?

Did you re-affirm your refusal?

Did you, like a wild animal, fight for what is Noble, Just and Important?

Did you say "NO", one more time, followed by action against the mortal enemy of Humanity?



And then We shall be Crowned Victorious!

Satanic Comrades,

Sieg Heil!!!!!!

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:34 am

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I will be happy to do RTRs for the rest of my life. No questions asked. No problems. Just keep at it forever.

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