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Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:34 pm
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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

This was supposed to be posted long ago, but I didn't post this yet. Now that the question raises, here we go.

This is something I have to post for Women. Everything is open to discussion and comments. I always welcome these from our people. We have to address it, same as we will address the male issue down the road. When it comes to us Satanists, there are many things that are existing contrary to many other people. For one, we are dedicated to Satan. Satan's name literally means, ETERNAL TRUTH. Not only we are the ones to face and address these Truths, but we have to focus on exactly this thing. In everything we say, as we approach general Truths, we must also understand that there are ALWAYS exceptions. Every being that looks deep within themselves will find eternal Truths. We are to share these, honor these and uphold these.

Now as all of you know, no different than men, women have been equally attacked. Straight or Lesbians, from women to just want platonic relationships, to even women who are not interested in such. As you can see in all the enemy religions such as Islam, or Xianity, which preach outright violence against women, disregarding women, keeping them on lockdown- while leading to the exact opposite, a fake notion of "freedom" for women, you can easily understand that the enemy is real afraid of women. From all this has rose the treatment of women in the last two thousands of years.

At least in many other parts of the world, because in the West, no matter what, people weren't treated so harshly, mainly because its not in the nature of the western people to treat women that way, same as its not in the Japanese society for instance. In some places in the East, thankfully, where Spiritual culture was upheld, the feminine was not demonized. As for the enemy, they let us know of their thesis. This can be seen in their texts as the unending hatred for the female aspect, how they curse the Serpent (female Shakti energy) and how they frown upon the Ancient Godesses.

In the Ancient Civilizations, you had 12 Gods, like let's say, the Greek Pantheon. You had an equal number of Gods and Godesses. This was out of respect to the Female element and the union of it with the male. This is because women were seen as equals to men. One gender completed the other. Despite of what your Marxist historian is going to tell you.

For instance, there were all the Natures of women into these 6 Godesses. First, you had Athena. Athena was the Goddess of knowledge, justice, war, ethics, education, calculated warfare. Then, you have Artemis. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, more brutal warfare, nature, even gardening and anything else, growth, some could even relate her to athletics. Then you have Aphrodite, which was the Goddess of beauty, lovemaking, affection, relationships, literally, the Goddess of love, union of opposites. Then you have Hestia, which was the Goddess that had to do with home, homekeeping, everything that has to do with the country or state, taking care of the family (the state being a big home etc). Then, Goddess Demeter, having to do with the harverst, the Earth, food and grain, also Goddess of Law and Justice as well. Because without homes, erm, evidently, there is no civilization. And without family there is no existence. And without food death. Lastly you have Hera, which was the equal wife of Zeus, other than in the part that Zeus is supposed to be the "Father of the Gods". Hera is the Goddess of Magick, literally, the woman who is a woman that is wife, but at the same time, a stern mother, a literal boss if needed. The Goddesses associated with Magick, like Hecate, were of the highest power in these pantheons.

But of course, you just know about Aphrodite most probably. Because she was so beautiful. And yes she was. But this is not the conversation point here. Because if the kikes try to talk about the above in depth, then you understand that your freedom is not quite expressed by twerking your ass, or doing drugs, but actually minding the important stuff in life. And actually living life. Because if you were to live like "YOLO", you should better make your life worth it, at least. OR the real healthy and pleasurable stuff. Or the spiritual stuff, which is EVEN worse for the jew. Then the kikes have a lot of questions to answer, and they are just like "oy vey, these women were suppppreseeed!! Truzt uz!!"

Its like women basically had the most important things of civilization placed on their own hands. Or equally, the things that were super important. We are talking about thousands of years of evolution in this way. Its not like the word of the jew is most important. People who go against this are plagued by nature and rightfully so. So the above were in rough lines, the . Now they throw it away to get the Madame Figaro, which teaches them how they should further their inner emptiness.

