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This is Serious: 15/July/2016

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Post Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:55 pm
Not too many people are aware of the danger we are in.

Another goddamned criminally insane Muslim murdered over 84 people and injured over 200.

Islam, which is a branch of the 3 TRULY EVIL Jewish programs, that ignorant fools call "religions" creates and breeds the absolute worst of criminal insanity.

Most of you here are familiar with Christianity. Christianity as we all know is absolutely rotten. Islam is 100 times worse. As I've stated before, there aren't even any words to describe the extent of the pure evil and hideousness of this foul odious rot beyond the imagination.

Christianity has done its job unfortunately in making its followers open to accepting Islam.

Europe has become a war zone of unimaginable savagery. The islamic scum is not civilized. If they gain enough power, civilization will cease to exist. Islamic countries like Yemen, and Afghanistan are in the Dark Ages.

The USA is also becoming more and more infested with the moslem plague. Once this criminally insane vermin get into the government (which they are working overtime trying to do), they will remove all freedoms and impose sharia law.

I know there are idiots who are completely oblivious to this and believe it won't happen here in the USA. If we don't work to stop this, it will. The Jew relies upon distraction. Create events such as war, sensational news stories, a race war... Anything to divert the attentions of the populace until it is too late. Hitler exposed the Jews and as much of Europe was catching on, the Jews started WW2 and it worked. They took control with this and hundreds of millions of Gentiles paid the price.

Here is an example of Sharia law. This excerpt was taken from the book "Cruel and Usual Punishment" by Nonie Darwish, pages 56-57:
"...the most shocking sexual privilege Sharia grants to men is that they are allowed to seek sexual gratification with children."

"A man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. Sodomizing the baby is halal (allowed by Sharia).

" It is not illegal for an adult male to 'thigh' or enjoy a young girl who is still in the age of weaning; meaning to place his penis between her thighs, and to kiss her."

"Mohammed was practicing thighing with Aisha at age six and consummated the marriage at age nine."

This is sick depraved savagery in the extreme. There have been certain idiots in the JoS groups over the years who have excrement for brains, who advocate "tolerance." They are way too ignorant and profoundly stupid to see reality. Idiots don't take this seriously.

I will have the last two RTRs later this month. Please check the groups, the forum and/or the main JoS website for updates. After this, we will begin working on rituals to destroy Islam.

I know there are many VIPs in the groups here. As should be, you are quiet. We all have to fight this most vile of plagues, which has already infested Europe, and is growing like a malignant and aggressive cancer in the USA and other parts of the world.

If you have political power, work to stop this. Those of you who are in the movie industry should do the same. We must all unite against this deadly plague to annihilate it from the face of this earth. If we don't fight, no one else will. If you are confused as to what action you should take, ask Satan. He will guide you and send Demons to help you. This is extremely serious.

(((Black lives matter))) officially joins (((ISIS))) ... 2dvroipw0k

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Post Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:34 pm

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Mohamed was a Peado

Hail Satan

Post Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:43 am
makes you want to puke

Satanism is the lottery of life

He is the truth we worship

Post Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:36 am

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Im ready to do RTRs forever if thats what it takes and whatever else I can.

Post Sat Jul 16, 2016 10:50 am

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not only has islam infected europe but african also just as the high priestess said islam is a thousand times worst than Christianity, the president of my country is a fucking muslim trying to islamize the whole country but we really need to stop them in what ever way we can

Post Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:13 am
Below is an article I wrote a while back on the islamic conquests. These are the atrocities that were committed back then by this vile program. What they will do in the future will be 10 times worse if they are allowed to come into power. Every freedom you can imagine, you can kiss goodbye if sharia law takes over:


We all need to do our part to prevent this from happening.
Hail Father Satan!!
Hail Beelzebub!!
Hail Lilith!!

Heil Hitler!!
Heil Heinrich Himmler!!


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Then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.

Post Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:11 pm

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The day the filth of islam is eradicated and extinguished is a day that I can sleep a little better.
The only good world, is a world without jews, xians, and muslims. If violence is necessary to accomplish this, then so be it... That sort of task requires extreme means to complete it.


Post Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:03 am

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Too true. Islam has to stopped from spreading! In the UK our leaders allowed 300000 immigrants in last year! Islamists are flooding my country and both parties are allowing it. Only three minor right wing parties are trying stop it!
Hail Satan

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