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Nazi is not a bad, Goddess Nazi (Jewish Hijack of Languages)

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Some "learned" ones talk a lot about how "Nazism" or the word "Nazi" is evil in itself, and that Nazis need to be called "National Socialists" instead. Not necessarily.

This is not True. Like the word "Satan" or "Anti-Christ", neither "Nazi" is a bad word.

The term "Nazi" is not invented by a jew in anyway. It was used by the Nazis on their own, as the initials of the party name. Even technically, its a normal name. However there is a metaphysical notion to the word "Nazi" as with anything else. (If in haste scroll down the original post).

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or NSDAP, or simply, NAZIS.

These words are turned to evil by the enemy, which reverses their internal meanings. For instance, one can see the Name of Inanna/Astaroth/Goddess Isis. Astaroth is a patroness, like Lilith, of Women's rights. In order to blaspheme her, they named as such a terrorist (Jew Created) organization, that hates and destroys women, same as the Ancient Past. Her Name has been villified and attacked, and used by the jews to describe a terrorist organization, to tie the name of the Goddess with impure feelings, emotions of fear, repulsion and hate. This is *NOT* any coincidence...

Here, the supposed "ISIS" terror group wipes out our Ancient Sites. Tens of temples have went down that way, now and forever. They destroy the inheritence of Humanity on Jewish orders:


The same goes for the word Satan. Satan comes from the Sanskrit root SAT, which means Eternal or Infinite existence. SATAN literally means, Eteranl Truth. In Hebrew, it means adversary. They lie to their slaves that Satan is "bad", and make the people hateful and disgusted against this being, who to us Gentiles always meant "ETERNAL TRUTH". This is also tying in to the general, Truth hating society the enemy has created.

As written in another reply sometime ago:

In Scythian, the Satanas if broken down, shows something very intresting. The letter S in Sythian means light. Sa means head, spear and such. Spear is allegorical in many texts for the head. It generally has to do with a "head" point. Spear is also allegorical to piercing the Crown in the texts, by the Kundalini Energy. Ta in Sythian means Human Collective. Na means Mother. The mother Goddess is the Kundalini. So we have Sa-Ta-Na-S. SATANAS could literally mean in Scythian, The Light (consciousness) reaches the crown in the Consciousness of all Humanity, reaching the Mother Consciousness. Plain out, Kundalini raised to the Crown. This again shows that Satan is AGAIN connected with our "emergence" and our Father God, or the one who gave us access to the Mother Goddess, which is the Kundalini. The Divine Goddess is also the Giver of Life in general.

To get a bit further into the hijacking of languages.

Some instances. "Putana" in Italian, as Italian members know, is actually meaning "whore" in a negative sense nowadays. There is a Goddess in the East, that is called "Putana". "Putana" means purication in Sanskrit. It also ties in to "Demoness". Now, this also has to do with the "Demoness", which reveals the jews having hijacked the Italian languages and pushing meanings of their own, no different than how they write against all our Gods and Goddesses. Allegorically, Putana is a purifying Goddess of the internal dross, that keeps people from ascending. Her name is as thus, Putana Moksha. Which Moksha means freedom, the state one attains when they raise the Serpent.

In Hindu mythology, Putana (Sanskrit: Pūtanā, lit. "putrefaction") is a Rakshasi (demoness), who is killed by the infant-god Krishna.


In Greek, "Ha-Ra" means happiness. The jews have malformed this word in their own language, and it means "Evil". What means good things for us Gentiles, they revert the meanings of. The "Evil eye" (which the enemy calls the eye of Satan) is called "Ayin HaRA". This is "The eye of Ra" or "The eye of Horus". Happiness is assosciated with the eye of Horus, and you can see how this forms a circle.

Zechariah 9:13:
For I will bend Judah as My bow, I will fill the bow with Ephraim. And I will stir up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece; And I will make you like a warrior's sword.

Another word, is Qibilah. In Egyptian, Qibilah means Peace. Qibilah ties into the Egyptian Kabbalah and Spirituality, which makes people strong, elevated and peaceful. As thus it was always for Gentiles a practice of serenity of the Soul. This always meant for Gentiles peaceful and positive things. The enemy stole this, perverted this, and uses this as a title for murderous jewish mysticism that is orinented in enslaving the "Goyim" slaves.