You can see this in Hypatia, Cleopatra and other prominent figures of the Ancient world. The Egyptians had Pharaoh women now and then as, it could be more rare, but some women came up with indispensable abilities and leadership. We are obviously not talking about feminist, cuck and such. We are talking about natural occurrences of gifted people. Women were also priestesses in Egypt, Greece and elsewhere. There are no priestesses in the enemy religions. Why? Because women are considered dirty, unclean and whores.

The massive hatred on the enemy has been towards Lilith, same as their attempts to objectify women such as, the 72 virgins the kikes told to Arabs they will get after they explode to the mall. Women though are actually, spiritual creatures. This is all over the paintings of the West. Such as the Virgin Priestesses of Artemis. But your Marxist Historian is not going to teach you that these women were entirely free and they were treated as equals, even though as Goddesses in the flesh such as in the case of Pythia. Which women weren't even whores or anything degenerate as the enemy forcefully jams down people's throats.

But they were called Divine Prostitutes, in that they didn't do prostitution, but provided spiritual lovemaking for men who couldn't find a significant mate, for reasons of peace-keeping and advancement. Little is also known about how in NS Germany, the NS state took extra care to keep women that work in brothels in great conditions took care of them, kept them healthy, etc. Contrary to jewish opinion, this is not evil, and women who are into this have to be taken care of. The jews are well known to be "evil pimpsters" and "gangsters" that destroy and kill women. But of course, who is going to teach you all that, your Marxist Kike Historian? They just teach you about what they call as "whores" and their supposed "freedoms" and how you ought follow the same path. Feministic, Whoreship, that parades as freedom. And cheap materialism.

And somehow tie this into Marilyn Monroe, the jewess, empty "liberated-whoreslut" woman-jewslave, Madame Figaro, Cosmopolitan, Sex and the (Kike) City and some empty self-righteous idiotic piece of life who just thrivives on lipstic instead of oxygen. How "free" is a woman that doesn't know where she is going, or has no direction whatsoever? Its like, you are a woman if you buy "X" brands. If you have these certain ideas. If you like barbie. If you act like a pornstar, or something. It always has to do with CONSUMERISM which has to do with making MONEY for the jews. The jews aren't interested in your rights, neither the rights of men or anyone. They just pick up certain portions where people feel comfortable with, such as "the rights of children" or what have you, they divide people that way and then they use the divide parts to destroy the larger whole in shrew manners. They are interested for that you give them hard earned bucks to fill the voids that create into your Soul, such as that you are ugly, incompetent, your beauty never enough, that you are dumb etc. They also prey into lack of knowledge and direction of women.

Now, these stupid women that follow the enemy paradigm, are never "free". You cannot be freed from stupidity, however much you pay the jew, or however many university diplomas you get, however many men you attack or demoralize in your trip to "whoretown". Because this is obviously, stupidity in the core of the thinking. Its blindness. Here, we are to examine the SATANIC Woman in CONTRAST to this woman. Not the Goyim cattle woman, or the Muslim woman. Which is what most of you have left behind. This is pure rot and enemy control. Its sad women have to undergo all this, its sad men have to undergo all this. Its all a sad, gloomy, situation, like the jewish mother that gave birth to all these problems.

This is the greatest disrespect women have ever had happen to themselves. Women who are awake to this can see this.

Its even worse than the jewish infested Burka, or whatever else. No woman is free today. Those who are "free" in the sense of the enemy, almost always end up alone, deprived, nymphos for their whole life, abandoned and left aside, watching Sex and the City, trying to mimic the kike actor "Samantha" or something or the other jewess in the film. Then stupid women who are naive enough to trust these things, go down these roads, only to find themselves destroyed in the end. Then, they develop serious trust issues, love issues, self-hate issues that can never be solved. I know many women can relate to this. And let's be honest, men get the same thing all the time, so there is nothing to be hidden in this situation. Its just against the jews.

Women who awaken to their instincts, like a sleepwalker, they come into their senses. They understand for instance, that the blood of their period they get every month is not a curse, but a spiritual blessing from Mother Nature. Their power becomes triple doubled. But what power? You have to meditate to see this. Otherwise, you see even the biggest gifts as the biggest curses. The jew sees for you, you do not see for yourself. Therefore you are in a worse situation than just being blind.

They realize that in their bodies, they are the house of life. They suddenly wake up to realize, that they are a chain of life in their cosmos, and that their body might belong to them, but this is a result of countless deaths and work. So you do not just waste this. They wake up to the fact that they are the only being in the cosmos that can have the experience of having a second, separate life, separate Soul, within them. They are the life givers and the preservers, of life in itself. Not only that, but they are also the mesmerizers, they have the power over life and choice. Sometimes they say that even before the most powerful men, there is an equally or more powerful woman. Many men can testify to this, as have many leaders in all the times and orders. Then of course you have the women who are down to earth, leaders.

They know that its more possible of a respectable woman to be heard and respected, than these obnoxious slobs they promote to be "women’s" and "speakers" of women. These women are not women. They are like lost children in the feet of real women. Its your job to get them straight and save these fellow women of the route to self-destruction, wherever you see this happening. Its just the enemy is afraid. Rightfully so. So they just try to, rationally, destroy what they are afraid about. As always. And a realized woman is what the enemy has been trying to destroy, while leaving all their stupid counterparts rule and talk out for all women.

Other women are in seas of confusion. Our Satanic Women are NOT. They have found their home, their goddesses and their selves. And this cannot be stolen or taken away from them. Depending on the peer pressure and brainwashing, at least they stand a chance if they work for it. Others will never know.

A little question is also apparent to show the real value of mother women, or grandmothers for that liking. How many had a good mother and how many know what a great blessing it is? Adolf Hitler himself openly mentioned his mother all the time, and the love and embrace he had for it. So many other great men have done this. Weren't it for her, he wouldn't have been. Others who didn't have good mothers, they always left with this gap. You ever asked about an orphan person? Kids hurt a lot when there is not a father around, but the mother seems to be non-replaceable by anyone. By anything and everything. This is the common thing most people say. They just wish they had more love from their mothers or something else. And it all starts from a mother. Good raised children, good citizens, good world. You can never know. In the eyes of a mother we see the pure dignity and divinity. And what the enemy sees? An empty shell waiting to be destroyed.

The base nature of what it is to be a woman, no matter the divisions and the choices women can take, or their differences, is being attacked. It doesn't matter if you are polygamous or monogamous. So long you are a real woman, a honest woman, a woman that is respectable and of a higher spiritual nature, they will try to destroy you. So long you are doing what the jew wants, you will always have problems, and even if you DON'T do this. Its just in one occasion, you lose yourself, in the second one, you will OWN yourself. You will no longer be a mere owned pawn of the jew. Because this is how it works. Women, are put into either relentless competition with other women to get the very few Alpha males that exist (thank jews, many of them act like young brats) or they have to take the lonely path of using men like slaves, force themselves in other directions. Or the path of loneliness...So I come with a message of hope for you. You can make your life and your own fate. You have the powers and you have all the means. Yourselves can and will be restored.

Its just either-or. Its like women are attacked all the time for no reason whatsoever. Like, having a pound or two "more" (than the standards of the kike porn industry, or some kike fashion designer "decided" for women. Now women, they are stupid, these ordinary women, because they go after all these "lengths" to "follow" and "adhere" to their kikes, but if a man has an objection, we have feminism. I am sure most Satanic Women see this and want to vomit as well. Like, seriously?

Some things by nature are given to us as they are. We can follow, or we can take another way and blow ourselves up. For instance, like a woman cannot be a construction builder in general (IN GENERAL, THERE ARE *ALWAYS* EXCEPTIONS LIKE PRO ATHLETE WOMEN ETC) the average man cannot have this certain mother instinct that makes a woman a hundred times more intelligent in raising her children. The point is not breaking up persons and being overly individual. The thing is to understand, that women must be part of their men, and men of their women, without a division. AT least for the people who want a union to take place.