Exodus 11:5
Moses said, "Thus says the LORD, 'About midnight I am going out into the midst of Egypt,
5 and all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of the Pharaoh who sits on his throne, even to the firstborn of the slave girl who is behind the millstones; all the firstborn of the cattle as well.
6 Moreover, there shall be a great cry in all the land of Egypt, such as there has not been before and such as shall never be again.…

While Goyim means ANIMALS in hebrew, or accurately, "Spiritually INAWARE Animals" (the opposite of what Gentiles are supposed by design to be, by Father Satan) Even the word Goyim is an anagram of the Far Eastern, YOGIN. N and M are intechangeable. Yogins are those who do yoga.

As HP Mageson has posted earlier:

Goyim means the People of Satan. Goy is the Sanskrit word where we get the world God from today. GO Is the name of the sacred White Bull that symbolizes the God the bull and serpent where also one and the same and the goat as well. These are Satan's symbol's. Hence in the closer to Sanskrit European languages like German God is still Gott. As this is the word Goat as well. The thousand horned goat was a symbolic way to state the thousand petal lotus of the crown which is the chakra that relates to the risen serpent and super conscious state. Its called the seat of God in the east and is the GURU seat. Because jews always lie and their lies are always projection based on inversion. Naturally they just call us cattle cause it makes them feel better about being racial garbage. And us being awesome.

The jews steal from all civilizations, destroy and corrupt the meanings, and attack the people with what they stole and corrupted. This is one of the patterns they follow.

We could go on and on...But I hope people get the message.


As all of you here know, Satan, in one of his Sumerian Aliases, is called ENKI. Enki is the Father of Humanity. Enki had a daughter named "Nashee". This is in Sumerian Pronounced as "Nazi" or "Na-Sh-ee". The SH is supposed to be very tough in pronouncing in these languages. Nazi, the daughter of Enki, was created in order to "heal her father", who was suffering from a throat injury.

While all of this is allegorical, one can see a message here:

Nanshe's birth is described in the Sumerian myth 'Enki and Ninhursag.' In the tale, Enki consumes several forbidden plants under the protection of his wife. In retaliation, Ninhursag places a curse on him. Enki soon becomes crippled with ailments, and the gods are left helpless. Enlil, the powerful sky god, manages to ease Ninhursag's anger after sending a fox, a sacred animal of Ninhursag, to speak with her. She then returns to Enki's side and lifts the curse. To heal Enki, Ninhursag gives birth to several healing gods. Nanshe (referred to as Nazi in the original myth[citation needed]) was meant to heal her father's neck. At the conclusion of the myth, she is betrothed to the god Nindara.

As you can see, the Throat obvious has to do with verbal expression, communication etc.

This is an obvious allegory. In the same way Nazism gave a voice, so Satan can voice his natural principles, opinion and power, "Nazi" is the Goddess that healed Enki from his "affliction". Nazism is where Satanism restores. This is obvious in how much the enemy hates "Nazism" and equals it with pure evil, or Satanism. They are right. This is what "Nazism" is.

Nazis are people who help Father Satan restore the world from its illness and affliction, and turn it into a better place. A Nazi can can be from all Races, and this is a process that heals and rejuvenates one's respective Race of people. There is no evil in being a "Nazi", except of what this feels to the jews. But to the jews, all that is holy and sacred to Gentiles, is accursed and villified.

Nazism will be the healing of Satan and the rejuvenation for the whole of the Human Race as a whole. Its the natural order that empowers, spiritualizes and elevates all life on Earth.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Thank you for this sermon, HP Hooded Cobra. I sent it to a White National Socialist friend of mine, as he was misinformed about the word and the meaning of "nazi." I feel this sermon will open his eyes a great deal. He and another friend of mine told him about JoS. I hope he will join us soon, in time.


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What a wonderful sermon, great eye opener! Thank you for posting ^^
Hail Father Satan and the Gods!

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Helix666 wrote:
What a wonderful sermon, great eye opener! Thank you for posting ^^

I agree with my friend Helix ^_^ ..

Thanks for taking the time to put this sermon together, it was really fascinating! :mrgreen:

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Wonderful to hear.
Hail Father Satan. Lord Satan. Thanks JOS for teaching me magick. My life is slowly improving.

I've made a promise to protect all satanists, to revive the occult of the Black Sun (Nazi Party) and create a safe haven where satanism and magick can be performed without hindrance.


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