This is what the human heart longs for, but the enemy, makes it difficult, makes it a strife, makes it suffering, breeds stupidity, instability, uncertainty and fear all over the place. At times the world is uncertain, then you, then the other person, whatever. Nothing is meant to last in this world. The enemy brings mistrust, separation and destruction in the sexes, divide and conquer. Turn what is supposed to be one, against one another. This is the allegory on how the "JHVH" cuts Adam from his wife. And curses them both, same as their progeny. Its not so much a topic of sexual preference, as you can be free and do whatever you want, but freedom can also, paradoxically, become a hindrance that keeps you from doing anything.

The jew DOES NOT CARE HOW, OR WHY, OR AT WHAT CONSEQUENCE HE WILL DIVIDE. He just wants to divide what is at once made powerful. This is no different than how they try to divide men and women internally, by destroying their Soul. This they also do externally in society. Its the secret of success in human relations, that one understands one another from WITHIN themselves. From understanding their own male and female nature.

Its like, all women pretend to be so different now, but what makes them beautiful, different and Divine, is missing. Same as it is missing from the whole world that listens to the enemy. Women always say they are women. But when asked, what is this thing that makes you a woman? You are going to hear shopping bags, her body, or something else. Things that she owns. You will never hear the actual reason, that they are a personification of the Divine Spiritual energy. They do not feel it. They aren't really AWARE of it. It hasn't saturated their mind. A Woman. Which is the internal spiritual dimension of a woman, the pure feminine power, the strong word, the support, her role in this society.

Woman, same as family, are the backbones of society. Any society. Doesn't matter if its the one of the Sharia Law, or anything, even if women are treated lowly or not. Women deserve more than being put on an equal "pedestal" just to "feel" equal or the pseudo-basis of the "human rights" of the enemy, or just equal circumstances outside. They deserve to wake up and be spiritual creatures and have an actual choice, not the illusion of it. But its all just missing. And you just see empty women who try to fill their days with drugs, dissatisfaction, fear and paranoia. At least for the most part. Or you just see women that are just having their potential lost. Or all other pathologies. Why? Because they believed the jew who told them they were free.

Since when free rhymes with stupid, irresponsible and acting like a professional goyim animal without self-consciousness, basing one's sole identity on consumerism and building up a so called personality, over hang-ups, fears and Sex and the City? Is this freedom? Because girls if its freedom then I digress. I must be just another phallocratic oppressor...

But our Satanic Women Know Better!

Don't worry girls, its not like the writers of the Bible, Qu'aran and the Monotheistic religions, who stone women to death, carried the inquisition etc, the JEWS, suddenly got interested in your "rights". Its just that they know the female element, being the birth of all, is also chaotic unless defined and refined by the inner male element in a person. The primordial waters of creation, personified by women in Spiritual literature, are equally totally destructive or creative. What defines these is the male element in nature, which is a directed energy. With the direction of the enemy, this turns society into a total and complete, death and disaster. This is why you see women in the west, a small portion of them, destroying their Race or something. This is why they leave everything go rampant in the West, making "free" women be like "whores", paradoxically making them ACCEPT being RAPED by the husbands of the 5 women of the Immigrant Hubby of Burka's, make their people stab their own people in the back, etc.

Because this is just, what it is. Nobody really will ever be more loving to you than your own people and your own husbands, sons, family and racial people. Because they love you and to us you will forever be divine. To the point we always, at any point, sacrifice ourselves for you if needed. And no, your feminist "best friend" that will get with some guy at one point, because she was jewess or something and must replicate its kind, betraying you over the "Forever feminist bitches" pinky promise you had- no, she doesn't love you more than the loving eyes of your own child, husband or son.

I realize now, many women, especially Satanic women who are powerful, even to the point it scares many men to bits, they may have problems in relations. But I know at the same time, you have the power, the capacity and the intelligence to even be in charge if needed in your relations. In all, do not let anyone suppress you and do not let yourselves be abused. There are all the means necessary in your arsenal to attract the correct mates. Be it for sex, for love, for affection, for a family, for a platonic relationship, or other things. And it must be filled with some vanity. Women are pushed to degrade themselves to empty meat, and certainly, men are pushed on the same way. Both genders have serious issues.

I spent my life around women for a great part. I have seen their beauty, I always admired how they kept themselves clean, strong, have all these fancy and peaceful things to keep themselves working, I have also seen mothers, grandmothers and all sorts of women in all roles. I have also seen what is defined as the "women" of nowadays. Somehow, its a being without any internal dimension. There is no thinking taking place in these women, like women are supposed to not think or something and act like pieces of meat. This is the same case for men. Supposedly, they are carrying a revolution. I have also seen the "party animal" bitches, Madame Figaro incarnate, and what else have you. The jew laughs at these "free" women, for they know quite well that they are entirely dependent upon them, they have no common sense.

All sensible women would probably agree. There is no way, a woman is a woman, as thus, her senses being highly aware, to waste herself in such a way. One thing women have that is prominent, at least real women, is dignity. This is why you see women taking the extra mile or even suffering in work for their rights. Because they have dignity. The jew of course doesn't stop anywhere with this. Jewish women are the teachers of lack of dignity, lack of common sense, destruction and pain.

Its like, according to the jews, jewish women are so bad, the jewish god didn't want one. But, when it comes to Gentile women, well, our Gods wanted them real badly. And our amazing goddesses wanted us back... So who asked you, sickly jew? They can go to their ugly, disgusting "women" that even their own "god" doesn't want. As for us, Satan has his Lilith you know, and Lilith has her Satan. So jews lose again.

In closing though, this is not a matter of "women" or "men". Any such take would be needless and poisonous. We have to look at the core, which is us, against them. Everyone is equally or more attacked and afflicted by the same enemy. And we have nothing to divide in going against them.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:45 pm

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Thank you for the post. I needed to see these recent posts. The importance of females ties with spirituality and because so much spiritual corruption has been done here, nobody debates the role women have! I think not even women realize how important they are, once they are awaken and follow the path of Satanism! Once people realize this, the Jews will lose big time!

Post Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:37 am

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Much love and respect to all women; to all daughters, wives, mothers and grandmothers. We would be lost without you!!!

Post Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:31 pm

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One very dangerous weapon that the Jews use is to replace old role models with new ones, with the sole purpose to degenerate people. This has been done ruthlessly for men, who always had Ancient Heroes to look up to. Though most stories were told orally through fairy-tails, they served an important role to develop good moral character traits such as courage and honor for the young boy.

Males used to admire and emulate heroes like Hercules, Achilles, King Arthur, Siegfried, Gilgamesh, Manas etc.

This is not the case now as a significant emphasis is put in labeling males in a grotesque manner by some Jewish “doctors” in their social studies: We now have alpha, beta, gamma and omega males and probably if given enough time all Greek letters will be applied to men.

In the latest years because Jews push women to become so masculine that I've started to even hear the stereotypes of alpha and beta Females.

Why did they do all this classifications for? Well simply put it this labeling system tells a person that they are born with a type of personality which is set up for all their life.

You can assume you are not the “cool” alpha, because the “alpha” is portrayed as a Jewish douchebag with lots of money who can “pump and dump” Chicks. It links to the “rock star” stereotype where you have to be like these dumb musicians such as Lil Wayne, the kike Jonass Brothers, other famous Hollywood actors and whatever retarded or feminized version of male the Jews promote.

So what happens if you are born to be another letter of the alphabet and want to be an alpha? No worries there are Jewish PUA experts in women who can teach you how to deceive and lie to reduce yourself and the Goyim females you attract to a blob of meat.

For male Goyim who don’t buy into the “rock star” dream all you need to do is to dominate a Jewish infested field. You can be “alpha” too if you are the best in a specific field like Albert Kikestein did in science, or as rich as Kike Zuckerberg who created such a good social empire. Or you can go back to the good ol’ caveman times when the size of the biceps was the most important thing and go on full roid-party mode like the “alpha” Zyzz, who should be ‘mired cause he “scored” hundreds of chicks just to die at 22. What a fulfilling life!

There are so many “Alpha” Jewish types you can chose from and dedicate your life to… just like all the different types of Xtianity.

The ancient heroes like Hercules represented the ideal to follow the path of Satanism, the path of Godhood.

So this model:

Was replaced with something like this:

But what happens if you gave up on the dream to be the alpha? No problem we have a safe space for you, there is no shame to be another letter… tell us why you need feminism, and we’ll promise to listen to you!

What happens if you reject the letter labeling system? When you don’t want to be the shallow PUA and neither to lose your dignity with feminism? No worries you can still be a Good Goy and go whatever way you want with MGTOW, because females are “evil”. All you have to do is to castrate yourself because you’ll not need your sexuality anymore.

In MGTOW you can find wonderful scientist such as Jewish Robert Stephen Briffault who has the best advice for you. He was kind enough to elaborate a universal law for us:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal (Goy) family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

Doesn’t this sound like pure science? See with females you always lose so there’s no need to interact with them. So if you are a heterosexual male all you have to do is castrate yourself and leave like a Jewish Monk for the rest of your life!

MGTOW in “advanced levels” can also give you awesome advice like quit your job and leave humanity, because you don’t want to sustain a gynocentric society. Just flush your sexuality and emotions to the toilet!
Level 4: Societal rejection

Short brief: the MGTOW drops out of society altogether. He minimises contact with the blue-pill world and seeks to further his own ends on his own terms. For all intents and purposes, he does not exist. A urbanite might keep to his own apartment, while someone further out may simply head into the wilderness and go off-grid.

What the Jews want for us in the battle between the sexes is to recreate the Mouse Utopia Experiment. Where the sexes hated each other so much that even in an ideal/safe environment the society collapsed, as no bonds were formed between them:

In closing we Satanists must be aware and above all this filthy Jewish ideology, and also awake others to the natural truths! Our duty is analogous with the Titan Atlas, whose role was to keep humanity elevated in high level of awareness (Heavens aka when the 7th chakra is fully opened and empowered)!

Post Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:09 am
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Goods points, Time Spell.

The Brony is the highest level of MGTOW.

Post Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:14 am

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HP Mageson666 wrote:
Goods points, Time Spell.

The Brony is the highest level of MGTOW.

I'm stuck in MGTOWN. Zero interaction with anyone now days. Well yeah working on self esteem, cleaning aura and vibrating runes every day... for a long time yet. I do RTR's. Just can't seem to do yoga.

Post Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:19 pm

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infidel nation wrote:
HP Mageson666 wrote:
Goods points, Time Spell.

The Brony is the highest level of MGTOW.

I'm stuck in MGTOWN. Zero interaction with anyone now days. Well yeah working on self esteem, cleaning aura and vibrating runes every day... for a long time yet. I do RTR's. Just can't seem to do yoga.

Self esteem can be improved by strengthening your solar chakra or doing a sun square. If yoga is difficult for you, you can gradually increase your flexibility until you are capable of doing yoga. Kundalini yoga does not require much flexibility and is very effective. Kundalini and hatha yoga routines are available in Satan's Library.

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And, participate in our reverse torah rituals. We are in a war here and need to do what we can for our creator, Satan.

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Hail Satan!!

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IT. FUCKING. SICKENS ME. that our sisters.. or even brothers if thats what they prefer are treated so... fucking sickly by men. men that have mothers... but you know what I dont completely blame them with this sick smutty jewish world that we've been indoctrinated so filthily into... some of us know my meaning deeply. Its all about pussy money weed RIGHT! Not that beautiful creature in front of you that has a story.. has character and a world of passion connection and bliss that some poor fools cant even fucking dream of. You know I could wipe some of these motherfuckers across the street with my arms but I could destroy them even more hideously with my words. These people.. these men. Women do this too so i am not a man hater please know this (i am a man) But the jews have pushed this monster so badly that our brothers of Satan are stuck in this poor prison. It makes me fucking sick. Absolutely FUCKING sick. Moral of the story is we should all treat our fellow Godesses with respect. I love you were all Gods and Godesses in our own right. Lets start acting like it.
There is only one racial enemy to true Nazis.. that is the jew. We Gentiles must all unite under the wing of our Amazing Gods and make this world the Utopia it should have always been.

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